Joe Danger: The Movie Roars Onto PSN With Exclusive Content

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Joe Danger: The Movie Roars Onto PSN With Exclusive Content

Hello world! It’s incredibly exciting to finally be back on the Playstation Blog. It’s even more exciting to be able to announce that Joe Danger: The Movie is coming to PS3 in the very near future with exclusive new content!

Two years ago, three friends and I made the original Joe Danger. The PlayStation community then took us under their wing and helped make it the huge success it became. Since then we’ve been working incredibly hard to create the follow-up, Joe Danger: The Movie. Finally, today we can announce that Joe is coming home to the PlayStation Store very, very soon.

What I really can’t wait for is the surprises we have in store for PlayStation gamers. This has been a total labour of love for us, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of the game.

If you want to know more about the game, you can read some previews here and here, but first let me tell you a bunch of stuff you might not know.

Joe Danger: The Movie for PSNJoe Danger: The Movie for PSN

Make your own Movie!

In the original, Joe Danger was a washed up stuntman, living in a caravan in the middle of the desert. Now he has been discovered by a mysterious director, and brought to Hollywood. As the player you perform every stunt in the film, scene by scene.

Exclusive Content!

PlayStation was where Joe Danger started out, and as a thank you to all the fans of the original we’re bringing over 10 hours of exclusive content to PSN, bundled with the main game. We’re putting the finishing touches on this at the moment, and I don’t want to give too much away, but I think fans of the original will really love what we’ve done.

Joe Danger: The Movie for PSN

Stunt, Create and Share

In the first Joe Danger it was only possible to share levels with your friends, and even doing that was quite difficult. Surprisingly though, people used the level editor a lot. Over 160,000 levels were created in the original, but never shared! Isn’t that heartbreaking? That’s why I’m so excited that this time round we’ve implemented global online level sharing. You can view the world’s most popular levels, highest rated, your friends, sort them in lots of different ways. Every week Hello Games will be picking the five best user levels from the week, and highlighting them on the front page!

Joe Danger: The Movie is a BIG game

We want to blow you away with a game where you dodge avalanches, stop nuclear missiles, fight robots, chase dinosaurs and fly jetpacks! Every level in Joe Danger 2 has a different gameplay mechanic, different environment or different vehicle. It’s really varied, but it’s also a huge game – twice the size of the original. Once you finish the main career “Movie Mode”, we also have “Deleted Scenes” which is a little like our challenge mode. It’s full of our most difficult and craziest challenges.

Joe Danger: The Movie for PSNJoe Danger: The Movie for PSN


Ghosts on Joe Danger: The Movie means you are you are playing every level against all your friends on PlayStation Network, as well as the best players in the world. Joe Danger is all about playing with friends, because playing Joe Danger together is how we’ve built this game. That might also mean passing the pad on a heart-breakingly difficult Time Attack, or punching your sofa rivals off their unicycle in the new hilarious four-player same screen multiplayer. Sometimes it’s crossing the finish line to immediately see all your online friend’s highscores, and instantly restarting.

We want this to be a competitive game, something to play together and one we hope you’ll want to tell everyone about.

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us mail! Oh, and feel free to ask questions below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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  • This is pretty awesome guys! I was wondering if we were ever going to see it.

    Question for you guys though, will we ever get the bonus content that was included with Joe Danger 1 on Xbox Live? Thanks guys!

  • This is begging for a Vita version.

    • One thing at a time! We’re working exceptionally hard on the PS3 version right now.

      The Vita is a beautiful machine though… isn’t it?

  • Loved the first Joe Danger! Buying this one.

  • It is a bit disappointing the way you guys handle your releases.

    The first game came out first on PSN but then Xbox got the “special” release with extra content. PSN fans of the original never got the bonus treatment.

    Now, you release the second game first on Xbox, and after that you announce that PSN will be getting the “special” release.

    I understand you are trying to max your sales and get some “support” from Microsoft and Sony but I think it leaves the fan base on both sides dissatisfied for always missing on something.

  • Hope the new content is hard. The “Get 5 stars in one go” or whatever it’s called achievement is insanely easy comparred to the first game.

    Also, you guys really need to ditch the high score leaderboards and move to time leaderboards. Your high score leaderboards are broken and worthless. inching down a straight away and doing a couple of backflips to increase my combo multiplier is boring and not fun.

    Getting a high score isn’t really about skill, it’s about who has the most time on their hands. In the one level in the first game you could even more the starting line backwards to almost infinity to facilitate it.

    I’m not sure there’s anything you can do to score leaderboards to make them not broken so you really should just abandon them. A time leaderboard where you are racing to collect all the stars, or hit all the targets. Now that is a leaderboard that will have people hitting reset and watching their ghost again and again and again.

    Otherwise, Love the series. The platformer/Racing genre is underserverd and I’m glad you guys are filling the void.

    • Wow! You really know Joe Danger!

      Good news, all of these things are solved in the sequel! First up we have time leaderboards on EVERY LEVEL :)

      Not only that but we have every replay from every run through stored online in the cloud. That means you can race against your friends best times, or the world number one. You can even use it to compete against yourself.
      If your friends are online though, you don’t just see their best run-through, you see what they are up to right now. It’s like online multiplayer, but without any lobbies or waiting around!

      Scoring has had a total overhaul too, but it’s something only the very skilled players will fully appreciate. Now your time feeds into your score, as does everything you do in the level – objectives, races and everything else. That means that the replay of the person at the top of the leaderboard looks pretty freakin’ amazing :)

  • Yeah, no thanks. I support the original Joe Danger on release date. Played it and loved it. Unlike some people, I wasn’t mad or upset that original game was going to be release on the xbox 360 with extra content. I understood how MS business work in regard to getting late content on xbox live.

    My problem is when you guys said that PS3 owners were just beta tester for the original game so you can release it on the xbox 360. That was just a slap in the face to every PS3 owners that purchase your game and made it possible for you guys to release it on other system/s. So we pretty much paid $15 for the Beta, while the xbox 360 got the full game.

    And for anyone that don’t believe the beta tester info, check here *****

    • Hello @BloodyCow, I replied below. I totally understand what you are saying. I was quoted out of context, but it’s my own stupid fault for a poor choice of words anyway.
      Normally most companies have a trained PR person, but Hello Games doesn’t really. Just me!
      I regret saying something that was so easily taken out of context, but I can definitely tell you that we appreciate the support of anyone who plays our games.

  • To be honest I was getting pretty pis… annoyed with HG’s complete lack of any mention of the PS3 version after the first game was so popular on PSN, but now I’m sold. Consider yourselves redeemed! :)

    • @Chimpanzee we love you! I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to talk about the PS3 version sooner, it’s been killing us. Hopefully this is a nice surpise!

  • @7 Chimpanzee
    That because we were “Playtesters” for the original game according to Hello Games. We pretty much paid $15 for a beta, while xbox 360 owners paid the same for the full game…. just saying.

    • Ouch! I’m really sorry for that comment from ages ago. It was taken out of context. I think I said something like “all our players are like playtesters, we listen to what they say and make changes”, which became “our players are playtesters”.
      Anyway it was a silly thing to say, but right now we’re doing the same for PS3. We’re seeing what problems people are having, and trying to fix them as best we can.

  • Will this game support Cross buy with the 360 version?


    What you don’t have that?


  • Good thing I didn’t buy the 360 version yet. I wonder if you’ll get more exposure on PSN than on the XBL dashboard? That was a rhetorical question by the way. ;)

  • Hey guys,
    Hello Games here, we’re having a few problems with the login system at the moment, the nice guys at Sony are looking into it and we’ll answer your questions as soon as we can!

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Man if all the diciplines(Collect all the stars, hit all the targets etc) had time leaderboards, I would lose hundreds of hours of my life like I did back when Gripshfit came out in 2007.

  • I’m so glad you are bringing your new game to PSN. There was no way I was going to buy it on XBLA. I’m very glad to hear that the level sharing will be improved. Is anything being done about the difficulty in the new game? I got about half or 2/3 of the way through the first game and it required a level of precision that was too frustrating for me to complete the game.

  • Would still love an answer to my question about the XBLA Bonus Content from 1, even if it’s a simple no, it would put me at ease, though I would love a reason/explanation.

    • Unfortunately we couldn’t bring that content to PS3, but I’m hoping when you see what we’re doing with Joe Danger 2 for PS3 you’ll agree that we really value our PS3 players. Genuinely we do.

      We started out making some simple changes to the XBLA version, but we got carried away. We removed some levels, we changed some of the handling and the progression system. When people do a port, they don’t normally do that kind of thing. It meant that we couldn’t just do that as some DLC, or a patch for the PS3 version. I’ve always felt bad about that.

  • Well after reading that Bloodycow all I can do is say thanks. I’m glad I didn’t drop $ on joe danger seeing as how it was just a beta test that cost money. Not just a beta, but a beta for xbox users. I’m no sony fanboy, I just don’t own an xbox. I didn’t know there was more to that game if you owned an xbox, how would I? Oh right the dev would have to treat us the same, but then microsoft was like, “here is money”. So then the dev was like,”screw you psn peeps” xbox gets the “full” game. Gonna pass on bad business practices, like I do with bethesda products. GL

  • (Your “here and here” aren’t links…)

    Glad to see this coming to PSN. Can’t blame ya for taking some M$FT timed-exclusive money, but it’s always a little annoying.

  • This looks pretty cool actually! :D
    I never played the first one but definitely interested in this one. :)

  • That’s fine with me. Thank you for the response. I really appreciate it Sean. Be honest though, am I missing out on a huge chunk of gameplay by only having the original PSN version of the first game, or will I be fine just owning both versions on PSN?

    • I’m desperately trying not to talk about the extra content for PS3! I’m biting my tongue :)
      Let’s just say that I think you’ll be happy having both PS3 versions…

  • @blood cow that is true. i respect what your saying 100%. at same hello games are very good. i wish branched out and did othe r games… I thinkt he exclusive content only hurt them as the poor choicy words they used like “ps3 gamer were beta tester”.. I dont know.. I never bought the game to begin with, i just respect how they 4 guys who made a hit game and proved it hard to make goodpsn game on low budget p for psn.

    I give them that much, but as the content stuff they should clean up there act. I see they are by tyrying to make it up to us with content which , leave scracthes on the other side eyes.. I like that your telling them we dont get down like that. You dont have please just us ps3 gamers you have to please everybody that a gamer.

    I hope hello games keep making great games and clean up the little act they are doing. If the product is good it going to sell it self, you dont add any thing to up jump it.. Buisness 101

  • Sean, that sounds good to me. Glad to hear that it’s in my best benefit to have both versions on PS3. I’ll probably buy the first one here soon, here’s to hoping for a PS+ bundle of the two when it launches?

  • 1) Time Leaderboards, I saw the ghosts(including a Hello Games Ghost) while playing The Movie but I only ever saw high score leaderboards. Did I just miss how to access them or where they are? Also are their speed leaderboards for every dicipline(example one specifically for collecting all the stars), or just how fast you can beat the level?

    2) Regarding score leaderboards, I did see you tried to fix things by giving out a score multiplier for finishing the level under a certain threshold. Unfortunately, I think the broken nature of the scoring system more then makes up for it. I picked a couple random levels to try to see if the scoring system was still broken and was easily able to crack the top five just doing backflips every two inches completing the track very slow and boringly without any effort.

    Unless you can show me one of your testers or something completing a level with style under the time limit to get to the top of the leaderboard, I don’t think I would believe it’s possible. I haven’t tried getting as high a score as I can under the time limit on a stage yet, but It looks like the old broken way still works.

    • Holey Cow! You 100%’d both versions? That is one hell of an achievement :)

      1) When you are on the Leaderboard, select “Change Leaderboard”, and you will see the time leaderbaords. You also see the % time you are at against the world (which is a nice quick way to see it).

      2) If you can convince some friends to play, then you will always see their Ghosts. If you are the world number one, or aren’t online, then you won’t see other ghosts – because you are better than them all! If you do tricks every few inches you’ll see that your score multiplier doesn’t increase, just the score. It increase MUCH faster if you get large air, and hold tricks. I’ll tell you what – we’ll post a video on our blog of us getting the world number one on a level next week!

      Also, PAX 2011, that almost certainly was me you met!

  • Crap I ran out of characters and messed up my post. Add this to the top of my previous post:

    Thanks for the Reply Sean. I Do know Joe Danger. I 100%ed both versions of the first game and I’m currently working on The Movie as we speak. Could you clarify a couple things please. Was it you I met at PAX Prime 2011?

  • Hey Sean! I love your games, and I have bought all 3 versions you’ve put out so far, and I will be buying JD2 on the PS3 as well!

    Just a silly tech question for you though, for geeks who care. Are you guys using MLAA on the PS3 version? The screens look so clean. Just curious. Thanks!

    • Wow! I did not expect to get that question :)
      We’re using FXAA, which we reckon handles sub-pixel aliasing better than MLAA. You’ll have seen it most recently on some high-end PC games, but it’s starting to be used on console titles too.
      All our previous titles used MSAA.

      Thank you so much for your support, if you’ve bought all 3 games so far then I’m blown away. I’d feel bad if you bought both versions of Joe Danger 2, since they will be released so close together. Mail Hello Games and I’ll make sure we give you something nice.

  • I really wish Joe Danger is coming to the PS Vita.

    It’s perfect for the system.

  • Yeah I saw the percentile for time. Guess they are just track based and not specific objective based :( That’s what you need. Speficic objective time leaderboards.

    As for the point leaderboards. I’m aware that you cant just stay in one spot to increase your leaderboard and you have to move ahead a set amount for the multiplier to go up. But the inching method still works. It’s still worth your while to get that multiplier as high as possible and it’s in your best intrest to do a couple of back flips, then reverse, go forward a few meters and do it again, and again, and again. Then when you get to a place in the level where you can get some actual airtime, you bust out the top tricks by hitting L1,L1,L1, or L1,R1,L1 etc. That way you get both a large multiplier because of the number of tricks you did, and tons of points for doing the awesome tricks(and making sure you don’t repeat them because repeating tricks gets you less points).

    I’d love to see your flashy run. I’d love to be wrong.

  • @BlooodyCow Yeah, I remember feeling pretty burnt when I read that comment at the time but I thought it must have been some sort of misquote. I met Sean and the rest of HG a while ago and they’re a lovely bunch – I couldn’t imagine that whatever they said was meant in the way it was portrayed in the Eurogamer article. I understand where you’re coming from though – it seemed pretty brutal.

  • Anyway, Love the game guys, I have no issues Quadrupal Dipping.

  • Also it was nice Meeting you at PAX Sean. You seemed genuinly excited to talk with someone who had 100%ed your game.

  • Really liked the first one, even though I wasn’t great at it.

    It’s awesome to hear you’re using FXAA — the most annoying thing in the first game was the aliasing artifacts dancing around all the time. Is there any chance you’ll be patching the original to support that? (Or will all the original content be playable in the sequel?)

    Any chance the native rendering resolution is 1080p now? That would help solve aliasing altogether ;)

    Loved the music in the first game, so does this sequel up the ante as far as audio quality? 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed?

    Would love to see a cross-buy version for VIta :) Doing stunts with tilt, front/rear touch, etc would be a *blast*. Even more fun would be using the AR cards to set up a custom stunt track!

    Ghosts are an awesome idea and one of the features I loved about both PixelJunk Racers and Mirror’s Edge. I never had a hope of beating anyone, but it was very educational to see how ‘experts’ did things and helped improve my gameplay.

  • I honestly forgot there was a PSN version of this game, just haven’t heard any news about it, so It kinda slipped my mind. I purchased the first game, and loved it, and was disappointed to see a much more polished version being released for Xbox 360, but ehh, stuff happens. However, if you guys are serious about over 10 hours of extra content for us PS3 users…Well you have me sold! :P

  • Awesome news! Sean, any chance of both games being released on disc at some point?

    • I’d love to see some sort of disc release or bundle with both games. That would be a huge amount of gameplay, like over 100 hours I reckon.

  • This game looks sick! I cannot wait to play this! My girlfriend loves games like these too! I love that it has splitscreen. Too many games lack this feature nowadays. :(

  • hi we are hello games! as a thanks for helping us out to make a better 360 game and helping us out in making the second one a time exclusive for 360 we are giving u a little more on this one for the time u waited and the parts of the fisrt one u will NEVER PLAY BUAHAHAHAH! Thanks we love u.

  • Any Youtube recording in this game?

    • There is Youtube support, which is a really cool feature that we’ve only been able to do on PS3. I think it suits the whole “Movie” theme really well!

  • honestly cant wait for this

  • okay i supported the 1st joe danger that was supported by the playstation pub fund on 1st day it released. i wouldnt moan about the extra content we’re missing but im just glad you guys realized the psn day 1 supporters and making sure Joe Danger the movie gets released our way.

  • If not a standalone game for the Vita, how about a patch for remote play like other games. And definitely kudos for the announcement. Once i saw the videos for the XBLA version, i was soo disappointed because of you saying nothing about the PSN version. But man this was completely out of the blue. Cant wait to buy it the first day or even may be a pre-order. Waiting for it guys!!!

  • People need to grow up and stop the whining. Do you complain when the new iPhone is announced because you bought the last one, and the new one is better? Do you consider yourself a “beta tester” for the new phone because you bought the old phone?

    This is how the world works. I shouldn’t have to explain this to some of you, but apparently you didn’t pick this stuff up at some point in your life. It’s time to grow up. You bought Joe Danger on the PS3 because you thought it was worth your $15. The fact that an Xbox version came along 18 months later has nothing to do with that PS3 version YOU decided to purchase. It’s still the same game you paid for, and the developer owes you nothing more.

  • Well I feel like an idiot now, I got all hot and angry when I saw that The Movie was not coming to PS3 (when it first launched) and I attacked you guys for not support those of us who supported you with the original. Now I need to apologize and say thanks for bringing this game to the PS3 and with bonus content as well. Day one purchase for me, just like the original.

  • this actualy looks pretty good and entertaining. i played joe danger 1 and it was okay and fun. this looks like more content.

  • DAY 1 purchase!!! Thank You for giving us an EXTRA 10hrs of content! Please, consider adding extra characters to play as/with. Would love to race as Nathan Drake, Old Solid snake ect, ect…Hey it’s Joe Danger “THE MOVIE” after all.

    • I would love to see some of those characters riding around in Joe Danger! Maybe if we ask Naughty Dog really nicely…
      Probably much more likely is some cameos from other indie games though ;)

  • Platinum trophy?

  • Well, you got me sold on everything I’ve seen here. Thanks. :)

  • You were planning on porting it over to PS3 all along? Well why didn’t you say so! I wouldn’t have gotten so miffed by feeling ignored after supporting (and enjoying) the first title.

    But honestly, that extra content? Just stop. I don’t care that it will mean less content for me, I just don’t want your 360 fans getting upset like I did for feeling left out for The Movie. Can’t we all just have the same amount of content?

  • The first one is one of my favorite PSN games. I will check the new one out.

  • I will buy this for sure. Glad that it’s making its way over to PS3 this soon.

    Now, if only we could get a Vita version, I would be double dipping ;-)

  • @HG I do hope that you know that PlayStation gamers don’t mess around! And as a active PlayStation consumer( that literally buys almost everything) I expect a discount at least 4 + members. Don’t want to keep throwing it in your face but you have to understand how we feel when we were blasted with comments like that… just so you can sell of content thats not available to us.

  • Hello, Hello Games! :) I’m glad to know that you’re bringing Joe Danger: The Movie to PS3.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the original Joe Danger. (J-J-J-JOE D-D-D-DANGER!) I was a bit bummed out when the sequel was first announced only for that other system (seemingly exclusively), but it’s a relief to see that you haven’t forgotten your loyal PS3 fans. I appreciate your hard work, and will surely add this game to my growing collection.

    BTW, I’d love to see a Vita version, too. Make it happen!

  • I was one of the buthurt gamers cursing you in the net. You got my money, but I feel trolled hard LOL.

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