Datura’s Hidden Meaning, Free Soundtrack Hits PSN Today

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Datura’s Hidden Meaning, Free Soundtrack Hits PSN Today


It’s been a while since we launched Datura exclusively on PSN, and lately I’ve been wondering if anyone had deciphered the true meaning of the game. In many interviews with the press, I’ve said that Datura is open for interpretation and that it depicts visions of what happens after you die.

This was true, but I never spoke about the deeper layer of interpretation that connects the scenes. Every madness has its explanation, and Datura is no exception. Reading through the reviews I found that many people got lost in the forest and the fog that surrounds it. Overwhelmed by the decisions and their consequences, it became difficult to recognize the small details that we scattered throughout the storyline. On the surface, Datura can seem random but there is a connection that ties it all together.

For every game there’s always a small group of players that demands a challenge. Most often it’s represented with an increased difficulty curve, thus it’s attached directly to the gameplay. But sometimes the challenge concerns the content, and that’s why I decided to look at fan interpretations of Datura. I wanted to know if anyone had picked up on the clues. First, I found a very professionally-made technical analysis of Datura, which you can watch it below.

The author had discovered a hidden function that enables head tracking using a second PlayStation Move, and this certainly provides a glimpse of the future that you can try in your home. But, the biggest pearl come out second, as one player actually did spot those small details that I so carefully hid. His interpretation is deep and he has come close to completely analyzing the deeper meaning behind Datura. The interpretation contains spoilers, so if you are up to try and solve this challenge, don’t follow this link.

Now that I’ve shared that, I’m also writing this post for another reason — we have a little surprise for everyone! Since a lot of people have enjoyed Datura’s soundtrack, we have decided to put it on PSN for everyone to download… for free! I hope that you will like this varied mixture of 18 audio tracks.

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  • You should work out a deal with Sony so you could make the game free at least for PlayStation plus members so you could put it in two more hands!! no pun intended

  • Very nice, thanks!

    I have been meaning to show Datura to my technology ethics professor. I should do it this semester now that I have the PS move again.

  • Not sure why I passed on this game when it first came out.. I was looking forward to it but I just never bought it because it seemed so out there and I couldn’t make sense of the story / if the story was something that could even be solved… but anyway, the link you posted makes me want to play + figure out the game (I didn’t read the link, but I’m still so tempted!). But I would rather find out “the method to the madness” on my own by playing the game though.

    And by the way, props to the “iWaggle” guy on youtube, he always does excellent, E X C E L L E N T move analysis for EVERY move game that comes out… check out his resistance 3, socom 4, killzone 3 etc. videos and see for yourselves…. the guy has a smart attention to detail and should be hired by SONY, to say the LEAST…….. IF they want to make sure their move games are the best they can be that is…

    And of course, props to plastic games to making something different + beautiful. Definitely want to try this on my brother’s 3DTV also. And thanks for the soundtrack!!!

  • Thank you so much for the free soundtrack. I bought this game when released and enjoyed it. I didn’t look for the hidden meaning – I’ll probably watch the link then replay it.

    I really enjoy game soundtracks so I appreciate you giving it out to the community! I think I’ll finally go download Linger in Shadows as a thanks! I almost picked it up after playing Datura but never got around to it.

  • Oops.. I meant Plastic Studios… :) Thanks again for reminding me of this game… Looking forward to finally experiencing it and seeing if I can make some sense of it. I love games with some meaning behind them, especially concerning big topics like the one in this game.. (after-life, etc..). I will read the link after I beat the game, twice :P ..so I will make sure I have my own clear theory about it before I read another and possibly ruin discovering it on my own.

    Check out this vid to get a little more info about the game.. and just like Journey, I agree that you should really try to play this game in one sitting.. and experience it as one whole~


  • YEAH!!!!! iWaggle3D the BEST!!! :)

  • Hands down the best move reviews on the net.sony should hire iwaggle

  • Wouldn’t hurt if us Plus subscribers got the game for free… *wink, wink* =D

  • Make that pig in a datura avi& we got a deal. I think more folks should pick thigem up its great for halloween . Kinda odd but a great game

  • @4 probably because it got terrible to mediocre reviews. It has a 57% on metacritic. Judging from the video above, it looks kinda boring.

  • @10

    Open your mind and stop being a sheep..

  • Waggle props!

  • @11 lol yes i should instead blindly buy games regardless of the scores it receives. Being ‘open minded’ sure makes you smart. :/

  • I bought this when it came out. I really enjoyed what I played of it. Need to finish it.

  • I think this is pretty cool. The music was one of the best parts about the game.

  • @13
    Don’t criticize a game based off of a trailer, try it for yourself instead of having reviewers make up your mind.

  • I bought Datura when it debuted. It was really odd. Beautifully rendered, but odd. It was obviously about dying, maybe the “your life flashing” images. It was something so different & creative that I’m not sorry I bought it. That part @ the end–no spoilers–where you get that picture? Really creepy, disturbing & something so different from everything I play.

    I had to use the dual shock because the Move was just not making it for me.

  • Well this is good news considering they really messed up the dualshock controls. Is that going to be patched? the game is kinda hard to play with PS Move and the dualshock 3 doesn’t even work well with it! Grrrr!!

  • This game sure was cool, but the controls were my only complaint just like @18.

  • I loved Datura and it’s unique look. The main reason I haven’t gotten further is that it’s a little too creepy to play before bed time!

    Thanks for releasing the soundtrack for free! Are there WAV files for download so I can listen to them lossless? I really wished the soundtrack for Linger in Shadows had been higher quality than the MP3s. (At least the Shatter soundtrack was 320kb/sec AAC.)

    I’m really looking forward to your next “experience”. I hope you’re considering a PS3/Vita crossover game!

  • Best ps move game to date , maybe some dlc? That vr looks awsome maybe one day when I have the cash ill buy the head mou ted display

  • Decent ‘game’. I enjoyed it.

  • Yep, favorite game so far this year! I would have gladly spent dozens upon dozens of hours in Datura’s world exploring, examining, and solving things had the game-length allowed me. I haven’t felt this sense of awe and wonderment since I played Cryo’s “Beyond Atlantis” series.
    I love games that break out of the norm and give me something unique, new, and different to play. Games that have deeper meanings and delve into morality, spiritual concepts, human emotion, psychology and anything that gets my mind up and thinking about myself, the world we live in, and the others in it. There are lots of fun games out there, but very few actually concentrate on these diverse subjects. There is only so much shooting and slashing I can take. All other mediums of entertainment consistently ponder these subjects, and I think if video games are to be taken seriously we need a lot more of these types of games made. That being said, I am happy to see a steady increase of these types of games being made for the downloadable market.
    Thank you, Plastic Studios, for the excellent game and now this beautiful soundtrack. And, FREE, at that! I can’t wait to see what you guys bring out next. I’ll be listening and waiting impatiently for it! :D

  • Couldn’t agree more with #24… it’s why Ico, Flow, Flower, Journey, Heavy Rain, Portal, Beyond: Two Souls, and even my favorite game series Metal Gear Solid, get so much attention, on top of being great… they stand out for a reason…… Yes MGS has guns, but it’s more about the story + nature of people + societies / cultures, etc… it gives you something to THINK about, something to REALLY care about. I too am bored of all the same shooters and games that have no substance or point of view in the end.. Which is why I will buy Datura despite the not so perfect reviews, same reason I bought Papo + Yo.

    Keep making games like these please!!! ( FOR ADULTS!!! )

  • I agree as well #25 … I love all those titles, (Beyond looks great) and I’d like to add add a few more to list: Braid, Limbo, Catherine, Shadow of the Colossus, L.A. Noire, and I’m sure there are others, but thats all I can think of at the moment. I wholeheartedly agree,

    Keep making games for adults!

    P.S. I’ve never played the MGS series though. I suppose I’ll have to go nab that collection soon. :)

  • thas why psn plus is the best…………

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