Soul Sacrifice Takes Tokyo Game Show

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Soul Sacrifice Takes Tokyo Game Show

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Hi everyone. I’m excited that those of you who are attending Tokyo Game Show will finally be able to have some hands-on experience with Soul Sacrifice! Once you play the game, I’m sure that you’ll have a better sense of the world I’ve been wanting to create. You’ll be able to face the dilemmas, tough decisions, and the agony of choice that I’ve been wanting to portray in a game. I believe the TGS demo does a great job of conveying this new concept.

In the trailers and interviews released so far, we’ve shown the game’s dark world setting and shared some of the story elements revealed in the single player mode. We’ve also shared a few of the back stories from both the monsters and sorcerers that you’ll encounter during gameplay. During TGS, I’m looking forward to showing you what the multiplayer mode can offer.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

“Truly cooperate with allies” — I’ve explained the concept behind the multiplayer mode in the past, but I’m sure you’ll gain a full understanding after playing through this TGS demo. You will experience trusting in your friends, being double-crossed or double crossing, and you will realize the difference between sacrificing strangers and your most precious friends even if you don’t want to.

You will be able to team up and slow down the enemy’s attack, allowing your friends to come in and assist with the defeat, or you could be relying on their assistance to heal you in the midst of battle. These choices may even lead you into being forced to sacrifice your own life, or hoping that a friend would do the same for you.

I ask that you pay close attention on how your emotions change after each decision you make, and how you feel once defeating a monster with the help of your friends. From these experiences, you will see the concept of “reality-blended fantasy” that I wanted to create.

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  • Most anticipated Vita title of 2013

  • Can’t wait for this title to come out

  • This game has a giant chicken with a human face. You do not need to tell me any more.

    This may not be the Vita game that we want, but it is the Vita game that we need.

    Chicken. Human face.


  • This looks like Monster Hunter can’t wait. Soul Sacrifice and Killzone 2013 pls.

  • Soul Sacrifice feels like an MMORPG for the Vita~ I hope this game goes big in the West. Thanks again, Inafune-san!

  • Megaman is Legend. This is a Must have. This is just epic. Megaman Maverick Hunter X-2 and 3 should have been done. PSOne Classics need the Megaman X’s. You are awesome. And ohh forgot you are AWESOME, wait did I forget AwEsOmE!
    Those are Facts now 2 questions
    Does the japanese delay mean a NA delay also?
    Do you have any control over any of the Megaman games, like X oranything?

  • This is my most anticipated Vita title since the Vita launch back in Feb. It looks the most interesting too. Can’t wait to get it! Also, I don’t know what anyone else thinks but to me the game looks like a dark souls and a monster hunter combined. In a good way.

  • Pretty much sold to me, as long as the single player portion is worth out time.

  • I was sold right after I saw the FIRST trailer. My vita needs this game ! but please take your time. Make this game a masterpiece Inafune-san!

  • cant wait for this game!!! any new info on warriors lair?

  • Is this game something like Monster Hunter? I guess I’ll find out if the TGS demo is coming to the PSN.

  • We got this and Phantasy Star Online 2 to look forward too =D

  • I must have it


  • Is this an RPG?

  • I will buy this on principal.

  • I want another game like “Ever Grace” from the PS2. That game was creepy, and it made you feel isolated so you would be careful when you attacked and where you went. Am I the only onw that remembers Ever Grace?

    Bring Ever Grace to PS2 Classics!

  • OMG What is that thing?!?! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  • I wish this didn’t get delayed cause it looks absolutely sick!

    Will Souls Sacrifice have full online co-op or just co-op through ad-hoc?

  • The creature design in this game makes me giddy!

  • Nice. Make this a solid and complete title out of the box (no DLC/retailer unlock bull) and you get my monies day one.

  • Looking forward to your next masterpiece 稲船敬二, please don’t disappoint us <3. Ragnarok Odyssey should hold me till this comes out :)

  • can’t wait for this amazing game :)

  • These guys are doing what Capcom couldn’t, and that is bringing “Monster Hunter” to the Vita. Personally, I feel I’ll like this even more since it has a more mature feel to it. It seems as if there’s weight behind the decisions you make in combat. Which I really like.

    Can’t wait to give this game a shot. :D

  • Because we will never get monster hunter for the ps3, atleast give us this.

  • @spideyal go to and read the article from Capcom I don’t think we are ever getting a Monster Hunter for the Vita. I think it’s because of this game for some reason. Soul Sacifice may very well be the game to take this system to the top.

  • Limited Edition please. :D

  • OMG this is getting better and better. Can’t wait to play it. Also, can you please put TGS demo on PSN =). Vita is so cool. We already have Gravity Daze and now this. Yahooooo……

  • Sadly,there is a chance my mom won’t buy me this game…

  • Monster Hunter is overrated. I’ll take this game over it any day.

  • Needed and must have title of 2013, can’t wait for it!

  • Awesome. A limited edition would be nice, but just getting a game this cool is enough for me.

  • I have not looked more forward to a game in a very long time. Can’t wait to get this.

  • we should totally get a demo :)

  • looking pretty good

  • This game is going to be freaking awesome! A lot of great action adventure/rpg content was shown off at TGS. Soul Sacrifice, Y’s Celceta, PSO2, GOD Eater 2. Man… I can’t wait. Bring it on!

  • There is a lot of cool stuff on Vita, but I’ve been feeling like I’m waiting for ‘that one’ game that really grabs me, being a huge fan of the souls’ games ie. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, I had to assume that this was like those, after careful research I discovered that it’s not, but someone from Atlus is working on it correct?, so there is hope that it will be reminiscent of those games.

    Nonetheless this excites me. Looking forward to it.

  • my only purpose to buying this game is to support Inafune. I want him to know that there are fans that still support what he does.

  • quero muito este jogo.

  • I love the story concept behind this game. At first glance I thought it was just an interesting title but then I read all the articles about the game and realized in this game you’ll literally be sacrificing your soul based on your choices. Then I thought I can relate. We sacrifice our soul everyday based on the choices we make in life. They may not be the same as in this game but similar nevertheless. I will definitely be picking up this game.

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