PlayStation Home: Update to v1.7, New Items And Chances To Win

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PlayStation Home: Update to v1.7, New Items And Chances To Win

This Wednesday, September 12th, PlayStation Home gets another global platform update to version 1.7, bringing with it some exciting new possibilities, subtle changes to improve the user experience and more. In other news, LOOT shares some cute freebies, Lockwood has a wonderful selection of items and new Gift Machine items, the Ca$h Carnival continues and more!

Home 1.70 Update

Application of the patch
If you are upgrading from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier) then when you attempt to apply the 1.70 patch please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.

New Features

The camera has been added as an Action to the Emotes menu. This means you can now take pictures in Home while you are using a companion or other portable item.

  • Select the Emote menu by pressing R1.
  • Select the Camera option.
  • The camera is activated and works in the same way as the portable version.
  • The camera can be put away by pressing [Circle].

Changes to Commerce
We have made changes to the commerce process to speed it up and make it easier to browse and shop.

  • Item thumbnails and object details are now displayed on the same screen.
  • A Buy Now function has been added. Simply highlight the thumbnail of an item and press [SQUARE]. You will then be taken directly to the checkout screen where you can confirm if you wish to make the purchase.
  • Items can quickly be added to the basket by highlighting the thumbnail and pressing the [TRIANGLE] button.
  • Pressing [R1] has also been added as a shortcut to view the basket.

Animating Items
New functionality has been added that allows developers to create a new type of animating portable item.

  • These items allow for an animating object to be used or worn by your avatar.
  • These item types can also increase the movement speed of your avatar by 50% when applicable.


Ignore and Block
We have added some small features to the Ignore or Block function.

  • If you ignore or block a player you will no longer see any emotes they perform.
  • The ignored or blocked avatar is kept a bit further away from your avatar. (Yay! Personal space!)
  • The ignored or blocked avatar will be faced away from you when they are close.
  • “Ignored” or “Blocked” will be displayed under the name label of a player that you have ignored or blocked.

Private Message

  • A Sound Effect now plays when you receive a new Personal Message (PM).


  • A number of general stability improvements have been made.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s the list of what’s new and happening in PlayStation Home.

1. nDreams – Street Moves, volume 4, and more!

You have had three volumes of the Street Moves collection so it would be rude not to let you have the fourth and final batch. This week sees the release of four new characters, all female, who are looking to dance anywhere and everywhere within Home; Rebel Raver, Dancing Diva, Clubwear Cutie and 80’s Icon. Check out the introducing video below and keep an eye out on some of the furniture in the background…

Were you watching? You saw the glowing disco ball on a pole right? That is The Shimmer Sphere and it is also coming this week with its stunning lighting effect turning any room into an impromptu disco dance hall. Also releasing this week is one set of the speakers that can also be seen in the video. BoxBeats: Dance is the first release of in apartment music entertainment system from nDreams.

PlayStation Home: Box Beats

BoxBeats: Dance comes with twelve dance tracks created by a mixture of independent DJ’s and allows you to play the tracks to your friends in your apartment. You can cycle through which tracks you want to play or just play all of them. You can pick up all of these fantastic items in the nDreams shop or any commerce point within Aurora.

2. Granzella – Grand Edo of Nippon Update

Take pictures with friends or by yourself. Everyone’s Picture for PlayStation Home has arrived in Great Edo of Nippon’s store and tenements! With customizable backgrounds, frames, pause, and photo effects you can take a variety of photos, from one person, of course, to romantic lovers, and even fun group photos. With weapons at the ready, snap a picture of yourself together with the Mononoke and the citizens of Edo!

PlayStation Home

3. VIP Nightclub x7 Update

This week in VIP nightclub x7, there’s a new exclusive bundle, a freebie for the ladies, and early-access to a new selection of Wrangler brand items from VEEMEE. But that’s not all—owners of the Ultimate Gold Knight collection from Heavy Water will now have permanent access to x7, just by being the honorable knights in shining armor that they are. Head to x7 this Wednesday and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of this exclusive club.

PlayStation Home: Heavy Water x7 Ultimate Gold Knight

4. Lockwood – September Footwear Collection

From high heels to high tops, Lockwood know a thing or two about shoes – they’ve created more than 200 pairs after all! Look out for their new range of fantastic footwear this week, with Giftable variations soon to follow! Share some style expertise, if you know a friend who could use a new jacket, visit the Gift Machine for Biker and Aviator styles. For a close up look at Lockwood’s separates throughout September, check out the below video…

5. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a Sony Tablet S with 32GB Memory and $1,000.00 cash prize!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home: Midway Week 18

6. LOOT – Clothes and Telephone Booths

LOOT loves to surprise, and this week the Home community is in for a little treat. Head to the LOOT store and pick up some cute items, including some fluffy bunny slippers. Who doesn’t love bunny slippers? While you’re there, check out their new red telephone booths, reminiscent of those in Britain.

PlayStation Home: Free LootPlayStation Home: Phone Booths

7. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 57th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases things from a musical companion to more Wrangler denim and leather items. Check out the video below for all the details.

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • I’ll be waiting for a blue police box.

  • When can we expect Home Tycoon?

    • Very soon. I can’t share a date yet, as it’s still in QA, but we’re hoping to release it as soon as it passes.

  • Nice update and glad that granzella is releasing more content.those new features were requested a lot goes to show that the developers listen to the user’s feedback.anyway thanks for the update.

    • I don’t believe the tidal wave of Granzella stuff we’ve received in recent weeks is a result of community feedback. In this case, it was always slated to come, the timing was just off. That said, many of our developers are very acutely aware of what is being said and have made strides for years to provide what the community wants.

      So keep up the comments and become active in our official Home forums!

  • Those Loot phone booths are nice, but what we really need is a Police Call Box, circa 1963.

  • Was hoping for a new public space/game or an update like Aurora 1.6. I know there are multiple upcoming games and updates coming in the future but I just hate the long waits! Client update looks good though.

    • This is going to be an interesting week. Keep your eyes on the blog for more info. Home 1.7 is here, which brings the cool new updates as noted above, but while the content update is on the light side this week, there’s usually a feast after the famine. ;-)

  • It’s pretty cool that Granzella finally brought the picture booth! I hope they bring the Glittering Sands goodies over! I feel excited just thinking about it!! I love Granzella! :)

  • Very nice update, can’t wait to see these new features! Free Loot Gear is always a pluse! Keep up the good work PSHome! Now time to try and win that Sony Tablet :) oyea!

    • The Ca$h Carnival has been going strong for 18 weeks and the prizes keep getting better! Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

  • Very cool! The camera update is much appreciated, as is the new Granzella stuff!

  • When will we be able to put personal spaces in storage and nice update

  • Dont see why we need a new commerce feature. I would rather them work on something that would improve everyone’s overall experience then whats going to fatten their wallets.

    Maybe more improvements in personal space item limits and a better way to organize my wardrobe then how fast I can check out of the store.

    • The real interesting part of this platform update that may not be apparent is the potential for new forms of animation, which may alter the actual avatars. I’m sure with the right creativity and a couple early examples to spur the muse into action, we’ll see a very interesting change to the community in no time.

  • The Ignore and Block update is a blessing for a lot of folks. I’d can’t wait to see the community’s reaction once activated.

    And being able to take a picture with our pets/companions is something people have asked for below. A way to send “family” photos to friends. It would be cool for Christmas pictures.

    Thanks for the phone booth. Now people won’t constantly want to use my private phone in the office.

    As always, gr-r-r-r-reat update!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the new features for block and ignore! It’s about dang time! Finally can go on there and don’t have to worry about continuously being harassed by krazy people!
    THANK YOU!! \(^_^)/

  • I really hope to see some Darksiders 2 items soon. I would love to have a Death outfit to go along with my War one. It would be a great way for THQ to make some good money. Any idea if something like this is in the works or if they might consider it?

  • Are we finally going to get to use our active items in the club house without the owner being there? Or get any fixes to the new games on home without it being buggy?

  • epic, i’m hoping for more great anime on the store too. but i think it’s a great update.

  • nice update

  • looks like a nice update. i was wondering will there be a new personal space available along with this update ? i have been keeping up and decorating my personal spaces. i am proud to say that i have 105 in total and look forward to new spaces. Thanks.

  • Yea Yea Yea , hoorayy, now onto business, Firstable You need to up the number of furniture items again, Putting 1 Loot TV takes 25 items, adding an active bed takes 22 items, so we are left with only 53 items, basically back to 2009 , either you up the number of furniture items or lower how many slots 1 ative items takes. 25 and 22 per 1 single item is way too much .
    I asked months ago about the same thing, when will we be able to put personal spaces in storage or how about an exchange program , there are many personal spaces i would love to exchange for 1 more current and besides, shouldnt there be a RETURN policy, since we pay with Real Cash .

  • The update looks very exciting. I will be up bright and early (I hope) to check out these great new features that will be avail to us. This is great news on a day remembered by many. See y’all in Playstation Home!

  • Awesome Home 1.7 update, will that also fix the connection issues I’m having or do I need to upgrade my internet (which it’s really slow lol)?

  • Also, we need wings , jewerly ,weapons and hand items all SEPARATE.
    Our Avatars havent had an update in Years .
    The warbdrobe system needs to speed up, and be updated to be even better, HDD alone takes a long time before we can start chatting with a friend .
    Last but not least, can you please let us spawn wherever we choose and not at the LOUD Hub .

  • I love the update about the blocking people abilities. People get on my nerves so much. I think you guys should be a little more strict on them. Noobs get on there and do the typical “Rave Dance” behind me and many other people. I have a keyboard so I lay them out sometimes. I hope this works. Other then that the update looks amazing. I still need to get those TVs from last week. Keep up the good work!

  • Has BLUEPRINT HOME been fixed on its issure of making new houses the furniture you placed down on the first house STAYS IN PLACE on every different slot you have on the new house your building on a different slot. I stop using blueprint home and home cause that glitch pissed me off. I would select a new slot of my 5 to make a NEW HOME and yet my furniture would still be out there and if I removed the furniture it would remove the furniture from my first house. That needs fixed right away. Its annoying.

  • ☻These items allow for an animating object to be used or worn by your avatar.
    If it means no more full body outfits required for special animations then I want Caramel Dancing, The Chicken Dance, & The Hamster Dance.

    ☻These item types can also increase the movement speed of your avatar by 50% when applicable.
    Time to outrun some trolls who refuse to pay for anything on PS Home IF that’s what movement speed is referring to.

    ☻A Sound Effect now plays when you receive a new Personal Message (PM).
    Doesn’t solve the problem of getting PMs from people who aren’t on my friends list.

    In other news VeeMee’s No Man’s Land (& Total Recall) still suck for force changing my Head Items. If they Stopped I’d buy guns & maybe outfits from them. But until that magically happens it still sucks.

  • I would rather talk to a noob rather than a fam member so I love this new block feature. great job home team ^-^ I also love the new camera feature

  • Way to go Home Team, You guys are awesome, You’re always working hard to bring us great content I’m Looking forward to this update, Home 1.70, Cheers!

  • Awesome I’m loving the new software update so far very nice for the camura and the blocking xD. I’m just curious about the animated items….do you mean like the glowing hand items or the flowers petals from lockwood? Also I hope blocking helps stop the freezing as well (would really help :D) And I’m curious about the general change do you mean new dances? (pleaseeeee! xD) Or pose? Also, how much for the boxbeat?

  • I want the Gamer’s Lounge back. :(

  • i think the most exciting thing for me is the improvements of the “ignored/blocked” features.

    loving the heck out of that!!

    i also have always wanted to chill with a companion and take pics without having to use an actual camera pointed at my tv.

    now if we can someday get hand items used independently….sword in one hand, pinwheel in another.

    i really dig this update!! awesome.

  • Oooh, a Core Update! And the Edo Photobooth, too… Hopefully this means my “Weekly Catch Up” theory was right, and we’ll be seeing the beach next week… This is turning out to be an EPIC birthmonth for me indeed.

  • When Will We Be Expecting A Halloween Event?

  • wow! amazing update!! ty for the good job u doing guys :)

  • Maybe next update you guys could separate hand-worn and hand-held objects. And after that, separate shirts from back-worn objects.

    Then the PS Home would approach perfection at a great pace. Those things should happen sooner than later.

  • This is such wonderful news!

  • please say “no fun glitches were harmed in the making of this update ” …..

  • Remote play for home please, if you need a sfo editor, i know where you can
    download a good one and it can enable home remote play for the vita.

  • Great update for the community. Thanks Sony, ya slow pokes!!! butbetter late than never for community improvements right? Wait, it is a bit late isn’t it? The Home community is drying up. Sorry to say. /*ÇDG*\

  • FIX PSH SONY!!!!!!!!! 1.70 missed PSH up FIX IT

  • just wondering when is Home up and running today? its almost 10 am here EST, and im trying to get on Home but its giving me D5207 error. is the maintance stil going on?

  • Granzella needs to bring over their beach lounge and furniture from Japans server. Seems US. gets quantity and not quality.

  • Im getting a D5207 error :c Is this temporary??

  • glittering sands!

  • @Neko, im getting the same error. i think Home is still updating. usually by now around 9 30 am EST or 10 am EST at the lastes Home is up after an update. but it may take longer seeing as how this is a core update as well as a update to stuff on Home. as well as the fact that we just got a firmware update too.i hope its up and running this morning. im itching (scratches all over ) to try the new stuff out.

  • Im getting the same error thank god I’m not the only one T.T….

  • i wish they’d hurry up and fix home

  • im going to guess ( and idk if a mod on here will even try and correct or confirm this) but from what im hearing on the forums on eu is around 4 pm GMT, idk what that is EST but im giung it wont be up till 6 pm., hey blog guy care to comment?

  • oops lol *going i meant :P

  • …hope im right in guessing it’l be up tonight, kinda was hoping it’d be this morning, oh well

  • just remember when home is back up we will get kicked a lot because of the core updates here comes the F15. lol

  • lol oh joyous f15 how i missed you! kick me repeatedly:P

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