Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Out on PSN Today

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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Out on PSN Today

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Have you heard about Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit? If not, you are truly missing out on a totally amazing, incredibly ridiculous, and completely hilarious adventure. I am not making that up. You legit need this game in your life.

Hell Yeah! puts you in control of Ash, a devil rabbit and the prince of Hell. As so many celebrities are these days, Ash is the victim of a vicious smear campaign as somebody posts scandalous bath-time images of him up on the ‘Hell-ternet’. This is a really good way to piss off the prince of Hell. Ash gets so pissed off, in fact, that he wants to make sure that everyone who saw the photos dies. It’s a totally reasonable, logical response, right? This is where you help Ash achieve his goal to destroy all of the monsters of Hell who have seen him in all his naked and embarrassing glory. And that turns out to be a whole lot of fun.

Although you start the game with nothing, Ash very quickly starts accruing some awesome gadgetry to help with the monster destruction. It all starts with the painful looking “Jet-pack Driller”, which does exactly what it sounds like. It jets you around the levels. It drills. And more importantly, it kills.

There are lots of weapons available in the game, and lots of ways you can customize Ash and his weaponry. If you think sawing monsters into pieces sounds like fun, imagine doing it while also shooting them full of holes. Yeah… that’s the stuff.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead RabbitHell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

One monster in particular caught my eye very early. You might say that it was love at first sight, which is a pretty odd thing to say about a smiling pile of poo with a bloody chainsaw on its head. But I’m a pretty odd person, so there you go. This monster had a high degree of sheer ridiculousness, and I knew that it would make an amazing hat for people to wear at shows like PAX. So we made chainsaw poo monster hats. And they are glorious.

Anyway. Lots of people, including artists, writers, and philosophers have depicted their version of Hell throughout history. But I’m guessing that none of them included a casino, or were set in space. But in Hell Yeah! You’ll play through all of these areas and more. I can feel you doubting me, so here we go with another trailer just to prove it.

Hell Yeah! will be out on PSN in North America later today for $14.99, and we’ll also have 17 avatars for sale for $.49 each, so you can deck yours out in total Hell Yeah! style.

PS Plus members in North America also get some special goodies, just for being so awesome. You’ll get 20% off the game until October 9th, along with an exclusive dynamic theme and four free PS Plus exclusive avatars. Fancy!

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  • I wasn’t originally that interested in this game. But i learned yesterday that it would get a nice discount for Plus members, so i’ll pick it up for $12. It definetly looks unique though.

    Can’t wait for the store update. I’ll be getting One Piece and Tokyo Jungle, along with this game.

  • This looks amazing! PSN can’t update soon enough.

  • why the Low Ratings ? this looks Hella Kooool. i will be looking forward to the demo today aswell as most likely making a purchase on the weekend. i luv games like this and shank. call me hardcore

  • @3 what low ratings? I didn’t know the game had been reviewed yet.

  • Ryumoau , im refering to the Post Stats, and YESSS there is Reviews out there for this already.

  • Looks like sonic meets alien hominid.

  • @5 oh sorry. :P

    @6 never played alien hominid, but i love Sonic as you can tell by my avatar.

  • My kind a game……but I wanna spend mah 20 bucks on MGS Peace Walker. Q_Q

  • @8 Peace Walker is overpriced at $20. Can’t believe Konami choose that price point when the other 2 proper MGS games were only $14.99.

  • @9 Yes I admit I was quite surprised when they priced it that way. BUT…..I want me some Metal Gear so…..I’m-a wait to buy the HD collection this weekend.

  • this game actually looks interesting.

  • looks like my cup of tea, but sega please lets get the old sega into for games back

  • @9
    it is pretty pricey but Peace Walker is indeed a proper sequel to MGS series

  • I got to see this game at E3 but ran out of time before I could give it a go. I mentioned it http://www.avault.com/features/guided-tour-e3-2012/ on the last page. It was in a small alcove almost hidden away. It did look like fun and I look forward to getting it in the morning after work.

  • wish it was free..looks pretty cool

  • The gameplay reminds me of Mega Man X. I like that a lot.

  • I really like the humor and puzzle-y nature of some of the fights.

    Does the game support local co-op?

    Will there be a VIta version, and will it be free for owners of this PS3 version? This game (and The Cave) are much more up the alley of typical Vita owners than Monkey Ball.

    I’m sad the game has great 2D art, but it’s 1080p native :( Please make any future 2D games with 1080p native assets and rendering!

    PS: I loved Super Monkey Ball DX on Xbox1; I’d love to see an “HD” version of that on PSN!

    PPS: If you release more Dreamcast/Xbox “classics”, please make cross-buy Vita versions with cloud saves! We’re all *still* waiting for Panzer Dragoon Trilogy. Panzer Dragoon Orta and the other Smilebit games were some of my favs on Xbox1.

  • Colorfull Chaos! lol

  • Totally getting this. It looks fun and ridiculous, two words that belong together when describing a game like this. With a PS+ discount and a free dynamic theme as well? Win. :D

  • Just a heads up but your video features X-BOX 360 buttons!!!

  • Sony, please release the Arkedo Series in North America, make it happen. I still want them. Pixel needs a good dpad, its so hard to control on 360.

  • I got this game instead of Tokyo Jungle. It’s fun, love the art and craziness of it all. But every so often during auto-saves it hard locks my PS3 up, only game I’ve ever had that happen in.

  • “Sony, please release the Arkedo Series in North America, make it happen. I still want them.”

    Or Arkedo, please consider converting them to Android for the PlayStation Mobile market. (Of course, PS3 would need to be a PS Mobile-certified device for this to pay off fully, but it might be a cool arena to test with those smaller game concepts and Vita would love to have them.)

    Either way, hell yeah for Hell Yeah coming out finally!

  • Wrath of dead rabbit deserved higher rating than lower rating

  • Sega, Arkedo, I wanna like this game, I really do, but despite three or four complete redownloads of the game, it still “skips” (primarily in the music) or outright freezes on PS3.

    Please, please patch this thing.

    The second-to-last freeze-up I’ve encountered was when fighting Horribilis. Despite that aggravating turn-around the sub does when hit, I killed him, but died immediately after him due to the bullet hell. Froze up. The latest was when I nigh immediately left the Club (“Left, platformers, do you speak it?!”), and it locked as soon as I spawned in some floating loot.

    And when booting up the game to check the aforementioned’s name, it actually stuttered on the “Arkedo” screen. I don’t mind the long load times, partly because I respect the loading screens’ occasional acknowledgment of ’em, but this jittery performance really discredits the smooth art assets and decent music (Happy Cute aural abominations aside).

  • Also, buy the Shotgun as soon as you can, perhaps only after health upgrades. It’ll carry you through most of what the game throws at you, at least through the credits.

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