Buckle Up: F1 2012 Demo Hits PSN Today

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Buckle Up: F1 2012 Demo Hits PSN Today

Hello, PlayStation fans. We at Codemasters are happy to announce that the F1 2012 demo will be available later today on PSN!

The demo contains a taste of two awesome new F1 2012 features. First, we have the Young Driver Test, a real life event that can determine your F1 career. We also have Season Challenge mode’s first race at Monza — let us know your fastest lap on that one. If you race like Perez did last weekend we’ll be impressed!

F1 2012 on PS3F1 2012 on PS3

One small note: the game’s toughest A.I. difficulty does not feature in the demo. The Legend A.I. option can be accessed in the Career and Quick Race modes, both available in the main game. Let us know how difficult you find Season Challenge on hard.

Of course, the demo is just a taste of what’s to come – F1 2012 offers a host of improvements over F1 2011, including fully localized weather, lap tutorials, season challenge, and the mighty Champions Mode. This mode sees you battling it out against the six world champions – Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher. Each challenge faces you off against one of the champions in a mid-race situation, (finishing a wet race with dry tyres anyone?). Beat them all and become the ultimate F1 driver!

F1 2012 on PS3

With the inaugural 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix taking place in November, and F1 2012 launching September 18th, there’ll be plenty of time to familiarize yourself with this new circuit. So download the demo on PSN, and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you fancy winning some F1 2012 goodies, post your Monza lap times (with proof) and we’ll send out a prize for the quickest time!

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  • Can you use your PS Vita as a rearview mirror?

  • @1

    Hatta, let me respond to the Major for you:

    That depends. How would you drive and hold the Vita at the same time? oh, that’s right, I think you’ll be very interested in the new “Vita F1 2012 rear-view mirror adapter” MSRP $199.99. But also don’t forget to buy the (optional) extra battery holder for the rear-view mirror adapter MSRP $ 49.99 so you can use the Vita as a rear-view mirror for more than 3 hours of driving time.

    Next time you can use the first post of the comments to ask something more useful, geez.

  • i think Lewis Hamilton will stay at Mclaren and i think he will win the championship this year ( doesnt look good at the moment but i have faith he will pull it off ), Perez will be a world champion in the future and i think he will be taking Massa spot at Ferrari soon, he is such an outstanding talent as Roman Grosjean is too but Fernando Alonso never stop impressing me, what a driver he is, i think he is the best driver in the last 5 – 7 years in formula 1.

    oh formula one fans there is Senna’s film on psn and netflix, you should go watch the life of whom i consider the greatest formula one driver of all time, he was simply breathtaking to watch.

  • Hey, any chance you guys at Codies could do an F1 game with stereoscopic 3D? Maybe get it patched in? All the 3D games i have/going to get/know its an F1 game that – for me, a huge F1 fan – would be EPIC in 3D!

    Please Codies make it happen?

  • @2

    For those of us who already own a Vita your sarcastic MSRP comments don’t apply. That said: the ‘optional’ extra battery holder isn’t practical since every Vita sold comes bundled with something called an AC adapter which renders your claim of 3 hours driving time moot. And, finally, this was a promised feature of the original PS3 F1 game which never happened due to lazy sloppy development so I’m curious to find out what other ‘so called’ features aren’t going to make the cut this time. In short; my comment was on point and practical.

  • @ Major_Hoare

    well, you didn’t answer how exactly you’re going to hold both the vita and the driving wheel/controller at the same time, genius. So yes, my sarcastic comments apply. And just picturing the rear-view mirror adapter hooked up to the PS3 holding the Vita which in turn is also hooked to the AC is even more hilarious lol.

  • @6


    “The Cross-Controller feature enables you to enjoy a game using dual screens by wirelessly connecting your PS Vita system and PS3™ system. You can use your PS Vita system as a controller for your PS3™ system to operate PlayStation®3 format software. Use the rich features of the PS Vita system, such as the touchscreen, the rear touch pad, the high-precision six-axis motion sensor, and the camera.”

    What I want to know is why are you AGAINST having cool features and–for that matter–why are you even trying to answer a question (post #2) when you obviously don’t know the answer?

  • @Major_Hoare

    So you would play F1 with the Vita as a controller, looking at your TV, and then if you want to take a peak of what’s behind you would look down and take your eyes off the wheel/track? Very practical indeed. They should put all their workforce into this at once! Spare no expense on it! So with can have a complete lag-free and accurate rear-view mirror on our Vita for F1 2012! geez man….read yourself…

  • @1
    I don’t believe that the PS Vita’s cross controller was exactly meant for that type of compatibility. It would be rather difficult to mount your Vita in an ideal position for that use, and the only thing I could see the Vita being used for is to act as a wireless steering wheel with a few controls (like gear) or indicators on it. However, that itself is a bit unnecessary IMO.

  • @8

    Yes. I want to play F1 with the Vita as my controller, looking at my HDTV, and then when I want to take a quick peak of what’s behind me I don’t even have to take my eyes off the HDTV/wheel/track because I can hold my Vita up in front of said things to catch a quick look.

    PS: There are SO MANY racing games available–right now–on the PS3 that unless devs start upping their game and start offering unique features to distinguish themselves from the pack; they’ll get lost in the mix. Personally, I would buy this game if it offered Vita integration; however, I’m going to have to take a pass otherwise.

  • @9

    Mount your Vita? I ‘mount’ my Vita with both palms.

  • I use one hand and eat cheese sandwiches and use the other hand to navigate with the controller. I’ll kill it!!! :)

  • @Major_Hoare

    Nah, I think I’d rather have the Rear-view mirror adapter for $199.99.

  • @13

    Then my advice is to wait for the 3rd party Niko adapter that’ll compete with Sony’s but at the $19.99 price point. ;-)

  • When is PS Store US normally updated?? I mean, at what time approximately?

    Thank you!

  • I’ll try this out for sure. I played formula 1 championship edition like no other daily years ago but sold it when when no one played online hardly anymore. That was a great F1 game to. Anyways can the word be spread us AMERICANS what a DIGITAL buying option to NASCAR THE GAME 2011 as well. Its in the UK for digital but not here. My racing goodness would be complete with F1 2012 and NASCAR THE GAME 2011 on psn. It would be chistmas to me daily lol.

  • serious lols at the team celebration after winning a race. just watch it, you’ll spot the guys face it’s hilarious. I’m not sure how to prove it, but my fastest lap around monza was a 1:29.77. I don’t think proof matters however as I’m sure that’s pretty slow.

  • What time in the UK does the demo hit the PS store guys?? :)

  • Logitech G27 is only 100 degree for each side in the demo. Does the full game will offer 450 degree for each side?

  • Can’t seem to find it in the UK PS store

  • Can’t seem to find it in the UK PSN store. Even a search for F1 2012 just turns up FIFA demos.

  • Still no F1 2012 on the EU Store, what is Sony doing?

    ps: Codies could you guys please include remote crossplay.

  • Formula one’s first ever race started in 1950 at Silverstone . We English people basically invented the sport so why are we the last people to get the demo?? So why are places that we discovered like the US getting before us ? lol UP YOUR GAME CODEMASTERS oh and dont screw up dirt 4!

  • I got it down to 1:27.318 http://twitter.yfrog.com/z/oeypbrgj
    but I am pretty sure this will be easily beaten.

  • I got the game F1 2011, so i am pretty sure I will get this game. Looks Awesome!

  • I hope a 1:23:932 holds up. http://www.flickr.com/photos/g109/7983021244/
    What are the goodies anyways?

  • Hard difficulty was playable, but can be difficult. I’m a little scared to see what legend AI brings.
    I like the driving tests and videos, especially the hot lap walkthrough. I think it is helpful to all players.
    By the way, what are the F1 2012 goodies and when is the cut off time for the lap time contest?

  • I guess the cake was a lie….. No goodies for the top time? The games out now isn’t it?

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