PlayStation Blogcast 043: Pomeranian All-Stars

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PlayStation Blogcast 043: Pomeranian All-Stars

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PlayStation Blogcast regulars Nick, Sid, and Rey have all flown the coop, and wouldn’t you know it — they left me with a heaping pile of New Releases to tell you all about. Fortunately, I was able to draft in new recruits in the form of community assassin Kristine Steimer and behind-the-scenes Blogman Justin Massongill. After we share the heaping helping of upcoming PSN titles (there are a *lot*), Sony Santa Monica’s Seth Killian drops by to dish details on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s single-player modes and super-secret easter eggs.

As per usual, we’ll share listener tips for hotel travelers and Borderlands 2 players, and answer queries focused on PlayStation Plus on PS Vita. Download, play, and meet the new team – while they last.

Stuff We Talked About

  • Child’s Play
  • Faery: Legends of Avalon
  • PULSE wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition
  • Seth
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Jeff RubensteinOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Kristine SteimerOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Justin Massongill

    The Cast

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    11 Author Replies

    • Girl fight! haha

    • Finally! Kristine Steimer! Loved her on the IGN podcasts. Please keep her a regular. No offense to the boys… you guys are great too;).

    • Nice show Jeff

    • Listening now, I’m super pumped for All-Stars.

    • Yes I’m getting the new PlayStation is Tuesday need the extra hard drive space for all the PlayStation plus stuff and I like the way it looks.
      by the way do you know how to move all my data from one PlayStation hard drive to another if possible

    • @snakeeyes211 there’s a data transfer utility option, you plug both your PS3’s together via Ethernet cord and transfer all the data from one to the other.

    • You forgot Family Guy: back to the Multiverse.

    • @ jgrizzle358
      Thanks bro :-)

    • Any way we could get the PSOne Classic Diablo for sale on the PSN? I’d love to play that on my vita.

    • Great podcast guys!

      One little snafu, I don’t believe that Final Fantasy I and II are available on the US PSN. Could you guys get that put up? I would love to be able to have Final Fantasy 1-9 to play on my Vita.

    • nice show guys and girl :) 1 quick question, does every query and tip that got on the show get goodies? or just some? anyway cant wait for too many good stuff for ps3 and vita. Long Live Play.

    • ahaha nvm i just got that question answered

    • @Justin

      I was referring to the PlayStation Portable versions that were the remakes for the 20th anniversary. They’re available in the EU as PSP downloads, but not in the US.

    • Hey Seth, Jeff, let’s see Jennifer Tate from PS2 classic Primal in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, yes? ;)

    • As far as I know, One Piece Pirate Warriors is a digital only release here. Jeff raised my hopes when he said that it was a retail release last week. After a bit of research, no One Piece in retail here… Unless you guys know something we don’t. :p
      I would like to add on to the PS3 internet tip for connections that require a login via browser. That also works for your Vita using the same steps (Connect to the network, open web browser app, log on to service). Helps when you want to watch Netflix or game online for a bit between classes on campus. :)

      • Yeah, I saw some mixed messages as part of a Namco Bandai press release that went out last week, so I mentioned the possibility.

    • New Jeff Rubenstein sounds different and suspiciously cylon-like.

    • Good job by all. You should keep Kristine (and Justin) as part of the blogcast. Maybe have a rotation? It’s just nice to have a female voice to break up the boys club.

      • We’re working on a new setup that will allow us to get more mics set up, and so we can have her on more often. I agree she did great.

    • Thank you Kristine for adding a female voice to the PlayStation blog. My Fiancee certainly enjoyed hearing a fellow gamer girl on the blogcast, and we both think you did a fantastic job. We both hope you become a regular host, it certainly would get my fiancee to listen weekly! :-D

    • What? A female on the blog cast, finally? I’ll listen @ work today.

    • great, funny show this week! thank you!

      what will be the PS+ bonuses next week with all of these new PSN releases? i might have missed it from the show, but any info would be great!

      Keep it Farm Fresh!!!!

    • @20 Starhawk SP campaign will be PS+.

    • @21, THAT’S IT? I was hoping for a tokyo jungle discount. no discounts announced.

      Please correct me if I’m incorrect.

    • @22 That is all I am aware of. Who knows, there could be more. I think you can find PS+ blog entries on here that may detail more.

    • Here’s a good question!

      (It’s a joke) =P


      What do you think will happen first, Sid playing Journey or Nick shaving his beard?

      Hehe. =P

      • Nick shaved his beard a few months ago, so I think that might not happen again for awhile. Smart money is on Sid finishing Journey by end of 2012.

    • Here’s a question Jeff. Is One Piece Pirate Warriors going to be $39.99 or $49.99 on PSN?

    • Very strong episode! Kristine has to comeback… can’t believe she said that she ruined the episode unless by ruined she mean’t improved! Wish I sent in the question about the instant trophies instead of asking it here! :P

      The P
      The 3 and
      The V
      are Free

    • Free Regional………….there goes my flow

    • Talk about Black ops 2 in your next blogcast.

    • really wish you guys woulda taken at least a few minutes to give us an update on the 4.25 update issues (i.e a sudden HUGE decrease in download speeds on PSN, unable to play games online, ect.) because I have been trying for literally over a week now to download a few things, and it’s getting ridiculous. it would be nice to have an official response from a Sony rep whom I respect and trust and not just an automated response from the bots at tech support.

    • Mirror’s Edge on PS Store Tuesday…true?

    • Are you kidding me? I was in Vegas Sept 19 – 22, I brought my Vita and could not figure out how to connect to the PSN thru the hotels wi-fi. aaaaaaaaaahhhh if only I listened to this before i came home hahaha great tip!

    • Thanks to ps plus in the eu I managed to save a load of money by downloading boarder lands what an awful game so boring glad it was free.

    • Will Sony invest in Vita as PS3 controller, since the survey indicated that almost all owners of VITA has a PS3?
      It seems a good way to face competition, since it actually receives the proper support.

    • Hey folks, great podcast! You know what the Vita REALLY NEEDS in the next update? Icon placement memorization for the memory cards. Right now if you swap cards out, the content installed will just plop down at the bottom of the screen regardless of the order you place them in.

      Think about it! Especially with all the cool Cross Buy content coming, Ps1 Classics, PSN games, PS Plus, yadda yadda, folks might be looking to pick up another memory card. There has to be a way for the Memory Card to Memorize the placement of your Icons when you swap cards.

      Also, you MUST bring Y’s Celceta out of Japan. I am sure it will happen, but I just wanted to drop that note.

    • Looks like a big week, will we be getting Resident Evil 6 and NBA 2k13 digital? If so can we get an opportunity to preorder them with bonuses or day one bundled bonuses same as other retailers.

      Thank You

    • I have the Starhawk on disc and pretty much platinum the game. But if I were to download the Single Campaign or the Multiplayer Campaign. Will there be new trophies to get or will the trophies be the same and my trophy count won’t increase.

    • You guys should have Morgan on the Blogcast, he’s zen-awesome! =D

    • Whoever is chewing with their mouth open during the first interview please do not ever do that again. It’s disgusting.

    • We need a return of Kristine! I like the different appearances of people every now and then like how the Rooster Teeth Podcast does, keeps it interesting!

    • Are we every going to see the resident evil games( 1-3) and the tony hawk games on psn for vita? That’s all I got, cool show by the way.

    • Just checked this one out because I saw that Faery was mentioned. Great choice for the gem of the week and I definitely agree that it is a great game.

      I also agree that Lunar is great and one of the best RPG series around.

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