PSN Community Spotlight: Counter-Strike: Eyes Wide Open

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PSN Community Spotlight: Counter-Strike: Eyes Wide Open

Oh hey, it’s Saturday again. Funny how that happens. As per usual, we’ve got another PSN Community Spotlight for you this week. Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s where PlayStation gamers like you tell their unique stories/experiences/thoughts, as submitted to this section in the PlayStation Community Forums. Those that make it all the way to the PlayStation.Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.

PSN Community Spotlight: MrPatrick

With everybody jumping online to get a taste of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since its launch last week, we wanted to hear some stories about your experiences with the legendary original iteration of the game. PlayStation gamer MrPatrick16 wrote in to tell us about his first foray into the first person shooter genre with Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike: Eyes Wide Open

Back in 2007, I went over to a buddy’s house with my PlayStation 2 and Guitar Hero. I was overly excited to be able to play co-op with him, when he told me that he had another game he wanted me to try out. He took me into the garage where they had a PC and handed me a controller. At first I was confused because I had no clue that a PC could even play games. Boy was my mind blown that day! He took the game out of its case, put it in the computer, and opened my eyes to a new genre. I never knew anything outside of side-scrollers, RPGs, music games, action, and racing games. That day, I learned about first person shooters.

The game started up and I was shortly introduced to the title — Counter-Strike. I was told to go to the multiplayer and so I did. The game loaded pretty quickly and the match started up. I selected my weapon and was adjusting to the controls when I was met with a shotgun blast. As the shell exploded into my characters body, I felt a sense of annoyance. It happened time and time again and finally I gave my buddy the controller to show me how it works. He was getting kills pretty easily and I probably looked like a ghost with my mouth opened as I watched him play in sheer amazement. He finished the match and gave me the controller again and I felt ready to go. Luckily, this time I was able to get out of the spawning area and I was off to the races. My team was the counter-terrorists and I was tasked with taking out the terrorists. The level was a warehouse and not too long after playing, I encountered my first enemy. I fired away at him and felt a little pride as I got my first ever kill. Long story short, my team won, but I definitely didn’t help that victory much since I only got a few kills and tons of deaths. Still, I had definitely become hooked.

From that day on that I was over at his house, and we pretty much went straight to that game. There was so much to Counter-Strike that it took a while to finally be able to see everything. There were a lot of guns and servers, man the servers were CRAZY! There were custom servers relating to other games like Metal Gear Solid and a certain Italian plumber we all grew up with. There were even movie based servers, so the game obviously didn’t lack creativity. The modes were plentiful and my favorite was the zombie mode where one person was “the infected” and had to hunt all the other players down with only a knife and a few enhancements. When I was a soldier, I felt afraid and immediately flocked to the best spot to stay away from being infected. When I did become infected, it was a bummer but it was fun trying to get other players. This was an amazingly fun, well-crafted game, and I’m glad I was introduced to it.

When Global Offensive was announced, I felt the rush of those early experiences all over again. I was telling everybody about this game and even got them interested. I have been following it since its announcement and still to this day flock to the Internet for information about it. Counter-Strike opened my eyes to other shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and without it, I would’ve never even given those games a chance. The series is an eye opening experience and I will definitely be getting Global Offensive as soon as I can. Counter-Strike is not only a game but, the defining of a genre and everyone should try it out because it might open your eyes too.

See you on the battlefield and as always, game on and stay thirsty my friends.

Thanks for telling your story MrPatrick16. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying your time with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Next week, you can tell any story you want as long as it’s about the PlayStation brand. Click here to check out more info on this call to action.

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  • How can win the $50 voucher in my inbox, what exactly i need to do.?

  • Eh, bummer I didn’t win it, especially since I had an edge with level design over everyone else who posted. Still, congrats to Pat…

  • So i add this person so i can have a great playstation buddy to play CS:GO with and he doesnt even have it…. thats kinda messed up… i liked the story but atleast give it to sumone that accually waited a year or so for it and got it the day it came out… instead of not at all…. thats kinda a lame story if you really didnt get CS:GO at all.. with that extra 50$ he better buy it… its like someone writing a story for Metal Gear Solid4 and never even getting the 4th one… so still kudos on the 50$ but if you choose to write a blog with “eyes wide open” dont you expect it would have opened your eyes to buy it already?

  • thats just my opinion though- i know the “trophy” thing doesnt matter.. ” for next Community Spotlight on Saturday, August 25th, I’d like to hear about your experiences with the original Counter Strike and your thoughts on the new one, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. ” and i didnt even see 1 thing about GO? .. im sorry i just put in effort to the story aswell…and to see sumone that didnt even get the game kinda caught my pants on fire

  • Good story, and congrats on winning. “Doom”, “Quake”, and “Unreal Tournament” were the games that introduced my brother and I to FPS’. Loved those nights when we used to play against each other on our computers.

    @3 and 4.
    Did you even read the story?
    Why not try and be happy for someone instead of being upset that yours didn’t win?
    He wrote an open and honest story about his experience w/ the first CS game for PC and how he was looking forward to CS:GO. When his article was written, CS:GO was not available on the PSN store yet.

  • they only changed the timing so people can wtite about CS:GO? didnt they i thought that it was moved to the 1t for reason of reason do to the blog and giving people time to play CS:GO.. i was just saying sumone that was looking forward to CS:GO since the announcment. it doent really matter i just figured that having the game would @ least be 50% they did say Thoughts on New one CS:GO i think and i still retouched mine afterwords.. soo … just following to topic sir.. it did say compair to a degree no? hint why they gave more time… i was just expecting to add someone that played cs:go not someone that wrote a story for the F* of it i waited just as long let alone been playing CS since the beta mod for Halflife in 99 12 years on playing cs… i just expected the people to have it? no? just like the Metalgear4 comment i made..

  • Congrats on your spotlight pretty great now that a story oh yeah I agree with HorrorGod why you still sad about winning I mean $50 no big deal it just money just don’t get your hopes on now ok now you wrote your experience about you in the game ? and did you put grammar in it too? Because like mines you got to make your story with experience in your heart and grammar that how they get selected HorrorGod read my story and he has no problem with it if it is he would told me and I fix it he ask if I have a ps3 yes I do and I put the part of my story it called: playstation triggers fantastic in our bodies, that a great title I made.Tthe playstation story is easy write your experience about it I made the evolution of playstation system and the games I played when I was a kid. So they gave us until 9/8/12 so get writing if you want to see my story goon forms and the title called: playstation triggers fantastic in our bodies. Good luck on 9/8/12.

  • And never give up don’t think it is a contest think is a moment that you can share your stories in public and the $50 don’t think about it you’ll lose your focus in your story my story of playstation story I went deep into my mind and I wrote on a piece of paper of playstation when I got the ps1 through ps3 that mines stuff now you write yours the evolution is the generations of playstation well again congrats on your win plus I had something in mind what would it be if you win double times that would be amazing isn’t but it of fair for the rest people but saying it will sometimes be possible :)

  • Congratz to the winner.

    I know nothing of this series so can’t really comment, but hope you enjoy your prize.

    Thanks to the team for making the next subject anything playstation (not that I’m likely to participate, but at least having it be PS related instead of about a PC game makes it much fairer for people).

    Once more, congratz, enjoy the voucher.

  • @lazarojenrry

    You suggested how people can read your story if they want, that’s cool.

    But I have a concern, your posts here are one giant hard to read paragraph.

    Do you use better sentence structure/better layout/is it easier to read the story you posted? I don’t care about spelling, but I have a lot of trouble reading big blocks of text.

  • @lazarojenrry

    I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but I don’t think you get the concept what grammar really is.

  • @ 3 and 4
    I think you ment is if he didnt go out of his way to buy the game, then how meaningful can the game be to him?


  • I am wondering when you guys are going to add html 5 to the ps vita system ? Any info on this from sony would be appreciated
    Thx les

  • @12
    Maybe you missed the part where he said “The series is an eye opening experience and I will definitely be getting Global Offensive as soon as I can.”

    ‘As soon as I can’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘as soon as it’s released’. Some people can’t buy stuff as soon as it’s available… Have to make that money first, kiddos. :-)

  • Well is your opinion of my post and plus I’m doing it for fun I don’t care what it look like. And please don’t get me started of this problem. So what I’m saying is that even if you have grammar and experiences of the story you still won’t be selected so yeah all of us can’t be best from other’s stories. And laz this laz that it driving me crazy I’m doing my best and making it fun but come on saying to other people Post that is not good ? Hmm I guess I’ll be back what I’m good at playing games and having fun even writing a story of myself of fun you see you still don’t get it it not contest it sharing your experience in public you can’t force me to do better things than people money is evil spotlight is not. I was hoping to buy bf3 and bf 1943 on playstation store so yeah I’ll continue to write stories nonstop for fun.

  • @15 sent you a message on my ps3

    @ 14 i wouldnt say im made of money since i only get paid once a month.. i still made it a priority.. not expecting everyone to be a die out CS fan..

    and @ 12 FUNNY! i would have said so myself and hopfully the extra 50$ he’ll get it

  • WOW!..i went running through the house excited about this because i have never won anything before in my life. Also, to add to some of you upset about me not owning the game, money has been really low as of late and the money that i could scrounge up, went towards renewing my playstation plus. Im a big fan of counter strike and it was actually pretty tough to choose plus over counter strike but, i like to support sony and show my appreciation to them for showing that they care about us, the gamers. Rest assured that i will be buying counter strike now and thank you sony for making my day.

  • I agree that it’s lame if the dude doesn’t even have CS:GO. The story sucked, too, it seems like anyone has the capability to make up a story for any game.

  • Also to help you guys win next time, i have a few pointers that may help you out.
    1. READ over all the previous winners- I wrote several stories that never won but once i started rereading the previous winners, i saw what was missing. Try not to make one long story. Paragraph everything out and try to not drag anything on for too long and keep your story interesting.
    2. Spelling- When you are not sure if you spelt something right, spell check it. I’m not a great speller but when you have something written that somebody doesn’t understand, it makes it hard to even finish reading it.
    3. DO NOT advertise the other game company- i have read a few of your guy’s stories that are spammed full of the competition. Its suppose to be for playstation so when you name off the competition even just once, I’m sure they automatically disqualify you.
    I hope this has helped you guys because some of you keep posting and posting and you guys never win and every single one of you deserve to win. Just keep writing and eventually your day will come. Even i was gonna give up but i stuck to it hoping that my day will come. You just gotta believe in yourself and believe in your writing.

  • Also i apologize to those that are upset about me not owning the game. The community spotlight post was up before counter strike GO came out and I was excited to tell my story. I have really been wanting to get GO ever since it was announced and so i mean no disrespect to anybody for not having the game. I had the same chance of winning as everyone else and though i am really grateful, i do indeed think that my story wasn’t the best. I wish all of you guys the best of luck for next week’s community spotlight. Write on guys and have fun with it.

  • Hey i liked the story.. and i think CS:GO is great.. not really upset…i still think its great and it makes me feel alot better that the 50$ Is atleast 14.99 goin to CS:GO if he wasnt goin to bother even with an extra 50$ in his pocket then i would go wtf sony?? but still i did read it when you posted it and i thought it was good even in the first place with all the Xbox comments. I hope you enjoy it and i didnt mean to sound like a jerk. i posted my story weeks before that topic came out.. but i waited till the game came out to rewrite it abit since the topic dad say compair the 2 almost.. that is why it got pushed the 8/25 instead of 8/23 but its still a good story sooo kudos buddy ill add ya and play some Counter-Strike with you its always better when someone knows how to play

  • did*

  • Good story Patrick. Don’t let them make you feel down. This story sure is much more interesting that the previous one about the supposedly MGS fan. That was a boring story.

  • @lazarojenrry

    I have no idea if your post was a response to everyone else or included me.

    I can’t make sense of a big block of text like that. Also you don’t use the english language very well, so even when I try my best to read what you most recently posted here, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    So I’ll just say this:

    Good luck with future contests, you obviously feel strongly about these stories and I hope they choose you as the winner in the future.

  • @MrPatrick16

    Don’t let some posters bother you. You won, good job!

    I don’t know the game so I can’t comment on the quality of the story since I wouldn’t know what to expect.

    But obviously you’ve done something right and were rewarded thusly.

    I hope you enjoy CS: go and whatever else you may use your prize voucher for!

    Have a good weekend sir.

  • Yeah, no problem, Pat, I know how tough it can be to live off not much, so spend it well (and not in one place.)

    For now, I’ll post for this next week’s topic. I can share a few of my Platinum trophies, beta experiences and whatnot.

  • Congrats Patrick ;)

  • Thanks guys. I really appreciate the congrats. I look forward to the reveal of the next community spotlight winner. I wish you all the best of luck. Keep the eye of the tiger and your fingers on the keyboard. Haha

  • I enjoyed it. It’s always refreshing to see/read something from a different perspective.

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