The Art of Journey Releases in September

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The Art of Journey Releases in September

The Art of Journey

Seeing how Journey has resonated with players across the world, we wanted to work with the Santa Monica Studio to provide a deeper look into the visual development behind this critically acclaimed hit. So, we’re excited to let everyone know that we will be presenting you with a wonderful first-time look at the extensive artwork that went into bringing Journey to life. It’s the first book directly inspired by one of our games and is titled The Art of Journey and will be available for purchase in September.

This book, designed and written by and Matt Nava, art director on Journey, and in conjunction with BLUECANVAS Magazine provides an insider’s view into the stylistic influences, narrative functions, and game design goals that shaped the final look of the game.  Readers will discover how Journey’s landscapes, cut-scenes, and much-loved robed traveler came to be. For your enjoyment, The Art of Journey will come bound as an embossed hardcover book filled with gorgeous concept art, intricate pencil drawings, and 3D models printed in full color on art-quality paper.

In addition, the book has an innovative “augmented reality” feature powered by the Daqri 4D platform. By downloading a free companion app, readers will be able to point their smartphone or tablet’s camera at special images and see animated 3D models appear straight from the game. It’s a truly unique and innovative way to more fully experience the artwork of Journey.

We are especially proud to include a tribute in the book to the game’s players. Journey’s touching experience and memorable visuals have inspired many players to create their own artwork. Matt has collected some of the team’s favorites in a special fan art section which I hope will speak to those of you who have been moved by the Journey experience.

The Art of Journey will be accompanied by a voucher that will allow readers to download a free copy of the game’s soundtrack to their PS3.

Please continue to stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks for The Art of Journey. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Journey Collector’s Edition, which will be available on store shelves this coming Tuesday, August 28, and take a look at the video below for some insight into The Art of Journey.

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  • As someone who absolutely loved this game (still is one of the best if not THE best game I have played this year) and is into the arts – I’m getting this book. No doubt.

    I’m glad you guys are coming out with this, Journey was absolutely beautiful.

  • Is the nezt game from you guys on ps3 o vita?

  • So cool! I’ll definitely be getting this!

    One question though – the soundtrack is also included with the Journey Collector’s Edition, right? If so, is there any difference between the soundtracks or are they one and the same?

  • Sold

  • Looks great! Is it going to be on Amazon or any store that ships internationally?

  • @ erico316ecw In case you haven’t heard; Thatgamecompany is an independent Studio now, after their 3 game contract with Sony expired with ‘Journey’. So I am not sure if their next game will be for either PS3 or Vita.

  • Is there the possibility that we could get the Daqri app for the PlayStation Vita? I don’t have a tablet, but I have a Vita… would be a logical idea, wouldn’t it?

  • if the AR worked with PlayStation Vita i wouldve jumped on this. my vita IS my cellphone.

  • This is awesome, its what I asked for back when the Collectors edition of Journey was announced, I got a response that hinted at something, back then I didn’t get that it was a hint, but now I see that it was basically a confirmation :P

    How much with that awesome art book cost? I definitely want it and it looks pretty big and nice, what’s the price on it, please don’t let it be too much :/

    Keep up the good work guys I am a huge fan, both Flower and Journey are incredible, you guys should make an art book with all 3 games artwork, Flower had some amazing environments as well, that would be a great artbook as well.

  • @6

    It’ll most likely be multiplatform, I just hope they can still make amazing games if they go multiplatform since the 360 isn’t capable of handling some of the stuff the ps3 can. Even with more limitations, I’m sure they can make magic.

  • Journey was one of those games where I thought “I would love to own an art book for this”, and I’d never thought I’d actually see it happen. I’m sold. It’ll definitely compliment my Journey Collector’s Edition purchase.

  • @10 – They’ve already stated that they’re no longer using the PhyreEngine which is what they used to get the most out of the PS3. It’s a shame, but I don’t think future thatgamecompany games will be optimised for the PS3… heck, chances are it won’t be on PS3 at all with the next gen just around the corner.

    It seems the focus now is on reaching as wide an audience as possible and God, I hate to say it, but that might mean a smart phone/tablet game, which is probably the most widely used platform of all. As they get more powerful, things like Flower and Journey on a handheld screen are entirely possible. And of course, this might not be all bad for Sony fans as this might mean a Vita title.

    I hope I’m wrong, I really do… I’d like nothing more than to see thatgamecompany’s next title on the PS3 or PS4, but their coyness about what platform they’re working on (and the fact Aaron Grommesh said to me directly on Facebook that they were open to the challenge of starting again without the support of PS3 owners) makes me suspect we’re going to be in for a shock announcement when they finally reveal their next title.

  • My girlfriend and I love the game and she’s been wondering about an art-book. Her birthday was last month but I really REALLY want to get her this as a treat.

  • This is by far one of my All Time favorite games ever. Thanks!!

  • What’s the price of this? Journey is my favorite game of the year, I love it, just as I love flOw and Flower.

  • Jenova, this game is in my top 5 games of all time!!! :) You’ve created something that’s right up there with MGS, Ico, Mario, and Socom (yes, a game where you “shoot people” but you also work with your teammates:) All these games created something unique in their field. Journey is awesome, I wish there was a BIG bundle that included this book WITH the “collection” that is coming out. Can’t wait to see your guys next idea for a game…. after going from micro-organisms (flOw), to plants (Flower), and then “humans” (Journey), ……where can you go next!?!?!?!??! :)

  • I have a question for the people that loves this game. how long is this game?? are the trophies easy to get???. I wont ask if it is good because everyone here will tell me it is Awesome XD

  • I forgot to also ask, does the game has a proper “story” or it is like go through the dessert and have fun?

  • Heavenly_king- It depends if you just try to beat the game then about 2 hours, if you take time to get trophies, get all the symbols, see all of the murals, and take in the scenery you could easily take about 6 or 8 hours. Of course it all depends on how hard you try and your ability. But trust me it will be some of the greatest hours of your life. The story is interesting, but it’s more of go through the dessert, have fun, and admire the beauty of it all with your companion, if your alone you WILL feel alone specially if your companion just left you. Trust me the story of why you’re doing it is mostly left to interpretation, but it is completly enjoyable. The trophies are kinda easy, but some of them require your patience and one of them is extremely hard if you’re online, unless they you get lucky. But trust me, you have to play the game to be able to fully enjoy it and apreciate it’s meaning.

  • why isn’t this released with the collector’s edition game? :’)
    you’re killing my wallet sony i will definitely buy this <3

  • Hopefully we get some news on a physical CD soon.

    This is awesome, can’t wait.

  • Very cool, I love these type of art books.

  • PLEASE bring the ‘Journey Collector’s Edition’ to Europe :(

  • Bought the game on launch, picking up the Collector’s Edition today, and so, yes, I am definitely getting this book.

  • Also from interviews of seen/read of him, Jenova Chen just seems like a pretentious jerk. As if his name wasn’t enough sign of that.

  • NEED Journey for my VITA!!!! PLZ!!!!! So I can play it while journeying myself :-D

  • Bundle this with the physical disc copy of the game and I’ll definitely buy the combo.

  • Thank you!!!! Such beautiful artwork is now going to be captured in a book.

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