Starhawk and Free DLC Soar to PSN Today

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Starhawk and Free DLC Soar to PSN Today

Today is a day to remember! The team here at Lightbox Interactive (the same team that brought you Warhawk) has been burning through the summer heat to bring to you an epic new Starhawk experience, one players around the world have been asking for – a digital download version packed (hell, overflowing!) with every single awesome update since our initial release, including our massive new DLC add-ons. This offer is a bonanza for PlayStation Plus members, but also…everyone else.

FREE Starhawk Single-Player Campaign for PlayStation Plus members

Experience the emotional story of two brothers torn apart by the conflict over Rift Energy, a sacred and dangerous resource of power being ravaged and battled over by Humans and “The Outcast” — evolved mutated humans from Rift Energy exposure. Hired gun Emmett Graves is faced against his brother Logan, now the cold-blooded leader of The Outcast, in an effort to protect his former home of White Sands, save humanity, and possibly, his brother. Become a PlayStation Plus Member today to experience the Starhawk Solo Campaign free!

Starhawk Digital Download Versions Now Available – Your Way

· Starhawk Multiplayer Edition – $19.99
· Complete Starhawk Digital Version – $39.99

Starhawk Now on the PlayStation Store

Today also marks the release of our massive 1.04 DLC update, which is free for the Starhawk community and included in all digital editions listed above. The 1.04 DLC update brings new gameplay modes, weapons, mechs, a ridiculous number of community changes… I’m losing my breath, just watch the video below.

If you enjoy frenetic multiplayer gameplay ranging from ravaged battlefields to burning skies to an explosive space symphonies rivaled by no other, or looking for an emotionally intense single-player experience, then this is your time to jump into Starhawk. Let us know what you think!

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  • Update pls. O___O

  • So many great posts about what is coming today, yet everyone is anxiously awaiting the update. Can’t come soon enough! :-)

  • Glad the single player is free. i’m interested in trying it.

  • might I suggest early updats for ps+ members… :D

  • Been playing all morning, cannot wait to get my hands on the Grizzly!!!!

  • Can’t wait till the store update so I can get the Grizzly. Thing looks beast.

  • Awesome!

  • Every time I see a new post from the PS Blog in my feed reader, I excitedly jump to it, thinking it’s the PS Store Update, letting me know I can finally download LBP Vita. STOP FAKING ME OUT!!!

  • I’ll be waiting for later today when I can get me some Starhawk! This game has been on my short list since the release, but I just haven’t gotten it for whatever reason. With my friends all waiting to play a game this weekend, though, I cannot beat the multiplayer purchase and get the singleplayer as a Plus perk. The DLC looks great, and I’ve gotta say – one of the main reasons I’ve kept this game in the chute is because of the developer support.

    By the way, how about releasing Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA “mohawk guy” scientist also known as Starhawk, as a DLC character?

  • Man I am itchin to see what the Grizzly and Pod Launcher do. But alas, I have to work at 4. So I’m sitting here refreshing the store and this blog hoping it’ll come up before i leave. Everyone buy the multiplayer! Excellent times!

  • @8 lol i can understand your frustration. But i’m awaiting one more article before the store updates. I’m hoping Namco stops being lazy and tell us about the One Piece Pirate Warriors game. I want to know a price and why i should buy it (from their perspective).

  • Any plans on giving us in EU the Killzone avatars from US store? That would be sweet.

  • Beast update guys. Truly amazing.

    But may I make some suggestions?

    -A tad more clothing options (helmets, torso, hands and maybe accessories)

    -A Cinema more or picture mode to capture your last matches. (I’ve gotten some once in a life time good snipe kills. shot someone out of a hawk and tank lol)

    -A new DLC vehicle would be cool. (Paid or whatever) Like a truck. One big enough to hold 5-6 players to bring to enemy territory and drop them off there.

    -Is it possible to have an option when choosing what to build to press up on the D-pad to choose an upgrade? (EX- Triangle to select wall. You have standard wall, then hit up on D-pad to choose gate) instead of waiting for it to spawn, then upgrade? Would be a lot faster.

    -Making a dodge or roll option… like when sprinting, press and hold sprint and then Circle to dodge, or shoulder roll out of the way. (Would really help against sidewinders).

    If ya can’t, ya can’t. Just suggestions. But aside from that, Starhawk and Uncharted are having the best updates lately. You guys rule!

  • will most likely buy multiplayer version.

  • The Update sounds awesome. I think I’ll get back to playing this now. Although I wish that MP Edition was released sooner, considering the campaign is lackluster according to a lot of people and I even suggested this before launch.

  • To all those having a blast with Starhawk, I sincerely hope your excitement and enjoyment continues. In all honesty, I’m extremely jealous. I had the highest hopes when Starhawk was announced and was so extremely disappointed when I finally bought the game. After spending countless hours in Warhawk, even getting the plat in the process, Starhawk just couldn’t even come close to matching the near perfect multiplayer gaming experience that Warhawk is, in my opinion. I wish Dylan and everyone at LightBox the very best, and I only hope that one day we will see a Warhawk 2.

  • @15

    Since it’s not warhawk 2 you shouldn’t compare it to warhawk. It’s different and it’s great. I’m sorry you bought it expecting to be a sequel to a game you liked. I’m not buying tearaway when it comes out hoping it’s little big planet 3

  • I played the beta so much that upon reaching lvl 50 I kind of moved away due to some gripes an repetition, I’ve been awaiting some new content for sometime for my favorite mp of the year. I must ask though, will this continue now? With warhawk we saw three major dlc updates, but with this it seems easier and more streamlined for you guys to add dlc, so can we expect more buildings, vehicles, weapons etc in the future as well? As much, more, or less than warhawk? Thanks!

  • @ 17, nice avatar

  • Thank you Dylan & Co, this is awesome! That new vehicle is really, really needed since the multiplayer is almost dead. It really needs some transformers like action to draw more people in. No joke. I’m serious. NUMBER ONE thing I need though is some way to join another persons Prospector match for co-op! I love that mode but have no friends on Starhawk so I have to play by myself on there. Worst of all I can’t even play Prospect mode without being online. So when the server wasn’t working a few days ago it would only let me play to round three and then brought me back to the main menu! I need that trophy! Please help with this problem. You guys rule! Though I will be highly disappointed if this is not fixed.

  • @19 your in luck because part of the patch is adding prospector to the main game list, so people can just jump on in like a normal game.

  • Now this is a awesome looking game! But I cant stand vehicles in MP so this will be a no go. Might play some of the story mode though.

  • Ohh man this is a craazy update. I hope the Store doesn’t lag today when I go on.

  • @ 20
    That’s great to hear. Thank you. Is that Prospector mode going to be attached to multiplayer only still? Also I’m looking for some co-op friends for Prospector mode. Anyone can feel free to add me. Just include in the friend request the word Starhawk, Prospector or both.

  • Can’t. Wait. Anymore.

  • I wish I still lived in California. Moving to Texas was a mistake. I now don’t get my PSN updates for HOURS later! Really sucks. I’m sure Lightbox would agree, being from Austin. Can’t wait to update Starhawk today.

  • Buy this game so I can school you

  • This is a repost ,this has the same info that was posted before. I thought we get more info today on what Plus members were getting and Store has not updated yet either

  • Bought this game day 1 and I love the continued support, hopefully more people will enjoy it since it’s free for PlayStation Plus.

    I don’t know how successful Starhawk was in sales but I hope LightBox Interactive is doing well and hopefully you will make another title in the future!

  • Was a huge Warhawk fan but the beta for Starhawk turned me off from the game. I was always interested in the single player campaign though. Sadly my backlog has grown huge thanks to a very busy social life this summer.

    I’ll be picking up the single player and giving it a try. If I like it I may try to dip into the multiplayer later but honestly, it felt too differently from the original (again from my beta experience) to me and alienated me a bit. My mind would have to be majorly change to get on board again with games like Battlefield and Borderlands taking up the bulk of my online time.

    I hope it does though, I miss Warhawk.

  • So when is it happening? I just checked at 5:10pm eastern time and no change to the store yet.

  • The DLC is up only if you boot the game. There’s an option that says Playstation store in the main menu. But I’m A plus member I thought I was supposed to get these for free. I’m seeing I have to pay a dolliar to $5 dolliars for some of these. Not to mention some of the DLC i.e. Shade Warrior and others are missing. Will I have to wait to the store fully updates to get them for free?

  • Also can you add trophies for the new game modes as well? like the usual play 50 Gatekeepers play 50 Assaults and so one and so forth?

  • I put 600 hours into Warhawk and while I have put a relatively modest 80 into Starhawk (a lot of good stuff has hit this year and LBP2 is something I never tire of due to the creativity of its community) I love it just as much.

    The vehicles and weapons feel great (and the audio is spectacular when wearing surround sound headphones) but what I really love is the ability of teams of to build anywhere despite the fact I often raid enemy bases and have had a building or two dropped on my head.

    My favorite mode is Zones. So many epic battles for the middle :).

    I was never a fan of the ability of guys with knives to take out giant mechs and tanks with a swing or two, so I’m glad that perk is being replaced by the grinder in 1.4.

    Anyway, thanks for the continued support and keep up the good work.

  • I agree with #33. The knifing is game breaking for me.

  • Here’s a thought: How about not advertising that a release is available until it is available. It’s very frustrating for the blog to say “The Starhawk single player campaign is now available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers!” And, then you go to the store and Starhawk is nowhere to be found, still, at 5:41 pm Eastern Standard Time. So, that really is a bummer. All you’re doing is creating frustration. With the day off today, I really thought I’d be getting into Starhawk. Looks like that isn’t going to happen. Or, at the very least, you could let us know when the update is hitting. Or, let people know it’s available Wednesday. And then, if it hits Tuesday, that’s just an early bonus. But the false advertising has to go. This happens way too often.

  • @36,
    West coast has the most!!

  • So if you get the single player and enjoy it a lot, will the online pass allow you to play multiplayer, or will you need to download the multiplayer version of the game (ie pay for $20 compared for the $10)

  • Hey guy, I downloaded the Multilayer 19.99 one. I installed it and then ran it. I keeps freezing after you start the game. It did update and everything…Any suggestions? I did delete it and install it again and that didn’t work. Then i went into saved games and the utility and deleted everything Starhawk and the game again, I installed it and it still freezes. WHERT Up?

  • Hmm, I think I may have accidentally bought the $10 pass version instead of the $20 multiplayer version. Why did you put the $10 pass next to the free single player in the Plus section Sony!?!? What were you thinking???

    Will the $10 pass be sufficient for multiplayer or can I somehow get a refund so I can buy the correct item? Any advice?

    I just hope they fix this before others make the same mistake. Plus the pass description says simply “Access all online features of Starhawk!”

    So frustrated if I just wasted $10.

  • I’m still having a problem, it still is freezing

  • may be a stupid question.. Is all the Starhawk DLC all for Multiplayer?

  • Yes it is 45

  • @42

    Still have that problem? Cause I’m having the same issue and I’m pretty ticked off.

  • Yeah still having the prob….And i’m pretty pee’d

  • @42&47 me too it freezes on me too WTF?

  • im letting my plus membership expire, i feel its not worth it anymore

  • @42- I’m having this same problem as well. I downloaded the multiplayer component of the game and after installing and when I boot up the game during the title screen after the start game once I press X it freezes on me and freezes the console as well. I was wondering if there is any fix for this?

  • I hope they will come out with a fix soon. But yeah that’s what happens. All I can say is Spread the word.

  • HELL YEAH! All the excitment+ 20U$ and the game freezes my ps3 everytime and then checks my HDD for corrupted files…

    thank you =]

    PS: Shoulda have downloaded Tokyo Jungle first =/

    PS2: FIX IT FAST, PLEASE! I wanna play this awesome game!

    PS3: keeps freezing with starhawk MP version =]

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