The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Swings to PSN Tomorrow

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The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Swings to PSN Tomorrow

We’ll be launching four Amazing Spider-Man DLC packs on PlayStation Network tomorrow, starting with the Stan Lee Adventure and Rhino Challenge, as well as two new packs – The Lizard Rampage and Oscorp Search & Destroy. In deciding what new content would interest fans of the game, we realized the only thing that could compare to playing as the webhead himself was to let players step into the shoes of other notable characters: The Lizard, Rhino, and my personal favorite, Stan Lee. Plus, you can also fight crime within cool retro-arcade inspired mini-games through Spider-Man’s in-game smartphone. Here’s what you can expect from each of the DLC packs coming your way.

The Amazing Spider Man on PS3

In The Lizard Rampage Pack, you’ll play as The Lizard on a quest to stop Oscorp from releasing a cross-species virus blast into the city. With your devastating attacks and speed, you can create chaos throughout the city on a massive scale, using your powerful tail swipes to rip through Oscorp guards or claw strikes to knock down the toxic towers placed around the city. The more you destroy, the more bonus points you’ll earn! But that’s not all: In addition to playing as The Lizard, you will also gain access to the Vigilante Spider-Man suit. This is the outfit Spidey wore to fight crime before he created the awesome suite he wears today. If you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man movie, it should look familiar…

The Amazing Spider Man on PS3The Amazing Spider Man on PS3

Developed in a classic arcade style, the two mini games of the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack allow you to both fight and investigate crime all over Manhattan. With the help of your smartphone, you can control Oscorp’s giant mechanical snake and guide it through the streets, destroying everything in your way and taking over Manhattan. The other minigame allows you to take control of the Hunter Robot, reprogrammed by the ever beautiful and intelligent Gwen, to defend the citizens of New York City against the never-ending waves of mechanical and cross-species enemies.

The Amazing Spider Man on PS3

The Rhino Challenge Pack lets you destroy everything in your path without bias. You’ll take control of the mighty Rhino and unleash his destructive powers in a race against time. The speed, the force, the combos, and the sheer strength of Rhino will allow you to trample cars, buses, and anything else that gets in your way, causing panic in the streets of Manhattan. Be sure to check out your times and scores against your friends via the online leaderboards. How do you measure up?

The Amazing Spider Man on PS3

The Stan Lee Adventure Pack is definitely the one DLC pack you can’t miss. For the first time, players will be able to control Stan Lee, but with all the powers and abilities of Spider-Man as he sets out to collect the pages of his latest script that have gone loose through the city. Listen to the godfather of Marvel Comics, the creator of Spidey himself, in his own voice dish out hilarious puns and one-liners as you swing through the streets of Manhattan and fight crime. Also, a very special surprise will be waiting for you at the end of the challenge…it’s the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man and nobody knows how to party like Stan “The Man” Lee. Excelsior!

The Amazing Spider-Man game, as well as the DLC packs, will be available for download September 25th on the PlayStation Store. Each DLC pack ranges from $3 to $4, but you can also bundle the packs together for 10 bucks if you’re into deals — and frankly, who isn’t?

We are truly excited to bring this content to PS3, and we hope you have has much fun playing each pack as we did developing them.

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