Fuel Overdose: A Tactical Action Racing Game Coming To PSN

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Fuel Overdose: A Tactical Action Racing Game Coming To PSN

In 2010, we started the development of Fuel Overdose with the ambition of offering a new kind of solo and multiplayer action racing experience, by bringing more variety to the combat gameplay as well as a tactical approach to the genre. That’s why we like to think of Fuel Overdose as a “Tactical-Action-Racing” game.

Our first decision was to go for a top-down/isometric perspective, as we wanted to have a camera system that gives you the innovative features that make Fuel Overdose feel unique. Today, with the first official trailer, we’re introducing the racing component of the game.

Fuel Overdose on PSN

When we decided to go for a top-down/isometric camera system, we pulled our old consoles out of the closet to try to recapture the spirit of classic racing games. We immediately remembered that what we loved about them is that balance between the immediate fun they deliver and the depth of their gameplay. With Fuel Overdose, we want to deliver a game that walks the line between arcade and simulation. In order to show their edge, the best drivers will have to master many different vehicles, each with its own specific handling.

Because Fuel Overdose has always been about playing the game the way you want to play it, each vehicle has its own distinctive handling method. Turns can be taken by either adjusting your speed, or drifting arcade-style. Each player will find their own driving style, and they’ll be able to improve the performance and handling of their vehicle by investing in customization upgrades.

Fuel Overdose on PSNFuel Overdose on PSN

The game has some advanced driving techniques, too. By pressing R2 (accelerate) and L2 (brake) simultaneously, you’ll activate the handbrake and start skidding. You can then make your vehicle start spinning with the left stick while your trajectory remains unchanged. This technique is not only useful when trying to take sharp turns, but masters of it will be able to regain control of their vehicle even after being hit. This feature wouldn’t have been that cool if we hadn’t gone for a top-down/isometric camera system. Finally, as we want to let race purists show their skills, we created a series of challenges and game modes — both offline and online — such as the drift and time attack modes, where the use of weapons and other action techniques is disabled.

Here’s one of my favorite features of the game: Grappling hooks. There are something we’ve seen for years in video games, but — correct me if I’m wrong — I think it’s the first time we’ve seen them implemented in a racing game. Imagine that you just had an accident, and there’s another vehicle coming. You can grab onto it and quickly get back on the track. You can then even trigger a boost and overtake the vehicle you grabbed onto! You can also grab other vehicles to benefit from their speed, and even quickly overtake a group of opponents by performing multiple grabs and boosts.

Fuel Overdose on PSNFuel Overdose on PSN

Grappling hooks will also allow you to perform perfect turns at full speed by grabbing corner poles — but miss your timing or miscalculate your angle, and you’ll end up being hurled across the track and smashed spectacularly.

This is only the first component of the Fuel Overdose formula. Keep an eye out for our upcoming “Action” and “Tactical” announcements, and you’ll understand why Fuel Overdose is not only a driving experience, but a combat racer that doesn’t feel like any other game.

You can follow the development of Fuel Overdose on Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting our official website.

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  • i only have one question that will decide if i buy it or not, can i play it on my psvita?

  • I’ll echo the first comment, if I can play this on the Vita as well I’ll be far, far more interested.

  • ditto

  • Agreed! At least “cross-controlled” able! If not, i dont know, so many things remember! Vita needs promo!
    Game still looks cool though!

  • It’ll be really cool if I can play it on my Vita! Please please confirm a Vita release!!

  • Vista support = money taken.

    Not to be rude but Honestly I have no interest playing this on a home console but it looks great for on the go sessions.

  • @6 Yeah agree with you, PS3 has had so many good racing games alr ( Twisted Metal, Gran, etc.) And this baby, I bet, will look fantastic on the Vita !

  • meh…not interested in racing/car combat games.

  • This game would be PERFECT on the VITA, I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t buy it for PS3 though :/ Not the type of game I want to play on the couch.

    Think about porting to Vita, you would have less competition and your game would be more “at home”. Most people who bought a vita, bought it for games like these, I know I did.

  • Vita? Would buy if so. Looks cool.

  • @Sony I hope it handles like motorstorm:rc, and is vita compatible; as well as “crossbuy” compatible.

    @4 speaking of “cross controller”, this feature would be perfect for madden. local multiplayer without your opponent being able to see your selection; in addition to (re)viewing your routes without alerting of your play. ..

  • every PSN game should also be available for the VITA!!!

  • lol Vita people sure are deperate for games!

  • @remanutd5, @Gorvi, @Sonicfan11589, @KatAveline278 , @alien_jew_420, @Heavenly_king

    Mmmh.. PS Vita…what can I say :)…So far there is no Vita version officially announced. I would be lying to you if I said that we haven’t thought about it, but keep in mind that Fuel Overdose is a an indie self-published project and that producing a PS3 game with only 3 guys working fulltime on it, is a huge task, that’s why our priority is to release the game on PS3. I’m not saying that the game will never release on Vita and I would really love to bring this game to this console, but it would be dishonest of me to say that there is a guarantee to see the game coming to this console.

    Skander D.

  • Unfortunately for the developers, I am in the same boat as others, I *really* need a PS Vita version for me to pull the trigger on this purchase. Would be great !

  • While I agree that a Vita version would be great, the deciding factor for me is going to be the control of the camera. Top down racers are so hit and miss for me depending on how far up the track you can see. If half of the challenge of the game is reacting to a corner that I didn’t know was there until the last second, I really just end up never playing.

  • @Skander Is this a PSN Exclusive?

    • The game will first release on PS3 and then on PC. So far, no other console version is scheduled.

      Skander D.

  • Hey this game reminds me of Motorstorm RC, awesome game and the best part is that it was free for Vita. Have to check it out!

  • @skander

    thanks for the replies. 3 people, didn’t realize the team was quite that small. still, you guys should look into what resources/time/investment would be required to get a vita port out. i really am clueless so i can’t speculate too much, but i would think sony’s recent admission about third party support lacking, they gotta be willing to cut deals or offer some other incentive.

    this game looks really fun, but i think it’s a tough sell to the home console crowd. despite the game looking kinda fresh and different, as someone else said the competition is stiff. on the vita your only real competition would b modnation racers (which was only decent IMO) and the other RC game (which was fun but notreally not deep at all). i mean look at 90% of these comments, us vita owners are ready to buy. ps3 owners… not so much. add cross-purchase/cross-play and you really have an enticing package, something i’d pay $15-20 for if you guys deliver on your pitch.

    thanks again!

  • Vita version please.

  • @alien_jew_420

    I totally agree with the fact that Fuel Overdose on Vita would be a good idea

    All your feedbacks are very constructive and will be reported to Sony (which is the only indie-friendly HD platform) to try to get more support from them.

    Skander D.

  • R.C. Pro-Am is back?! hahaha
    omg… I feel so old now.

    • Don’t say that :)….

      Indeed RC Pro Am, rock’n’racing, death rally are some of the games that inspired us.

      Skander D.

  • Looks good for a $2 game

  • Nice work, this looks like a great game! Listen everyone, I also want a Vita version but it’s not going to happen unless you support this dev. Look at this PSN release like a Kick Start program. Buy the PSN version and that will give them the capital to make a Vita version. I will support this dev even though it’s not a for sure thing on the Vita. However, if don’t support them then it will not happen for sure. Thanks Skander, the screens and video really sold me!

  • @Skander

    Thank you for all the feedback.

    I hope to get this since you say that your team was influenced by death rally … i lost many a work hour playing that game .. good times .. good games.

  • @CrusaderForever > thank you for your support. Much appreciated.

    @xLASxVEGASx > I’m not ashamed to say that without Death Rally there might not have been Fuel Overdose. However I must insist on the fact that we tried to go beyond the simple HD tribute to these games by proposing more than “cars shooting and dropping stuff”. But if you want to keep it simple, there are also game modes, offline and online, that allow you to play old-style.

    Skander D

  • 4 player local PLEASE!!!

  • You Guys were inspired by RC Pro-Am, Rock n Roll racing and Death Rally…i remember playing those games when i was a whippersnapper! I’ll buy your game, Fuel overdose it is.

  • is the avatats coming to the psn store ?

  • Will there be local multiplayer?

    This looks really fun. I still haven’t decided if I will buy it… on one side, it looks fun, innovative and challenging. On the other hand, this is the kind of game I totally suck at.

  • Multiplayer:
    @supvic, @princess_miwi : We focused our efforts on online multiplayer (up to 8 players). We noticed that it’s already difficult for brand new titles like Fuel Overdose to gather a large multiplayer community and prefered to regroup it online. The other reason is more technical: in our case local multiplayer would have meant split screen because our gameplay is not a matter of on “staying on the screen”. The framerate would have been drastically reduced and the number of vehicles per race would have been limited. Plus the fact that the vehicles would look like small toys….

  • The Rock n’ Roll Racing feeling is more than enoght for me to want, and besides that, the game looks pretty fun (wanna see more, much more, quick!!).
    I won’t lie too, I wanna play that on the Vita, but have no problem if it’s PS3 only (but still, would love to see on Vita, no need to be soon, just… think about it xD).
    That said, I will surely play it!

  • Looks decent. As long as it’s no more than $9.99, I’ll give it a shot.

  • Missed opportunity here guys by not bringing it to the Vita, because the game looks fun, would have been a purchase for me.

  • For PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with Cross Buy, Cross Saves, etc = sold.

  • @32:

    Yeah, Rock ‘n’ Racing was definitely a good one. Also rather enjoyed other titles Skander mentioned. :)

    Would like to see something like it again. I am going to keep an eye on this title.

    Hopefully it has a campaign mode where you can upgrade vehicles, purchase new ones, etc. Super Off-Road was a title I abused growing up too and it was pretty fun for me and some buds to play our own mini-campaigns. Granted, I know you already said no split screen (thanks for the explanation!), but it would still be fun in single player.

    • Indeed, you begin with a couple of vehicles available. Then, with the credits you earn you can purchase car upgrades and/or new vehicles. Each vehicle is defined by 5 parameters that you can modify by getting upgrades.

      Skander D.

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