PlayStation Home Gets Its First Free-To-Play RPG, Mercia: Fractured Realms

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PlayStation Home Gets Its First Free-To-Play RPG, Mercia: Fractured Realms

Note: PlayStation Home’s content update is scheduled for Thursday this week instead of its usual Wednesday publish window.

This Thursday, August 30th, Home’s very first RPG opens its gates — and it’s free-to-play. Lockwood’s Dream Island floats into view, LOOT’s Active EOD (Entertainment On Demand) TVs arrive in a variety of sizes, and much more. Here’s the list of what’s new and happening in PlayStation Home:

1. Mercia: Fracture Realms

Unique to PlayStation Home, Mercia: Fractured Realms is a free-to-play RPG that opens up the possibility for huge worlds and a depth of narrative that have yet to be explored on the platform.

  • What type of warrior are you? Choose between Ranger, Fighter and Defender – customise your armor, weapons and spells to suit your play style.
  • Look forward to a free to play RPG adventure with a detailed XP system and rewards as you progress.
  • Explore the vast world and dungeons, fighting beasts, collecting items and completing quests. Discover the Guardians who will guide you on your journey.

2. Lockwood – Dream Island + Gift Machine Update

Visit the Dream Island Open House to check out this incredible tropical paradise. Explore the beautiful natural surroundings, admire the innovative architecture and discover hidden wildlife. It will be available in three different value packs, with a selection of hidden rewards and an exclusive store updated with new designer clothing.


Make someone’s day with PlayStation Home’s first “giftable” apartment, the Sunlit Meadow, available from the Lockwood Gift Machine.
Send a gift like no other—this beautiful outdoors environment is perfect for a relaxing picnic for two or a party in the woods. Let yourself go and the power of nature will make you feel alive! Find the golden butterfly to unlock a hidden reward.

3. PlayStation Home Mall Update
Magnus is back in his 55th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases things from a new Pinafore dress to leather jackets to a musically inclined new companion. Tune in now for all the details.

4. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Peasant Pack

You’ve seen the Keep and the gorgeous wares made for each Noble house of Avalon, but maybe you didn’t want to spend too much money right away. Now we have the Peasant Furniture Pack — 10 basic furniture pieces that are just as good as any other furniture in the sense that it functions as it should. Even the most common denizen of the Avalon Kingdom can afford one piece of furniture from this line up!


5. Granzella – Stylish Suits

The Stylish Suit from Granzella has arrived! The Stylish Suit provides a slim silhouette for a man, and are also available women seeking the fashionable pants suit look.

Available this week in Black, Grey, and Black Stripe.


6. LOOT – Active EOD TVs

The LOOT EOD TVs have arrived. Watch full-length movies, TV episodes, live shows and more with your friends in PlayStation Home on flat screen models in various sizes: 22”, 40”, 60”, 80”, 140” and a whopping 240”! The LOOT Entertainment On Demand TV will work in any private space unless the space comes with a video screen you can’t turn off. Want to test run the technology? The FREE LOOT EOD TV plays the LOOT Channel, allowing you to demo the TV first. If you can’t decide on one size, we have the solution for you. The LOOT EOD TV Bundle comes with all TV sizes in both flat screen and wall-mounted styles! That’s 12 TVs for one very low price. We’re even throwing in four TV stands and the free wall mount to help you decorate! So now, not only do you have to decide what to watch, but also where to watch it.


7. Konami – Horse Masks

Want to wear the zaniest thing to your next gathering? Ever wanted to be a UNICORN? Say no more—Konami to the rescue! Choose from black, brown or the rainbow-infused, mythical unicorn mask and bring the “Haaaaaaay!” (get it?) to the party! Head to the Konami store this Thursday and select your very own.


8. nDreams – Street Moves Update + Chameleo Furniture Collection

Ever had trouble deciding what color furniture to choose? This week nDreams presents The Chameleo furniture range. A unique range of modern furnishings that automatically cycle through different glowing colors and textures depending on the range you purchase. The Chameleo range is split into three variations: Glow, Moods and Motif. Within each Chameleo bundle you get a chair, sofa, carpet, picture frame, table and a bookshelf. Pick one or pick them all!


The Street Moves crew danced their way into Home last week and blew everyone away with their dancing abilities. Now get ready to meet the next set (although it looks like someone’s dad has come along for the ride).

Broadway Star, Swingin’ Sister and Boogy Boy are joined by the Embarrassing Dad as they are looking to show off their dance moves in Home this week. You can pick up the next set of the Street Moves collection at the nDreams store or at any commerce point in Aurora.

9. Digital Leisure – Casino Update

There are two exciting updates in The Casino this week. First, there’s an all-new Tier Reward for those who have reached Tier 8. Come by and pick up your fully interactive Hot Tub! You and three friends can enjoy a dip this week in this gorgeous addition to any private space. Next, they’ve updated the Lucky Fountain reward! Don’t worry , the mini fountain and sparkler reward have not been retired. The new additions are some sweet shades, perfect for keeping that poker face straight at the tables.


10. Tuscan Villa Personal Space and Clubhouse

Ever wondered what it would be like living in a rustic, yet grand Italian countryside villa? Now you can. Bring some friends and share the experience with the gift of food (the Villa has a gift of pizza for guests), and lounge the evening away. Also offered is a matching furniture bundle to properly deck it out. Available this Thursday in the Estates store!


11. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update
This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a Sony Handycam 16GB HD Flash Memory Projection Camcorder and $1,000.00 cash prize!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.


12. Community Theater Update

Join us this week in the Community Theater. Replay with Doc introduces his newest co-host, and they share their coverage of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Darksiders II, The Walking Dead and more!

See you in Home!

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