DUST 514 Gets New Player Corporation Features, Integrates with EVE Online

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DUST 514 Gets New Player Corporation Features, Integrates with EVE Online
DUST 514 on PS3

It is known that in New Eden only the strongest corporations survive. Others just perish in their wake, or join them. The EVE Online universe – where demigods operate vast numbers of ships and immortal mercenaries fight for planetary dominance – will be cruel to anyone that dares to venture deep enough into it. Do you believe that you can form a corporation and lead the merchants of death? Are you ready to put money, your pride, and your eternal life on the line for a group of people that you can trust for the eternal glory of New Eden? You better be, because Corporations are what holds this universe together, and should you choose to either lead or follow, this is what you should know before you begin your immortal journey in DUST 514

New Eden is a single shard universe, hosting hundreds of thousands of EVE Online players for more than nine years, and everyone plays together at the same time. Now, you have the opportunity to be part of it. It is only suitable that DUST 514 (exclusively available on PlayStation 3) goes together with EVE Online (on PC/Mac), so you and your friends can form unstoppable corporations and dominate the battlefield together. We know you’ve been patiently waiting to find out more about Corporation management in DUST 514, and now, we are ready to give you all the info!

For this to happen, we needed a system that allows players to form and join an organization in the same way players join Corporations in EVE Online. This is similar to guilds or clans that are available in other MMO games and shooters. However, in DUST 514, we will take this concept a bit further and allow players from both EVE Online and DUST 514 to join the same Corporations. People will be able to be part of these Corporations regardless of which gaming platform they happen to be playing on – EVE Online on PC/Mac or DUST 514 on PS3 – and whoever created the corporation will become its CEO.

Starting with our next major update, DUST 514 players will be entering a universe populated with established social groups as well as ongoing politics associated with these groups and are welcome to become part of that social dynamic. This means that overnight, a DUST 514 player can go from being in an NPC newbie corporation to joining a 7,000-player strong empire that owns a sizeable chunk of the known space in the EVE Online universe.

DUST 514 on PS3

For the intrepid souls who aspire to create their own future empires within EVE Online, that will soon be a reality, because Corporations created in DUST 514 will be no different than those in EVE Online. Although all aspects of Corporation management related to EVE Online in DUST 514 will not be available initially, you will be able to appoint a player from EVE Online as a director for your corporation in DUST 514 who can then act as your right-hand man and be able to utilize all aspects of the Corporation feature for the EVE Online players.

So, to recap, the following features are just a part of what’s in store for this major update to DUST 514:

  • You can join any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • There will be a dedicated Corporation chat channel
  • You can be a CEO or director of any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • You can create a corporation, design its logo, assign roles, accept and take part in corporation battles (there will be another dev blog about this topic)
  • You can accept members from both EVE Online and DUST 514
  • You can now create social bonds (or vendettas) that last
  • You will see EVE Online players’ character names and portraits and vice versa
  • Strategize and fight together in real-time

DUST 514: Create a Corporation

And this is just the beginning. In time, we hope to see the already vast canvas of the human drama within EVE Online expand and include those of you, that merry band of mercenaries, from DUST 514.

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  • Will there be a PS Vita app?? or some type of intergration

  • Is anyone playing this on ps3 at all ? Wondering how it’s going . I have the beta and it seems like a bunch of cool ideas but when I play it ,it just seems like any other shooting type game .

  • Looking forward to it!

    So I’m assuming this will be part of the next build that’s apparently releasing later this month? =)

  • Finally user-created corps are coming i hope they are not SOON(tm)

    @1 there is already an app on vita called DUST 514:Neocom

    @2 yes there are thousands of people playing the beta and its going well i don’t about you but am enjoying the evolution of such ambitious game. Don’t forget it still in beta phase so you can’t compare it with other shooters :)

  • Keep the new information flowing, I have Jove sensibilities. Great work so far, CCP.

    People of Playstation, this game is going to be great, it’s already loads of fun and it’s still in BETA. Join Us.

  • i got invite for private beta and first i was SOOO HYPED for that game.

    after playin im wondering if i should start playin section 8 games bc its the same thing, except with better graphix and better control. btw i hate section 8 games the voice is soo ugly, especially in french make it sound like a game for poor peoples. and guess what the voice is worst on DUST 514! its like one of the biggest “let down” of the years.

    what is Dust 514 anyway?! :P

  • It sounds like Role Management will only be available in the EVE client and will only apply to EVE characters at release – is this correct?

    Will there be any roles for Dust characters (beyond CEO)?

    • Actually, both EVE and DUST 514 characters can have different corporation roles eventually. As we continue to test the system during beta, we will be introducing more pieces of this new feature.

  • Fantastic game, I’m glad they have finally added this.

  • i can’t get enough of this game, and our clan has been rocking it hard! if anyone wants to group up or clan up, hit me up on PSN



  • Can’t wait!!

    Starting to roll out the big boy toys huh?

    Now when does FacWar start for dust? haha

  • Will you be limited to your characters starting NPC Corporation (Like EVE) or will you be able to join other NPC Corporations?

  • This is great news but when are your going to fix the hit detection and horrible grenade arch? Plus when do I get my laser rifles?

  • got this all ready to go but havent had time yet, cant freakin wait tho @virgindestroyer7 think i might take u up on that offer

  • Pretty stupid to make an update, WHEN THE GAME ISNT EVEN OUT YET.

  • Sardaukar Merc Guild (SMERG) of General Tso’s Alliance (3XXXD) will be recruiting any Dust players that want in. We are griefers and consider losing fleets en mass no big deal, so long as the cost for the enemy is higher… so, get good with militia gear and you’ll fit right in.

  • For the last time people, you are NOT in a “clan” this game. There are no clans (not in the sense you guys are using). This is an established universe. It is called a corporation. Please get used to this. You do not need to make your name have the corp name in it. You do not need to do anything except join the corporation. Going to be funny when people grind way up after release with a name that has a corp tag on it and they get ran out of the corp, or leave on their own, and want to join another corp. There is no “I want to change my name on a whim” feature in this game.

  • When will DUST 514:Neocom release?

  • May I first say, CCP & Playstation, you are a team of geniuses to bring a game like this to the world. Just the concept alone will always blow me away, you’ve done wonders so far. Also, How will fighting on these planets in Dust affect EVE? For example, will conquering a planet in Dust bring that corp more resources for PI in EVE?

  • Hi, I was wondering where in the PS Store is the link to download this Beta?? I can not find it :(

    I was part of the private Beta (dont know if compatible with this), but changed HDD, and want to download the latest version..:D

  • @Heavenly_King, If i’m correct only Playstation Plus members and EVE players are able to play right now. Also, The only items they have in store is a ‘Merc pack’ and some Aurum. With that said and seeing as you are a Plus member, Try going into your ‘View Downloads’ tab in the store and search in there, You should see it in there.

  • I love watching this thing progress.

  • i have been playing this on ps3 and im not a “gamer” never heard of eve online even but i like this even though im not very good my question is will there even be room for people like me ” beginners” when its all ready to go?

  • You gusy this game is a total mockery of HALO ya’know. All the PS+ members that downloaded the beta, do you agree. I mean i played it for a while the graphics are beautiful but it looks like HALO. The gameplay needs a lot of work and yes i do know its a BETA! Its just they are going to need a lot more ideas to make me purchase this title. Oh and the maps are way to DARK, you cant see a damn thing, you need to fix that.

  • @24 Dust 514 is going to be free-to-play. You won’t have to purchase anthing.

  • @24 First of all, screw Halo. Just because it’s futuristic doesn’t mean it looks, feels, or plays like Halo. Second, it’s free anyway.

  • @24 are you genuinly ignorant or a troll god?
    @23 depends on what you mean by “ready to go” the releace date is yet to be announced but should be this year. open beta might happen soon but if you want to play it regester for the closed beta. who knows it’s a massive game and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the TBA date is pushed back.

  • Dust is great and the potential is beyond epic. If you are looking for a clan apply here: http://www.d3ltaforc3.shivtr.com/
    You will not be disappointed.

  • @24 1) You obviously haven’t visited the closed beta forums.

    2) What are you talking about? The maps really arent that dark at all, adjust your settings on either your tv, or in game.

    3) What the hell? Halo? seriously?

    4) It’s free-to-play.

  • @donkeypunch12312, You have four people already submitting darn good arguments on why this game will be revolutionary. Keep in mind, this is not including the thousands of gamers who see your comment in disgust of your hysteria and ignorance. To comment on here like you have is just rude, if you would like to have your voice heard, create a blog and write a review of a game that has not been out yet. Or if you have any issues or bugs with the game, since you already know it’s in Beta, please submit a post for the team to work on here: https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=forum

  • great news I cant wait to test the corp mangement features. Whe this goes live, will eve and dust be on the same test server?

  • The game is good ………..it just gets boring playing one map over and over, I just don’t get how people can find that fun.If there is more then one map last time I played I kept ending in the same map every match, If there more then one map someone let me know.

  • and Before I drop 20 doIlars on this game, I would have to see better game play and more maps just saying

  • @biggunner7, Well I do understand you with only playing on one map, but it’s not an official release yet. They do have plans on a much later update to add the additional planets, but as of now, this is just a beta. Simply testing the infrastructure of the code written, constantly tweaking and refining over this beta period. Also, you do not need to pay $20 to play the game, if you’ve been playing EVE you might have received an invitation in your e-mail. The other two ways are, the $20 Merc Pack or going into the Playstation Home Dust 514 environment, just follow the recruiter in there, it can take five minutes and it’s free.

  • well I for one like the way things are going , the potential is there in this game the link up with eve itself is a first in gaming . If ccp are attentive to dust as they have been to eve then the potential here is huge , having been an EVE player on and off for over 4 years.Only real downer is stat wipes but thats part of the beta !

    also when this happens id be interested in joining a player corp and open to offers.


  • INVALID GLITCH FIX- when it tells you that you are invalid when you try to spawn in new game just leave the sqaud you are in and that will fix it.

  • Playing it, Loving it, and in response @15, with them updating the beta at least we know we will not end up with another piece of trash like COD (take your pick) at least CCP cares enough to work on the games now before they come out instead of putting the game out and then trying to fix it (reference Socom confrontation,) AND CCP has a great track record with EVE online- minus a hiccup or two but EVE has been out how long and it’s still one of the best games out there can you say that about your game? CCP has and in my opinion will respect the gamers.

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