Psychonauts Coming to PS2 Classics This Tuesday

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Psychonauts Coming to PS2 Classics This Tuesday

First things first: Psychonauts is coming to PlayStation 2 Classics.

PS2 Classics: Psychonauts

…Okay, that’s only one thing. But it’s super important.

Psychonauts was Double Fine‘s first game, and it came out for the PlayStation 2 way back in 2005. We love it a lot. It’s the story of a gifted young psychic cadet who must delve deep into dangerous minds and put a stop to a sinister conspiracy. And on August 28th, you will be able to download it to your PlayStation 3 as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

If you never played Psychonauts, you’re in for a treat! If you played it before, why not buy it again, just for old time’s sake? Ha ha! Tell a friend or two or a hundred.

PS2 Classics: PsychonautsPS2 Classics: Psychonauts

“So, what took so long?” you may ask. Well, you’d be in fine company for asking. As internet user @smushums66 requested, “Psychonauts PSN title or PS2 classic PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Fellow netizen Lemming inquired only last month, “RELEASE PSYCHONAUTS ON PSN…DO YOU LIKE FREE MONEY???”

These are just a few of the seemingly infinite requests for Psychonauts PS3 we receive on a daily basis. And as it turns out, we do love free money! (Preferably in cash-stuffed envelopes slid under the office door.) But to truly become a PlayStation 2 Classic, we wanted to ensure Psychonauts had all the time it needed to grow into its status as a classic, like a fine artisanal Tuscan cheese. But less smelly.

PS2 Classics: PsychonautsPS2 Classics: Psychonauts

Now, nearly seven years after its original release, that time has come. In five days, I mean. So get ready. Prepare yourself. Warm up your console. Recharge your controller. Do some thumb exercises (is that a thing??). Fortify your funnybone. Tune up your heartstrings. Clean off your credit card. Brace yourself for Psychonauts.

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3 Author Replies

  • If I hadn’t already bought this game 3 times I’d get it again!

  • ugh i wish this had trophies… glad to see it up though

  • IMHO I would’ve preferred a HD remake but Psychonauts—in any form—is a welcome addition to the PS3 library just the same.

  • I’m REALLY not a fan of this game and frankly don’t understand why people think it’s so good…
    but hey, i’m not going to get in the way of other people’s enjoyment. Glad to see more PS2 Classics.

  • Great news for anyone who hasn’t tried this yet. I actually picked it up (again) as an Xbox classic. It really does hold up well.

  • Give this away to ps plus users! Not enough people know about this epic game! also Id rather not have to buy it again :P

  • Meh.. I would have preferred to see Tony Hawk’s Underground 1 + 2 added to the library. Sucks that my PS3 can’t play them. I loved those games to death. That and the Splinter Cell series… and the 007 Series… and Battlefront….

    Man the PS2 classics selection is pretty poor now that I think about it.

  • I’ll snag this for sure. But probably not Tuesday. Sorry!

    I also got it as part of a Humble Indie Bundle, but I’d love to play it on my PS3 instead (My laptop isn’t the best gaming rig…). I’ll try and get it by the end of next week, though (R&C HD is coming Tuesday, so I’ll be all knee deep in that for a bit).

  • @ #4 Zezzler:

    So says the person that has a Viewtful Joe avatar……..

    Please do us a favor and:

    1. Quit being a troll

    2. Quit trying to express your opinions as facts

    3. Stop being a hypocrite (Your avatar should give that away…..).

    4. Comment on something you don’t like. Ever heard of the Golden Rule, hypocrite?

    This game is one of the greatest games, regardless of genre, regardless of console, of its generation, if not of all time. The Metacritic score and all-time lists prove that. Please. You’re a lone wolf in a EXTREMELY large pack. Just……leave, scumbag, and go back to playing Viewtful Joe-Oh, wait! That’s not a PS2 Classic! I Forgot! My Bad!

  • The PS2 Classic selection has been a bit poor since they were first made available. Good to see there are more being added every month! I’m still waiting on Sonic Heroes for the US, though.

  • *Don’t comment on something you don’t like, sorry.

  • How much will it cost to give you guys free money?

  • @9 Dude, you gotta chill… Anyways…is there gonna be a blogcast release today? *fingers crossed!

  • @KingDubin
    I’m not even going to express how messed up your comment is.
    Enjoy your life my friend.

  • @12 scxzor ithink the price might be $9.99

  • @9: Oh you are quite a funny person there.

    2. Quit trying to express your opinions as facts
    3. Stop being a hypocrite

    “This game is one of the greatest games, regardless of genre, regardless of console, of its generation, if not of all time”

    What you are listing are other people’s opinions of the game, and he can’t have an opinion that he doesn’t like it because it makes him a troll? Sounds more like somebody doesn’t like people saying mean things about a game he likes.

    Even so he was actually quite considerate about it, he even said himself that even if he doesn’t like it he knows that there are others that do and glad that there is the opportunity to buy it on PS2 Classics for those that never gave it a chance.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Want! Want! Want! One of the best platformers/funniest games I have ever played. Can’t wait for Tuesday! Ratchet & Clank AND Psychonauts? Lock me in my room and throw away the key!

  • Grabbed this during a steam sale or two back, really wish I had known this was going to be a PS2 Classic.


  • Wicked awesome PS2 game!
    Only wished it could have gotten the HD treatment :D but i’m happy none the less. :)

  • wow.. this post was hilarious. never got a chance to play this, will definitely try it out!

  • Hrm. I can see it now. I’m going to be buying Psychonauts for a 3rd time…

  • Wow, just last week i was thinking “man, i wish Psychonauts would come to PSN as a PS2 classic” and now bam! here it is and i can play it for the first time.

  • kingDubin is 100% right

    Zezzler shut up you troll and king just ignore him he is talking out of his arse again

  • This is one of my top 3 games of all times. A game I can (and have) played at least 20 times over and more.

    The art direction of Scott C, The wackyness of Tim Schafer (Grim Fandango ftw), the multiple voice talent. Great game!

    SUPER PUMPED about this, will buy day 1.

  • @9 and @22

    kingDubin is completely in the wrong here. Zezzler was appropriate in his first and second statement.

    You see the note on the side that says don’t be a jerk. You are an arrogant jerk kingDubin. I only see you as the hypocrite and troll here.


  • Nice for people who never played this.

    Wish it was a HD release like Okami and Jet Set Radio, but oh well.

  • Psychonauts…in a digital format? *face explodes*

  • I would have gotten this if it were 1080p HD, 60fps, and had achie… I mean “Trophies” like the copy of the game I got as a part of the humble indie bundle for my PC is.

  • I didn’t like psychonauts as much as many people seemed to either. I mean it wasnt a bad game but i didnt think it was all that great either. Just mediocre to me. But a lot of people do like it and to those that do Im glad youre getting it. Power to you. Just dont assume that everyone in the world agrees with you

  • Awesome news! My only paid game industry experience was coming in for a playtest session on Psychonauts. A PSN release seems like as good a reason as any to dust off those memories :)

  • Like many others, I agree that it would be nice if this was an HD remake announcement, but it’s a great game no matter what form it comes in! My calendar is marked, because this would be the 3rd time I’ve purchased this game.

  • Can the next be ether SSX Tricky or Bully from Rockstar.Bully is a great game from ROCKSTAR!What about Kingdom Hearts. SONY!

  • I was hoping this would make a jump to the HD remake side, but a classic release is excellent too.

    Maybe you guys should consider making a sequel or a similar game.

  • This is great, since these classics are hard to come by when you look online and at your local gameshop!

  • I was really hoping that the PS3 release of Psychonauts would be worth getting, since I already have the last-gen emulated version on the 360. (And the Xbox1 version looked way better than the PS2 version.) If you hadn’t just done a recompile/repackage on Steam, I could understand “not having the assets or code”. Since you did just do a recompile for Steam, though, it’s majorly disappointing you didn’t take the opportunity to do even a recompile of that DirectX version using Phyre.

    Love you guys, but I’m disappointed and won’t be buying. Let me know when there’s a non-emulated PS3 or Vita version. (Speaking of Vita, I’d love to play Brutal Legend multiplayer on my Vita!) Even Ubisoft’s lame cash-in recompiles of Prince of Persia provided better value than this.

    Really looking forward to playing Double Fine Adventure on PS3 in 1080p and HD audio :)

  • Bout time you guys posted something. You guys went way over 24hrs since your last post

  • Dammit, Sony peoples, stop taking my money! I beg you, my wallet…has been through a heart attack 3 times in 2 weeks…mostly due to the Steam Sale but please…just…jist spare my wallet….right after I buy this and Rock Band Blitz!

  • Awesome news will get this but does this kill any chance for an HD re release?

  • How many times do we have to ask for “The Warriors”? Please!!!!!! The Warriors!

  • nice game looks very temping? CANT HELP MY SELF VERY TEMPING HELP!

  • @7
    The splinter cell trilogy have already been rereleased in HD for PS3. It’s only $21 on Amazon for the first 3. They are better ports than the PS2 versions anyways since they are based off the far superior Xbox/PC versions. I played the PS2 version of Splinter Cell first then played them all again on Xbox when I got one. It is like night and day. Almost as big a graphical jump as PS2->PS3. Then the PS3 versions are HD too. Plus they got trophies.

    I’d really like FFXII and DQ8 as a PS2 classic. But we’ll see as to wether Square gets to it.

  • What would it take to get some Double Fine games on the PS Vita? :)

  • A vita release?? And what about a part 2 ?

  • You know that one game everyone says is a must play-Psychonauts is one of them. If you’re hating on this game without even trying it. YOUR LOSS!

  • An HD Remastery with trophy support would be more appealing to me. I would definitely re-buy & re-play it again, if y’all made that happen.

  • now any word of the long over due sequel?

  • ….”artisanal cheese”…..

    …Slowly backs away…

  • Cool. I never got to play this on PS2. I’ve heard good things. I guess it’s time I finally give this title a shot!

  • @46: I think we can expect to wait until their next game is done (y’know, the Kickstarter one) before we ask for anything approaching a retail release from DF. Safe to say it won’t be on this generation of consoles.

    Also I feel bad for forgetting that PS2 Classics was a thing. Doesn’t help that Wikipedia’s list is a bit buried. :/

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