PlayStation Blogcast 041: Blood, Sweat and Code — A PAX Postmortem

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PlayStation Blogcast 041: Blood, Sweat and Code — A PAX Postmortem

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I can say with considerable confidence that today’s episode is our biggest and best yet, weighing in at a groan-inducing (but quality-packed!) two hours and 10 minutes. Our time at PAX Prime last week yielded sweet fruit in the form of five new game developer interviews, and each one is a treat. First, indie developer Matt Gilgenbach discusses how his new PSN-exclusive “reverse shooter” Retro/Grade changed his life; from there, we shift to Snapshot, the charming PS3 and PS Vita platform puzzler that enables players to manipulate their environment through photographs. Then Drinkbox Studios’ Chris Harvey and Graham Smith discuss their plans for cross-controller support on their upcoming PS3 and PS Vita adventure Guacamelee, while Hitman: Absolution Game Director Tore Blystad shares the secrets of the game’s newly announced Contracts multiplayer mode.

Finally, we launch into a sprawling discussion on The Walking Dead – Episode 3 with a literal mob of Telltale game designers: Jake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman, Harrison Pink, and Eric Parsons describe the challenges of episodic game creation, the most-loved characters in the game, and how they’ve managed to stay true to Robert Kirkman’s relentlessly grim vision. It’s a fascinating listen and one of my favorite interview segments of the year.

We’ve also got a special guest in the studio: Brad Douglas, who comes to us by way of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. In addition to be being a big gamer, Brad explains Japanese gaming culture and how he ended up in the role of publisher relations in this week’s Origin Story segment. Of course, today’s show features the usual niceties, from next week’s PlayStation Store game lineup to an avalanche of Player Queries™ and tips to a vexing new Mystery Theme. There’s even a farm-fresh new PSN Gem of the Week! Listen in and let us know what you think.

Stuff We Talked About

The Walking Dead – Episode 3
Hitman: Absolution
Double Dragon Neon
Rock Band Blitz
Treasure Park
Pinball Arcade – Monster Bash table
PS Vita Cross Controller
Hatsune Miku

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The Cast

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