PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

A great couple of weeks lie ahead of us, and the highlight over the next few days is likely to be Tokyo Game Show. Fred from the EU PlayStation Blog is winging his way to Japan as we speak, so look for TGS-related posts to start popping up here on the Blog midweek.

For those of us that won’t be in Tokyo this week, look forward to Tokyo Jungle. This most unusual game is coming to PSN next week, and is pulling some rave reviews (find them below). And this week brings us Borderlands 2. Reviews should start rolling in tomorrow, and I expect them to be very, very high.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 10th, 2012)

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  • Boderlands 2 Vita please.

  • Just release the digital LBP Vita on Tuesday, 156 posts complaining about it is rather significant.

  • Hey Jeff thanks for answering my question about LBP vita on twitter. Anyways i think i will go get the physical copy.

  • Make goddamn game chat for the next update of the ps3! I beg of youuuu!!

  • I 2nd the Borderlands suggestion.

  • Let’s see if we get some information for the last Guardian because if not it’s ridiculous already just cancel the game and stop teasing us.

  • Now that I got my rant out of me I would love to hear some information about the God of war Assention beta. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the last of us hopefully a release date :-)

  • Wud like to get ACIII on Day 1 like Bordelands!

  • Oh I forgot to mention that I would love to hear more information about the game Taraway I think that’s the name of it?

  • Hoping that TGS brings some PS Vita news… a MGS and Monster Hunter would be nice ;)

  • Please please please

    Put sonic heroes on USA playstation store pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    On the next playstation store update pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • Good job finding a good review of DD Neon. That must have been hard to find. Every review I read said the game was atrocious. I played it for 10 minutes and deleted it.

  • Some real conflicting information there from John Koller over the possibility of Ports on Vita. You’re discouraging developers from porting which reduces Cross Buy and Cross Play for PS3/PSV…. why? Was this just to remedy the current situation? I’m pretty sure developers are a little mixed over this too and speaking as an Indie/Industry programmer.

    Don’t get me wrong I want to see new and fresh titles designed specifically for Vita, but I also want to see ports, lots of them, with Cross Buy and Cross Play. I want my Vita to be the machine I’m playing when I’m out and about or just simply sitting out on the deck enjoying the cool fall weather when it gets here.

  • Sony, if you want the PlayStation Vita you have to do what you should do and what consumers want from PlayStation Vita.

    Ability to play out PlayStation 3/4 games on our PlayStation Vita whenever, wherever, with no need of an internet connection for either console, without having to have the disc on the PS3/4, without the PS3/4 having to be on and without having to purchase the game twice.

    Exclusive PSVita games that can only be played on the PSVita and use features that only the PSVita has.

    Digital copies of our Blu-ray/DVD movies.

    Video game console and tablet hybrid with a dedicated app store.

    Improved multitasking, example: using our browser no matter what we are doing, wether multiple things at once or multiple apps running in the background.

    3G for Latin America. (Claro, Movistar for example).

    New PSVita model with L3 and R3.

    Smaller and larger PSVita models.

  • I always wondered what the PS3 remake of FFVII would look like. Now I know.

  • @14 If they kept making just ports then what would be the reason to own a PS Vita? They need to make unique games that can only happen on the PS Vita like Tearaway.

  • Ports are just as important as unique properties. But it needs to be balance. I think they are doing a good job. But could be better all around. I whole heartedly believe all psn games should be playable on both systems and I hope that happens soon. I would love to see a gta 2 and 3, and vice port compilation. Totally psyched for dokuro. These psn games lately have been incredible. I’m hoping this trend with indie game developers continues. Loved sound shapes and tearaway (I know it isn’t indie but it has that feel ) it looks amazing.

  • The only issue is getting 3rd parties to invest in new IPs and new versions of titles on the PS Vita. Sony themselves have found a good balance between ports and new titles exclusive to PS Vita.

    Although, they better stop right now with porting PS Vita games to PS3 like Hot Shots Golf. Sony is so stupid sometimes. That’s asking for people not to buy a PS Vita. May as well just spend 40 million on an ad campaign to tell people not to buy the PS Vita. smh

    Anyhoo, I want ports and new games. Luckily we’re getting Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, CoD (even though it looks awful and is by an iffy developer, and looks no better visually and sounds no better than their last FPS on the same platform), and we’re getting a new Super Monkey Ball too.

    I think if it’s an indie developer, let the port some games. If that’s what it takes to get otherwise uninterested developers in on it, go for it. Big name publishers should do both. Sports games have to happen. That’s inevitable, and likely accepted by Sony.

  • i agree but why is there not an NHL port

  • Wouldnt mind nba 2k13 to be on psn store

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