Deep Black Plunges to PS3 Today

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Deep Black Plunges to PS3 Today

Deep Black for PS3

We are pleased to announce that Deep Black for PS3 is live now on PSN with single-player missions and five multiplayer maps. So what is the game about? It is an arcade-style game that’s a perfect fit for shooter fans. You’ll fight both underwater and on land within an immersive storyline that encompasses a complex science-fiction mystery, espionage, and bioterrorism.

The year is 2047. Global mega corporations known as “keiretsu” have supplanted governments around the world. The most powerful of these is Ishiguro-Himmel Systems (IHS), headquartered in Berlin. The nations that remain have been driven to the brink of war by a struggle for dwindling natural resources. In order to survive, these countries have banded together into two multinational organizations that pool their wealth and military might in a quest for survival – The United Federation of Gondwana, which comprises South America, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia and the Global Strategic Alliance (GSA), which includes North America, Europe, and northern Asia.

Deep Black for PS3Deep Black for PS3

For years, Gondwana and the GSA have been the dominant powers, thwarting the growth of companies like IHS. However, with the recent discovery of a fallen meteorite, all that is about to change. You play the role of a soldier of fortune who is sent to fight against evil. You’re armed with a special suit to ease movement underwater and onshore as well as state-of-the-art weapons such as a built-in jetpack that propels you through the water faster and a harpoon used to drag enemies underwater, break locks and reprogram drones so that they fight on your side.

So go ahead and call your friends because the multiplayer mode has it all – five special maps, fast speed, and classical modes deathmatch and team deathmatch as well as underwater boosts, special shields and hyper speed. Enjoy!

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  • Looks interesting but i’ll have to try a demo first.

  • yeah demo first. also, why arent titles like this ported to the VITA?

  • agreed^^

  • “a soldier of fortune who is sent to fight against evil”

    Is it just me or does that line sound so very wrong?

  • @1: Unfortunately, there will not be a demo. I know that Konstantin Popov would very much have liked for there to be a demo or free trial – but forces beyond his control have dicated otherwise. This is very upsetting to me because this will surely result in less people buying this game – which, in turn, will result in a much smaller community of players in competitive multiplayer. In my opinion, 505 Games has committed a grievous error by not agreeing to releasing a demo for the PS3 version. We should direct our anger at 505 Games – not Biart Studios.

    Please note that the Xbox 360 version of Deep Black: Episode 1 definitely had a free trial. Therefore, it angers me greatly that there is no demo or free trial for the PS3 version.

    Nevertheless, I can tell you that the underwater combat is quite unique and you will not experience this in any other game that has been released so far. However, I did find that the weapons (rifles, shotguns, etc.) in land-based combat were disappointing.

  • I would totally demo that.

  • $14.99 is a great price for this game!!!! We PS3 owners are getting the complete game for $14.99 as opposed to
    Xbox 360 owners had to pay the equivalent of $10 (800 MS Points) for Episode 1 – which is only half of the complete game.

    Episode 2 of Deep Black hasn’t even been released yet for Xbox 360 owners. We PS3 players are very lucky indeed!!!!

  • I saw a review for this for xbox 360 a couple of months ago. Just wondering, how come we don’t hear about PSN games like this a little further in advance? It seems every once and awhile we get a new PSN game announced on the day it gets released to the store.

    I think it might be worthwhile to show these games on the blog earlier so you can build a bit of momentum for the release. Just a suggestion. Hope the game does well!

  • It is unfortunate there won’t be a demo, I was interested in this title and the unique underwater feature, but at $14.99 that is outside impulse buy territory and without a demo I unfortunately probably won’t be picking this up.

  • Given the glitchy mess that was Hydrophobia Prophecy, I seem to be experiencing Deep Black-phobia. Would definitely need to demo it first.

  • considering all the horrible reviews this got… i thin ill pass

  • I thought it was survival horror..?

  • @10: Am I the only one that thinks Hydrophobia Prophecy is fine? I mean, no it’s not great, but it’s okay. Enjoyed it for what it was. Though the game never really went anywhere, which was the biggest flaw imo.


    A demo definitely would have been nice for this. I mean, it looks pretty cool but I don’t know about it. Guess I could try the trial on my 360 to see if it’s worth it.

  • I have no idea what this is but the main character looks like isaac from dead space

  • I enjoyed Hydrophobia especially with the move controls…shame this didn’t get that treatment.

    Although guys if you want to sell a game with no demo/trial you need more than just screenshots. Give us gameplay footage. I’m not talking a trailer with gameplay montage. I’m talking like a developer walkthrough featuring a few gameplay elements.

    You put the time into making the game if you truly believe in your product show it off the best way you can. I understand not every game can have a demo ,but with the advent of Youtube there’s no excuse not to have some sort of gameplay footage.

  • You know what would have been cool is if this was a PS3/PSVita cross-buy title I’d be more enticed to buy it that way even without a demo, seems like it’d be a perfect fit for portable too as a nice pick up a play single player action title that has multiplayer and isn’t a excessively complicated affair. While I like that they’re doing this with disc based console games, the idea works best with smaller downloadable titles like this one. Look at Sound shapes, they could both be priced exactly the same for PS3 and Vita and if you buy one you get both.

  • This game reminds me of Dead Space [only under water instead of space] for some reason….

  • I’ll wait for this one to hit PS+, if it does. Then I’ll just wait for price drop.

  • @13 Actually, I quite enjoy Prophecy. Having played both the 360 and PS3 versions, I think the PS3 is much better. They fixed a lot of the problems (control issues, occasional frame rate stutters, etc.) in Prophecy, and I think the game looked better overall, as well.

    As for this game, I never heard one word about this until today, and it looks interesting and unique, but I always go for demos first. Unless I have seen extensive videos of it, read reviews (from players and critics), and/or know and absolutely trust the developers, I don’t buy without a demo.
    I know it is not Biart’s fault, so I apologize to Konstantin, but any game that just “appears out of thin air” and doesn’t have a demo (or full game trial) doesn’t even make my list.

  • mmmm that demo waz beasty and if anyone wants 2 add me go ahead because i am beast at all games!

  • Any word on when this will be released?

  • @22 Tell me you’re kidding. Perhaps you should read the article again. Or, the title: “Deep Black plunges to PS3 TODAY”.
    This was also mentioned in the article and several times in the comments.

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