God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Five — Destroying Zeus and Cronos

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God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Five — Destroying Zeus and Cronos

God of War III: Cronos

Every God of War fan remembers the first time they unleashed the Blades of Chaos. Amidst a catastrophic storm on a ship sailing on the Aegean Sea, players led Kratos toward the Gates of Athens, where he would begin his journey to seek out and destroy the God of War, Ares. It was in these first minutes of the original God of War that Kratos encountered the Hydra — a gargantuan sea serpent that explodeed through the ship, wreaking havoc for Kratos with every step. Not on this day. Kratos utterly beat the crud out of the Hydra in a series of epic clashes, culminating with a journey into the Hydra’s throat to retrieve the Captains Key. That’s God of War, and that… was the first of many unfathomably epic moments experienced in the God of War franchise.

We recently asked our God of War Facebook fans “What is your favorite God of War epic moment of all-time”, in an effort to establish God of War’s top five epic moments, as determined by the fans of the series.
The Hydra battle in the first God of War, Kratos’ many trips to Hades, getting impaled by Ares from a mile away in Pandora’s Temple, the Colossus of Rhodes battle in God of War II, chasing Hermes in God of War III… these are all epic moments that almost made the top five, but just missed the cut.

To celebrate the release of the God of War: Saga, we are going to do a weekly countdown of your top five God of War epic moments. You may be surprised at the rankings, so let the debate ensue as we begin with #5!

God of War’s Top 5 Epic Moments: Number Five — Destroying Zeus and Cronos

God of War’s Most Epic Moments Ever
  1. The Death of Ares
  2. Kratos vs. Hercules
  3. The Brutal Death of Poseidon
  4. Brothers in Arms
  5. Destroying Zeus and Cronos

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  • I don’t know what the official list will be, but I think my most epic moment was in the opening level of God of War III. Once you beat down Poseidon, the moment where you are about to make the final blow and you click in both L3 & R3 to…..just…. man. That was the moment that I knew the game was going to put in places I hadn’t been before.

  • My guess has to be Kratos ripping Helios’ head off with his bare hands. That happened in the demo for GOW3 and secured my pre-order.

  • As a fan who is currently playing through the saga for the first time, these videos make me salivate in anticipation in getting to those moments. Kratos FTW!

  • That was my guess! :)

  • If you look at the pure epic combat of the game I should suggest god of war 3 to be number one.That game was the most epic,bloody,hardcore game I’ve ever played

  • these two epic moments combined only came in 5? I wonder what I’m forgetting about the series, the Cronos fight on it’s own would be my number 1. I have a save as close as possible to just before that fight so I can show friends what they’ve been missing if they don’t have the game or a PS3.

  • Hydra battle better be #1. Every game had tried to top that battle and none have come close.

  • @7: GOW2 GOW3 have surpassed that by A LOT. Poseidon battle was OUTSTANDING!!!

  • top 5 PS Blog? maybe there are a hundred epic moments in God Of War history and agree with the guy above Cronos fight is number one not five.

  • Cronos #5!? MMM cant wait to see the other ones..

  • I think the opening to GOW3 is number 1. It’s the most memorable scene out of any game.

    2. would be finally killing Ares

  • I’m confused why does number five consist of 2 moments?

    And nothing beats Poseidon in God of War III.

  • the most thrilling and unexpected moment is when Kratos killed him self, putting an end to an epic vengeful tormented soul.
    It should be #1

  • GOW2 When Kratos takes Icarus wings while free falling.

  • Well considering they made #5 a set of killing both Cronos AND Zeus I can only imagine that the rest will be some sort of combination. Brutally killing all the rest of the gods has got to be in here. The battle with Posideon and the QTE being from his perspective making me cringe with each correct button cause it felt like Kratos was kicking my ass. Hermes; that image is burnt into my mind watching Kratos slowly cut his legs off as you mashed down on the circle.

  • Helios Getting his head ripped off is pretty epic

  • @Heavenly_king

    Nope, Athena Statue and Poseidon are easily runners up to the Hydra. I’ll give you that the scale in the Poseidon battle was awesome but they are still just attempts to recreate the awesomeness of God of War 1’s opening that fall short.

  • But at the end I think there should’ve been a top 10 there’s so many good moments

  • @17 That was a Helios Statue

  • Bashing the petty Zeus like a boss!

  • Technically that was Destroying Zeus, Cronos, and Gaia. I agree with everyone else, how is this #5? I would have thought the Fire Minotaur or the Colossus of Rhodes would be #5

  • Oops, my bad.

  • This top 5 is very difficult to do for GOW3 ! I think the great battle between the Titans and the Gods of Olympus (GOW2) AND the ending of God of War 2 should be on either the TOP 1 or 2 spots. But I have second thoughts about that Battle of Titans vs God ’cause Kratos is not part of it.

    ..and then I can’t leave out the time he made the pact with Ares and got chained! That is just so epic and a paramount part of the story! that one and when he opened the Pandora’s Box and got the power to kill a GOD for the first time. One of these two should definitely be NUMBER 1 !!!

  • ^heh, that should read “This top 5 is very difficult to do for GOW (series)! I had 3 in my mind after watching that epic video :P

  • Well my top moment would be either when you finish the battle with the Colossus, and Zeus stabs Kratos with the Blade of Olympus in GoW 2 or the ending of GoW 3 when Kratos suicides with the Blade of Olympus, releasing hope to all mankind.

  • God of War I. Final Boss Battle. Dream Sequence. God Mode. Anyone who did this, knows no explanation is needed, and this was long before trophies.

  • I would have to say when Kratos is fighting Zeus. That was pretty awesome and it gave me a thrill. It’s hard to find video games these days that get your actual blood pumping. The GOW saga has always done that for me.

  • I actuall loved the Battle with Hercules alot.

  • @KwietStorm

    I did it. :) I don’t think there’s a trophy for that.

  • When Sony Santa Monica started making God of War DUH. But Sony Santa Monica is more of an epic moment for everyone rather then just for the franchise.

  • well..considering i’ve played them all. even the 2 psp iterations. and to place the Cronos/Zeus fight at #5…clearly indicates that there’s more awesomeness from #4- #1 really interested in this list. i would put the statue athena sequence in the top 5! that was an epic scene, cutting Hermes leg, lol and fighting Hercules all epic moments in my mind. zeus fight in GOW 2 was pretty epic too.

  • Finishing off the Colossus, killing and locking away the Fates and finishing off Ares with the giant sword

  • How about the fight between Kratos and Hercules in GOW3? It was truly epic when Kratos used the Nemean Cetus to bash Hercules’ face in.

  • nah i think the most epic momment in god of war is in all three games when he bangs all them chicks ;D

  • Ok ! Un combat contre Zeus lui-même en 5ième place, ça semble difficile à battre.

    – Néanmoins, l’affrontement face à Perséphone à la fin de Chains of olympus et le dialogue qui scellera la destiné d’Atlas est très profonde.
    – Le choix difficile de Kratos de devoir laisser sa fille, Calliope, à l’Élysée pour affronter Perséphone est tous aussi poignant.

    Ok ! It’s no easy to beat à 5th place with a battle against Zeus.
    – But, The final fight against Persephone at the end of “Chains of Olympus” and the dialog with Atlas who understant than he must accept the sentence is very acute.
    – The difficult choice for Kratos to leave her dauthger, Calliope, to Elysée for fighting Persephone is also very sad

  • Kronos is suposed to spelled with a K not a a C

  • I thought that the part in God of War 2 where Kratos called out Zeus right before the Kraken boss fight was quite the epic moment. One of the only times Kratos showed an emotion other than blood lust.

  • ithink the most epic moment in gow history was the death of poseidon he was masacred by Kratos in the best way ever

  • @34

    “he bangs all them chicks” in all five of the GOW games. The fight with Hercules is much more epic than that.

  • Kratos’ Falcon-Punch against Poseidon!? Nothing beats that.

  • Hercules is by far the best boss i have seen
    Hades & Zeus & Poseidon are great bosses but, there is nothing better then taking your half-brother down a peg or two

  • hercules beatdown
    no grown man should ever get their ass kicked that hard lol

  • I think that the Ending of GOW2 was the most epic moment in the GOW series.

  • I agree with #2.

  • sweet

  • Number 1 should defiantly be the Poseidon battle. I remember playing it and my jaw just dropped. Best opening boss in any game! Number 2 Hercules.

  • I enjoyed a lot the part that you have do defeat the sisters of fate, in God of War II, before they destroy the blade that you use to defeat Ares in God of War I. That scene where a little Kratos is fighting with them at the same time that the big Kratos is fighting against Ares is amazing!!! But there is a lot of another scenes…

  • GOW is such an EPIC series there are literally hundreds of scenes that fall under the amazing category ,one of my favorites is the ripping of the head with his bare hands that just shocked everyone

  • God of War is the most epic series ever!! God of War 3 is beautiful!

  • For me it should be this way:


    1) When Poseidon shows up, and you fight against him. GOW3
    2) Hercules / Zeus / Chronos Battle. GOW3
    3) Fighting Thanatos with Deimos´s help. GOW: GoS
    4) Fighting the Sisters of Fate, specially the part against Atropos. GOW2
    5) Saving your Family against lots of Evil Kratos. GOW1

    Honorable mention:
    The moment Kratos leaves her daughter in order to save her / Fighting Persephone with the help of Atlas. GOW:CoO

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