Investigate Red Johnson’s Chronicles — One Against All On PSN Tomorrow

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Investigate Red Johnson’s Chronicles — One Against All On PSN Tomorrow

Hi, this is Djamil Kemal at Lexis Numérique, I’m glad to introduce our upcoming adventure/puzzle/investigation game: Red Johnson’s Chronicles — One Against All. Those of you who already know Red, one of the best private investigators in Metropolis, will enjoy this new installment. For everyone else, don’t worry; you don’t need to have played the first one to fully enjoy this new adventure.

Red Johnson's Chronicles — One Against All


One Against All is an adventure game, indeed. If you like deep storylines, strong characters and fierce dialogue, then you should give it a try. In One Against All, you will discover a world in which everything is dark, even humor. This time, Red will have to try and save his kidnapped brother and won’t let anyone stop him — not even tough guys like Duncan the bartender or seductive girls like Abbie, the mysterious waitress. In addition to the main storyline, you can also take on missions proposed by a very special maid…


One Against All is also a puzzle game, so if you’re into original puzzles you should give it a try. To move on in the adventure, you’ll have to solve many taxing puzzles. They are very diverse and fit the scenario of the adventure itself. With the game’s contextual help system, you can choose your level of difficulty: you can buy clues, or just try to find the solution by yourself.

Red Johnson's Chronicles — One Against All


Questioning witnesses, pushing them over the edge, showing them pieces of evidence that prove they are lying: we expect all of this from you, and much more. You can use your tools, find fingerprints and compare them to your data. You can even search for hidden clues with your UV light. And once you’re done, don’t forget to properly file your report for the judge to convict the one you stopped.


In this new installment, the whole team worked really hard to keep all the features that worked (the gameplay system, the environments, the dialogue…) and spent yet more time to enhance the overall experience. We really hope you’ll find the scenario deep and full of surprises. We did our best to bring facial animations, motion captures and the overall graphics to a new level for this game. And once again, we want you to have real value for the money. The game is just $10, and will boast six to eight hours of gameplay — and it will be available tomorrow.

In the meantime, please check out our fanpage for more information. Thanks!

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  • i already have jet radio i bought it 3 weeks ago on xbox so there is no need for me to buy it again plus im playing redent evel 6 demo right now its sick

  • Stupid people really don’t get tired, do they?!
    Anyway… I really loved the first game and I’m very excited about the sequel!!! I like adventures… Sony could bring some nice adventures like Red to the PS Vita… Just saying ;)
    Well, right now I don’t have the money in my wallet, but when I have it, I’ll buy this game!!!

  • Interesting.. :)

  • Sounds good, i like these kind of games, thank you! $10 you cant go wrong.

  • Awesome ;-)

  • Would you kindly put up a video

  • Does this game have Remote Play??

  • Wow, didn’t know this game existed, or the first one. I’m guessing there’s no Vita version coming, right? Either way, will definitely check it out, we don’t get enough adventure games any more.

  • Enjoyed the first one, which reminds me, I need to go back and replay it as I didn’t get all the clues the first time. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  • I love the first game. point and click adventures are my favorite. this will keep me busy till walking dead episode 4 comes out. this along with dyponia, to the moon, & Sam and max will keep me point and clicking for a while.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of this game but I already know I’m buying it as soon as I get paid. :D

  • Please sony could you try to make free psvita games for psplus members

  • This game looks similar to LIMBO and Borderlands 1 in color, mood, and character creation. I have to see a lot more before I think about buying this new title.

  • Quick question in the future will we see any Call of Duty freebies for PS PLUS users. That would be a huge help for the people that love the Call of Duty series and can get for XBOX or computer.

  • Love it.

  • If it has a demo i’ll try it. I remember being interested in the first one but it took so long to get a demo that i eventually lost interest. I hope its as fun as the Telltale adventure games (specifically walking dead).

  • Can someone tell if i can go to my cousins
    PS3 and for him to download the Psone title
    i want and tranfer it to my Psvita? cause if i
    wait for Sony adding the Psone games i want
    on the Psvita store it will never happen,anyone
    know if castlevania:SOTN can Be transfer from
    the PS3 to the Psvita,and SONY U start from A
    and Up not from A and then jump to X u really
    are that stupid?

  • This game has my attention.

  • Sequel that doesn’t require you to have played the original. I’m intrigued.

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