PlayStation Home Update: The Casino Adds Free Texas Hold ‘Em, Free Bacon Companion

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PlayStation Home Update: The Casino Adds Free Texas Hold ‘Em, Free Bacon Companion

This Wednesday, September 19th, PlayStation Home gets a Casino update, x7 gets some early-access companions from Lockwood, the Gift Machine has a free bacon companion to share, Granzella releases the Secluded Retreat personal space and more!

Here’s this week’s list of updates and new goodies:

1. Digital Leisure – Poker Update

Never ceasing to keep polishing their glitzy games, The Casino Management wishes to share a message with the community:

New Casino Game Alert!

Everyone loves free stuff, and everyone loves poker, so we combined the two!

Free Texas Hold ‘em Poker is now available to play in The Casino. Be sure you put your best poker face on because you only get one play a day. For players who have already made the table their home, check out the all-new Vegas Entertainer Global Tier reward — now available!


– The Management

Free PokerVegas Entertainer

2. Lockwood – Update (and free gift-able bacon companion!)

Give Sir Francis Bacon the Companion for free from the Gift Machine. You asked for it, now spread the joy of bacon through PlayStation Home!


It’s your last chance to save on tons of great items in the Lockwood End of Season Sale, with 50% off many items, and great savings on many more.

Also from Lockwood, popular classics like the Skinny Jeans and Skate Trainers are now available in value packs, variations of the plimsolls and sandals are added to the Gift Machine and the Mercia Teleporter is available free from the store! If that wasn’t enough, you can also get early access to the American Wildlife Companions from x7!

3. Granzella – Glittering Sands Update, New Secluded Retreat Personal Space & New Summer Clothes


Welcome to the Glittering Sands Beach, a new lounge from Granzella, Inc. Get out of those hot clothes, and head to the beach in a swimsuit! In order to enjoy the best moments of summer, this new lounge, with a spacious beach and beautiful ocean, is now available. Everywhere you look, there’s swimming in the crystal clear ocean, leisurely sunbathing on the beach, and people in sexy swimwear posing for cameras.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom that summer brings!

Next to the new Glittering Sands Beach lounge a private beach personal space has arrived! Introducing the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat.


The Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat has a great scenic view. From the spacious sandy beaches and blue sea, to the cottages lined up on the ocean, it’s all yours! It’s fully loaded with features like changing the time of day. Enjoy having the island all to yourself, invite lots of friends over, or spend a quiet, romantic time with someone special.

The beach is all yours, you won’t be disturbed by anyone, enjoy your time!

The surprisingly cute Frilly Bikini and the Sun Visor, perfect for a sunny day on a sandy beach, are now available! The Frilly Bikini is available for women in three colors, pink, blue, and green. The Sun Visor is available for both men and women in four colors, black, white, red, and blue. Additionally, to accommodate for a variety of hairstyles, the set includes both a normal size and large size.

Jump into summer wearing this cute, bold bikini and sporty visor!


Introducing the long-awaited summer clothing for Granzella’s School Uniform series! Feel the spirit of summer youth in a pure white School Shirt and Vest or cool short sleeved Sailor-style Summer School Uniform. The best type of cool and elegant summer clothing is available in three color variations. For women, six types of bottoms provide a variety of sock length choices.

Also, the School Bag has arrived, a must-have for students. Available in four variations: the ordinary School Bag, Punk Student’s School Bag, School Bag on Left Shoulder, and School Bag on Back. Wearing a school uniform, you can enjoy a youthful summer!

When the sun goes down and students, forgetting the time, continue to play, the city patrol does its rounds. In downtown at night, two thoughts intersect…


4. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 58h volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases items from x7 exclusive companions (a wolf!) to skinny jeans in assorted shades to European-inspired track tops to a very masculine patrol uniform. Check out the video below for all the details.

5. nDreams – Update + F.U.B.A.R. Teaser

It’s been a busy few weeks at the nDreams store. Blueprint: Home was released at the beginning of August and has given you the chance to create your own apartment for the very first time. Then there was the Street Moves collection that introduced some fantastic stylized full body outfits with their own unique dance moves. So what’s next for nDreams? As well as an Aurora update in the near future they have also announced another new project, F.U.B.A.R (Fight Until Blood And Ruin).

There aren’t many details out there surrounding F.U.B.A.R. but rest assured more details and first game play footage will be coming up in the next couple of weeks.

6. Konami – Adidas Clothing

Konami releases new items from Adidas today. Check out the latest Adidas has to offer in the Threads store in the Mall.


7. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a Sony BRAVIA 55″ Class LED 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV with 1 set of Sony battery-operated 3D Glasses for Sony 3D Flat-Panel HDTVs and $1,000.00 cash prize!


Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

See you in Home!

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18 Author Replies

  • Heres hoping next week keeps up with this week and the past two. That’ll REALLY render September epic. (and my birthday’s in 7 days, too!) Anyway, whats the price tag for the Secluded Retreat?

    • I think it’s safe to say that this month will hold onto a very brilliant series of weekly content (and platform) updates. There’s no price set yet on the Secluded Retreat, but I’ll check tomorrow and reply if I have new information.

    • UPDATE:
      The Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat is going to be $6.99.

  • Needs me to start playing me sum poker “want them rewards”… and the purchases this week I’m looking forward to is the Granzella Beach space and furniture.
    Which I totally dig on how you can lay & sit in different ways in them :)

  • Pretty good update this week. Hoping this continues next week as well. Any news about Aurora 1.6 or any other teaser release dates? There is just so much stuff coming to Home in the next few months that I can’t wait for it all!

    • There is a ton of content rolling out… it’s hard to keep up (even for me!). As for Aurora, I can’t share anything quite yet…

  • I’m surprised Granzella’s releasing in NA quickly, I just wish they weren’t so expensive. Too bad I’ve really stopped using Home since the only way to have fun now is to spend money.

    • They wished for a series of large tidal waves of content to come out, so out they are coming! As for the rest, sure there’s lots of ways to spend money in Home customizing your look, or purchasing a new pad, but there’s still tons of free games to play, rewards to earn and more, not to mention the new free-to-play or freemium games out now and coming out in the near future.

  • hey cade the update look good this week i hoping to be getting the new space the clothing look awesome will see u in playstation home cade

  • Can you tell us how much in earnings you need for the new casino reward or is this a new overall tier? I’m curious as I spend a lot of time in the casino 8)

  • Hello GlassWalls, good update we’re getting more official Adidas content for home. It’s about time we’ve not heard anything for months I thought they left home. Can you share any in-sight on Home Tycoon, I know there was a blog post last week about it but all we know is “coming soon” coming soon in some people’s terms could mean November or the last home update before the season/Christmas break period. So any hints? Thank you, much appreciated for the work you put in to home as well as the development teams. – Steve.

    • Nope, Adidas got to get more Home action, so if you appreciate it, thank Konami. Their partnership with Adidas made this possible.

      As for Home Tycoon, it’s in QA, so we’re hoping to release it as soon as it’s good to go! I believe it’ll be out much sooner than November. My answer is “near-near future.” Does that help?

  • So much good stuff this week. :)

  • Awesome!! Finally the beach can’t wait for it! :D Also the wolf companion looks pretty cool xD. How much for the school uniforms?

    • The Granzella school uniforms are looking like they’ll sell individually for approximately $0.99 each with some of the school bags bundled for approximately $1.99.

      BONUS SURPRISE! One thing that missed the original blog post is that the Mahjong Apartment will be coming this week too! Head to the Estates store to pick up this long-requested personal space.

  • I am so Happy we are getting the Glittering Sandy Beach, after Seaside left , there was a hole that needed to be filled and This is IT . I so love the Lounge chairs, which i have been complaining about for a year or so, I just cant deal with Lounge chairs or beds that have us sitting at the edge or the side , theres no point to them , if we cant LAY DOWN .
    Love the Adidas, they are doing a good job with this package.
    As i said before, we need to UP the number of furniture items , to 150 or even 200 items per space,.
    1 Active Loot tv takes 25 slots, in my case i use active beds, which takes another 22 slots, i dont want to imagine what the Loot Radio/Jukebox will take, but if it takes another 25 slots , then it will be 72 slots already in use , and im sure noone can fill a whole personal space with 28 items .

    • We’re always listening to the requests… if the platform developers can squeeze more furniture slots into reality, I’m sure they will. I’m concerned it’s a limitation of memory at this point, but I’m no developer. The flexible use of memory slots that they introduced which now allows more maximized use of the memory is a nice feature that does help most.

  • Hey Cade. Are the Granzella glasses, pictured in the advertisement and update, for sale with the Japanese police and school uniforms?

  • mmmmmm bacon

  • Glad we’re fiiiiinally getting the Granzella beach spaces in NA. How much will the personal space cost?

    Thanks Digital Leisure and Lockwood, we like free games and free stuff! My friends are sooo getting bacon on Wednesday morning! And pink ADIDAS? :O Yes please!

  • 3. Granzella – Glittering Sands Update, New Secluded Retreat Personal Space & New Summer Clothes
    Is that (like) Irem Beach?…. If so I will definitely buy. Lacks Gold Frilly Bikini….

    5. nDreams – Update + F.U.B.A.R. Teaser
    FUBAR looks Uber!…. Wait…. No one uses Uber anymore…. FUBAR looks totally wizard!…. Curse you RC for bringing it back….

    And as usual VeeMee’s NML & Total Recall still suck for force changing my head items.

  • i dont really play home but texas hold em sounds like i sound come back with a vengance

  • vengeance

  • wheres warriors lair???

  • FINALLY! The Glittering sands beach is finally coming! Looks like this is turning out to be an awesome update this week! I’m so excited I can’t contain myself! :)

  • Good thing Glittering Sands apt is being released this week, cause next week is going to be a big one for the PS store.

    It was also a wise decision to release those Granella clothes (though they are not my style), but you really should release the active Granzella beach chair furniture items this week as well, cause they won’t be as much of a big seller next week as they would this one.

    Also nice job on finally making a wolf pet, it’s only over a year late!

  • after the home forums downgrade i stopped using home because there was nothing really to do over the summer except buy tattoos. but now it looks like i might be getting back into it.

  • I wish I knew how to use ps home. I always have to redownload stuff and its sooo hard to navigate. Are there directions on how to use it. I am being serious.

  • Still waiting for trophies and that cool HALL of Fame trophy room being integrated into HOME. Until then…Not even bothering to make space on my HDD for HOME. My .02

  • Sweeet a wolf companion. I can’t wait for Intellivision games to come to PS Home, I wonder when that will be avalible.

    • I went to Stan Lee’s Comikaze this past weekend to meet with Intellivision and got to play Shark! Shark! and a little bit of Astrosmash. Both are really fun, look great and I think will be a hit, but they’re still in development. I’ll keep you posted as we learn more and get closer to a launch date.

  • I have a quick question is the Mercia Teleporter free for everyone without x7 or only x7 can get the Mercia teleporter?

  • Wow awesome thanks for the info Cade and I like Mahjong the game can wait to see the place ^.^

  • PLÂÝSTÂTÎØÑ HØMÊ freezing n unfreezing i think PLÂÝSTÂTÎØÑ HØMÊ needs to be closed down until problem gets fixed please shut down PLÂÝSTÂTÎØÑ HØMÊ n fix PLÂÝSTÂTÎØÑ HØMÊ b4 servers crash

  • @ jacob , it should be in the Lockwood store . it isn’t exclusive to x7

  • I thought the Intellivision games were supposed to hit the 19th. That’s what earlier blog posts said.

  • Cade Peterson, could you please find out when Operation: Defend Edo Battle 2 will be released?

  • i dont even care about playstation home u get notthing out of it so whats the point of playing it in the first place?!

  • “Already” ready for more? Defend Edo hasn’t updated it’s rewards or the game since APRIL. But even if it was less then 6 months, we would still be ready for more. We also need the shrine maiden outfits and the samurai ghost partner updates to Defend Edo in addition to the 2 other reward waves.

    We want big or at least substanial Granzella content released here weekly, and I’m sure the weekly sale figures of Sept 5th and the upcoming 19th means you should too! And FYI: Adding a lousy photobooth as the only update like last week dosen’t count in the slightest.

    PS Please reconsider adding all this to the update this week also cause the apt will be kind of lame without it.

    • Actually, Edo was updated last week with new stuff for the citizens of Mononoke to do! Have you checked out Everyone’s Picture?

    • Rather, let me clarify—the content releases from Granzella in recent weeks has been equivalent to a tidal wave of content. It’s almost too much to keep up with! They’re showing the love, so hopefully you can enjoy it all. I don’t know what their plans are with the Defend Edo game, but they’re creative folks who love to please.

  • I’m pretty happy with Home right now. They killed Hub spawning and they did something for guys that dance on ya. Those were big items on my “MUST BE DONE” list. I like how they can’t dance on ya. But they can still stick their face in your crotch still. When they squat down, they aren’t forced to face away from you.

    Anyways, Home took care of the big two items on my list of what I want. Now its just frosting on top of the cake.

    Add to that a 50% Lockwood sale.

    It’s been a good week in Home.


  • I keep asking this everytime, i see a big update.. and i was just wondering if you could get the license and the agreements to get Misfits (The band) to bring a t-shirt on here, EU has it.. Can we perhaps get it?

  • @cade i also have a question about the intellivision games, will the games have rewards?

  • is there any way to gift yourself an item in the gift machine because none of my friends use home and i really want the bacon companion.

  • bily request me HOUSTON__TX_G you can use mine
    i would like to tattoo to weapon on hand items, hat to hair on head items merge them
    also text tatts self designed tattoos

  • has the home back online yet?

  • Cant seem to find the PUBLIC Lounge ( Glistening Sandy Beach ). Its not under New and Recommended .I was under the Impression it was going to be out Today, what happened ? where is it ?

  • lightnihg_fear, you should really do your homework before you come on here spouting off at people claiming we’re all on cheap & nasty dialup connection or using bargain bin internet services. Mines holding up at 16 megs a second and perferms quite well on everything but PSN with the majority of problems being on home. Ergo its not my problems are not of my own doing but the blame lies squarely with home and how its being operated, which is poorly. Thats why I rarely touch it and long since spending on it. If home was made useable to a much greater extent and was a fun diversion I and many others would come back and start using it. As it stands it for now is a large infomercial designed to keep people spending with little thought to functionality.

  • @firefly_serenity, just noticed your comment. Hard to believe they finally eliminated the forced spawns at hub. A positive if very very small step in the right direction. Perhaps someone on the PSN team finally realized a handful of people freezing home could effectively shut the whole thing down by crashing people out of the hub as they arrived.

  • the free mercia teleporter from lockwood wasnt on the store

  • on mercia fractured relms i beat the beetle queen once and cant get back in plz help


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