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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s nearly September, but that means both football and PAX are imminent. PlayStation will, of course, be in attendance; more details to come tomorrow. With the travel involved (I’ll be in Santa Monica to prepare for the God of War: Ascension panel before heading to Seattle), I’m looking forward to trying out Madden on PS Vita (find a review below).

At the show, we’ll be tracking down developers for in-depth interviews (which we’ll be sharing on the blog), and I’m really hoping to score some more hands-on time with Dishonored. Are any of you coming to PAX?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 20th, 2012)

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  • Good stuff! already looking forward to TGS.

    Any word on a PAX meet up? I didn’t get tickets but wouldn’t mind catching up with some of you guys

  • Good reads on some of those links.

    I also wanted to give everyone reading a heads-up. Since a lot of people thought the Vita bundles wouldn’t have memory cards after several sites reported on it, it looks like at least some will, starting with the AC III: Liberation bundle and CoD Black Ops Declassified bundles.

  • tgif tgif tgif tgif tgif tgif tgif TGIF!

  • Can’t wait to play PSone Classics on Vita, I have heard from many sources that over 100 classics will be ready to download right away. :) I must have over 20 PSone Classics bought on the PS store.

  • early post Jeff, thats whats up! Good reads. anything bringing you guys to nyc anytime soon? Thanks!

    @sonicfan, keep your expectations low. i learned that from a pretty wise man right out of this company. but i too cant wait till Tuesday for that and ehatever else the update will bring.

  • I know that you guys try and keep things positive around here but what about Studio Liverpool being closed? WipEout HD Fury is easily my favourite racing game ever and my 2nd favourite PS3 game. It’s a shame all of those Vita owners complaining about having no games didn’t buy WipEout 2048.

  • when are we gonna hear the full detil on the vita update that coming this week.

  • @6, At any moment now. Hope this weeks drop has some info on that. My Vita will be going from 60-100 come the next few days. I have over 40 Ps1/Minis that are waiting to be Vita’d …Lol

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    Do games that qualify in the Cross Buy program have to deliver a free vita version or can they also supply a heavily discounted price for the Vita version. Free is great, I can’t complain about free, free food, free drink, free gas, but free has its limits. While these developers are certainly getting something for the PS3 game, it seems like they are getting nothing for the Vita game. The Vita game has added cost and I don’t think any of us will shrug that cost off. If developers were wiling to give us the Vita version for 10 dollars instead of the 40 or 50 the game usually costs to handle development costs on initial run when we purchase the PS3 version as part of the cross play program, that would be great too. Maybe include it in a Cross Play Edition of the game where consumers can choose to pay more at the register for 10 dollars more or even opt in later to pay that 10 dollars at a later date? Eventually the Cross Play added cost could be dropped for the greatest hits version of the game with its ugly, eye sore, of a poorly chosen Red Case Color.

    I’m just curious as to how far sony has thought this through. I’m asking as a PSV owner and fan.

  • @7 onslaughtree
    Mini’s can already be played on Vita, it’s been that way for awhile. PSOne and PS2 Classics are the only ones that aren’t available yet (I also doubt we’ll ever get PS2 classics on this generation of Vita just for the record).

  • Will you guys be covering the MGS 25th anniversary event? considering how PlayStation is a huge part of that legacy :)


  • @#8 Jeff
    What I think he’s saying is that more developers would jump into the cross-buy boat if they got a little bit of a profit off the Vita version.

  • @KazeEternal

    I see this sentiment a lot but really the cost is almost non existent since the vast majority of people do not or will not buy both the PS3 game and the Vita game. There was a survey conducted to test the waters as to how many consumers were willing to buy the same game twice. Therefore Cross buy might be less costly to a developer than a simple discount would. It is also great for the consumer as it is a step towards buying the software itself rather than a version of the software limited to use on one device. In a sense it is similar to backwards compatibility, when the PS2 came out your could play PS1 games on it and you didn’t have to buy another version. Now it is between the Vita and the PS3. Cross Buy will usher in the success of Cross Play and Cross Platform, and I am all for that.

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    I’m saying I’d be willing to pay a little more, if 3rd party developers are reluctant to give it to me for free. I prefer free Vita versions with my games, especially if the voucher gives me added incentive not to buy a game used. I think getting the vita version with the PS3 version is awesome and the only thing holding me back from games like Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, MGS HD, and Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita is in part due to having to pay 40 to 50 dollars more for a game I already own. Knocking 30 and 40 off respectively would go a long way of softening the blow, but lets be honest, I like free, but I know that the cost of development is something a 3rd party would cringe at when offering these games for free.

  • @GT_168
    Cross Buy and Backward Compatibility (not backwards btw) are really nothing a like. With BC you get an emulation is a one time cost to provide that feature to a consumer and they get it for the life time of the products. A Vita game has to be built locally for that machine, there is no emulation and developers have to be brought in to make the game work.

    I’m also not saying make us pay full price, I’m talking about knocking 75 to 85 percent off the Vita Versions price tag for a downloadable version to help recover some of those extra developer cost. I want to see 3rd parties get on board and this sounds like something to help ease the blow. Think like a suit and you’ll see dollar signs and they’ll tell you they don’t like the idea of giving anything away for free. These are the people Sony has to contend with. I like free as much as the next guy, but lets be real, while its great Sony is leading the Charge, I’d like to see something like Final Fantasy X HD available to me on both platforms at no extra cost or just a few dollars more.

  • Any Socom news

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