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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

It’s been a fun PAX weekend (technically it’s still going on), and many of us still have Monday off for Labor Day. Sid and I busied ourselves seeing new games and and participating in panels. I hosted the God of War: Ascension panel, which you can watch here, whilst Sid battles Major Nelson in Super PAXword, which is viewable here. He assures me that he won.

PAX fun aside, it’s nice to be home, where I’ll be putting the day off to use catching up on The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games (find a review below). Or just watch the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes video over and over. Because it’s just that good.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 27th, 2012)

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  • hey Jeff i’m loving the 1.80 psvita update, they addressed some of the issues i had with the system but there is room for improvement. Do you have any idea when the new Resistance Burning Skies online patch is coming out? Nihilistic has done a very poor job communicating with the fans.

    I’m extremely happy to see Sir Daniel Fortesque back from the dead!!! you have no idea how much i love the franchise, i grew up playing the series, it would be a great surprise to see the franchise coming to the psvita/ps3 or even ps4, please bring MediEvil to the vita and Heavenly Sword too.

  • Man I hope this Skyrim DLC issue gets resolved. I’d rather them tell me it may not be for another 2 years than to simply say it may never happen.

  • Hey if possible for the PS vita PS1 Classics, can u update the controls such as mapping buttons to the analog thumbsticks like what was done on the PSP systems?

  • On point with the “over and over” again with Ground Zeroes. Just found the whole panel up :)

  • luv 1.8

    When is SONY’s press for TGS?

  • im cool with the update.. hated touching my screen

  • I hope the Skyrim DLC comes to the PS3. I don’t personally own Skyrim but, everybody deserves a chance to get to play it.

  • Waiting on some PS Blog coverage on Silent Hill Book of Memories. Get us a demo!

  • PSOne Classics on Vita: Yes!
    Dokuro to the USA: Yes!!
    NFL Sunday Ticket Returns: YES!!!

    Great week.

  • @6 MrPatrick: I played Skyrim on both the PS3 & Xbox. Dawnguard was buggy enough on the X, I shudder to think what it would be on PS3. They’re withholding it for good reason, no doubt. By the way, to add further insult to the Playstation Nation, there will be a new add-on for my X version this week, Hearthfire I think it’s called.

  • just passing thru… and saying PS PLUS for the win *pulls out money and asks sony ps to please take it*

  • When is borderlands coming for PSN+ users?

  • @Jeff Rubenstein is the resident evil 6 demo releasing tomorrow

  • If Sony wants people to buy PlayStation Vita this is exactly what Sony needs to do.

    The exclusive PlayStation Vita games are the games that can ONLY be played on PlayStation Vita and cannot be played on PlayStation 3/4 no matter what, like LittleBigPlanet PSVita, Escape Plan and Tearaway to name a few, and release all games that can be played on both PlayStation 3/4 and PlayStation Vita for both consoles with Cross Buy and Cross Everything.

    That is exactly what should be done and that will make everyone own a PlayStation 3/4 and a PlayStation Vita. PlayStation would be the only video game brand for everyone. PlayStation would dominate and be the undisputed champion. If Sony wants people to buy a PlayStation Vita (including me) that is what Sony has to do.

    Once Sony does that I will buy a PlayStation Vita and so many games I wouldn’t buy otherwise.

  • Also, make PlayStation Network into ONE platform, so every content that is on PlayStation Network, including non gaming content like NFL Sunday Ticket, are on every platform that has PlayStation Network like the PlayStation 3/4 and PlayStation Vita.

    That would make PlayStation into ONE. You could start doing doing something on your PlayStation 3/4 and continue right where you left off on your PlayStation Vita seamlessly. That is exactly how it should be and has to be. Everyone would own PlayStation 3/4 and PlayStation Vita (including me) and PlayStation would be the undisputed champion.

  • As for PlayStation Plus, support PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita with great content and amount for all three. PlayStation Portable isn’t dead yet, there are an unrivaled amount of great games for it, it has amazing multimedia capabilities, unrivaled low prices on everything including the console itself, smaller and many more reasons! It’s comparable with the 3DS at a lower price point, which is also something PlayStation Vita can’t compete with right now.

    PlayStation Plus support for all those devices will get you more subscribers and current subscribers will want to buy the other consoles.

    I still use my PlayStation Portable everyday and I’m not going to buy a PlayStation Vita until the things in my first post happen.

  • As of PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live Gold, give the PlayStation products the features they need and should have, cross voice chat, universal game invites for example, and not only release them on next generation consoles. That would only give Sony and PlayStation a bad name and a bad taste in consumers’ mouth and consumers might not purchase PlayStation products anymore and might go elsewhere.

  • really another sequel to Final Fantasy 13. they should have just made a huge dlc to tack on the ff 13-2 that involved lightning reversing what happened and introducing this doom clock thing that is a off shoot of majora’s mask

  • Hey GUYS!!! I was just wondering if we will get to see some Final Fantasy characters on PS Allstars Battle Royale…such as CLOUD, SEPHIROTH, LEON, TIDUS… I think that would be EPIC Sick and they were Playstations Exclusives on PS1 and PS2!!!!

    A lot of Fans are Hoping for Final Fantasy Characters (please NOT!!! FF13) PLEASEE SONY MAKE THIS HAPPEND…..IS’nt that supposed to be SONY.MAKE.BELIEVE. We BELIEVE. SONY :,)

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