Mercia: Fractured Realms — In-Depth With PlayStation Home’s First Free-to-Play Fantasy RPG

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Mercia: Fractured Realms — In-Depth With PlayStation Home’s First Free-to-Play Fantasy RPG

Mercia: Fractured Realms is a beautifully detailed and expansive free-to-play fantasy RPG for PlayStation Home. Making a number of huge technical leaps forward, Mercia: Fractured Realms offers you an experience unlike anything you’vecome across on the platform before. It’s the closest PlayStation Home has come to a full retail title running within its engine, and it’s available now.

Offering a compelling, unique story and universe to explore, with beautifully realized environments and awesome combat with various characters, weapons, magic and enemies. Mercia: Fractured Realms is a truly immersive experience.

We are very pleased to have been able to develop something in the fantasy genre with this project. It’s no secret that there is already a surplus of fantasy games available; despite this, we believe we have achieved something truly fresh and original. With the visual design alone, you can see this isn’t your typical kind of fantasy clothing and armour – drawing inspiration from various world cultures and ancient civilisations ensured the end result would be something a bit different!

Complete quests or sell items in the Mercian Store to get gold that you can trade for new weapons and consumables. Additionally, new armor packs unlock as you progress, which you can purchase from the store – this will make you really stand out as a Ranger, Fighter or Defender, and it can also help you identify other players of a similar level to team up with. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also pick up reward items such as clothing, companions and furniture as you level up. The accessible, replayable, cooperative gameplay and wealth of customization options deepen with your commitment, allowing for an enriched experience.

PlayStation Home: MerciaPlayStation Home: Mercia

Key features:

  • Befriend the Guardians who will guide you through the game and give you quests.
  • Brave the dungeons to battle gruesome Beetles and savage Lizards.
  • Explore the rooms and corridors as you make your way through Mercia: Fractured Realms – you never know what you might find!
  • Pick up drops from enemies, find chests and loot bags – and don’t forget to take your items to the Mercian Store to get some Gold!
  • Choose from Ranger, Fighter or Defender character classes, as well as a wealth of magic and weapon types to play the way you want.
  • Level up your character and your Stones to increase your chances of survival and improve your magical abilities.
  • Unlock an abundance of rewards, including clothing, companions and furniture.
  • Don’t head into the dungeons alone, meet up with other Mercians in The Sanctuary and go into battle together!

PlayStation Home: Mercia

The World

The game is set within the fractured realms of Mercia, a world torn apart eons ago and put back together by ancient Guardians who have turned to stone over Millennia. Players must quest through this world helping to maintain the balance.

This game space environment is split into a series of rooms, which when combined, make up a Dungeon. Each room is like a small Home ‘space’ with lush and detailed elements maintaining the consistency and quality across a vast area.

The Characters and Weapons

The game offers three different warrior types: Fighter, Ranger and Defender. You gain access to all three types early in the game, starting off with the free Fighter starter pack. Improved versions are unlocked if you continue through the quests. New bows, swords, heavy weapons and shields will also be unlocked throughout the game, some purchasable through the Mercian Store and others by using gold received from completing quests; additionally, Mercian items will crop up in the Gift Machine to send to your friends!

PlayStation Home: MerciaPlayStation Home: Mercia

The Oracle

The Oracle brings equilibrium to the world of Mercia – in one of her hands is a pot pouring water, which represents her influence flowing out into the Realms, and in the other is a green orb, symbolizing the entire world of Mercia. She is calling out to all the heroes of PlayStation Home to assist her and her fellow Guardians in maintaining the balance of Mercia.

The Oracle is also one of the major quest givers; she’ll offer you opportunities to discover and collect elements of the Mercian world, including stones and shards, which are essential for progression.

PlayStation Home: MerciaPlayStation Home: Mercia

Stones and Magic

Stones are a major driving force within Mercia — they are parts of fallen stone Guardians, and are filled with their former power and energy. Players collect them during the game and can either use their magic offensively or defensively by equipping them to their ‘Stone slots’. This is another element of the game which offers deeper customisation of play style, allowing you to become a powerful hero in the world of Mercia: Fractured Realms.

Lockwood Publishing and Sony Computer Entertainment are excited to bring this unique RPG experience to PlayStation Home, a broken world is in need of heroes — will you rise to the challenge? Check out Mercia’s Facebook page for extra content, such as developer diaries and concept art; or follow Lockwood on Twitter if that’s more your thing!

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  • I liked it and also everything you guys put on home rocks hat’s off to Lockwood.

  • Interesting. I don’t frequent home too often, but I might have to, to check this out.

  • I hope Home launches like this for the PS4.

  • Won’t download past 100 MB. :(

  • That games now one of my favorite on pshome! :)

  • Mercia looks amazing! Bet it’s got some bosses to beat, plenty of voiceovers, and loads of quests. I do have some questions, though.

    Will Mercia have expansion DLC packs and updates to continue the adventure?

    Will we be seeing new places, worlds, and dungeons added to Mercia for us to explore?

    Will we be able to battle new enemies and bosses?

    Oh, also, when will these reward problems for the other game, Conspiracy, and the game itself be fixed and ready to make it’s complete return? I missed that game so very much, I want to go back and play through it’s missions again and see new missions, too! I miss being a Conspiracy agent so much!

  • Finally downloaded in the background while I was doing something else. Woot!

  • Not the biggest fan of Home, but i find this interesting.

  • Trophies ???????
    Please !!!!!!!

  • Very entertaining yet idk yet but i seem to have run into a glitch or some other circumstance where it won’t load up the crafting items, forging armor, and entering realm loads… idk if problem with server but i’d like to know otherwise it was awesome for the time i played. Thank you, gave me a reason to get on PS Home for once.

  • I’m having the same problem as #10 Mega26.. I tried to play it but it has a boxed X mark on Summoning creatures, Creating World… and something else in between those two.. All have a Boxed X mark but the others has the … loading . T.T

  • It seems interesting, I may check it out, but I do have a question, are you going to be able to solo it, go into dungeons solo and do everything solo, or are you going to be forced to team up in order to proceed?

  • Stop avoiding questions and comments. Good blogs and good companies answer the consumers.

    Why is this game only available though PlayStation Home and not the PlayStation Store?

  • Just checked out their site. Looks like it’s a server load problem or something like that lol ; ;~

  • I enjoyed the beta and now it’s a little bit better than before, keep it up.

  • Does anyone know how to use a spell?

  • Never mind, for all of you wondering: First equip a spell by going into the menu by pressing L1. Now go back and keep pressing R1. Navigate to the attack spell you would like and press either Square or Circle to map that spell to that button.

  • How many can party up? Please be at least 4. There’s no mage class alone?

  • where are all the crazy people asking for it on VITA? just asking :)
    PS3 is still rocking it seems. hate home though.

  • Home itself has horrible controls, does this game suffer from it?

  • +Shinspikes Yeah it actually does.. the hit detection is utterly crap but that shouldn’t keep you from trying the game out ;)

  • But the battles are action oriented or it’s stat based like most MMOs? if it’s the latter than hit detection isn’t really a big deal, the animations are mostly figurative.

    I always wondered why Home never had a MMORPG style game earlier, maybe they were a bit too complicated perhaps. Something along the lines of WKC online or PSO would work within Home i guess,

  • This looks really interesting. Can you tell us how many co-op players can team up at the same time? I’m hoping for 4 player co-op myself.

  • It’s action based. So if you swing your weapon 3 times you might miss 2 shots (not as in low accuracy) but as in fail of the game. I still praise the game for what its trying to be so ;)

  • to the guy asking why it is in home and not the store, it is because it is made FOR home thios is why they changed the layout of home from what it was before.. the home engine is apperently made to make things like this easier to program for

  • reminds me of skyrim…not a bad thing :)

  • I gotta check this out

  • Another F2P cash store money grub. Sad

  • fix the glitching were you loading forever then the screen turns blue & your player falls through floor this aggrivates me i know it not happening too just me fix all glitches

  • Downloaded and tried to play this a little last night. It froze in the same spot (2) times. When you open the screen to select what stones (abilities) you want to use. Light blue screen and my gamer tag flashing all over the screen. :(

  • ok i played last nigh and the game is fun like playing a rpg multiplayer online but i think it need a few thing.

    1.they need to add the option to start a new game because i am one of those people who doesn’t like to die on a rpg game.

    2.they need to add a run bottom o something like that the monster run more faster than me even the 15 feet elephant.

    3. i didn’t like the armor buying thing, there is not armor to upgrade you need to buy from the store and the free one is just one, i feel angry when i was doing the 8 quest and the monsters kill me with just 2 hit.

    and you can put the bundle armor pack to sell is fine but we need free one like others rpg .

    i hope you add the play a new game option if not , this is gonna be the last time playing this game that if you don buy the bundle armor you get killed a dozen of times in the game.

  • As pointed out this should’ve been its own game all along not just another pitiful home game with all the same bug, massive lag and pay to win “micro” transactions. Best advice is wait a while before sinking money into this to see if anythings actually done with or simply ignored then abandoned like so many other locations / activities on home. Odds are in favour of it becoming another Fam hangout & lag bombers paradise.

  • hey , it sounds fun but for some of us like me i loaded there play a few ,then i had to goto work ,long story short it doesn t let me load back there at all tried since 5pm to 3am last night . called psn and still we can t get it to work anymore on my 320 playstaion : ( if anyone reads this that can help , i d love ur in put plz

  • i been stuck on that game for 3 days now wtf on the same level, level 17 i have to kill a stoneback lizard but every time i go there i cant find it or any lizards there like all gone wtf

  • kill brute lizard never been found this is glitched i look for 3hrs on time then 5hrs the second time nothing fix your glitchy game yo!!

  • Any of you who say that this costs money to play/win has obviously not even played the game. I have been playing Mercia since it first came out, completed all quests and achieved the max rank (30). And not once have I had to pay a single penny for anything. Try and do a little research before posting such nonsense. Thanks!

  • Lockwood announced that they are aware of the problem with monsters not spawning and another regarding falling through the map in the game and they said they were working on a fix that should be ready in the near future.

  • lol will before the monsters were taking there sweet time to appear.. but now there not spawning at all in the 2nd temple.. oh and there a gate blocking the entrance.. i thought it was just me.. so i go 2 a defferent server and there 9 other players talking about how bugged Mercia is.. before you release a game!!! Make sure it doesnt have any problems!!

  • Tried playing the game again after encountering some problems when it was first available, I haven’t encountered any glitches, bugs, or lags. Either the game was patched or it’s a coincidence. Don’t really care. Time for me to start playing again.

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