Hand of Fate: New DC Universe Online DLC Adds Heroic and Villainous Episodes

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Hand of Fate: New DC Universe Online DLC Adds Heroic and Villainous Episodes

DC Universe Online DLC: Hand of Fate

Tomorrow, DC Universe Online‘s latest DLC pack, Hand of Fate, will go live. Hand of Fate is our fifth DLC pack, and it will be unlike anything we’ve offered to date. We’re incredibly excited for you to check it out.

We have designed this DLC to get you and your friends fighting again in DCUO’s open world. We want you back out there, battling in the DC Universe’s most storied locations – Gotham City and Metropolis. With the massive open world areas in the game, we felt it was time that we enriched these areas in unexpected ways to give you a deeper gameplay experience as you encounter the world and other players.

The content is high-fidelity, but serial in nature – our high-end players will definitely enjoy this. We have new group missions we call Operations, as well as more than 60 unique side missions. Additionally, we have added the Utility Belt Attachments feature. This is a fun upgrade that will give you more flexibility in combat by allowing you to use more than just a single trinket or consumable item in your loadout, and will also give you more freedom to use some of those fun toys you’ve had stashed away in your inventory. The producer’s letter I posted when we announced the DLC pack goes into detail about Operations, Side Missions, and the Utility Belt.

What I didn’t dive into in my letter is some of the DLC’s back story. Hand of Fate focuses on two of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe, Doctor Fate and Felix Faust. The storylines that weave through the DLC are classic tales of magic and mystery, and as we all know, when there is magic involved, anything can happen. In this particular case, at the bidding of Doctor Fate (heroes) or Felix Faust (villains), you will undertake three new Heroic and three new Villainous episodes. Each episode will start in the inner sanctum of these legendary characters, where the story begins with an intense encounter against the episode’s adversaries. After you defeat them, Doctor Fate or Felix Faust will instruct you on the next step of your mission, which will take place in the open world.

DC Universe Online DLC: Hand of Fate

For the first time in DCUO, Heroes and Villains will have unique content, with three new missions for each group. If you’re a hero, you’ll align with Doctor Fate, and help the Lords of Order protect innocent souls from the forces of darkness. In the Operation “A Black Dawn” – Tala, the mistress of Hell, uses her demonic powers to unleash an apocalyptic army upon Gotham City and Metropolis. It’s up to you and seven of your heroic allies to stop her. In “With a Vengeance” – Eclipso’s rage flows through the streets of Metropolis, and only those brave enough to stand against him will save the city from his wrath. This is also an 8-Man Operation. In the 4-player Operation “Wayward Souls” – Felix Faust is raising spirits and stealing souls to bargain for more power; but he foolishly stored them inside the behemoth Solomon Grundy and created an even bigger threat to Gotham City.

If you’re of the Villainous persuasion, you’ll join forces with Felix Faust and reap the rewards of his contracts. In “Unpaid Dues” – Faust has drawn the ire of the League of Assassins for defiling the Lazarus waters in Kahndaq. Now Ra’s al Ghul himself seeks revenge for this offense. This is an 8-man Operation. Another 8-man mission, “Seeds of Rot” – sees Faust attempting to create a sapling from the Tree of Rot. But Swamp Thing, defender of the Green, tries to oppose him before the tree’s influence falls into Faust’s hands. Finally, “Soulful Alchemy” is a 4-man Operation that starts with Faust making a bargain that has gone awry, now he must pay a debt — or the ultimate price. Countless lives hang in the balance as Faust tries to sacrifice innocent souls to save his own.

In addition, there will be 60 Side Missions – 30 for each side – for players to uncover while they tackle the six new episodes in the DLC. These missions will drop as rewards, and will be added to the mission journal when used. These missions will take players all over Metropolis and Gotham City as they attempt to accomplish the goals set before them. Players will feel the power of their characters as they return to some of their early adventures in the city streets – only now the old foes before them wither under their might. But new dangers have arisen, and they should not be taken lightly.

As you can see, there is tons of new content in Hand of Fate that will keep you entertained for hours, so dive in and check it out. See you in game!

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  • @1
    lol what?

    Anyway, i’ve still yet to start DCU. I’ve already downloaded it and always download the patches when they arrive on my auto download for PS Plus. I guess i’m kinda intimidated by starting it so late. Everyone around me will be so powerful. I’ll try it soon though just to see how it is.

  • who cares? put Wild Arms 5 on the PSN.

  • You’d be surprised how many people love playing DC Online on the PS3. I personally don’t play it (I’m not a big MMO guy) but I at least recognize it’s importance of the first real MMO on a console with controls mapped to a controller….

  • @2 Its not that bad of a game really. A lot of people are leveled up pretty high but unless you engage them in a battle, you really dont notice. I played it a couple times before but really you can’t appreciate it without an HD tv in my opinion because all the small print is hard to read. I am unfortunately a person who doesnt have one so thats why i dont really play it anymore but it is a fun game and you should give it a go sometime.

  • as a person who knew of the game well before its luanch.. I can personally say its lived up to its title for being a universe made for fan or the genre. this is the second game on the ps3 that i played faithfully and put alot of time and effort into. the first being Metal gear online ^_^ R.I.P. But the story line is amazing for it being such a massive game and the first major mmo of this size on ps3/console besides final fantasy. i would say it meet and went above my expectations. every dlc that the add just helps to flesh out more of the back story of the game that was left unanswered from the main campaign if you called even call something like this a campaign and not to mention adding more features and fixes making it an overall beter experience. but in all im happy with the continued support and i can say the negativity from the first comments is not needed especially if you’ve never given it a try. i’m sad that i’ve missed the last two dlcs though. only because college and my ps3 got ylod R.I.P 80gb MGS4 model


  • Anyone else old enough to see this and think “Hand of Fate, the classic adventure game, is coming to the PSN?”

  • Never player that game before, but new DLC content is always good for me :D

  • Yo Larry, first of all, I can’t wait for this DLC to be available for us Premium Members, I already bought a $20 PSN card to get this DLC =D. Second of all, WHEN ARE WE GETTING A MEMBERSHIP SALE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    PC players get sales all the time, including discounts on the memberships. I would totally buy a 6 month or 1 year membership if I saw it discounted. I mean come on! Most of the DC Players are on PS3, so how come we get the short end of the stick?

    Hope you reply at least something.

  • sorry not buying anymore DLC until the level cap is increased.

  • I’m confused, where is Torgo in all of this?

  • @11 you’re kidding right? once you get to level 30 you are not done progressing…

    @10 agreed but i’m not getting this until i get some T4 gear, i don’t wanna be that guy in the alert or raid

  • @11 Uhhh there really is no ‘cap’ the style of the game just changes drastically.
    From lvl 1-30 its all about “Levels”, once your Level 30 it changes its focus to Combat Rating (CR) which means A TON, if you want to do all the raids, alerts, duos etc.

    I put my money on a CR 70 vs someone who just reached LVL 30 a week ago. He will get his butt kicked so hard.

  • I’ve been waiting for a new DLC for DCUO to get me back into the game. I used to play it everyday for 6 months straight til i got bored this new DLC will definately help freshen things up. And to the people saying who cares? I care people who love the game care if your just gonna be ignorant then i suggest you go play xbox we dont need your kind here. and @11 there will never be a removal of the lvl cap because from lvl 1-30 is basically training mode once you hit lvl 30 thats were the fun really begins.

  • @chronos5: I’m happy to hear you’re looking forward to Hand of Fate. There’s a simple reason we have more sales on the PC Marketplace than on the PSN Store – we control the PC store, whereas we have to coordinate sales on the PS3 with SCEA/SCEE. We block out roughly three months of lead time when we do have promotional sales. That is something that I plan to change, but it will take some time.

  • @Ryumoau: Since you already have it installed, I would just start playing – PVE (Player Versus Environment). The content up to the level cap (Level 30) can play like a single player action game. You can choose to play with others, but there’s not even light pressure until you reach level 30. That will give you a chance to get to know how to play the game, and get a feel for the Universe. You can play PVE entirely, or ease into PVP when you’re comfortable. The other PVP option – Legends PVP – allows you to play as one of the iconic characters in the DC Universe. We have a large roster of Legends, with the two included in Hand of Fate, we’re up to 23. Most are earned through in-game achievement (5 are sold in the Marketplace, 18 can be unlocked by earning in-game achievements – Marks of Legend/Marks of Lore).

  • @ChaseHammerJ: You may already know this, but after Level 30 the true gauge of character power shifts to CR (Combat Rating). When you first hit level 30 you’ll most likely have a CR of 30 or 31. There are players now that have ratings around 90.

  • I wished White Knight Chronicles II where to receive free DLC like this. Sony,D3P and level-5 don’t get along to release it. perhaps i should get back in DCU for a bit because this DLC.

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