Wonderbook: Book of Spells Coming to PS3 November 13th, Watch the Dev Diary

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Wonderbook: Book of Spells Coming to PS3 November 13th, Watch the Dev Diary

Hi Playstation Fans!

I wanted to give you an update on a project that we are incredibly excited about here at PlayStation: Wonderbook. Although we only announced it a few months ago, our team at London Studio has been working hard on the technology behind Wonderbook for years.

We recently sat down with the team to create a series of “making of” diaries that give you a closer look at the development of Wonderbook. To kick off these developer diaries, the team focused on the core technology that helped form the foundation of the project.

The first game to use this new technology is the product of our collaboration with J.K. Rowling, Wonderbook: Book of Spells. By taking PlayStation Move’s augmented reality capabilities and pairing them with the Wonderbook peripheral, we were able to create a truly immersive, magical world in which you’ll be able to learn how to cast many spells including: Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus, with your very own spell book and wand.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells will launch in the U.S. on November 13th, 2012. For those of you who are ready to get your wizard training started, we’ll be offering two cool ways for you to pick it up.

First, there’s the Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Bundle that comes with everything you need to start practicing spells on your PS3 system including the Book of Spells game, Wonderbook peripheral, PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller – all for just $79.99.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Bundle

If you already have a PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller, we’re also offering a Wonderbook: Book of Spells standalone for $39.99 that comes with the Book of Spells game and Wonderbook peripheral.

I hope you’re excited to check out Wonderbook when it hits stores this November! Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the latest information on Wonderbook: Book of Spells and additional Wonderbook titles for 2013 including Diggs: Nightcrawler, BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs and experiences from Disney.

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  • As a hardcore gamer…meh. But as a dad, AWESOME.

  • ZZZZZzzz

  • In no way am I in the target market for the Wonderbook (26yo Male), but I’m actually kind of excited to see how Diggs Nightcrawler turns out since I love a good detective tale.

    I know it’s been the subject of a lot of hate, but Wonderbook looks technologically impressive. Good work London Studio!

  • same date black ops 2 comes out. i believe most people will prefer to get black ops 2

  • @4 Well hopefully parents of CHILDREN decide to get their kids this instead…I don’t need any more 10 year olds yelling at me in COD…

  • Even though I’m not interested in this, I want it to succeed since I like Sony a lot. So why is the release date the same as Call of Duty? :/ Its chances of succeeding now fall significantly.

  • I loved playing this at E3, can’t wait for release!!!

  • Why are people questioning the fact that this and Call of Duty have the same release date? On what planet are these going after the same demographic and since when have people all of a sudden lost the ability to buy two games on the same day: Call of Duty for Dad, Wonderbook for Notreadyformaturegames Children…

  • The laughing stock of the entire E3 show….

    Thanks a lot Sony for wasting 30minutes of my life rather than showing more features for the vita, or showing some newer IPs.

    Only thing that impressed me the whole E3 was watchdogs.

  • wow only $40? in my opinion it is the worth more but ok, 2 were just sold. one for me (im adult child i think lol) and one for my sis and bro over at their house

  • Never mind the haters. I love all things Potterverse. I will be buying the Book of Spells package.

  • btw im waiting for the dinosaurs one especially, im a kid at heart lol….fighting temptation to go all power rangers on the blog lol

  • Hopefully this will sell a lot. I wont buy it (27 years). But still, IF SONY PROMOTES IT (for a change lol), I can see it selling really good.

  • You guys better dig in those marketing dollar pockets if you want the US family market to catch on. This Wonderbook idea has real potential for the right audience.

  • There are alot of idiots here who think the gaming world consists of them only “WRONG!!!” There are actual kids whold love this the same way you loved and asked your parents for stuff. Ok now to topic at hand.

    This looks very interesting i will deff be checking out the Diggs story, im 40 yrs old and that looks Sweet! This story looks good too so I’ll keep my ear to the ground for this too being im not the biggest of wizzardry lol but love AR!

    I have all the tools to play, navigator included tho i seem not to need that for this.

    Oh yea BBC coming too sweet! Keep up the good work London!

  • Finally my kids will have something to play with the Move. Now I need to get me some kids…

  • I think that’s a pretty good deal for a move, the AR book, a game, and a PS eye. I mean you can get 1 game, a move, and a camera for about the same price.

  • @9 Bugger off you hater, you’re clearly someone who just tunes in to E3 for like 7 minutes, gets bored, watches the trailer everyone raved about when coming back, and then say he watched the whole thing only enjoying watchdogs. You said watchdogs was the only thing you liked? If you liked that than you’d like Last of Us, which they DID show at E3 and it was AWESOME. Also, if you watched Gamescom, you’d know they gave us LOTS of IP’s on BOTH Vita and Ps3 to look forward to. Sony’s done a great job at catering to all audiences, including the younger one with the Wonderbook. My family will be getting it and I’m glad they showcased it at E3 – if it was a little stretched out – but that’s my only complaint.

  • Yus. $40 is perfect for owners of the PS Eye and PS Move.

    What will games be priced at separately? $40 like PS Move only games?

  • Great price point.

  • @ Jenny, I went on both Amazon and Gamestop and can only find the game, Book of Spells. You also have to buy that blue book-looking thing, too, right? That’s the new peripheral even for those of us who already have both Move controllers and the Eye? Can’t find that peripheral for sale.

  • How about a spankin’ new HD camera to go with this thing?

  • @lisatsunami Book comes with the game.

    “…Wonderbook: Book of Spells standalone for $39.99 that comes with the Book of Spells game and Wonderbook peripheral.”

  • Not gonna lie, for $40 bucks i’ll probably buy this, though i want it for that detective games since im not a harry potter kind of person.

  • This is a terrible product. “Don’t have time to read to your kids? Plop them infront of your overpriced TV and give them a digital storybook that reads to them, helping to line the pockets of the most overrated writer in the 21st century.

    No this obviously isn’t geared towards actual gamers…but for the audience that it is aimed towards, this is shameful.

  • @Nick930930 E3 did not do this justice!! It really is awesome!!!


  • I’m definitely picking this up for the kids and I to play. I can’t wait to see more info on the other books later. Hopefully this has a lot more come out for it later.

    One question which hopefully can be answered:

    Does the AR book come with each game or will it be universal?

  • @Nick930930: I think you may be in the wrong post buddy. Take your trolling and go somewhere else.

  • I just waiting for BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs
    This one is really Awesome … !

  • This is why i “prefer” Sony/PS3. They take chances and try to provide “unique” titles and experiences to gamers. I still have yet to see anything like the Eye of judgment or the upcoming unfinished swan and wonderbook for my X360 and Wii…which i haven’t felt the need to turn them on in over 10 months. This game have potential. You Haters and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder teens need to move along.

  • @ 13 you denying buying and then stating your age means you’re buying it… also to the devs… keep this crap on the wii

  • if you think about it what’s stopping the ps vita from working with the wonderbook.
    it should technically be able to work right.

  • @ 32 STFU no one cares if you like it or not and the devs are going to continue to create games like this because not only does it open future windows of opportunities for amazing games, but also because there are kids and other people who WILL play this.
    I’m ashamed to even live in the same planet as morons like yourself.

  • @33 no move compatible on vita >.>

  • I don’t have a move yet, been wanting one for a while. Wonderbook may not be the thing that I’ve been dying to get my hands on, (I’m looking at you, The Last Guardian), that move bundle for 80 bucks is mighty sexy.

  • I can see a really fun future for this! I’m most likely going to buy just to support it and unleash the wizard in me.

  • @23 Rotsujin, thank you for answering my question.

    Apparently other companies also believe in the Potterverse, because there is going to be a series of Kinect Harry Potter games. My friend & I have been planning wizard duel parties. I’m going to bring the Book of Spells so we can play that, too.

  • @28: Seems like it’s universal to me. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it wouldn’t be universal.

  • Me wan this sooo muuuucccchhhhhh!!!!!! I get to a wizard, heck yeah!

  • Jenny Barbour I have few questions:
    1. will be there bundle with Peripheral it’s self and the game? ( I already have 2 Moves, 2 nav controlers and PS Eye Camera)
    2. Do I correctly understand , that peripheral will be used not just for Book Of Spells, but social interaction (game Encyclopedia or interaction learning: you may saty Astronomy, biology, Human history ,etc) This actually vwey useful thing if you look at prospective where I am looking at.. It means not only gamers cand enjoy PS3 but student’s too not just K8 but K12 too ( I am takjing about students with special needs … )

    To fellow gamers: this”Mrh thing can be very cool PS3 has horses give it creative thinking. So let’s say my idea work well Sony could open interactive books section on PS Store.. Just like hmmm example ibooks but all trough gaming.. Now I hope they won’t cost 60$ a copy or download new conten trough the updates or DLC 49c-1$ each

  • The detective and the dinosaurs ones look pretty interesting

  • This Wonderbook looks very interesting to me and will be looking forward to see what the kids think about it. I think the PS3 would be fine without anything beyond a controller so it shows me they really want to push the idea of what is gaming.

  • Lmao @ 16

  • I’d totally get this if there was a zatch bell game for it, am i right. BAO ZAKERUGA!!!

  • @41: Read the damn article. Gawd.

    “If you already have a PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller, we’re also offering a Wonderbook: Book of Spells standalone for $39.99 that comes with the Book of Spells game and Wonderbook peripheral.”

    Hate when people ask questions that are already answered in the post.

  • As an elementary school teacher I think it would be really cool to utilize this sort of technology in a classroom for an occasional lesson, but toting a PS3 into the classroom would probably leave everyone, from kids to staff, with the wrong idea, lol. Put the book on the desk and plug the video into the projector… Kids would probably fight over the controller though.

  • They should change the box, all i can see is “Book of Spells” , J.K. Rowling’s name, and Hogwarts with no mention of harry potter which i think is a mistake on Sony’s part.

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