SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall

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SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall

Hello everyone, we are very proud to present SunFlowers, coming this autumn to PS Vita.

Sun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS Vita

At first sight this game may look pretty casual — indeed, its objective is pretty simple: you have to grow flowers using chain-reactions.

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn. Thankfully, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

When a flower reaches maturity, two new seeds pop out on both sides of it. If one new seed drops on an empty space it will be planted. If there’s already another flower the seed will bounce on it until it reaches a clear slot (and that’s how you make Combos!).

Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your virtual garden, where you can watch your collection and even offer them to your friends or a “near” player. See if you can collect all the flowers!

Everybody can enjoy SunFlowers, from casual to core gamers, so the game’s got three different difficulty modes. The most unique flowers can be found in “Normal” and “Hard” modes, and also during bonus stages.

Whether you prefer taking care of your flower collection (you’ll come across 330 flowers among the two different worlds), or beating the highest-scores (from one of the six Leaderboards), there are plenty of ways to enjoy SunFlowers.

The PS Vita had not yet been announced when we came up with the concept for SunFlowers, but it seemed very logical to use a vertical display for a game like this. When Sony presented us the PS Vita at the beginning of 2011, we definitely thought that SunFlowers was a perfect fit for this console so we kept the display as is, just as it was originally designed in the early concept.

Every world is split into seasons, where specific weather happenings occur — you will need to use the PS Vita’s various features to get rid of them. For instance, during autumn some unexpected falling leaves cover your flowers — lightly shake your PS Vita to make them go away.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that the music from SunFlowers is directly inspired from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We thought that this classical masterpiece would fit our game quite well. Speaking of culture, you should know that every flower you can collect in SunFlowers is based on a real one. Are you ready to level up your botany skill? Grab SunFlowers when it’s out this fall!

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  • You’ve gotta be kidding me.

  • Looks great!!
    Been waiting for this game ever since i saw the screenshot and they cancelled Hamster HD

  • Well well well. Looks nice. I like the concept and the abality to use the Vita on its side. Nice touch. The game looks to be creative in how you aim for the light clouds and not the storm clouds. My son luves using my Vita, and me and him may enjoy this title. Its a day 1 purchase for me…

  • looks like it might be fun for what it is. hope it’s not too pricey.

  • The price will be the deciding factor though!

  • Looks like a decent casual game. I can definitely get into it, as long as the price is right. Hopefully we’ll see a date and price for this soon :)

  • Shouldn’t this be on Nintendo? Sorry, wrong demographic.

  • Perfect for the vita ill be getting this thank you

  • I saw the game for the first time during E3 with the trailer. It actually looks fun. It’s good that Vita is getting a variety of games that will appeal to a larger demographic.

    Looks like it’s a perfect fit for the Vita.

  • how much is it?

  • Looks like a lot of fun. And it got glowing previews out of E3. Might be something i need to pick up since i love quirky games like that. Its funny that the the people who joke about this game will spend hours playing angry birds, farmville, or mobile games that are not as deep as this.

  • The game is supposed to be a freemium, you can get some levels free and if you like it you can buy more.

    • Hi,
      The game will be avaiable for free in demo mode, allowing you to play until level 6. Then if you wish to play further you will be able to switch the game to full by purchasing it.

  • LAME!!!! I Can NOT BELIEVE That You “Dudes” Can NOT Come Up With REAL GAMES That I BOUGHT The PS Vita For!!! What Is With All The Waiting For REAL GAMES To “Show Up”??? Then SomeBody Comes Up With A Lame-Butt Video Game About Growing Flowers To “Ease The Wait” For People Like Me Who Kinda Need A Game Like X-Seed’s RAGNAROK ODYSSEY MORE Than Some B.S. Kiddie Game.

    Whoopey! I Am Soooo Close To Selling My Vita And Useing The Money For A $50.00 Lobster Platter. It Is A Good Thing That My NetBook Can Handle A Game Like NeverWinter Nights Diamond… BeCause It Is Gonna Take MONTHS For Some Company To Put Out A Game For The Vita After The Two Or Three Games Worth Buying For The Darn Thing…

    And Then There’s The SubJect Of The 1.80 Firmware UpDate. At The End Of This Month. Oh… Halleluluyah!! I Get To Finally Play Old Games.

  • i play it if it f2p

  • The game looks cool. Platinum trophy with it?

    If it does have a Platinum, please make all the other trophies gold like in Trine 2 (12 gold, 1 platinum)

  • i love flying hamster !! cannt wait for this. now will u guys keep working on vita games? how do you feel about the vita since you guys statted to developed it.

    • When Sony first introduced us the PS Vita, they had the great idea to lend us a couple of dev kits for free almost a year before its release (so we could start to work on SunFlowers).
      From that day we really think that the PS Vita is an amazing piece of hardware and we feel very lucky to work on it!

  • OMG! The sun’s many faces are awesome!. Would so buy this just for the sun. Will definitely keep my eye out for it this autumn!

  • I second “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

    I doubt the Vita is powerful enough to run this resource hog of a freemium game.

  • The game actually looks fun to play, if the pricing is right. The game play mechanics are simple enough, yet still addictive, just like a “pick-up and play” game should be. But don’t expect to charge $7.99 and think more than a few people will buy it. This is a $.99 or $1.99 game at the most. Priced like that, you’ll get almost all 2 million PS Vita owners to purchase it, netting you $2 – $4 million on the game (that’s until more people buy the Vita). Price it at $7.99 or more and you’ll probably see less than 100,000 sold (that’s lifetime) equating to about .8 million in sales…..a fraction of the $2 – $4 million you can expect at the proper pricing model.

  • looks fun and interesting. maybe something for my lil sis to fet into when i go visit

  • I hope this isn’t freemium like someone mentioned. But RenderMonk speaks a lot of truth. I like what I see here, great graphics and fun looking game, but I don’t think I would spend $7.99 at this time. $5.99 or $4.99 would be a toss up for me, right there on the borderline. At $3.99 it is a guaranteed purchase from me. That’s just how I see it at the moment, trying to be helpful.

  • This game looks kinda fun, but it should be priced like an iOS game, if it’s $3 or less I’ll get it, if it’s priced more than $5 then you’re just shooting yourselves in the foot

  • If there are trophies and its under $3 I’ll pick it up.

  • I hate freemium games. Just give us the option to buy the full game. It’s just like that bejeweled clone.

    To those wondering, there was an article saying that Sony was shifting it’s marketing for the PS Vita to kids as well. So more variety in games.

  • Lol you people are disgusting. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. But I’m sure a lot of people will like this. So much hate for so little reason.

    Make this free with plus :) I’ll definitely play it.

  • I played this game at E3 and I LOVED IT!!! CAN NOT WAIT!! Hopefully, it’s not too expensive. I hope it’s around $4.99.

  • It’s so funny how haters that haven’t even played this game are crying!! Grow up!! You guy b*@t and complain when we get No Vita games, and then this comes along, and you are are still crying!!

  • i like what i see, it looks fun to me and if priced right i will be getting it, i think the psvita need more games like this, is very good to have variety on the system.

  • Good game for those that like this sort of thing but IMHO its a sad day when a “little” games like this makes headline news for a platform as expensive and hardcore (for a handheld) as the PsV…. its time Sony cranked things up a notch and brought us something less fluffy right now…. Killzone Mercs should have a launch title.

  • LOVE the vertical setup of the game.

  • This is completely off topic but this game would mean so much more to me if you included Otenko as a cameo.

    Otenko is literally a sunflower. He’s from the series Boktai made by Konami. You’ve responded to me already, and I really appreciate it.

    It would just be soo cool to see Otenko in here. It would make it an instant buy even though I’m probably already going to buy it. I don’t know what his powers could be I would love to collect him! PLEASE!

  • I am 25 years old and for some odd reason looking forward playing this game. If this ranges the $9.99 it has to be a must buy.

    Will there be trophies?

  • Dr. Lakav, I agree with those who welcome diversity in gaming. The video was great. I will try the demo, thanks.

  • @32 He told me there will be 13 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold

  • Wait… is this a PSVita exclusive? O_O this has to at LEAST be a PS Mobile game… this looks so much like all the $0.99 puzzle games on the Play Store ><

  • Where are the real games, these cell phone type games are not cutting it. My ipad 3 get used more. I love you sony so come on.

  • I love the Sony crew. You want more games but at the same time you don’t want the games. Every game you have a problem with. You really don’t know what you want at all. Your only happy when you are complaining. You ask for something and then complain endlessly about why it isn’t like this or that. You want it red and you complain about what color red it is. They give you PS1 games and you complain about the amount of PS1 games. They give you console like games you want smaller more portable like games. They give you that you complain about how it look like just a phone game and not a high end game. They give you one thing you wonder why they didn’t give you this too. It is endless. This is the difference between complaining and whining. People who complain stop when they get what they want. Whiners just move on to something else once they get it. Sony guys are really the worst ever. I used to argue to point but not anymore. They are right.

  • Thanks for the responses, Dr. Lakav. I’m glad to hear that the price won’t be too high, that there are trophies, and that there is a demo. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one.

  • This looks excellent! If it’s sub-$10, it’ll get a buy from me. The music and graphics are very fitting, and I really like the concept.

  • Please ignore all the naysayers. This game looks amazingly fun! As much as I like big-budget AAA titles, I also really enjoy little pick-up-and-play games like this, especially on the Vita.
    I look forward to a release date announcement for it! You’ve already said the price will be low for this, but I’d personally buy it for up to $10. It’s got a full PSN trophy list, so it’s worth it in my opinion. Anything less than that just makes this a steal. Can’t wait. :)

  • Looks really cute ^_^

  • Oh thanks for the reply.
    I look forward to playing it as soon as it’s released. I love puzzle games.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. It seems to have a very Plants VS Zombies feel and I like that. I do hope it’s a little cheaper though because anything above $15 to $30 will make me have doubts. Otherwise, very excited.

  • Hey Guys, take it easy. I love hardcore games, but sometimes you just want to relax, play an easy game… For me SunFlowers is that kind of game, and just like Dr. Lakav sayd, will be cheap, so why not? Don’t worry Dr. Lakav, keep making games for us. Regards from Brazil ;)

  • Dr Lakav, i see in the video that when you level up, look’s like you need to shake the Vita. Can you explain this a liitle bit more?

  • Seriously Madribar… I’m going to buy this game because I can’t imagine playing a ‘hardcore’ game on a bus/train.
    If you miss your stop you’re screwed!

  • @ 45

    ” during autumn, some unexpected falling leaves cover your flowers — lightly shake your PS Vita to make them (the falling leaves) go away.”

    I’m very much looking forward to this game. :)

  • @37, cosmis,, I want to copy & paste your excellent summation in every freakin’ blog post, every freakin’ day because that’s how often it’s true.

  • I bet it’ll be really great on the OLED screen. The art is just so adorable and clean.

    Really looking forward to this. I hope it’s cheap, because I’d like to see this do really well and I know with a low price point people would definitely buy it.

  • I’m not trying to hate on this game, but seriously; I keep seeing games like this coming to Vita that would normally be like 99 cents on a cell phone. I didn’t waste $300 on a portable to play cell phone games. I have a phone already.

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