Sack it to Me: More Disney Princess Costumes Out Now

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Sack it to Me: More Disney Princess Costumes Out Now

Disney Princesses Pack 2 Released

Last week, we released the Disney Princesses Pack 2. It contained our second collection of Disney Princess costumes, including Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Belle. These costumes are available individually again, but there is a further collection of bonus stickers for anyone who picks up the full pack.

Sack it to Me 8-20-2012

For more information on our newest pack, head on over to the LittleBigPlanet Downloadable Content Catalogue.

Don’t forget that you can complete your Disney Princesses Costumes and Stickers collection by picking up Disney Princesses Pack 1 too. Purchasing both Disney Princesses Pack 1 and Disney Princesses Pack 2 will give you access to the full collection of the Disney Princess Costumes and the complete set of Bonus Stickers!

Mm Picks

Our weekly batch of Mm Picks this week includes a very atmospheric forest level by ITARBOYI, a sticky stickering game for two or more players by Mnniska, a fun platformer from AcAnimate and a collection of mini-levels focusing on gold, pure gold by DaSpoony.

ForestOfTime by ITARBOYI

Stickerix! by Mnniska

Sprocketz (Platformer Minigame) by AcAnimate

Quite Simply Gold [1 PLAYER ONLY] by DaSpoony

Autumn Creator Kit Coming This Week!

This week sees the release of the free Autumn Creator Kit, which will complete our collection of Seasonal Creator Kits based on each of the four seasons.

Sack it to Me 8-20-2012

The Autumn Creator Kit contains an assortment of Objects, Decorations and Stickers that can help give any level that true Autumnal feel.

Just like our other Seasonal Creator Kits though, this pack will only be available for one week. Be sure to pick it up this week, otherwise you’ll have to wait until autumn next year for it to return!

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  • I was hoping you would unravel something about the Cross-Controller
    DLC. But I’m very excited for the Autumn Creator Kit! I looked at the release date, but I was surprised at the release
    date, I said, “IN TWO DAYS! But I said when the fall creator kit comes out I’ll change it! And I just changed it last night!” Uggghhh. :)

  • The Autumn Creator Kit looks great Steve! I really appreciate the free mini packs you guy’s give us. My niece is begging me to get the Disney Princesses Packs. I might have to give in just to have some peace. Hahaha!!! Thanks!

  • I hope you publish something more boyish like a Disney Kings and monsters collection.

  • Disney Princesses is plenty boyish… the day we were bored during lunch and we were having a conversation about who was the prettiest Pri… uh, I’ll stop there.

  • I would love to see two things in future DLC packs: a Studio Ghibli set, covering the major films from Hayao Miazaki,
    and one for Lord of the Rings. Between them both, I think Sony would go deaf from the screams of “Shut up and Take my money!”

  • While it’s disappointing to not have my own recently MM Picked level on the blog, it’s always good to see some new create stuff. Autumn Kit looks really good, specifically. :B

  • I want to know if there will be a new week 1 T-shirt launch day LittleBigPlanet PS Vita?

  • I hve a few questions about the Progressive contest I wanted to know do the levels created have to use every item collected from the Progressive level ?
    cause Im finished with my level and im ready to published it but I couldn’t use every item, just a few.
    also I wanted to know will you guys play the levels that dont get many plays or popular aswell ?
    because usually I dont get many plays, I’d be lucky to get 10 before midnight september 4th

  • Mulan.
    This is all I ask for.

  • Very interesting glad disney is coming out with these things my gal loves them =)

  • HEY guys bet that disney is going to remove this add on like incredibles pack….. just saying

  • Call me when it’s *ALL* the Princess are coming. Otherwise, screw these packs.

  • Why are the LBP costumes DLC so overpriced? For one thing, they are just fake, digital costumes, they shouldn’t even cost anything, they should be free. That’s the only thing I don’t like about LBP, the charging of DLC that should be free and worse, charging way too much for them. That’s why I always wait for the GotY Edition with all the DLC already included.

  • … interresting……..whats next, Disney Faries?

  • Just a suggestion, but maybe you could make Disney Princess levels. Like one level you have to escape the castle as Rapunzel? Please reply if you like the idea.

  • @13: Because it costs development time and licensing costs to actually make them.

    Costumes aren’t even needed. Do you complain about the price of easy-mode DLC (ie; basically buying in game items, currency, etc) too? None of that is necessary either.

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