Deep Black Plunges to PS3 Today

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Deep Black Plunges to PS3 Today

Deep Black for PS3

We are pleased to announce that Deep Black for PS3 is live now on PSN with single-player missions and five multiplayer maps. So what is the game about? It is an arcade-style game that’s a perfect fit for shooter fans. You’ll fight both underwater and on land within an immersive storyline that encompasses a complex science-fiction mystery, espionage, and bioterrorism.

The year is 2047. Global mega corporations known as “keiretsu” have supplanted governments around the world. The most powerful of these is Ishiguro-Himmel Systems (IHS), headquartered in Berlin. The nations that remain have been driven to the brink of war by a struggle for dwindling natural resources. In order to survive, these countries have banded together into two multinational organizations that pool their wealth and military might in a quest for survival – The United Federation of Gondwana, which comprises South America, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia and the Global Strategic Alliance (GSA), which includes North America, Europe, and northern Asia.

Deep Black for PS3Deep Black for PS3

For years, Gondwana and the GSA have been the dominant powers, thwarting the growth of companies like IHS. However, with the recent discovery of a fallen meteorite, all that is about to change. You play the role of a soldier of fortune who is sent to fight against evil. You’re armed with a special suit to ease movement underwater and onshore as well as state-of-the-art weapons such as a built-in jetpack that propels you through the water faster and a harpoon used to drag enemies underwater, break locks and reprogram drones so that they fight on your side.

So go ahead and call your friends because the multiplayer mode has it all – five special maps, fast speed, and classical modes deathmatch and team deathmatch as well as underwater boosts, special shields and hyper speed. Enjoy!

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