Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Cuts to the Chase

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Cuts to the Chase

Let’s not mince words. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is in most ways the polar opposite of the Metal Gear Solid series, abandoning restraint and resourcefulness in favor of unapologetic brutality. If Metal Gear Solid was an elegant switchblade, Revengeance is a rip-roaring chainsaw.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3

The opening tutorial mission wastes no time in showing off the game’s much-touted Blade Mode, a surprisingly intuitive mechanic that boasts palpable precision. You press and hold L1 to slow time, then hold the right analog stick to wind up your slice. Hold the stick to the right and Raiden will draw his sword to the right; release the stick and he’ll slash from right to left, cleaving obstacles and baddies in two. It’s a devastating and deeply satisfying attack, but it’s slow and expends fuel cells so it’s best reserved for surgical strikes.

Blade Mode has been much discussed, but less has been said regarding Revengeance’s impactful combo system. You can tap Square and Triangle (wide attack and strong attack, respectively) to fire off rapid slashes and acrobatic flip kicks ala Dante in Devil May Cry. Mixing and matching Blade Mode with the faster hack-and-slash strikes should lead to some visually arresting combos, as well as some of the gnarliest onscreen violence this side of God of War. It’s also tactically valuable; landing the Blade Mode combo finisher on an enemy soldier’s weak spot and tapping Circle at the right moment makes Raiden plunge his fist into his victim’s spine and claim a fuel cell for a mid-battle top-off. What energy crisis?

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3

Other fun details abound. Pop off a Blade Mode slice and you might lop off your enemy’s weapon arm, or foot – this came in handy during a battle against a rampaging Gekko biomech. Taking to the air to avoid the Gekko’s lethal kicks, I repeatedly drove my sword into its cyborg head before severing one of its oversized legs with a well-timed mid-air Blade Mode slice, bringing the giant crashing down. The demo introduced me to Ninja Run, a scrambling Dash that drains energy but can nimbly dodge obstacles, before culminating in a battle against an AI-controlled helicopter. I pounded it with homing rockets – Raiden can carry one sub-weapon in addition to his sword – until I was prompted to Ninja Dash up a volley of ‘copter missiles, skipping from one to the next like stones in a creek. I vaulted over the chopper, calmly looked downward, and used Blade Mode to shred it to smithereens while I drifted by. Yes, this was exactly as cool as it sounds.

Kojima Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary

But Revengeance represents just one step in series creator Hideo Kojima’s master plan for Metal Gear. During PAX 2012, Kojima held a panel to formally announce Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for PS3 and show off its revamped technology and open-world mission design to the North American public for the first time. In the panel hosted by Geoff Keighley, Kojima shared his inspiration for creating one of the first stealth-centric videogames 25 long years ago. “Most games were about attacking enemies,” Kojima remembered, “but I wanted to try something different. Honestly, I didn’t think it would continue for 25 years!”

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3

Kojima touched on the layered origins of protagonist Solid Snake, whose codename was designed to serve dual purposes: communicating the game’s stealthy focus and honoring Escape From New York’s gravel-voiced Snake Plissken (Kojima is a devoted John Carpenter fan). Big Boss was developed as a foil for Snake and served to reinforce what Kojima has long seen as the series’ underlying theme: surpassing a predecessor. That theme and Solid Snake’s rising popularity were the key drivers for Raiden’s controversial starring role in Metal Gear Solid 2, a departure that fans debate to this day. “Solid Snake was becoming this legendary hero and I wanted to build on that,” Kojima said of his infamous MGS2 protagonist switch. Metal Gear Solid 4 flipped convention yet again, with players finally reuniting with an aged Solid Snake only to find themselves longing for the power of a young, spectacularly reinvented Raiden.

Kojima also briefly touched on his plans for Columbia Pictures’ recently announced Metal Gear Solid film, playfully suggesting that actor Hugh Jackman would make a “pretty cool” Snake. But he cautioned that the project was very early in the planning stages and he had no announcements to make regarding cast and crew. “There have been talks about this for 15 years. I want to make sure it’s done right. It’s a very important, difficult project.”

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  • I’d love to see a MGS Rising trailer for PS3 soon, but I’ll take your word for it (for now). I’d rather see Tom Hardy as Snake (I doubt it would happen) than Hugh Jackman unless he changed his last name to Jackson ;)

  • Cant wait for MGR simply for the fact that it’s being developed by Platinum games. They seriously make some of the best action games around (Bayonetta, Vanquish, Max Anarchy). Love that developer so much. As for MGS: Ground Zeros I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. Talk about the next step in the Metal Gear franchise…

  • This looks wild. That movie will be good know kojima is over looking the project.

    Wonderbook coming soon too, nicee!

  • Looking good. Can’t wait for this game!

  • Do you mean Hugh Jackman?

  • Vamp….STOP NOT BEING DEAD! Other than that, hot damm, I’m-a go crazy with that swordy thingy….and I’ll name it……Jack….maybe Dudley.

  • Ninja Raiden Sigma FTW!!!!!! Enough said =D

  • Im playing catch up with MGS, playing through MGS2 on my vita and loving it! Can’t wait for this and Zeroes

  • playing catch up with MGS, playing through MGS2 on my vita and loving it! Can’t wait for this and Zeroes

  • Oops

  • I will be getting this. I hope we can see snake somehow it is nine years later.

  • “Kojima also briefly touched on his plans for Columbia Pictures’ recently announced Metal Gear Solid film, playfully suggesting that actor Hugh Jackson would make a “pretty cool””

    @ Sid: It is Hugh JackMAN.

  • Sounds great, although is there any chance we’ll see Portable Ops working on Vita? I’d love to play through it.

  • Can’t wait for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes! Rising looks pretty cool too (I refuse to call it “REVENGENCE”)!

    Also @Deekman I bought Portable Ops just to play it on the vita, and it still isn’t enabled!!!!

  • Looks awesome ! cant wait!

  • Jogão, promete!

  • The early gameplay for MGSR looks amazing and truthfully not a huge MG fan but the PAX footage was stunning.

  • looks cool to me

  • one thing i’m really curious about since this takes place AFTER MGS4 is where are Rose & Little Jack in this or were they just left out

  • Most of you are F****** dumb solid snake role is over for ground zero its going to be big boss or naked snake what ever you prefer

  • this is really awsome! cant wait also any word of a deno or is tt coming to psn? need to know thanks!

  • this is awesome fa real when is the demo comming

  • I heard about another MGS (Ground Zero) I was like WHHAAAAAATT!? Glad to see Metal Gear still growing. Just don’t do too much and add more and more to the point to where all it seems like you’re just making games with the title just to sell. Like Zipper and many other developers, DO NOT GO DOWN THAT PATH.

  • This MGRR looks so awesome and can’t wait to play it soon. MGS series was the best and new MGS game coming is awesome too. I know Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes will be even cooler then MGS4 was.

    ZOE has new project too i saw this week, hope that Ender project turns out to be cool ZOE3 game.

  • Rising and Ground Zero definitely will be wonderful gifts for the 25th Anniversary :P

    though it’s a shame i love Rising’s old concept of Lightning Bolt Action :D

    still it’s Platinum games, so it will be a great action game :)

  • @dark_yoh i don’t see anyone talking about not getting to play as solid snake, so I’m not sure who you’re calling dumb.

    @GRIM__REAFER KojiPro is not the kind of studio to pump out games. they take their time creating games. I mean look how long it took them to release MGS4 and its been over 4 years since the last console MGS title. As much as I want MGS:GZ to come out ASAP, it probably won’t be out until 2014 at the earliest.

  • Wish Platinum Games wasn’t so narrow minded about Move support. When you enter that slice directional thing, it would have made a lot of sense to support Move.

    Developers just don’t get that you can use the BUTTONS on the Move as the main control, and have the actual motion controls be there for things that make sense. Like what I mention.

    smh… ’tis a shame. PG is a talented studio, so it’s sad that they’re so close minded. Then again, so is Naughty Dog. If Sucker Punch can make it work in a much more fast paced 3rd person shooter with far more climbing and free form stuff, then it could work in Uncharted. A much slower game in comparison. That’s what pushed Sucker Punch over Naughty Dog for me.

    Whatever. In a perfect world developers wouldn’t be so derpy.

  • You are totally right!

  • This game is gonna be amazing.

  • Oh great, another unoptimized game for PS3 from the mediocre devs at Platinum Games. I won’t even bother with this garbage as it should’ve stayed canceled to begin with. At least the story isn’t canon. Hell, even if it was I would completely ignore it and it wouldn’t be canon to me. If anything it’s just some alternate universe/dream sequence.

  • CAN’T WAIT! Looking forward to Revengeance and Ground Zeroes! As you can tell I’m a HUGE Raiden fan. I’ve been of a fan of his from the very first time I played MGS2, unlike some people who seem to dislike Raiden. I also noticed that this game is getting alot of negative feedback,don’t know why. I for one will pre-order soon. I would like to know if there will be a collectors edition? GAME WILL BE EPIC!

  • I saw the trailer for ground zeroes, looks great. hugh jackman as snake would be cool. have it based on the first metal gear solid game on shadow moses. is there gonna be a hd version of mgs portable ops? this story was really good also and would tie the connection to mgs 3 snake eater and mgs peace walker in the hd collection.

  • Blade mode (in fact the entire game) would have been PERFECT for the Move with it’s precision swordplay, but instead we’re limited to mashing buttons yet again like we have been for the last 3 decades?

    PS3 gamers, GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

  • I guess I really am the only one disturbed by the fact Raiden looks like hes wearing high heeled shoes…I mean I always thought he might swing that way….but… :D

    And no i dont care if they are snazy cyborg boots or not…they are still high heeled looking. :P

  • I have supreme faith in Platinum Games. I can’t wait to play Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns..

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