SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall

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SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall

Hello everyone, we are very proud to present SunFlowers, coming this autumn to PS Vita.

Sun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS Vita

At first sight this game may look pretty casual — indeed, its objective is pretty simple: you have to grow flowers using chain-reactions.

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn. Thankfully, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

When a flower reaches maturity, two new seeds pop out on both sides of it. If one new seed drops on an empty space it will be planted. If there’s already another flower the seed will bounce on it until it reaches a clear slot (and that’s how you make Combos!).

Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your virtual garden, where you can watch your collection and even offer them to your friends or a “near” player. See if you can collect all the flowers!

Everybody can enjoy SunFlowers, from casual to core gamers, so the game’s got three different difficulty modes. The most unique flowers can be found in “Normal” and “Hard” modes, and also during bonus stages.

Whether you prefer taking care of your flower collection (you’ll come across 330 flowers among the two different worlds), or beating the highest-scores (from one of the six Leaderboards), there are plenty of ways to enjoy SunFlowers.

The PS Vita had not yet been announced when we came up with the concept for SunFlowers, but it seemed very logical to use a vertical display for a game like this. When Sony presented us the PS Vita at the beginning of 2011, we definitely thought that SunFlowers was a perfect fit for this console so we kept the display as is, just as it was originally designed in the early concept.

Every world is split into seasons, where specific weather happenings occur — you will need to use the PS Vita’s various features to get rid of them. For instance, during autumn some unexpected falling leaves cover your flowers — lightly shake your PS Vita to make them go away.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that the music from SunFlowers is directly inspired from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We thought that this classical masterpiece would fit our game quite well. Speaking of culture, you should know that every flower you can collect in SunFlowers is based on a real one. Are you ready to level up your botany skill? Grab SunFlowers when it’s out this fall!

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