New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases including Trey Songz, The Darkness, and Bloc Party, as well as new albums from Dispatch, DJ Khaled, Minus the Bear, Blake Shelton, and Passenger.

Also, we recently launch our Frenchkiss Records Premium Channel, featuring artists such as Local Natives, The Hold Steady, The Antlers and one of today’s featured new releases, Bloc Party. You can find it now in the Premium Channels section of the Music Unlimited service.

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  • People still use this?

  • @ 1 Ryumoau.

    Yes, I use it every week and it’s an excellent service.

    Also love Music Unlimited as I can listen to it on my Vita in Offline mode, where many services must be online to use them.

    I’m in Canada and we don’t have many of these available to us like they do in the US.

    We can’t even get onto Pandora as it tells us we’re from Canada.

  • I don’t rent or buy digital movies so if you want me to use Video Unlimited you have to have a service where for a certain amount a week or month I have the choice to download or stream any movie I want. Of course, you have to make me want to use your service instead of the competition so price, movie selection, etc all matters.

    Also, release this service on PSP. There are so many PSP owners out there.

    Stop ignoring the PSP, unless you release all games (or at least all firsty party games) that can be played on PS3 (even current PSVita exclusives, like Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational that’s also coming to PS3) on both PS3 and PSVita with Cross Buy, no one is going to buy a PSVita, so you’re missing out on all those millions of million of PSP owners that could be using Video Unlimited. If you want to be guaranteed even more that millions will buy a PSVita and that even more people will buy it, stop being anti consumer and let us play our UMDs on PSVita for FREE like it should be. I would buy one right now if all that happens.

  • @3: The PSP is done outside of Japan, deal with it.

    Sony should just exit the market all together and release Video Unlimited on the Wii! It has way more units than the PS3! Hurrr durrr, then they can release on the 360 too!

    And PS Vita would be crap with an UMD drive. The UMD drive wasn’t a great idea for the PSP.

  • @4

    then go back to your wii, and play your 5 year old games in there and fyi there are alot of people still using their psps, just because there are more ds sold than the psp doesnt mean that no one played the psp

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