PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s October Issue Heeds the Call

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PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s October Issue Heeds the Call

PlayStation: The Official Magazine -- October 2012 Cover

Nothing seems to elicit more reaction from gamers than putting Call of Duty on our cover. But love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the franchise is still the king of the FPS hill. This time, our senior editor Scott Butterworth sat down with the Call of Duty: Black Ops II devs for a deep dive into the myriad of changes they’ve incorporated into the game’s online multiplayer. It’s difficult to predict how the laundry list of revisions will affect the overall experience, but it seems the COD battlefield has fundamentally changed.

Elsewhere, we delve into the forthcoming Resident Evil 6 by chronicling the first two chapters of each of the game’s three major campaigns. We also take a look at the opposite end of the gaming spectrum with a feature on the next wave of indie games coming to PSN. These big little games may not have the huge budgets or development teams of a Call of Duty, but they make up for it with imagination, ingenuity, and artistry.

New game announces and previews include looks at superhero actioner Deadpool, eye-catching fighter Dead or Alive 5, and TV-show-intertwined-with-MMO Defiance. We’ve also got hands-on updates of highly anticipated titles Assassin’s Creed III and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and the animation invasion continues as Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse joins South Park: The Stick of Truth for cameos in the issue.

The open-world crime saga Sleeping Dogs leads off our reviews section with an impressive showing, while Darksiders II proves that God of War isn’t the end-all when it comes to action games. And don’t miss our final verdicts on the affecting Papo & Yo, psychedelic shooter Dyad, and fan-service fighter Persona 4 Arena. No doubt, there’s a lot of great gaming out there right now.

Get it all in PTOM’s October issue, hitting newsstands on Tuesday, August 28th. (Or just subscribe here.)

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  • Will this hit digital (iPad/iPhone) tomorrow as well?

  • @Roger Burchill
    I just subscribed over Android to see how this pans out, but I was wondering if Sony Plans on making these subscriptions available to vita owners…. there really isn’t a whole lot keeping that from happening right?

    I honestly think the printed magazine and monthly issues are dead given how information is now updated hourly in this Internet world. I hope the Official Mag can come to a realization on the matter soon.

  • my god that was fast!

  • got my issue this morning can`t wait to dig in.

  • Any chance we’ll see PSOM become digital for PS3 & Vita?

    • Rest assured, all these great ideas are heard, but we can say nothing about them unless there’s something to officially announce.

  • Everyone above me is hired – if I were to work for Sony.

  • Sweet, looking forward to downloading it!

  • Can we buy a cover-less issue?

  • I would love to get my PSTOM on my vita.

    posted via psv

  • Just subscribed on Play Magazines. Now have to wait till this issue is uploaded.

  • Perhaps the heads at Sony could step it up on the DLC front. Two of the titles talked about in the magazine have DLC that will appear on the other system first. Still missing DLC from Skyrim as well. Other than that you guys do a pretty good job out there.

    • I think we’re seeing improvement on this front. I’m especially excited about the Assassin’s Creed III PS3 exclusives.

  • Black ops 2 looks awesome

  • pfft…. COD king of FPS… LMAO! couldn’t laughed more at that pathetic statement HAH

  • KwietStorm on August 27th, 2012 at 3:23 pm said:

    Can we buy a cover-less issue?


    Tryhard…. Try Harder

  • @11: I would much rather Sony invest in real exclusive content, rather than timed crap.

  • Hey Mr. Burchill, I subscribed last March 2011, and had only received 8 of the 12 issues I had paid for (as I subscribed for 1 year). If I resubscribe again, will I get a bunch of months again with no issues in the mail at all?

    Also, why is the U.S. Territory of the “Marshall Islands” not in the “State/Province” list?
    Northern Mariana Isles is there, Guam is there, Puerto Rico is there, even Palau is on there,
    but not the “MH” state. *smh* We are just as much under the U.S. Domestic moniker as the rest
    of those places…..can you fix that please sir?

    Anyway, love the magazine. Wish I could just get the whole year’s worth of issues and not miss
    out on 4-5 months of lost magazines….

  • Is PSMagazine availble on android?

  • I really enjoy your magazine. I’ve had a subscription a couple times and often buy single issues at the store. When I saw the they were now available in digital format for my iPad I was beyond excited, purchased the September issue for the .99 opening cost…..


    You are flat out crazy if you think I’m going to pay $20 for a digital subscription where I don’t have a physical copy. You guys, like any other company who does this, are only seeing how many gamers/fans you can overcharge for something that should be cheaper. This is a poor move and until I see a price drop on the digital subscription I won’t be subscribing.

    • While you may feel $20/year is overcharging, we’re still a business and we do have to make a profit to keep going. The reality is that digital publishing has it’s own unique cost challenges.

  • at the time gaming left my soul i lost the excitement and bought a vita and leave it there with nothing in my soul to entice me to pick it up and then my ps3 was gathering dust because U3 would turn it off(wearing an uncharted shirt at the moment) so nothing is bringing me back to gaming it seems, but then i did something unorthodox and deleted my U3 system data and then it wouldnt turn off when i played it i was surprised but then U3 surprised me it challenged me at the dock area in a way i never saw coming i couldnt beat it but i kept trying and then i found my resolve through sony again that one part in U3 brought my gaming soul BACK FROM THE DEAD and i was ready again, ready to play again and ready to live i just turned 22 and i was feeling like 42 for more reasons than this but this taught me to enjoy life and everything it has to offer and it feels good to be a gamer again and i cant wait for ACL, BOC and much more the vita will have its early resurgence come the holidays and i just cant wait but in the mean time im going back into U3 and gravity rush.

  • is there really anything in a magazine that you cant get online weeks before the magazine is released, what are the incentives to subscribing to a magazine?

    • You are correct in that we’re really challenged when it comes to delivering news in a timely fashion. But what magazines still do great is offer thoughtful, considered coverage and present it in a much more attractive way than what’s generally available on the Internet.

  • Hey roger. have you played persona 4 arena , thats some very good stuff ,some very easy and very complicated combos, best ive seen since tekken tag 1st came out. A very good game, very good effort in that game. If alot guys are fighting head Pe 4 arena is a must buy.. i wounldt call it classic but it could be after soem time if alot get into it.

    As far as the cover its ok. Cod. ehh.. I just sony get someone to bring socom franchise back, when they do use the huge favor and huge honor and put it on the cover in a gold edtion cover .. Saying the king is back!!

    vp-psn legionairee group

    • Nope haven’t got a chance to P4A yet ’cause I was busy shipping another issue. :( It is in my “to play” pile on my desk though. Our reviewer seemed to have the same opinion as you though.

      Ah, SOCOM… Never say die, but I think it might be a while before we see another.

  • Am I the only one who thought this cover was Crysis a first glance?
    No joke that is the same pose from Crysis 2!

  • Yeah, I hear you. I sometimes get tired of putting yet another masked dude with gun and body armor on the cover.

  • I did too!!! It’s still an awesome cover by the way.

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