Hulu Plus on PS3 Gets Improved Navigation and Discovery in New Update

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Hulu Plus on PS3 Gets Improved Navigation and Discovery in New Update

It’s been two years since Hulu Plus first launched in living rooms across the U.S. via PlayStation 3 – but we haven’t stopped there. Since then, we’ve kept our promise to never stop innovating. Our team of passionate engineers in Hulu’s Seattle office has been hard at work, taking your feedback to build the latest entertainment experience for your living room.

Hulu Plus on PlayStation 3

I’m excited to announce that the new and improved Hulu Plus experience rolls out today on PlayStation 3. Designed to help you get to the shows you watch faster than ever before, the new experience includes larger, more vivid artwork and is easier to navigate.

We’ve implemented a tray-style format that allows you to scroll through recommendations based on your viewing history, or check out popular shows and movies, the top 100 clips on Hulu Plus, movie trailers and more. We’ve also included a “Shows You Watch” feature that highlights the content you regularly enjoy, and lets you jump straight to the latest episode.

Hulu Plus on PlayStation 3Hulu Plus on PlayStation 3

The updated search experience provides a simple way to find content with results that appear directly beneath the search. When you select a show, you’ll have access to all of the episodes and clips in one place. If it’s a show you’ve watched before, you can pick up right where you left off.

The latest update also features simplified playback, with clean, intuitive controls: press up or down to display a playback menu, or left or right to fast-forward or rewind.

Hulu Plus on PlayStation 3Hulu Plus on PlayStation 3

To get started, go to PlayStation’s “TV/Video Services” in the cross media bar, install the new Hulu Plus app in the “My Channels” section and start watching your favorite current season TV today for only $7.99/month. If you’re new to Hulu Plus, you can sign up for a free one-week trial at

PlayStation 3 is the first living room platform we are rolling out the new Hulu Plus experience on, so please take it for a spin and let us know what you think. For any questions, feel free to send us an email to Enjoy!

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  • Sweetness! Thanks!

  • when will we get the vita app????

  • Do you guys have the HBO series Oz or if not ever plan on adding it.

  • Is this just for US or will canada get this aswell?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for posting. At the moment, we don’t have any international streaming rights for our US content library, so we’re not able to stream to you in Canada – but we’re looking to get there as soon as possible!

      Before we can, we need to obtain separate streaming rights for all of our programming. We may also need to build relationships with local advertisers to help offset our licensing costs, like we do in the US. These steps can take time.

      I’m sorry I don’t have a definitive timeline just yet, and I appreciate your patience in the meantime. If there’s anything else I can address for you, feel free to reach out to Hulu Support directly at ( ).

      Hulu Support

  • I like the new layout but I have just one suggestion, in regards to animes would it be possible to put if its subbed or dubbed in the details. I hate having to watch through the first commericals then finding out it’s something I don’t want to watch. Other then that great job!

  • I will get hulu plus when hulu plus gets rid of corporate advertisements….netflix is the same price and i don’t have to be brainwashed with that garbage.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for posting. A lot of people ask why we have ads on a paid service like Hulu Plus, so I’m happy to explain.

      The current-season content you see on Hulu Plus hasn’t been through other channels yet, like DVD, blu-ray, syndication, etc. Because these videos have just aired on television, they’re very expensive to license. The ads you see help offset that cost to keep the subscription down low at $7.99.

      While we do have the same number of ad breaks as broadcast TV, they only last about half as long. We also work hard to personalize the ad experience by tailoring commercials to individual users.

      We’re always looking at new ways to present this content, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see things evolve over time. I hope this has shed a little light on our current model. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Hulu Support directly at ( ).

      Hulu Support

  • Now where is the dedicated crackle app”HELLO SONY”
    Vidzone , HBO,ShowTime Cinemax, PBS not just seasame street ,nova, masterpiece etc..threate you get the picture picture, Sundance channel, current tv

  • What comment #2 said

  • I agree with other posters. Get rid of those stupid advertisements, then I might order Hulu for an extended period of time. I didn’t even make it through my two week trial before I deleted the app. If I wanted to see advertisements, I’d just watch TV. Hulu is far worse because it shows the same ones over and over.

  • The new hulu update looks slick, but I have lost all control of hulu with my sony BTD remote. No play, pause, FF, RW. Nothing. Just the regular playstation buttons and nav. buttons. Anyone els having this problem?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for posting – I’m sorry for the trouble with your remote. Unfortunately we were unable to include increased functionality for the PS3 Media/Blu-ray Disc remotes in our most recent update to the PS3 app. I’m sorry for any frustration this has caused.

      While you can now use the Enter button interchangeably with X, you will still be otherwise limited to using buttons that mimic what you would use on a normal PS3 gaming controller. We expect to see this addressed in a future update, but I don’t have a timeframe for that just yet.

      We’re really excited about the recent changes, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the app. If there’s anything else we can address, please reach out to Hulu Support directly at ( ).

      Hulu Support

  • I love my Netflix, but I would still like to give Hulu a try if it ever does make it’s way to Canada!

  • Huh … pay the same price per month as Netflix to watch practically the same Hulu experience I get for free on my PC 15 feet away … OR, or, or … walk 15 feet and watch the same ad-ridden thing for free on my PC. Wonder what I’ll end up doing?

  • >but I have lost all control of hulu with my sony BTD remote. No play, pause, FF,
    >RW. Nothing. Just the regular playstation buttons and nav. buttons. Anyone els having this problem?

    I’m having the same issue here.

    AND it hangs my PS3 when I try to resume the video I was playing on another device.

  • How about improving the video and audio quality? Criterion black and white titles look awful.

  • Wow looks pretty good! Now can we get an update to the Netflix app? Not sure who’s in charge of creating it, if it was in-house over at Netflix or if Sony was behind it, either way it’s in dire need of a face lift. I find it really cumbersome to navigate as is.

    Updates are always welcome, it’s great to see progress!

  • Could one of you guys at PS Blog communicate that the Hulu redesign disabled the use of the PS3 BD Remote?

  • This is great and all, but why give the same awful scrolling top-bar style of virtual keyboard that the 360’s Netflix and Hulu apps use? That’s just really slow and cumbersome to use. That’s honestly making me wonder if this update is required…..

  • Hi, Updated the PS3 app today.
    I see the lot of new features. But the biggest problem is, the earlier app was way much snappier and smooth. The current app is very sluggish. Please take this as a constructive criticism. I am guessing that this is a take at Netflix. But from my point of view, the previous version interface was very good. One more thing, there are too many clicks to watch an episode.., and when you click the square button the show goes on right corner is gone. Please look into these issues.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for posting. I’m sorry for any frustration with our recent update.

      We’re aware that some users are experiencing navigation trouble, and our developers are actively working on a solution. In the meantime, there is a workaround I can offer that should temporarily resolve the issue.

      When the Hulu Plus application starts to lose responsiveness, please fully quit the app by holding down the PS button and selecting “quit Hulu Plus.” Then, re-launch the Hulu Plus app from the TV and Video Services menu – you should see a significant improvement.

      Once you start watching content on Hulu Plus, you’ll notice the “Shows You Watch” feature on top of the app’s home page. It keeps track of where you are within a series, so you can easily navigate to the shows you enjoy most.

      I hope this information helps! If there’s anything else you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hulu Support directly at ( ).

      Hulu Support

  • Is Hulu Plus free now? That’s the only upgrade I want to hear about.

  • Did everyone else have the latino section come up first with the previous version of hulu of was it just me? I have a Italian last name that most Spanish people have except mine has an extra c in it. im a 6’4″ big hairy white guy but i feel hulu is being a bit judgement in assuming i want watch telemundo and other Spanish programming.

  • My remote buttons aren’t working properly either like many others have said, it seems like load times are longer and it stops episodes when you try to browse the app now. What good is an update if it makes things worse? Also I would really appreciate it if older non-hd episodes were full screen or if there was at least a way to make them full screen. I think a “stumble” or shuffle button would be cool where it would just play a random show, just so you could watch something that you didn’t think of watching. This update was kinda disappointing.

  • When will the YouTube app for PS3 be available in Canada?

  • Now all we need is a youtube app patch and a crackle app in the US

  • SO when will we see video services in EU? i really want some!

  • Finally, I can actually see things on my non hd tv!

  • Just need to make it faster and all will good on my end.

  • VektaWarLord,
    Yes, I contacted Hulu support last night. Their official response was:

    “Hi, unfortunately we were unable to include support for the other buttons on PS3 BT remotes in this app update.”

    Otherwise known as, “we screwed up…”

  • That is awesome news. Hulu Plus is one of my favorite apps on the PS3.

    Four things to consider:

    1. Not loving the row of letters, feels like I am operating a decoder ring. I think youtube went with this keyboard option and I hate it. Please investigate another option. An ergonamic style virtual keyboard that looks like an actual keyboard would be better. Or take a look at Valve’s most recent “Big Picture” beta keyboard that is a rotary style mapped to the face buttons.

    2. I would love an easy way to tell if a foreign show is dubbed or subbed before I start playing it. I also never see an option to select audio of choice in Hulu Plus. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places but it is very annoying.

    3. Better bluetooth remote support.

    4. Where is my Hulu Plus App for PS VITA?

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. We’ll definitely take a different keyboard format into consideration as we continue to improve the new app.

      As for subbed vs. dubbed – this is something we hear a lot about, so it’s definitely on the radar. We’re working hard to give users the ability to distinguish between the two on our living room apps. I don’t have a timeframe for when that functionality might be introduced just yet, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!

      We were unable to include increased functionality for the PS3 Media/Blu-ray Disc remotes in this update, but we expect this to be addressed in the future. Again, thanks for your patience.

      Finally – I don’t have any news for when we might support Hulu Plus on the PS Vita, but I’ll let the device team know you’re interested!

      If there’s anything else we can address for you, please contact Support directly at ( ).

      Hulu Support

  • Are there still Ads? if so, Netflix>Hulu.

  • I don’t know about you guys who never have anything bad to say here but i don’t like the update. I loved the way it was set up before. I stopped using my xbox for netflix and hulu because the ps3 interface was so much better for both of these. now hulu is about as bad as the xbox ver. makes me sad =(

  • Vita app?!! Two months and no word on it? I know this is Sony and all, but COME ON!!

  • The loss of button support on the PS3 remote is just plain stupid.
    The whole reason I shelled out the cash for the remote was to, um have a remote. That worked.
    Real bad job whoever OKed that aspect of the update.

  • I love the update looks nice clean and easy to find my Kdrama. … :)

  • Completely agree with #18 & I don’t have an XBox but the sentiment shared by #30 seems about right on par as well. Surely it’s here to stay, but I prefer the previous UI as it was sleeker and seemingly more user friendly; this feels cumbersome. Definitely took less clicks along with the navigation primarily in the joystick. navigating back and forth between different categories and shows proved much easier. Learning curve – sure, it’ll take some getting used to, but it seems a step backwards. Netflix app is similar layout but functions better especially with the last update; I preferred the sleekness of Hulu’s previous iteration. I’m sure they’ll be tweaks to come in the near future, I’ll certainly continue to watch, regardless, as I’ve cut the cable cord. *Disappointed.

  • I have another free month sweet!!!

  • Is it intentional that even more of the buttons on the Bluetooth remote no longer work? I really enjoyed when hitting the pause button would pause the show.

    I also somewhat agree with number 30. I used to always watch on Xbox 360…but the interface on PS3 was so much better that I switched to always watching on PS3. I feel like a step has been taken towards the horrendous Xbox 360 version of Hulu.

  • Why can’t you guys give us the free hulu with ads? Also for mobile?

  • Yeeeah, not liking this update. I liked the old interface A LOT better. It was simple and easy to navigate. This new one looks like some Windows8/Metro hybrid with the tiles everywhere. It’s cumbersome and tedious to use, plus now my remote doesn’t work. Seriously considering canceling my Hulu+ subscription.

  • The latest update stopped working for me today. I updated my PS3 with the latest update after HULU update, that was yesterday, today I wanted to watch something and the application starts fine but when I press play on any show it just freezes. i tried all day with different shows and HULU freezes. anyone having the same problem?

  • Hello, this update is driving me nuts. First off it seems to be rather confusing to locate what I’m looking for, have to resort to back buttons a lot as you seemingly get stuck in menus. Also my bluetooth remote isn’t working appropriately. Can’t seem to stop the show I’m watching before something else random comes on, and then am fumbling around going through pop up menus to stop it. I’d prefer a revert back to the old UI, this one just frustrates me. Perhaps I’ll take a break and watch netflix instead.

  • New interface seems too cluttered. Before, I felt fortunate that my PS3 Hulu interface was unlike my brother’s Xbox360 counterpart.

    I agree with #28: LordRaoh’s suggestions and am grateful to hear Hulu Plus Support is taking them into consideration. Too much to go through to start a video. I’ve noticed the option of filtering through a genre by alphabetical order is no longer there. Instead, we are left with scrolling through rows of thumbs.

    No reason for the “Shows You Watch” section. That’s what “Queue” and “Recently Watched” are for!

    I ask that Hulu varies the advertisements a bit. I am NOT going to drink “5-hour energy” drinks or buy a car. Most recent “5-hour energy” commercial sounds like a Viagra commercial. And if I hear that stupid “This Is Not A Drive By” baseball car commercial one more time, I WILL do a drive by of my own!!! Overusing advertisements = Major annoyance and turn off (No pun intended).

    Aside from my own concerns, keep up the good work! I am happy to see the anime and tv show selections grow and look forward to many new titles. My only gripe is the horrible selection of movies. I’m not expecting Netflix here, but something within this decade wouldn’t hurt.

  • Will the previous seasons of “House” be added sometime soon? What of “How I Met Your Mother?” Or “Beyond Scared Straight?” Will new shows like “North Woods Law” be added? New documentaries would be most welcomed as well.

    Thank you. =)

  • Hmmm,

    I never liked the Hulu interface on my brother’s Xbox360. Too cluttered and cumbersome. If that is how my PS3 will be, then there is a strong possibility I’ll be canceling my Hulu subscription in the near future. The interface is a make it or break it for me. And I’m not liking it now… :-/


  • “PlayStation 3 is the first living room platform we are rolling out the new Hulu Plus experience on…”

    Given the fact that the new interface looks awfully like the Xbox360 version, I highly doubt the above statement. If it is indeed an accurate statement, then it is lead to suggest that we’re your guinea pigs and will be left with the crappy prototype until you improve for other platforms. Gee, thanks.

    Couldn’t just leave it alone, could you? Subscribers want more content, not more buttons to push and “trays” of thumbs to filter through to watch a video. And speaking of which…

    “We’ve implemented a tray-style format that allows you to scroll through recommendations based on your viewing history, or check out popular shows and movies, the top 100 clips on Hulu Plus, movie trailers and more.”

    I want to scroll through what I want to scroll through, not through a randomized mess of “recommendations!” Aside from the subgenres, there’s no coherency within your “trays.” Also, if I want to view clips, I’ll go to the clips section. I don’t need a useless “tray” of thumbs on the Main page that just clutters the screen. Simply what you have done!

  • This update crashes my entire PS3 system every single time I try to resume a video. And I mean EVERY time. The whole system freezes and won’t respond to remotes at all.

    Speaking of remotes, I’d also like to add that I, too, find the lack of support for the proper remote buttons really annoying, not just per se, but it’s also annoying that functionality was actually removed in an update. That’s not progress.

  • Why is it that every time there is a major update for the PS3 version of Netflix that the remote ends up being broken? Hopefulyl it odesn’t take months before a fix is released like last time.

  • No, you A$$HOLES are absolutely right! Why would I want the old interface back when I can now scroll through your nonsensical “trays?!” I mean, having every and all subgenres in alphabetical order made WAY too much sense! I should thank you as well… instead of scrolling through what I want to scroll through, I get to scroll ENDLESSLY through random recommendations from all genres! I mean, it’s not like I can think for myself at all!

    Also, you are correct to think that we consumers want three quarters of our Main page screen filled with the latest advertisements instead of actual content… I don’t know, like say our Queue and Favorites! I always wanted most of my screen filled with advertisements.

    Pat yourselves on the back… and stick your heads further up your A$$ES if you don’t understand sarcasm.

  • ok ill make this quick-
    1. New update causes more issue than it fixes,
    – Cluttered garbage trays eats away at bandwidth and can cause lag- the one before this is fine, why do u corporation idiots never hear if it aint broke dont fix it.
    – Streaming Issues (and dont tell me it isnt happening its all over ur site) This one is huge, randomly it will buffer the show and then freeze the entire ps3 up, another thing it likes to do is the shows will stream fine and then the commercials will lag- this is freaking annoying, i swear no one bothers to test anything before releasing it anymore thanks to the invention of patches (looking at you bethesda) its like oh we screwed up, but dont worry we will release a patch soon thanks for ur money. You guys already proved ur stupidity before this releasing the xbox ver for kinect (stupid system btw RROD much?) and then one couldnt even show all ur content! Let me put out some constructive criticism, if it doesnt work – DO NO RELEASE IT TO THE PUBLIC!!

  • I have a complaint about the Favorites list on this new layout. Its only one row, and I cant brows it any other way than scrolling to the right. Once I choose a show, when I exit it, it goes all the way back to the beginning of the list making it virtually impossible to browse things in the middle to end of my list. It is very frustrating. I dont like that it is only 1 row, and I can only scroll to the right. Then it goes all the way back to the first show when I pick something, and I have to start all the way over again. So, if I want to look at 3 shows in the middle of my list, I have to scroll to 1 show, then go all the way back to the beginning, and scroll all the way again, then back to the beginning again. Sorry for my grammar. I’m writing this fast. I’m pretty frustrated in this. How could Hulu not notice this when they designed it. I should be able to access my favorites ealisy. This is terrible.

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