Datura’s Hidden Meaning, Free Soundtrack Hits PSN Today

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Datura’s Hidden Meaning, Free Soundtrack Hits PSN Today


It’s been a while since we launched Datura exclusively on PSN, and lately I’ve been wondering if anyone had deciphered the true meaning of the game. In many interviews with the press, I’ve said that Datura is open for interpretation and that it depicts visions of what happens after you die.

This was true, but I never spoke about the deeper layer of interpretation that connects the scenes. Every madness has its explanation, and Datura is no exception. Reading through the reviews I found that many people got lost in the forest and the fog that surrounds it. Overwhelmed by the decisions and their consequences, it became difficult to recognize the small details that we scattered throughout the storyline. On the surface, Datura can seem random but there is a connection that ties it all together.

For every game there’s always a small group of players that demands a challenge. Most often it’s represented with an increased difficulty curve, thus it’s attached directly to the gameplay. But sometimes the challenge concerns the content, and that’s why I decided to look at fan interpretations of Datura. I wanted to know if anyone had picked up on the clues. First, I found a very professionally-made technical analysis of Datura, which you can watch it below.

The author had discovered a hidden function that enables head tracking using a second PlayStation Move, and this certainly provides a glimpse of the future that you can try in your home. But, the biggest pearl come out second, as one player actually did spot those small details that I so carefully hid. His interpretation is deep and he has come close to completely analyzing the deeper meaning behind Datura. The interpretation contains spoilers, so if you are up to try and solve this challenge, don’t follow this link.

Now that I’ve shared that, I’m also writing this post for another reason — we have a little surprise for everyone! Since a lot of people have enjoyed Datura’s soundtrack, we have decided to put it on PSN for everyone to download… for free! I hope that you will like this varied mixture of 18 audio tracks.

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