Build Your Dream City in Home Tycoon, Coming Soon to PlayStation Home

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Build Your Dream City in Home Tycoon, Coming Soon to PlayStation Home

Home Tycoon is the first 3D city-building game where you can create your dream city from the ground up, explore it at street level as your own avatar, and share your metropolis with friends – and it’s coming soon, exclusively to PlayStation Home.

We’ve been hard at work on Home Tycoon for quite some time here at Hellfire Games, and we can’t wait to get the game out to the Home community. Featuring a robust city-building simulation, tons of story-driven missions and activities, vehicle driving (complete with turbo-charged cars and stunt ramps), and over 50 avatar rewards to unlock, Home Tycoon is unlike anything you’ve seen in the genre before, and the first game of its kind in PlayStation Home.

From Hometown to Metropolis

As the newly-elected Mayor, you’ll gather resources and broker strategic business deals to kick-start your town’s economy. You’ll need to work with representatives from the mysterious yet eco-friendly TransUtopia organization and the profit-hungry GloboSyn corporation along the way. Will you lead a truly green city built on renewable energy, or choose the more profitable route to prosperity?

Home Tycoon: BuildHome Tycoon: City 1

With over 60 unlockable buildings at your disposal throughout the game, you’ll craft and personalize your city with apartment buildings, luxury homes, public parks, power plants, research hospitals, police stations, and much more – the only limit is your imagination.

Home Tycoon: Concepts

Start Your Engines

Every new city has its fair share of problems… and who better to deal with them than an amateur Mayor? From city-wide fires to complete nuclear meltdowns, you’ll wear plenty of hats (figuratively and literally) to save your town from total destruction. Each mission series comes with its own over-the-top storyline and activities, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Home Tycoon: Firefighter

Among those activities, driving tricked-out sports cars will surely become a favorite among racing fans. We can’t wait to see what our fans come up with once they start building custom racetracks and stunt courses! (Pro tip: the “Stunt Pack” and “Life in the Fast Lane” expansions will definitely appeal to those with the need for speed.)

Key Features:

  • Build your dream city from a bird’s-eye view and explore it at street level as your PlayStation Home avatar
  • Balance your economy to maximize your city’s income, growth, and happiness
  • Create custom racetracks and drive like a maniac with your friends
  • Compete on the leaderboards and visit other cities at the Train Station
  • Make your city shine with dynamic day & night controls
  • Expand your empire with mission packs, unlockable building rewards, and suburb cities

Home Tycoon: City 2

Coming Soon!

We’ve worked hard to ensure Home Tycoon offers something for everyone. Looking for a real-time virtual city simulation? Do you love single-player story modes with branching dialogues and activities? Enjoy showing off your creations to friends and strangers? Or maybe you just want to launch a sports car clean over a donut shop. In every case, Home Tycoon has what you’re looking for.

Home Tycoon: Sports Car

If you like free stuff, sign up for the Hellfire Games newsletter for a free Pirate Chainsword virtual item, and watch for more Home Tycoon news on PlayStation.Blog soon!

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13 Author Replies

  • Great things coming out of Texas again, this looks like it is going to be totally awesome!!!! Great work Hellfire

    • Glad you like it! You’re right, there’s been a lot of great game development coming out of Texas lately. We’re happy to be a part of the community.

  • How much will this “free” game actually cost?

    • The core game will be free, like all of our games in PlayStation Home. When Home Tycoon launches, you’ll get your own city absolutely free and can start building right away, with free missions available immediately.

      In addition to all the free content available at launch, we’ll also have premium buildings, virtual items with permanent in-game bonuses, and expansion packs containing new missions, activities, and rewards, with plenty more planned for the weeks and months following launch. So, enjoy the free game and only pay for the stuff that you want to pay for!

  • I’m so looking forward to this and the possibilities we will have, really awesome work Hellfire Games

    • Thanks for your support (and the support of all the other Home Community Volunteers)! Glad you’re looking forward to it. Comments like yours make us happy. :)

  • For someone that grew up on Simcity, this might be the best thing ever to come to Home.

  • I never really cared much for Home, but this looks really awesome. I’d love to see an actual standalone game based on this same concept for PS3 (or PS4).

  • To be the master of my own world. The dream is finally coming true!

    What would be cool is if well know Home “landmarks” were available to win or purchase.

    Thank you for the great news.

    • Home fans should spot some familiar things in Home Tycoon, like the train from the Hub passing through the Home Tycoon Train Station. And who knows, maybe even a familiar name or two!


  • Wow this looks awesome!! Can’t wait to try it out =D

    Will the trophy room ever make an appearance in home?

  • Another great way to spend my money. lol

  • a 11 out of 10. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • Coolness.!!!

  • Wow is all i can say…..

    while i love the concept of home i rarely use it….. but this is BEYOND FANTASTIC

    as someone else stated i loved simcity so this is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

    good job Hellfire Games and Sony

    • Thanks! And remember, city-building is a big part of Home Tycoon, though we think the driving aspect is going to be really fun for a lot of players as well. Can’t wait to see the custom racetracks people come up with!

  • It looks like its taken from the Cityville app on Facebook, but its for PS3 and on steroids.

  • This really looks good and can’t wait to try this out. Loved seeing how it’s free to play, but was thinking to myself How Much?… FREE! Really look forward to trying this out.

  • Thank you!! Thank You!! I have been looking to play a game like this for so long, I even gave in & played that crappy Cityville :( I am so happy right now, just release it soooon. :)

  • Now I can make Cole return to Empire City!

    • Correct! If you have the Cole outfit in PlayStation Home, you can definitely wear it in Home Tycoon. We won’t require you to wear any specific game-related items in the game.

  • Yes, FREE but if you want the expansion packs, guess what ? you gotta pay.
    Much like, Here, i give you a little taste but if you want the rest, its gonna cost you .
    As a good New Yorker, i tend not to get excited about all this ” we have been working on this for Yeaars’
    because somewhere along the line, its the Catch ! like space Limitations, or something , i can feel it .
    Just a little reminder, 25 slots for 1 active tv is too much , and in my case i use nothing but active beds, which takes 22 more slots, i just cant stand having beds and lounge chairs that wont let you LAY DOWN , i mean, thats the purpose , to Lay Down , not sit at the edge of the bed or the lounge chair and look as if you are lost or something . Please, and im saying Please, find a way to reduce the amount Active Items takes, or up the number of furniture slos, to 150 , maybe 200 to rounded it up . Thank you .

  • Hmmm, might have to re-download Home again for this!

    • Please do! There’s a ton of content coming out in PlayStation Home every week. If Home Tycoon is the game to bring you back, that’s fine with us. :)

  • This looks so cool, wish this was on the vita. Time to get my old simcity plans out.

  • Greetings my friends . hope all is going smoothly . can’t wait to get to play Home Tycoon again ! you guys rock !

    • All is going smoothly indeed! Thanks for your constant support, phatso64. We think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

  • i was super excited when i thought i had to pay for it..for freee though :)

  • Woww, Home has certainly come a long way, and this is amazing!! =O I’ll have to check this out, I was wondering why you called a city building game “Home Tycoon” and then realized it was in PlayStation Home! Holy crap! lol

  • Because this is on home, does it mean a limit on city space since we can walk around on street lvl? And if we wanted to expand the area, yah would probably make us pay for that right? If this can beat simcity with openness of sc, then maybe yah have a chance, but I’m predicting too many limitations.

    • Rest assured that your city can get really, really big. And yep, you’ll be able to expand into multiple suburb cities if you want even more space to work with.

  • might start playing Home again when this comes out :)

  • how needed will the premium items be? I just want to know if this is worth getting or if will be like most the other games and it will basically be play it, but you can’t be good cause you no pay.

    also will PSN+ members get any thing good there.

  • Looks very promising :D

  • Looks and sounds like the sims lol but idm looks cool and will actually make home a lot more fun and not seem like just a chat room caz that was boring that y i think ppl glitched a lot on there just board of talking

  • “Will you lead a truly green city built on renewable energy, or choose the more profitable route to prosperity?”


    I like it:)

    Is it a completely open “sandbox” environment? Or are there limitations to the map the user designs?

    • The size of the map is finite and you’ll have a grid with buildings of various tile sizes (1×1, 2×1, 2×2, and so on), and the types of buildings & units and where they’re placed will be up to you. You can choose to play Home Tycoon as a total sandbox simulation if you’d like!

  • @ A104048

    Personal space glitching was all about creativity. Users, by and large to want as much creative freedom as possible. The usual limitations of virtual environs are sterile, predictable and stifling.

  • Very interesting. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • This actually gives me a reason to use Home again! I have been so disappointed with this generation having none of these games, correct me if I am wrong as I would sell a kidney to get some of the god/management games on this system. The closest thing I have played this gen to those games was From Dust and it was a let down as you couldn’t build anything other then the land. I wish someone(maybe use) would go and get the licenses to make a current gen Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, or even Theme Hospital as those were/are some of my favorite games, but for what ever reason no one wants to make them for consoles anymore.

  • “First 3d city building game”

    Lol too late. Cities XL supports 3d.

  • Thanks for the response Mr. Lewis.

    This project is definitely interesting. I look forward to it:)

  • I’m embarrassed to say, but I’ve been melding this and Blueprint: Home together until just now. I mean, I knew they were separate back at E3, but in the intervening time, I kinda forgot the details. Still have the helmet on my dad’s avatar, though. So, I should maybe keep an eye on those two, and see if either would hit my folks’ fancies.

  • Oh, is very cool, I have really wanted to play it!.. When will be available on PlayStation Home? and Will be available in Spain also playstation home? please..

    • No release to announce just yet, but it should be out very soon. We’re hoping to launch in both North America and Europe around the same time, including Spain. :)

  • i can’t wait to play this game please keep us posted.

  • Super-The Best
    Abia astept!!!!

  • Now THIS is very interesting. I am very excited about THIS. I have long said, the PlayStation 3 console is (without a doubt) the cleanest, most comprehensive home entertainment gadget out there; “Home Tycoon”, seals the deal. One small request: a ‘little’ hint re: launch date. Just a “little one”… Thanks much for taking this (PS3/PSN) even further. Keep up the good work!

  • Just catching this and I cannot wait!! I’ve played almost every single Sims game that there is, including all the different Sim Cities. This is certainly something that I will enjoy free or not. Can’t wait to see and play this new update. Any idea when it will be released??

    I agree with erickafollie on the furniture limit that we have on our personal spaces. I have a lot of furniture and decorations that I cannot use because we have a limit. Maybe up the limit or maybe change it to vary depending on the space? I’m not exactly sure what you guys can do but it would be really awesome if you could give us a little something ;).

  • id luv to see what an actal city designer would do with this (theres prob a few dozen in psh) & it would be kewl to see what other ppls design looks like after a few weeks… & if theres a running pattern in the cities like in the rest of the prvt spaces in home like ie the tv is in the nitch in the wall at the far end of the HSA

  • Hey guys! This is SOOO exciting! As a sports journallist, I am obviously a big fan of sports, is there a way we can build NBA arenas or golf courses? That would complete my life! Also, this is a silly question but can we let our avatars go into each building? Thanks guys keep up the great work! :) P.S. first Ndreams with Blueprint and now Hellfire with Home Tycoon, gotta LOVE it!

  • cant wait for this people will be able to have friends come to there city correct?

  • man i truly love the concept of this game…but i have to say please fix the glitches! i was on for hours getting my city set up just for someone to come in and take out all of my buildings and just hacked my city to pieces! now im broke no workers and on top of it now have no mall or fire dept…just spent the rest of what i had to rebuild the fire department…is there any way to get back what was lost?….i’m glad i didnt buy into it at this point :) great game i just didnt like watching my city get hacked to pieces with no way to stop it!

  • Love the Home Tycoon game. I have a question please, I purchased the pack Life in the fast lane but did not receive the flags or the start line and finish line that was stated came with the pack. I checked the ocean speed way in hellfire folder and went to the city and there is the start and finish line there. I would like to add this to my speed way fast lane but don’t have it in the pack. This just may be just an error, so could you look into it and please reply.
    Thank you

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