The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Explores the Detective’s Dark Side

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Explores the Detective’s Dark Side

Hey, PS.Blog! This is Wael from Frogwares, and I get to tell you about our latest game, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.

We’ve been developing Sherlock Holmes games for over a decade, and the recent reinventions of Sherlock Holmes in the new movies and BBC series have put a new spin on the character and the world he lives in. With The Testament of Sherlock Holmes we wanted to take it even further and present a dark side of the character that people haven’t seen before. We wanted to do something new, exploring the consequences of being the kind of person Holmes is, and take the player along for the twisted ride.

Solving mysteries is what the game is all about. As the player gathers clues and information, they unlock new avenues to explore in the game. What starts as a murder investigation for Holmes, becomes an investigation into Holmes himself, and a suggestion that, perhaps… Sherlock isn’t the hero we think we know. Players will witness some dark stuff not normally associated with the character.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

This is our second console version of Holmes. For Testament, we wanted to reach a wider audience on PS3. We spent over three years developing the game and overhauling the graphics engine to take advantage of the PS3 hardware. Players will travel across Victorian London, from the pristine landmarks to the dark and gritty underbelly of the city, and be immersed in the mystery they are trying to solve. We went all-out to create the most believable and detailed version of London at that period that has ever been shown in a video game. Really, we’re hoping that the players lose themselves in the setting.

In this game, we want players to become the detective. It’s up to them to deduce the meaning of the clues they discover, and we don’t spell everything out plainly or hold your hand. You’ll face everything from chemical analysis and interrogations to brain-twisting puzzles before it’s case-closed for this chapter. Each piece of the mystery is there for the player to discover as this dark chapter in Sherlock’s career unravels.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is published will be available at retail tomorrow, September 25th, for $39.99. Pick it up, and learn the truth about the world’s most famous detective. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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  • How much will it cost? And is it a retail release, or digital only? :)

  • i second that; will this be on psn?

  • You may consider this game purchased, good sirs!!! —12

  • ooo this actually sounds good, reminds me of the old pc point and click adventure games I used to love (and still do) playing (like Gabriel knight) but with better graphics.

    However I have a few questions this part of teh article says:

    “It’s up to them to deduce the meaning of the clues they discover, and we don’t spell everything out plainly or hold your hand. You’ll face everything from chemical analysis and interrogations to brain-twisting puzzles before it’s case-closed for this chapter.”

    does that mean we’ll be given no clues or hints as to what to do with the clues/evidence or puzzles we find in the game and will be forced to either be smart enough to figure it out on our own or just be stuck (until someone makes a guide? I personally LOVE the sound of that (being quite intelligent myself I would love that kind of challenge) but it sounds like that kinda difficulty might turn the less hardcore off and hurt sales and I don’t think thats a risk you guys are trying to take. So is there really no hand holding at all or what?

  • I also notice “case closed for this chapter” is the game episodic? (i,e by the time we reach the end the mystery still wont be completely solved and we’ll have to play the next chapters that come out to have all our questions answered?)

    Lastly what price are we looking at?

  • The worlds greatest detective finally yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, looks interesting. I can’t believe I never heard of it until the day before release! Definitely going to try it! =O

  • You should consider a Vita port.

  • @6 I think L would give Holmes a run for his money heh

  • This blog post was definitely short on details, so after doing my own bit of research, it looks like this is a full retail title (i.e., not an episodic Tall-Tale-style point-and-click adventure game). I found it on Amazon with a full retail price of $39.99. Not sure if it will be available on the PSN though.

  • Been following this game since I heard about it a few months ago… I have to say I am intrigued, but the budget pricing $50 and lack of marketing has me concerned about the overall quality. An open world Sherlock Holmes title could be a truly amazing experience, but I still have my reservations… I will wait for a trustworthy review, and decide whether I will pay full price or not… I will end up buying it though.

  • This looks interesting but i wouldn’t pay a dime over $14.99 for it.

  • I agree with Ryu.. Id pay 20 bucks for it.. but anything more than that and it would have to be one hell of a game heh

  • To the first poster-the price and availability is in the last sentences of the post.

  • Seriously, looking at all the pricing comments and questions, am I the only one who read to the end of the article?

  • Guys it’s 39.99 on Steam so It’s gonna be 39.99 or more for PS3 no matter what

    If it’s on disk it’s probably 59 lol just saying.

  • @johnnyp70:

    LOL yup. I didn’t read to the bottom either lmao. Oh well whatever xD

  • Sad how dumb all of you are.

  • This may very well be the game I’ve been looking for on PS3! May have to pick it up tomorrow…

  • Justin McElroy brought me here… ;)

  • I might have to check this out, looks neat.

  • @16: the information about pricing and availability weren’t there originally. They must’ve been added, hastily given the poor grammar. since my other post here.

  • @23 i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed the bad grammer in the first sentence of the last paragraph. lol

  • hey? any word of a demo of this awsome game?
    need to know ok!
    also any ps+ discounts 4 this game? need to know!
    also will there a game coming for the vita? need to know ok thanks!
    i seen the movies, is this like the movies?
    also any word on dlc for this game?
    need to know all of the above! ok thanks again!

  • why complain about price! this game is very awsome!
    that price is very awsome $39.99 very great!
    $59.99 very bad! cant get it at that price!
    i love this price on this game!
    also any word on a game like this coming for the vita?
    need to know ok thanks!
    also WAEL great job on the game! cant wait really ecxited!
    you made my day and year on a really awsome game that almost like movie!
    you made vvery happy! thanks and keep up the great job!
    you and the guys at FROGWARES did a really great job!
    im your best fan! thanks and keep me informed on any thing about more of this game and its DLC content ok!
    thanks keep up the great job!

  • @johnnyp70 @BrianMcGuinness That information was not originally in the article, nor the trailer. It was added later.

  • Totally reasonable price, hence a day one purchase. Picked it up yesterday at Fry’s Electronics. Was super happy to see an adventure game with not only a Platinum trophy, but a *ton* of other trophies as well.

    I’m digging it so far, but there is a certain lack of polish that is visually bothersome:
    1) All the aliasing artifacts make it look like sub-720p rendering, and are quite distracting.
    2) The lip sync is not great, but that’s forgivable.
    3) The framerate is pretty poor, even in fairly still shots with just two people talking.
    4) Despite being a retail release on bluray, the audio quality isn’t what I would expect.

    I sincerely hope that Atlus does right by its loyal customers and releases a patch that a) turns on some kind of AA (which is basically free on PS3), b) optimizes the framerate, and/or c) increases the native rendering resolution. I don’t expect lip sync animations and audio assets to be updated in a patch, but at lease the rendering can be optimized.

    PS: Another vote for a Vita version of this game and 3D Dot Game Heroes!

  • Already pre-ordered it a few weeks ago! I’m picking it up tomorrow. Can’t wait! I love games like this. Thank you Frogwares! :)

  • Please tell me the name of the song in the trailer! Got goosebumps… 8-|

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