Intellivision Comes to PlayStation Home With Updated Classics

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Intellivision Comes to PlayStation Home With Updated Classics

Intellivision Productions, Inc. is excited to announce three of its classic games are coming to PlayStation Home. Astrosmash, Shark! Shark! and Night Stalker, which thrilled players in the early 1980s, have been upgraded while staying true to the spirit of the games’ classic looks and game play. We think of them as “enhanced yet completely faithful conversions,” but we call them Intellivision Gen2.

When the Intellivision console was introduced in 1980, it drew attention with its 16-bit graphics. Of course, it takes more than great graphics to make great games, and Intellivision fans quickly discovered the fun of iconic games such as Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, Night Stalker and many others.

Until now, the games released by Intellivision Productions and its publishing partners have primarily been exact, faithful reproductions – usually deliberate emulations – of the original titles. While this great for players who want to relive their childhoods, we’ve wanted to try updating the games a bit; putting in some features we would have liked to put in back then.

Sony has given us that chance. The PlayStation Home team, many of whom grew up playing Intellivision, wanted to bring the Intellivision game library to Home, but with the freedom to try out some new ideas. We kept the basic look of the games recognizable to tickle the memories of our lifelong fans: still a bit blocky, but with a retro-pixel-inspired look. The goals and play of the games immediately feel like the originals, but with added levels, features and challenges. We worked to capture the best of Intellivision, then pushed that best further.

Intellivision in PlayStation Home: Astro SmashIntellivision in PlayStation Home: Astro Smash

In Astrosmash, you blasted meteors falling to the planet’s surface while avoiding UFOs in a fast-paced, heart-pounding game. In Astrosmash Gen2, you are still blowing up those meteors, but now the game features more types of UFOs, more pronounced difficulty level progressions, and base weapon power-ups. If Astrosmash was your game, you’ll quickly get back into the intense rhythms of this game of survival!

Intellivision in PlayStation Home: Shark SharkIntellivision in PlayStation Home: Shark Shark

In Shark! Shark!, you were a little fish that grew larger as you ate other fish. And even the smallest fish could take on the deadly shark. Well, in Shark! Shark! Gen2 you are still a fish eating other fish, you still try to take down the shark, but your food and foes both swim in a wide variety of dizzying new patterns. And, if you are fortunate enough to win the mermaid’s heart, you power through bonus rounds as well!

Intellivision in PlayStation Home: Night Stalker

In Night Stalker, you raced through an underground labyrinth of bat and spider-filled tunnels, avoiding and blasting robots of ever-increasing intelligence. Well, get running and find your gun; Night Stalker Gen2 is still filled with bats and spiders, but now it has a greater variety of killer robots, each more challenging to confront, along with a variety of maze structures to sweat through!

Intellivision is delighted to bring you these enhanced titles. Of course, Intellivision is not abandoning our classic games; we will always make the exact originals available on a variety of platforms. But we are excited about this opportunity Sony has given us to let new generations discover the fun of Intellivision – simple games that can be learned in minutes but provide a lifetime of challenge. Intellivision Gen2 games will be available this fall — stay tuned!

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  • Are the games likely to be released on actual PSN?

  • my parents had intellivision so i find this to be a good idea as long as there is rewards too, night stalker looks like fun

  • not really into old games but i’m sure some people will enjoy this. :P

  • I can’t wait to play these, but why not release them as PSP Minis as well? These classic games would be perfect on my Vita!

  • I like the original Shark! Shark! graphics better. I played all three games quite a bit.

  • When will this be available? I grew up on Intellivision games (even reviewed the Intellivision Lives! for DS early last year ) I’d like to see how the new vision blends with the old game play.

  • Wow, great news !

    I actually had an Intellivision (ok ……so I’m an old f*rt !)

  • Lol, this will be the stealth “old gamer” thread. ;-) Anyone remember playing Tron Deadly Discs, Bump N’ Jump or BurgerTime on their Intellivision? :-D

  • Ah the classics!!! Hopefully there will be some awesome rewards to win as well??

  • Whither “Lock ‘n’ Chase”?

  • @7 MisterC20XX

    I remember Tron Deadly Discs.

  • You gotta love classics. How much will this cost on release? Will we be getting an Intellivision console or an Arcade Machines for these games? Either way, I will be looking forward to it.

  • So excited for this!! I love Intellivision and used to play it all the time! Nightstalker was easily one of my favorite games back then! I remember going to Toys R Us and my dad buying it for me and then playing it for hours and hours.

  • Whats up with all these Home updates?

    Its not that I hate these updates but I always thought that home was a niche thing. There seems to be alot of stuff releasing for it lately.

    I only use it during E3, but I didn’t really see the appeal in it.

  • Wow, speaking as a really old guy, this is awesome news for me, given how much I loved my Intellivision when I was little. Night Stalker, Lock n Chase, Atlantis, Microsurgeon, Swords & Serpents, Space Hawk, Star Strike, all incredibly fond memories of mine. Oh wow, and that’s without even getting into Tron Deadly Discs and the AD&D games. Nostalgia overload. I know licensed games are unlikely to make an appearance but I’ll definitely check out what is there :)

  • Put these as arcade cabniets for personal use as well as public. Im glad to see you guys doign some things that get everyone gaming nd having fun as well as letting this era of gamers taste gmes the older to play.

    vp-psn legioniarre group

  • Night Stalker holy $#!¡ I might install Home again. Unless these get released on PSN.

  • I only remember Astrosmash. I don’t know the others. I look forward to the trying the others

  • Re: Night Stalker, I remember how scary and cool the invisible robot with a force field was; could only tell where he was when he moved through the spiderweb or when he show at you. When you shot him, his forcefield would briefly flash and reveal him in negative image. For its time, very effective and creepy :)

  • I had the original Pong machine when it was new, so I also have fond memories of these games. But I didn’t buy a PS3 to play (albeit updated) versions of old Intellevision, PS1 or even PS2 games. Maybe players who are much younger (ie, the age I was when these games are new) will find them interesting, but I never find these “retro collections” worth my time. I’d be more interested in a Home connection that didn’t boot me off every 90 seconds.

  • This is pretty cool.

  • Blue Sky Rangers ride again! Those Astrosmash! screens look amazing. Can’t wait to use the powerups to blow that annoying UFO out of the sky–always a rush to shoot down its bombs at high speed. I just hope the controls respond as well as the original disc–every incarnation I’ve played of it since (cell phones, Gameboy) it always seems to be just a little too slow for my tastes.

    As for Night Stalker, another great choice. It’ll work great with the Dualshock. I love the nods to classic robots like Lost In Space’s Robot and Robbie and how they were similar in rudimentary graphics. Nice to hear mazes will be mixed up–though I’m wondering what’s with the woman in the pic?

    Shark! Shark! will appeal to the casual gamer, but never a personal favorite.

    Personally I’d love to see some new angle on Star Strike, Space Armada (which was superior to Space Invaders), MotoCross (one of the best of the INTV era), Thin Ice (great for casual gamers), Auto Racing, maybe Poker & Blackjack just to see the dealer make even more faces when you win. Armor Battle would be wicked with random level designs.

    My wish list would take hours; I’ll enjoy this for now and hope for future additions. Thanks Keith!

  • @7 Burgertime on the intv was the best version bought a arcade mame machine and the game is fun but not as good. I must have had 100 intv games when i was a kid even had the intellevoice with is whopping 4 game library and the computer module that had no purpose that i could tell lol

  • While it’s processor is technically 16-bit, the graphics were more Atari 2600 than NES, let alone the real 16-bit consoles. The updated graphics do look nice though. I played a ton of Astrosmash back in the day.

  • @ Gadirok . Home is a HUGE and thriving community . i myself am in an organization called The Homeling Collective and we have over 600 registered members . we have some really great developers on Home , lots of fun games and content . like any social/gaming network there is good and bad but it’s definitely worth it to take a closer look . come join us (:

  • One of my first game systems with one of my regular existence-sinks.

    I’m gonna diiieee.

    Shark! Shark!, man.

    (Note: I can’t look at any other version of Frogger than the Intellivision release as my true experience.)

  • Although, the Intellivision had one of the worst controller designs of all time, I’ve always loved the system. In fact, I still break out “B-17 Bomber” (which uses the Intellivoice expansion module) every once and awhile.

  • Night Stalker! that was one of my favorite game on the IntelliVision! It’d be nice to play this remake which won’t be hindered by that awful controller!

  • Very nice, i remember this company when i was young being born in 1971 :) glad they doing this…#Fun!

  • Cant wait to play this

  • This is cool. Hopefully this line gets expanded beyond these three; namely SNAFU.

  • I have IntelliVision lives for PS2 and there very good (retrotastic) games. This is going to be very interesting (remake of the classic) games to play and it will be perfect for those who remembers those classics and who never experienced it. Awesome!!!!!!

  • For the love of god do this for Dracula!

  • oh i am very happy. this was my very first console. 3 of my favorite games. very, very happy. now bring treasure of tarmin and i ll can die a happy man

  • oh yes, snafu and disks of tron, too

  • i used to rock out to the snafu victory songs. i was a fan of triple action, myself.

  • whoever said “burgertime,” and bump n jump, i m with you. disks of tron took up hours of my childhood. @stoobush, yes, lock n chase. a great twist on the pac man idea

  • Sounds like fun, Keith! I look forward to giving these updated classics a whirl.

    On a related subject, although I’ve never personally owned an Intellivision console, I snapped up the Intellivision Lives! disc for PS2 upon its release several years ago, and became acquainted with many of the games that way. It would be great if you can find a way to release this compilation as a downloadable PS2 classic. I’d also love to see a version developed for PS Vita, with the numeric keypad and overlays accessible on the touch screen of course!

  • i hope they remake B-17 Bomber

  • This is awesome! I grew up with the Intellivision, I have some great memories. Astrosmash was one of my favorites. Would love to see Auto Race and Space Armada next.

  • Home, really – ugh. Have to try and find your way through that total mess to play a game? No, no, NO.

    I wish you would also release these on PSN and release the original graphics versions and the new ones. Some of us remember playing these old games and would still like to see them in their original form (did you hire George Lucas or something?).

    If anyone has any reason I should go to Home other than seeing E3 stuff, please let me know. It just seems like a vast waste of space when any games could be released directly to my console rather than going through that Home thing. I have not even installed it again since replacing my hard drive.

    I am going to have to call my parents and see if the Intellivision is still in the attic. Heck if it is I wont have to install Home to play anyway :)

  • Will the content ever end?

  • Bring Intellivision to PSN!!!

  • hopefully some furniture rewards for this I hope

  • Wow–what an awesome throwback to simpler gaming days this is. I will be really interested to see how the games will be presented. I agree with #43 as well–that would be great.

  • wow! these take me back to when i was a kid. what is really cool is my generation being able to see how games
    were in the 80’s and how much gaming has progressed….and the new generations playing games we “old folks” use to play, minus the awesome graphics.

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