Okami HD Trophy List Unveiled

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Okami HD Trophy List Unveiled

Okami HD for PS3

It’s time to start making room on your Trophy shelf for Okami HD trophies! I’m glad to be able to give you a glimpse of the challenges you will have to complete in order to collect your Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Trophies. We’ve kept some of them hidden, as they are directly linked to the story and we don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet. Check them out below!

Bronze Yomigami Learn how to use Rejuvenation.
Bronze Tachigami Learn how to use Power Slash.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Sakigami Learn how to use Bloom.
Bronze Enemy in the Gates Defeat enemies inside of a Devil Gate.
Bronze Bakugami Learn how to use Cherry Bomb.
Bronze Hasugami Learn how to use Water Lily.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Tsutagami Learn how to use Vine.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Nuregami Learn how to use Watersprout.
Bronze Yumigami Learn how to use Crescent.
Bronze Kazegami Learn how to use Galestorm.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Moegami Learn how to use Inferno.
Bronze To the Moon, Ammy! Enter the Moon Cave.
Silver Hidden Hidden
Bronze No Furball on the Menu Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon.
Bronze Kasugami Learn how to use Veil of Mist.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Kabegami Learn how to use Catwalk.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Gekigami Learn how to use Thunderstorm.
Silver Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Itegami Learn how to use Blizzard.
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Bronze Hidden Hidden
Silver Hidden Hidden
Bronze Grab Life by the Leash Increase your Solar Energy, Ink Pot, and Astral Pouch levels to maximum capacity.
Bronze No More Fish in the Sea Complete your Fish Tome.
Bronze Have Guides Will Travel Complete your Travel Guide.
Bronze Give a Dog All the Bones Complete your Treasure Tome.
Silver Sniff ‘Em Out Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List.
Gold Leave No Chest Unopened Collect all Stray Beads.
Bronze All Creatures Great and Small Complete your Animal Tome.
Bronze Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Learn all god techniques to fill up your Technique Scroll.
Bronze From Imps to Demons Complete your Bestiary.
Gold Barking Up the Cherry Tree Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Total Results screen.
Bronze Lupine and Divine Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Results screen.
Silver Out of the Gate Swinging Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves.
Gold Who Let the Dogs Out? Defeat the Kusa 5.
Bronze Dog Eat Dog Beat Hayabusa’s turnip-digging record.
Bronze Diggin’ It Complete five digging mini games.
Bronze Eat My Flower Trail Win the race against Ida and Hayate.
Bronze Dog Gone Fast Win the race against Kai.
Platinum Top Dog Acquire all trophies.

Okami HD will be available this October as a digital download on PSN for $19.99. The game is upgraded to gorgeous HD and features full PlayStation Move support; a perfect fit for the famous Celestial Brush! Initially released to critical acclaim on the PS2, Okami HD has the player take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, who inhabits the form of a wolf. After a tyrannical monster, Orochi, turns the world into a ruined, colorless wasteland, Amaterasu must use her magical abilities to restore the land to its previous glory and defeat the demon in charge of the destruction.

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  • Woot! can’t wait for this game!

  • Drat, wouldnt you know…… collectibles lol. oh well im sure il get them. i never plyed this game for the ps2 so i will look forward to playing in stunning HD :D

  • It’s awesome because it’s only 19.99 bucks.

  • I never had the chance to play this game on the Playstation 2 console, but I’m glad it’s available for download in October for the Playstation 3 — in HD, no less!

    I can’t wait to play it. I only heard good things about it!

  • When it’s coming out?

  • Hey! I was the first person in the world to request this remake in HD and with Move support! I think should have a free copy of the game and a Move controller since it was my idea! =)

  • I never played it but I want to, but $20?! No Capcom and/or SONY get real, $10 or $15 then we’ll talk.

  • This… is going to be a really hard plat @_@


    I already did all of that on the PS2, so the platinum is possible :D

  • Any talks about a Vita port at this point?

  • I asked for this years ago, and soon my wish will be fulfilled. Thank you. I promised long ago I wouldn’t whine about anything, not the price, not anything, if you would just make it available and I’m keeping my promise. An artistic beauty. Thank you.

    Not a whine, just another suggestion: pre-order, auto download for us Plussers? A Vita version is just too much to hope for so I won’t join the gimmee chorus on that.

  • can’t wait for this! i played maybe a third of the way through back on PS2, but for some reason never got a chance to finish. Hoping to be able to tackle it this time around.

  • Hey, @12, why is “Morgan Haro” commenting like he was a regular person? hee, hee

  • Will this release support the original Japanese text or do I need to purchase from the Japanese PSN store to play in Japanese?

  • Amazing. Finally we get some more news about this masterpiece. Thanks Capcom/Sony.
    So happy about the trophy list cause I remember doind probably all of this on the PS2 version. SO that means the platinum is certainly mine already hahahahaha. ;p

    I will be so happy and delighted to be replaying this game. As soon as it comes out, I am gonna buy it. :D
    Good price too. Oh, and thanks for a release date window.


  • Oh boy, I’ll gladly pay 20 bucks for that! But I think the Vita would be a PERFECT fit for this game… Please CAPCOM and Sony, work together and make it happen! I’ll give you money to turn my finger into a celestial brush!!! =D

  • Capcom releasing a downloadable title with a plat? Did hell freeze over? :-D. So glad to see the reward system being used to its fullest potential – will be picking this up. Saw Okami being played a year ago on the Wii, it definitely looks right up my alley.

  • Dog? But she is a wolf :(

  • I agree with people asking for a Vita port. The Vita would be perfect with the touch screen.

  • Love this game! I hope to get this one platinum, just because the Okami is my fav animal and it’s my second name, lol

  • @20

    Okami is your second name? Really? Thats interesting!

  • Nice! Now if you guys could bring Megaman X to PS3… =D

  • MEGAMAN Collection on a single Bluray disk with trophy support. You’ll need to print lots of money for Phase 1 of your world domination plans! Get to it Capcom.

  • This is great. But, a PS Vita version is what I want! Please! Please!

  • For the “Barking up the Cherry Tree” trophy, do you mean the result screen at the end of the game? Yikes, that’s gotta be hard.

  • Is it to test the water for Okami 2? like to see how well this one does so you may consider Okami 2? Because as much as I love this game im not going to buy it again I still have my ps2 version but i would LOVE a sequel.

  • 3-D support please

  • So excited!!! Never played in on the PS2 and I almost grabbed a copy of this on another motion-controll based game system (in crappy low res), but am so glad I waited as to not spoil the experience and get to enjoy the game on the Playstation platform as it should be!….btw, am I the only person who loves the Move?

  • Awesome, I have two requests, a plus discount and a Vita version of either this or Okamiden! Look at all the people demanding Vita games…why are you third parties ignoring us?!

  • @29

    I agree! Okamiden for Vita would be great I guess! :D

  • gonna be amazing for sure :D

  • this is gonna be a fun easy platinum to get but im not worried about the trophies im buying this cuz its one of my fave all-time games on the ps2 its so awesome they are gonna re-release this in hd im so hyped right now cant wait
    ::TAKE MY MONEY!!::

  • I was hoping for some mythological Japense trophy names… oh well. Glad to see it has a platinum at least and cannot wait to replay this game and get the platinum trophy.

  • $20 for a game of its length is entirely reasonable compared to disc-based HD releases, assuming this is a polished port and not a no-frills cashgrab. Never bothered collecting all the beads on the original PS2 release, so that trophy will be a doozy without the temptation of just grabbing a map of all their locations.

    A PS+ discount couldn’t hurt though.

  • If this game has a PS+ discount day one. Then I will buy it day one. If not then I will until it does. But I DO want to play it.

  • Wish we were getting it on bluray like Japan. ): They get a boss snowglobe too.

    Oh well, this game is sexy in HD.

  • Very much looking forward to this.


  • The only thing I don’t like about the trophy set is the platinum tittle name. I really hope they change it.

  • <—- Obviously I can't wait for this one! PLAT here I come :)

  • I found the game kinda boring back when i played it years ago on wii. I’m willing to retry it now that it looks better, has trophy support and only costs $20. Hopefully the Sixaxis controller will work well, since i’m not interested in getting Move.

  • Has anyone switched from US PS+ to EU PS+? Considering the weak offers of the US PS+, i’m seriously considering not renewing my soon to expire membership and subscribe to the EU PS+. Anyone knows if i’ll still be able to play the games previously downloaded via the US PS+ account?


  • ^ i want to but getting a europeon psn card to pay for Plus seems like too much of a hassle.

  • And here I thought the Platinum would be awarded for beating Blockhead Grande.

    *Don’t worry for those who haven’t played, it’s an optional thing that has nothing to do with the story.

  • gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good! Now all we need is Onimusha HD Collection/ PS2 Classic -(fingers crossed)- or maybe Dungeons & Dragons Arcade Collection on PSN with online co-op …………..please Capcom ;)

  • Good! Now all we need is Onimusha HD Collection/ PS2 Classic -(fingers crossed)-

  • That’s right! I agree with #47. Capcom NEEDS to release the Dungeons & Dragons ARCADE collection (Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara) on Bluray or PSN with online and trophies too. Phase 2 for Capcom’s plan for world domination!

  • Counting down the days till i can play this. Quite hyped :)

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