New PS3 Model Out Today, Exclusive First Look

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New PS3 Model Out Today, Exclusive First Look

The launch of the new PlayStation3 (PS3) has finally arrived and I hope you are just as excited as we are. Today I’m here to give you the first official look at the brand new PS3 model, plus show you all the goods inside the UNCHARTED 3 Game of the Year Edition Bundle.

As mentioned last week, this bundle is packed with incredible value. It’s available for $269, and it includes the new 250GB PS3, so you’ll have plenty of storage space to house all of your favorite games, videos, photos, and music.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition Blu-ray
  • Voucher worth over $30 towards Dust 514 bonus digital content
  • Additional voucher for a free 30 day membership of PlayStation Plus

PS3 continues to lead the way in innovation and is the ultimate gaming and entertainment system choice for those of you looking for the best value this holiday season. With thousands of content choices to choose from, PS3 has something to offer everyone in your entire family.

For more information, click here.

Stay tuned for more PS3 news and updates right here on PS.Blog, and we’re looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

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  • i hope it be cool!

  • Just picked up mine :-)

  • ugliest piece of hardware ever ;)

  • OOOOOHHHH, This disk tray slides open. FANCY!

  • I still don’t see the point in a redesign since the Slim worked just fine. Would have made more since to just cut the price on that down if you wanted new customers of your hardware. :/

  • Picking mine up today! Thanks Maya ;)

  • @ryumoau
    The reason for the redesign is because it’s cheaper for them to make and actually make some money off of it.

  • @2 Mind telling us exactly what’s in that Dust 514 bundle?

  • @5 smaller machine means less plastic, less parts, more cost savings for them so they can make the PS3 cheaper in the future.

    Pretty sweet! I like the disc tray. I don’t need a second PS3 right now though.

  • Wow! this girl has never been good in front of the camera. Nonethelers, will pick up when my slim dies

  • PS Store redesign?

  • @5: The point of the re-design, as has been mentioned, is that it lowers costs for Sony. Sony can’t afford a price drop because a combination of a poor global economic situation and gross corporate mismanagement have left them in dire straits financially. Hope this helps!

    PS – That’s one ugly console, Sony.

  • I might pick up the AC3 bundle later in the year, mainly for a 500gb hdd! I need the space! =D

  • cant get another ps3 til I get a new tv, my tv inside panels are jacked up so I have numerous lines on screen

  • I like the corrugated top, it reminds me of an Atari.

  • Ugly. That, and now it means I can’t have it tucked away nicely into the shelf, because I need enough room to reach my hand over top of it to place a disk into the top of it. Poor thinking.

    I was really hoping to see the PS3 overtake the 360 this year. Decisions like this only show Sony doesn’t have a clue what it was doing. A bundle with a year old game (GOTY edition or not) won’t move systems near as much as a system that should be close to $200 by now.

  • “Includes everything you need to get started! The controller, power cable and even this standard def cable!”

    LOL yes because people still use standard def cables.
    The lack of HDMI is kind of mind-blowing i’ll be honest.

    It would definitely leave a sour taste after i got it home and tried to set it up, only to realize i have to go all the way back to the store to buy a new HDMI for 10 bucks. Really uh, kind doesn’t really make any sense.

    Haha whatever. Looks cool <.< I'll stick with my slim and it's slotloading tray though. I <3 that thing.

    Actually i'd hate to just keep complaining but, it seems like the new disk tray is incredibly impractical for people that have their PS3s on a TV stand between two peaces of glass/wood. You'd almost need to have it on a desk or something to actually get access to the tray, no?

    I think even if my slim broke down again i'd have to go back to the slim route, personally. :/

  • Obviously comment #10 doesn’t know how to read the comment policy ” D O N T B E A J E R K ” ;) “Girl” seems fine to me… in more ways than one actually. ;) PS3 looks nice too, and a great deal for anyone crazy enough to have not picked up a PS3 yet, with one of the best action/adventure games EVER made.. uncharted 3 :) Free month of PS Plus that comes with it gives you so many other games for free as well…… Infamous 2 + LBP2 + Borderlands + Saints Row 2 + The Walking Dead + Outland anyone?!

  • $270!!! May be a bundle but that is more expensive than current models. Are they smoking crack?

    PS3 is going to get creamed this holiday season by the WiiU and XBox 360. Sony should release the 12GB version at $199 in the US to compete against the $199 4GB 360. Also release the white model, consumers like options! They sacked half their PR people, but they should have sacked their marketing people.

    No wonder PS3 is 13 million behind the 360 and 18 million behind the Wii in the US. Lol!!!

  • Thats a pretty sweet bundle right there….anyone that does not have a PS3 at this point should deff get that one right now…if you are still a dumb 360 fanboy and are still in denial about the PS3….i feel sorry for you bro!

  • How about releasing the 12GB SDD PS3 Diet Slim for $199 to the North American market Sony?!?

  • @19 the current ones are $250 with no extra stuff included….this one has REALLY good stuff in it for 20 more dollars…and you are making it seem like its A LOT of money…….stop being so cheap! in the end…you get what you pay for.

  • This would be a nice replacement for my launch day 60gb PS3, it’s already failing on me, but I don’t need the bundle and could really use a price slash.

  • @10, yes, I agree. You don’t see much enthusiasm in her presentation.

    I wasn’t expecting an HDMI cable, and yes, there are still some people who still uses Standard Def.

    But at the price the High Speed HDMIs are, I think it’s time Sony starts including them as a bundle.

    Regardless, it looks somewhat fancy, but doesn’t it cost more having this automatic slider for discount rather than the previous model? I think the first generation slime where much more practical than this model.

    If I buy one of theses, it would be a model of 16Gb internal memory, that way, when I add an HDD, I will have that 16Gb plus my HDD.

    Nice bundle, but I told my friend to buy a slim with 160Gb with Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 for 200$ at Wallmart, it was a special 1 week sale.

  • No it’s not none of my gamestops got a shipment in and amazon is temporaily out of stock somehow. Tried to preorder one last friday and gamestop didn’t even have the uncharted bundle in their system can someone please explain this, my 60gig died in june and i’ve waiting to get this model since I heard about it and the day it’s supposed to launch gamestop doesn’t have it???

  • @22, in the end people look at the price tag. Biggest single selling 360 SKU last Christmas when 360 almost doubled PS3’s sales was the $199 4GB model. Why? Because it’s cheap. MS offers value options and cheap options, Sony doesn’t. That is why Sony fails.

  • The system comes with standard def A/V cables? Sigh. Really, Sony? Really? Please get with the times. I know that not everybody has a HDTV, but I would be willing to bet that most PS3 users do. If you don’t want to include an HDMI cable (like Nintendo is doing with the Wii U), then at the very least put composite cables in there.

  • “Voucher worth over $30 towards Dust 514 bonus digital content”
    So the first post about the Super Slim made it seem like Dust 514 came with it, so now you are telling us it doesn’t?
    I am confused since if I Google the game, it is not able to be purchased anywhere yet…so how can it DLC?

  • I do gotta say though, SONY needs to start listening to fans… there have been a few good points in this thread already… but here’s a SIMPLE one I still don’t get and want to point out again….. fans have been asking for different colored PS3’s and PS2’s since well.. the ps2 days ;) Makes no sense to release them in japan and not here. It’s like you guys don’t like making money… really.. common sense things that you seem to pass on for some strange reasons…. I still remember a “special” B E A U T I F U L red PS3 that they sold or gave away in Canada a few years ago for some special event or something…. If you guys would release a red ps3 like that for ALL… you’d have so many more sales….

    Seems like color is something so trivial… but color is nice and something people DO pay attention to… remember the ipod and the different colors??? ;) Makes it attractive to customers… think about it SONY, maybe for the PS4…. ??? ….and not just for Japan please, unless you only care to do smart business + giving the fans what they want in Japan that is……….. ;)

  • $260 probably would have been a better price. Psychologically the end user is going to think -10 dollars more than I’d like, but I can take it for the extras-, I typically find 20 dollars more a little hard to swallow.

    This is also the ugliest PlayStation ever… yes ever. Did I mention ever?

    As a person who purchased the Collectors Edition of Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception I have to say you’re riding the added cost benefit a little high on that one. U3 was not as good as U2, the game is over a year old, the upside is that it is the game of the year edition so it does take the sting out of the extra cost (yay for DLC included), The Plus Voucher is nice, but if their busy playing U3 they aren’t going to have a lot of time to fool around with Plus and really get why the feature is so great. I suggest bumping that up to 3 months as it honestly takes that long to really understand the benefits of the plus program.

    Dust …. meh. A title like Journey better.

    Speaking of HD Collections, why not an HD/SAGA COLLECTION PS3 BUNDLE?

  • @26
    PS3 Global sales = 66.4 Million
    360 Global Sales = 68.3 Million
    I fail to see your logic.
    PS2 Global Sales 153.7 Million
    DS Global Sales 152.6 Million
    Wii Global Sales 96.8 Million.

  • @25 yea the 360 is cheap but in the end..who’s got the better games….again…you get what you pay for….and besides PS3 sales numbers aren’t even that far behind…many make it seem like it is but they really are not…that was like 2-3 years ago and people seem to be stuck with 2-3 year old numbers all the time.

  • In Europe, they have a 12Gb model.
    Sony, should release a similar model over here.
    Like, for this holiday.

  • @31 thank you….i wish everyone can see those numbers so they can stop living in the past.

  • @26: You are absolutely correct. When the majority of people buying consoles during the holidays are parents and grandparents who don’t know about the specs and don’t know good games from bad. All they care about is the price. They will see 3 options:
    1. Xbox 360 @ $199
    2. PS3 @ $279
    3. brand new Wii U @ $299

    Given those 3 options, parents and grandparents will either go for the cheap system or spend an extra $20 and get the brand new console (not to mention that they will most likely know the Nintendo brand better than PlayStation or Xbox). In order to compete, Sony should release a bare-bones SKU with a 160GB HDD and a 30 day PS+ membership for $199. That way, when parents and grandparents are asking for the difference between the 2 cheaper consoles, they can be told that the PS3 has a greater memory space and a free 1-month subscription to a vastly better paid service.

  • update the store already, i want ONE PIECE NOW!!

    btw anyone like me received a PSN msg with a free 7day ps+ trial?

  • @djnealb

    you are totally right, price matter.

  • Did people not notes that you can not change the HDD out like you can on the other PS3….

  • Where’s Christina Lee???

  • I thought Abby reyes was doing the presentation, I know one thing alot of pretty women with nice hair work and beautiful smiles work for sony. Maybe i need to my self together and apply for a sony job, get all pretty& my hair like that..Lord knows i need it lol.. but enought of my jokes. Welcome to the sony family maya Butler

    I agree with #29.. we need more color ways of the console . Color does sale. Hopefully they get a few limted editions ones by the holidays. Since this was presented by a Pr.. please write this down , we would like limted edtion color ways of the console. Thanks :)

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • Stupid Gamespot not knowing their stuff…

  • I’m in Canada and we never got the new ps3 slim design system. Can’t even order it online. Eb games does not even know when it’s coming?

  • @bluemaple33

    actually i hope it never come to canada.

  • @11 they are planning a redesign of the psn store as well? Its about time. :P

  • @mcbuttz78

    …seriously…. who are you…

  • I really hope they don’t take the other models off the market, because I really hate the new Disk Drive on the new PS3 models being 1980’s technology. Not only that, if you keep your PS3 in a shelf, then sliding open the top and getting disk in/out will be an unpleasant activity.

  • Every time I look at it, it seems to get uglier and uglier. Who gave the ok on the disc tray? Really bad decisions and still no hdmi bundled with it? HDMI’s are super cheap, Sony won’t be breaking the bank. I get that it’s a cost effective plan but, at least try to make it as appealing as possible. Even the original playstation looks nicer than this…would have preferred the flip top disc tray than this method where it looks like it can break or even jam at some point.

    My fatty has been getting noisy, at this point i’ll just open it up and start cleaning it as it’s aesthetically pleasing and sturdy.

  • WOW you people realyyy need to do some quick Searching. you can buy a HDMI Cable at amazon for only a Dollar and 60 Cents. got me 10 of them for backup. they work and are just as crisp looking as the over priced ones. 4 and a half stars. i highly dout 6,485 customer reviews would be wrong. let the Haterade Bashing Begin. :)

  • Where can I actually buy it?? Gamestop, bestbuy, amazon don’t have it and said they have never received any shipments in

  • Ribbed for…. ah forget it. I’m just a little grumpy my 160GB drive failed.

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