Venture into the TOKYO JUNGLE on PSN Today

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Venture into the TOKYO JUNGLE on PSN Today

For those who have been patiently waiting for TOKYO JUNGLE’S western release, I’m happy to announce that it will finally be available on PSN today for $14.99! We are also releasing DLC animals, a PS3 dynamic theme and free costumes so please make sure to check them out.

I’ve got great news for PlayStation Plus members: You’ll be able to get TOKYO JUNGLE at a 20% discount for two weeks (until October 9th)! In addition, we are giving away four DLC animals for free! These animals will only be free for one week (until October 2nd), so don’t miss out!

Venture into the TOKYO JUNGLE on PSN Today

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  • Wish I had the money to get this one at the moment. I’ve heard wonderful things, and I’ve been interested in it since I first read about it.


    A little off but something that should be implemented in the psn.

  • Looks very interesting for a $12 game. Glad the dlc is free (for a week)!! :D

  • Anxiously awaiting my opportunity to dominate Tokyo with my Pomeranian! First Tokyo, and then the world!

  • I wasn’t sure about this game till I saw the viciousness of the Pomeranian and the mating Pandas. Hmm…Probably gonna get it just because of that weirdness.

  • Played it all weekend at Fantastic Fest, and it definitely sold me on the game. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • this is on sale on the Japanese ps plus this month as well. however, the fact that even at 40% off it comes too about 30 bucks is total crap. Sony Japan sucks. Sony America rules.

  • Update the store already!

  • Thank you! Its remote play enabled like japanese version?

    And Silent Hill Book Of Memories demo will be released today like in PSN EU?

  • Does anyone know how many playable animals are in the game?

    How many different breeds of dogs?

  • This game is DEFINATELY on my radar!

  • I do believe I shall play some Team Fortress 2 until they update dat store.

  • Always was going to be a day 1 buy for me, but the plus discount just made the decision easier.

  • i wanna get a white pomeranian so bad. SOLD

  • gah, i didnt think this game would release until later this year. o..0

  • @6 The exchange rate is the problem, mostly. It has nothing to do with Playstation Japan sucking. It has more to do with the American economy being so crappy. I do agree that Playstation America is totally awesome, but Japan also has some fantastic perks. Both are good at gearing towards their specific crowds.

  • are there going to be tokyo jungle avatars as well? and if so how much will they cost?

    • Yes, 10 avatars are available on the Store today.
      They are $0.49 each and $1.49 for a set of 5.
      Please check them out!

  • Can anyone here tell me when they will update the store?

  • I can’t wait for the store to update ^_^
    Can you tell us which DLC will be free? Also will all the other DLC that japan got be available?

  • i wait this game for long time since jp version

    just update store i will buy plz

  • do you guys plan on porting this to the ps vita? this would have been great if it came out for the vita also with the cross buy thing. buy this for the ps3 get the vita version free.

  • AWSOMEE AWSOMEE AWSOMEEE. i have been Waiting on this for weeks. i will purchase this soon as its released. i will also buy some of the animals that are DLC. im not a PS Plus Member but this looks worth 15 Bucks. i usualy dont buy anything on psn thats 15 or more. the replay Value looks to be huge. 50 Plus Animals is great. i can play with a Chicken alone for 3 hours straight. imagine all 50. havent been this excited for a psn game in years. last games i purchased for this price was Journey and Closure. all my other psn games are 10 and Below. im ready for this

  • Bought a PS3 yesterday just for this game. When does the store update because I need this game now.

    • Hi MosesUnspoken,
      I hope you enjoy the game as much as we do and THANKS!!
      The Store was updated in the afternoon :)

  • I hope there are some reptiles I can play as. I saw an alligator in the trailer somewhere, so hopefully I can play as them! It would be awesome to be a Komodo dragon, Nile monitor, Perentie monitor, Saltwater crocodile, Reticulated python, Galapagos tortoise, etc….I’d throw in some smaller species but they’d get ran over by hippos and what not :( Hmmm, maybe a King cobra, but that’s pushing it. They are the largest venomous snake in the world though.

  • Oh, another thing. It would be AWESOME to have avatars based on the animals :) we need some animal avatars!

  • playing as a King cobra snake would be awsome. slithering threw the grass and sneaking on there ass.

  • when store will update?

  • Oh thank goodness the animal DLC and costumes are being released here! JP DLC for NA releases is usually painfully and excruciatingly slow (Warriors Orochi 3) so I’m very glad to see day 1 DLC in NA and will definitely be buying it all!

  • *Impatiently waiting for store update*. I want this game NOW!

  • I was going to pass on this game because I can’t bear to see animals harmed. But all these perks–sale price, free DLC–makes it irresistible. OK, you win.

  • @29 i love seeing animals beat the heck out of each other. Thats why Pokemon is one of my favorite game series. :P

  • @snakeman07: I wish they had more reptiles too! But aside from the crocodile and dinosaurs I don’t think there are other unfortunately :(

    @lisatsunami: I’m usually the same way, but only when it’s humans harming animals. But since it’s all animals and no humans (aside from the Japanese salaryman joke character) it will be awesome! (though to be honest, I won’t be able to bring myself to attack the kitties ><)

    HURRY UP AND UPDATE THE STORE! I'm so bored I'm responding to blog comments!

  • Is this multiplayer???

  • Smooth4Lyfe

    Only Local Multiplayer. no Online.. Saw game reviews

  • @32 It is Couch Co-op with online leaderboards, As for the free DLC for the week am i correct in assuming its the Panda, the Kangaroo, The Saber Tooth Tiger, and the Giraffe?

  • @31 theres dinosaurs in the game?! o_O

  • @33 dang that kinda sucks that they were too lazy to impliment online co-op.

  • I believe its local Multiplayer. Which works great for me since the BF and i can play it together.

  • Not a pay week but next well i will deff be buying this game. I showed my friends and they are getting to too! Love a different take on gaming where devs go out on a whim! Great job!

  • I’m sorry but a game about animals should be $5 on sale for PS Plus. I would feel stupid for paying more. It does look fun though for that price I would end up punching myself.

  • i’ll be picking this up today, but my PS+ expires in a few days. will i be able to keep the free dlc or will those be stripped away like everything else “free” on PS+?

  • I show a English review of the Japanese version of this game. Seemed very cool!

  • And comments like 39 are exactly why we arent getting a retail release of this game, Tokyo Jungle is a different kind of game its a 60 dollar disk game in japan and has ben in the #1 spot on their best seller list for a few months now I am honestly thinking of selling a few disk games to get a PSN card for this one this game isn’t like nintendogs you are one of 50 (54 if you include the free DLC) animals trying to survive in post apocalyptic Tokyo, the city is in ruins, Animals roam the street, You can be a carnivore and hunt your way through the city, or an herbivore playing the sneaking game, honestly if i had the cash for this game i would buy it and every peice of DLC on the spot

  • is this available yet

  • @brkn_ogr – I think you meant comment 40, and yeah, I agree entirely. I would have spent the $40 for the jp version without any regrets if the american release wasn’t such an awesome price break.

    @C_Y_P_H_E_R – By all means, please go ahead and punch yourself in the face.

  • @GODFERG79 – Not quite, store still hasn’t updated

  • I also willing to pay it at full price even it is 60$. it is an awesome game. Finally, a game that is back to basic. It focus on the gameplay itself instead of having the fancy CG with repeatitive same style of game play.

    I also bored about zoombie killing too. Why every new game about a ruined city has to be zoombie game now???

    Anyway…is anyone able to download it? I still cannot find it through the game list…. i cannot wait anymore!!!!!

  • C_Y_P_H_E_R

    Please do Punch YourSelf in the face. this Game Looks to be even better then its 15 Price Tag. there is also Dinosuars in it and from looking at your avatar i would have think that you would of been interested.

  • @PainOfSarrow – Haha. I was just going to mention the dinosaurs to him.

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