Read PlayStation: The Official Magazine on Your Tablet With PTOM: Digital Edition

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Read PlayStation: The Official Magazine on Your Tablet With PTOM: Digital Edition

PTOM Digital Edition

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to announce that PlayStation: The Official Magazine is now available digitally through Apple Newsstand, Google Play, and Zinio. Simply install the free app for the respective outlet to begin enjoying each PTOM issue via your smartphone, tablet device, or computer.

The September digital issue, which features our exclusive look at Assassin’s Creed III for PS3 and Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for PS Vita, is currently available for the promotional price of 99 cents. Subscribe for just $19.99 a year to continue receiving PTOM’s unique brand of PlayStation coverage for just a few cents more per issue. Following the September issue, single-purchase digital issues will be priced the same as our newsstand print edition—so subscribe now for the best value.

Please note that print and digital subscriptions are currently handled independently of each other, so you’ll have to purchase a separate subscription to each if you want both versions. This is primarily due to the business process challenges of working with different digital outlets. We’ll continue to look into the matter in the hope that we’ll be able to offer a more integrated and convenient purchasing solution in the future.

We’re also currently working with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to make PTOM available via Kindle Fire and Nook devices. We hope to be able to announce availability in the next several weeks.

But whatever your format preference, thanks for reading PTOM and please send any comments and feedback to us at

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  • Excellent; been a subscriber for quite a while and I’m very pleased to have an electronic option for the same content. I look forward to reading this on my tablet’s brilliant OLED screen, and, hey, saving a tree or two as I go ;)

  • Where’s the Vita app at? I would actually subscribe to TWO magazines if it had one.

    • A Vita app is something we’d love. We’ll continue to work with Sony in the hopes that it can happen.

  • i let this subscription go because i have internet but if there was a PS Vita Book Reader App idve bought the sub. maybe another time.

  • Where’s Treasure Park whatever and Wake Up Club for the Vita?????? I’ve been waiting months for that after the JP store had it.

  • I like how the Vita is the absolute last thing on Sony’s mind when it comes to releasing apps.

  • Would be awesome to get this on the PS3. It would get me to subscribe to the magazine again.

  • I’d like to see magazine reader deal for the PS3 or Vita. That would be cool.

  • I also would like to echo previous posts. PS Vita eReader would be great. Especially if it somehow linked to the Amazon Kindle store…

  • If I purchase a subscription through the ipad App, is that subscription accessible via the Android app?

  • Thanks, guys! I’ll be subscribing on my iPad/iPhone when I get home from work tonight. This’ll go great next to my GameInformer digital subscription!

  • Roger,

    Can you confirm if the digital edition will have exclusive content that’s not in the magazine (i.e. videos/extended features) or will it be just scans of the magazine’s pages?

    Also, will it support the New iPad’s retina display?


    • This digital edition is exactly like the print magazine and contains no interactive or exclusive content.

  • This is where the 7 inch enhanced Vita tab hybrid I’ve been dreaming about would be ideal, if such lifestyle apps as readers and the aforementioned imaginary device were available.

    I guess I’ll just check it out on the TF Infinity.

  • The separate subscription is a deal breaker not to mention Sony doesn’t know the definition of “a few more cents” cause it would be 10-15 cents not almost 70 cents more

  • Looks great on the Nexus 7!

  • You guys should release an App for PlayStation Mobile so those on Vita and certified Android smart phones can see the magazine right away.

  • Ninja baseball batman

  • almost temped but if there was a way to get this on vita…i’d so subscribe

  • Sounds pretty cool. I have really enjoyed gaming magazines, from the days of typing in game programs by hand, through the PC Gamer glory days of the late Nineties. I, too, would love to be reading this on my Vita. Perhaps an Amazon app will be available in the near future. Any chance of a special offer for Playstation Plus members?

  • Part 1 of 2 (Character limit)
    I get that print and digital are separate from each other. As a digital(game informer) and Paper(playstation) magazine consumer I would like to suggest you really look at including them as a package.
    I tried Game informers digital…and I never read it, it was neat, but kinda slow and if i’m on a digital device I have a lot more options, and feel no reason to read it. To be clear I am talking about a magazine I like, I don’t want to read a magazine I like.
    I will be going right back to game informer’s paper magazine for that reason, also I can leave the magazine in the bathroom, I’m sure that sounds silly, but I have read the last 3 Playstation Magazines because that is the magazine in my bathroom. I don’t go looking for my tablet/phone/vita before I run in to do my business.

  • Part 2 of 2

    If the digital was a supplement (at an additional cost) to the paper magazine (It can be a full magazine too) with Video and additional pictures, and items that just can’t be put on paper, I’m sure I would spend more time looking at the online extras after I had been informed by the paper magazine. “Go to your digital subscription to watch exclusive video…” So on.
    I don’t know that this actually translates into a sales loss for you, but I do know that even if I purchased something,If i’m not reading it, I am not getting any information you want me to know.
    This is going to be the worst thing I will say. Nothing I have read/watched in the previously named online magazine made me feel it was worth the same cost as the paper magazine. I still felt that without the need for physical distribution it should have cost way less.
    I hope I didn’t come off as a Jerk, I am really trying to make a helpful suggestion based on my personal experience with this particular form of media. Sorry for block of text death…character limit hit.

    • Let’s just say that we’re looking into a number of the things you bring up. Unfortunately, I can’t offer details until there is something tangible to offer. But believe me, we’re actively trying to make the great ideas posted throughout this Comments section happen.

      The digital edition we just announced is meant to be an option and a first step in expanding PTOMs digital presence. By all means, feel free to continue reading the print version if you prefer it (we’ll keep printing it).

      And thanks for your thoughtful input!

  • I want this on vita, and also Crunchyroll

  • Would love if Vita had an app for this with maybe a discount for Plus Subscribers.

  • The app on iTunes shows exactly the same screens as the paper issue I finished a few days ago. So unless there is significantly more content in the e-magazine, I’ll wait until my subscription runs out. Thanks for making this available.

    • Yes, the digital and print editions are exactly same. At this point, it’s really just an option for how people prefer to read PTOM.

  • I’d imagine that formatting the content for the Vita would be a pretty huge undertaking, and not be as simple as just “putting it on the Vita”, though I’m totally open to being proven wrong :)

    • The funny thing is that it’s usually not the implementation of a great idea that takes a long time, it’s all the contract and legal issues that need to be sorted out.

  • My subscription to the print issues ends in September and i’m definitely considering subscribing to this version once a new issue is released!

  • Umm… cool idea… but no. I will no be paying news stand prices for a digital copy of the magazine.

    As it is, I get PTOM because I like the writing and the idea of having a physical magazine to skim through or admire screenshots on downtime I have away from the internet. I in no way use the monthly outdated info as a basis for learning things about gaming on PlayStation, for that kind of stuff, up to the second updates online are what rule… and apps like Google’s ‘Current’ which pulls in info from just about any source you want to give it and lays it out much like a magazine in a flash is a much cheaper and frankly, better way at gathering news on PlayStation (and anything else in the world).

    I think what I’m trying to get at is… I appreciate the hard work that goes into the mag and the pricing of the physical printed copy makes sense to me, but a digital version of that at the same price does not. At $0.99 you have a chance of doing something cool, but full news stand price? Well… Good luck with that.

    • I get what you’re saying hush404. I’m not crazy about the idea of paying full newsstand price for a single issue myself, but I do think we deliver pretty good value at the subscriber’s rate.

  • I subscribed to the PRINT version for the first time over a month ago and have yet to receive an issue or even a bill. Should have just went with Zinio, had it been available at the time.

  • Canada again … always no for Canada =/

    ah well, I’ll wait for the youtube app to come out first, better chance of that. Funny how it was suppose to release for North America when first mentioned. I Guess maybe were to north up or something :P

  • I’ve seen the magazine, and do like the addition of digital versions. One suggestion, though, that would appease those of us requesting it for the Vita:
    Could you work with those that provide PlayStation Plus content, and offer it as an app on the Vita for Plus members? Doing so would bring more to the Vita and Plus service, and you could possibly tie in links which go directly to the PS Store for content such as videos, demos, et cetera.

  • I subscribe to Consumer Reports, I pay ONE price & i get the magazine delivered monthly as well as it being available at NO EXTRA cost on my iPad 3, why can’t you do the same?

    I used to subscribe to PTOM, I’d like to again, seriously I would, make it worth my/our whiles & you’ll get some me & perhaps some of the rest of us to come back, keep going the way you are & you’ll continue to shed subscribers, it’s your decision.

  • 2012, i can get news from around the world in seconds but when i want to buy this i can´t because i don´t live in the states. Thanks a lot.

  • how about a PS3 and VITA app for the magazine that talks about PS3 and PSVITA?

  • Just bought it, just saved $4 on this. Glad that you guys decided to go digital.

  • A nifty idea. Not for me, but I’m sure many people will appreciate it going digital. Keep up the good work!

  • sorry if this has nothing to do with this (even though i love assassin creed) but i had a file currupt on my ps3 and i would want know if someone has had this and somehow fix it without deleting your data

  • You just missed a sale for not having this digital magazine available worldwide. We’re in the 21st century, you know…
    I like the idea of a digital copy, especially as international subcriptions are expensive/not possible at all, but aparently someone thought it wise to inherit the same restrictions to the digital version? Too bad.

  • I let my subscription lapse. Would i like to subscribe to digital OPM? Yes. Am l going to? NO. Don’t see the benefit when i can get the latest scoop, upcoming game pics and rumors with a few keystrokes…at anytime. Old Psm used to include cool posters and sometimes stickers. You guys want to charge the same price as newsstand print edition for paperless, inkless, ect,ect? Why? What justifies the price? I’m very patient and reasonable, i’ll would like to hear an answer. Now… Add some exclusive Dynamic theme and Avatar with “every” single issue then will have a deal.

  • Can’t get it in Canada… well, guess that kills my interest in subscribing.

    Oh well.

  • Honestly, if you subscribe you should get the great and preferred print magazine and a digital copy. It’s the way it is, how it should be and has to be. I will subscribe when this happens.

    There should be a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Vita app, it’s a no brainer since those are Sony products. I don’t understand why, it’s been years and there are many basic services that haven’t made it to these products yet, and some Sony services as well. The PS3 still doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter app, but the PSVita does. PSVita received YouTube before PS3 and PS3 just received it. Crackle has been announced for PSVita but not PS3. Neither have PlayMemories Online. PSVita doesn’t have Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow, Vudu,, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Gamecenter Live, etc. I think PSN should be one platform and everything that is available on PSN is available to PS3 and PSVita. Make PlayStation into one.

  • Why is there no Playbook app? would like to have that ykno.

  • Hi, will You launch the app For southamerica For psvita ?please think it because in southamerica we also care about the apps and new releases (sorry for my english)

  • For only $.99, I am willing to give the digital issue a try since you really have nothing to lose at that price. Would love an option for a trial supscripton too. Maybe a 3 issue special for $5 orsomething along those lines.

  • @Roger Burchill, if you’re not crazy about paying retail for a downloadable the answer is obvious, STOP DOING IT! seriously, did anyone think this through? I doubt it as it combines the worst aspects of both formats.

  • So I would have to view this on an Iphone/Ipod but not the beautiful Vita?

  • Why isn’t this on the Sony Reader Store Newsstand?

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