PlayStation Home Update: Tuscan Villa Brings a Taste of Italy

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PlayStation Home Update: Tuscan Villa Brings a Taste of Italy

This Wednesday, August 22nd, members of nightclub x7 get the first opportunity to the Italian lifestyle with the Tuscan Villa personal space and clubhouse, plus Heavy Water expands its Avalon Keep collection with the White Knight bundles. Fans of the Internet meme Domo will be pleased as he makes his debut in Home. Finally, who doesn’t love custom animations and emotes? Konami releases some new animated B’Loons outfits, and nDreams steps up the cred with its Street Moves hip hop dancer outfits. There’s a lot to enjoy, so I’ll get right to this week’s to do list:

1. x7 Update – Tuscan Villa Personal Space and Clubhouse + VEEMEE Clothing

Ever wondered what it would be like living in a rustic, yet grand Italian countryside villa? Now you can. Bring some friends and share the experience with the gift of food (the Villa has a gift of pizza for guests), and lounge the evening away. Also offered is a matching furniture bundle to properly deck it out. From VEEMEE this week are some early-access clothing items. The men have a collection of High Collared Leather Jackets in an assortment of colors while the ladies get a selection of Birds Tank Tops.

Head to x7 this Wednesday to begin enjoying the savory and chic lifestyle you always wanted.


2. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Defenders Pack and White Knight Bundles

You’ve seen Avalon Keep and its furniture, but now you can gear up your Avatar with the Defender’s Pack weaponry and armor sets! The Defender’s Pack, available for both men and women, come with an array of weaponry: sword, ax, chained mace, shield, knife, short mace and lance, or you may buy each individually.

There are two suits of armor: White Knight and the Exclusive Gold Knight. Each set of armor is made up of separate pieces so you can mix and match: Helmet, Breastplate, Chausses, Greaves, and Gauntlets. The Gold Knight gets an extra item: Gauntlets with Sword.

So suit up this week and really get into the Avalon spirit!

This is only the start of the armor and weaponry from the realm of Avalon. Check out our new Dev Blog to get even more information and insight to the universe of Avalon. Remember, you can always follow them on Twitter: @heavyh2o.


3. Konami – B’Loons

Konami updates their popular B’Loons line this week with four new outfits! Run around with a Viking, a Rockstar, and Mafia hit men, each with their own unique custom animations. Strum your guitar lazily as the Rockstar, jump and shoot your B’Loon gun as the Mafia Hit Man, or do a spinning float attack as the Viking. Check out all of the latest updates at the Konami Store!


4. Lockwood – Rare Species Pack (reminder)

If you haven’t picked up these cute companions, do so this week. Lockwood’s charitable initiative ends September 5th, so if you’d like to support The Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT), be sure to pick up the Rare Species Pack now. In case you haven’t heard the details, you’ll be pleased to know that for every purchase of the Rare Species Pack, $1.00 will be donated to REACT.

5. nDreams – Blueprint: Home Pack + Street Moves

nDreams has a selection of awesome things this week.

When it launched three weeks ago Blueprint: Home allowed users to create their own apartment space for the very first time in PlayStation Home. The Classroom and Asylum style packs have been released in the last two weeks, giving users even more options when customizing their apartments. The community has been using their imagination to build some great apartments, including a Silent Hill-inspired maze created by AkumaPrince and mybro92’s Killzone-inspired Helghast Base of Operations.

(I just love these guys. They’re always so creative and very tight as a clan.)

To aid in even more fantastic creations this week, the Bling Style Pack is being released for Blueprint: Home. The Bling Style Pack gives you access to six new feature items to compliment your own furniture, six regal-looking interior wall options as well as new ceiling, floor and external wall options. You can pick up the Bling Style Pack and all other available Style Packs from the Blueprint Store, the Estates store or any commerce point in Aurora.


Everyone loves to dance in PlayStation Home. This week though, there are some new dance kings and queens arriving to destroy the competition. Street Moves Vol. 1 from nDreams is a collection of four full body outfits, available individually, each with their own unique street-inspired dance animation. You have B-Girl and B-Boy, who will leave everyone dazzled with their moves, and then there’s Hip-Hop Honey and Hip-Hop Hero who will bring their own attitude Home.

And you can’t dance without a little music, so you should check out the Street Moves Vol.1 Companion, your very own Boom Box that will follow you around helping to set the stage wherever you are. Check out the Street Moves crew at the nDreams store or any commerce point in Aurora.


6. Kung Fu Factory – Domo

Fans of the cute, square-ish and RAWR-y little monster Domo are in for a delightful surprise. Kung Fu Factory has introduced a nice selection of all things Domo — from Domo himself (in companion form), to hats, backpacks, shirts, and more. Head to the Mall and find it all, starting this Wednesday.


7. Konami – Gothic Cathedral Clubhouse

Konami answers your prayers and makes the Gothic Cathedral available as a Clubhouse. Enjoy the fireplace, large hallway, gargoyle courtyard, and moonlight balcony with your friends.


8. PlayStation Home Mall Update

We know you love Magnus, and he’s back with all the highlights from this week’s new Mall update. You’ll find Heavy Water’s White Knight bundles, Konami’s B’Loons Gangster outfits (with custom animations), and nDreams’ Hip Hop dancing outfits. From Kung Fu Factory, Domo himself graces Home with his RAWR-Y presence and a wide selection of swag to show off your love of the cute, fuzzy, little king of memes.

9. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week, you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize—this week, it’s a Sony 3D Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

See you in Home!

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10 Author Replies

  • I’ll say it for everyone else whos gonna see this and think it: Granzella?

    Might pick up the Blueprint Home expansions this week. Will have to wait and see.

    • Granzella has a tidal wave of things coming. Good things come to those who wait. (I truly think you’ll be pleased.)

      In the meantime, bling out your Blueprint pad! nDreams is hard at work making newer packs to give you more options. Enjoy!

  • People still play PS Home? Hearing about all the sales losses Sony has been dealing with, you’d think this would have been removed by now. Is it really that active enough to justify maintaining?
    I’d rather all resources spent on home go to improving PS Plus incentives such as more discounts and bigger free game options. :/

  • @ Ryumoau there are still a lot of people using Home.

  • Yet another mall-based update. :/ Where are new public spaces? Are there no new ones coming besides mercia and Home tycoon?

  • sw00t, shout outs to mybro92 & Guns of the Helghast for an amazing vid, that Blueprint apt looks amazing, goes to show wat u can make =)

  • Thanks for showing Guns of the Helghast some love :D

  • What’s the H2O white knight bundle gonna go for?

  • GUNS OF THE HELGHAST !!! Thanks for sharing this GW ^^ mybro92 put a lot of hard work into this vid, this means so much !

  • Shout outs to mybro92 for making it on the blog

  • To end speculation, if you wish to share pricing on the following items?

    nDreams: Street Wear?
    VeeMee’s x7 clothing?
    Domo content?


    • Prices are not locked quite yet, but I’ll follow-up in the morning with an update comment with all the prices.

    • UPDATE:

      1. nDreams’ Street Moves outfits will be $4.99 each
      2. VEEMEE’s early-access items are all $0.99 each.
      3. Kung Fu Factory’s Domo companion is $2.99 with the clothing being $0.99 each.

  • You forgot to add a video of Silent Hill-inspired maze created by AkumaPrince

  • I wonder wheres Kung Fu Store? It say that ever sine last week ago?

    • You can generally always find a store via the Navigator (on the far right). It saves a trip to the Mall or other commerce point.

  • Yes, come join us in Playstation Home! BRING MONEY.

  • @11, al2009man:

    Kung Fu Store is in Threads. It said it somewhere, I think the virtual item showcase (this week)

  • So Um… Whatever happened to the steam punk virtual space announced back like two years ago on Qore (back when it existed)? I was really looking foward to a narrative driven space like that.

  • @ 12 LOL

  • 1. x7 Update – Tuscan Villa Personal Space and Clubhouse
    I’ll put that on the back burner of apartments to buy if I like it after Avalon Castle is complete.

    2. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Defenders Pack and White Knight Bundles
    I already got The Gold Night 2 weeks ago. So why would I need a White Knight? Maybe for my “White” Cat Head. But that makes me want Black Knight armor. (Side not, weapons aren’t good without Gauntlets.

    5. nDreams – Blueprint: Home Pack + Street Moves
    I’d still wait till their was a clubhouse version bundled with Blueprint Home before I considered buying. Plus those dancing avatars remind me too much of South Park….

    6. Kung Fu Factory – Domo
    Every time you *CENSOR* God kills a kitten…. Please think of the kittens….

    7. Konami – Gothic Cathedral Clubhouse
    They’d be worth it if they were bundled & played this.
    Cowboy Bebop: Ballad Of Fallen Angels was awesome despite odd ending.

  • Very Nice Update!

    Hey GlassWalls! You guys should open a 3rd Floor of the mall with some more stores! Including GZ, Codeglue, Novus prime, Wrangler, myDeco, etc. C’mon ask the developers hehe :P

  • Head to x7 this Wednesday to begin enjoying the savory and chic lifestyle you always wanted. (yea right ) just like im savoring all the other 60 personal spaces i have no use for now ,i wish i had stop at 2, what a waste of money .
    i`ll pass on the Hip Hop costumes, they look very the simpsoms . What do you know ? Moore Companions
    and how much is that BLING package for the Blue Print Home ? some absurd price like 9.99 ?
    Does anyone care to tell us if the lag at the LOOT space apartment is going to be fix this wednesday ?
    are the Heavy Water Peeps going to be showing once i bring them out , so far i cant see them , just the name of it but no PEEPS.
    i bought Several B`Loons and it gets boring after few minutes , i like them though .

  • Any Assassin’s Creed 3 planned content for PlayStation Home? I would really love a Connor Kenway outfit like the Altair costume in the mall or maybe a personal space.

    • You’ll have to ask Ubisoft! 3rd party content is always up to the 3rd party (and you know we’ll welcome it). Assassin’s Creed is one of the most fun game franchises in modern gaming, IMHO.

  • I just got a fresh psn card. The Avalon Keep ROCKS! And I’m getting that rocks tar bloom. Keep up the good work, Home!!!!!!! XD

  • LOL Domo stuff……!!!! :) No Mercia update?

  • O.o You have no idea how much this means :) Thank you so much for showing this Blueprint:Home video!!!!

  • Shout outs to mybro92

  • I’m surprised there is no mention of the Golden meadow personal space that is going to be in the gift machine on wednesday! ? This is a WOW update! Very pleased. ?

  • Sackboy vs Domo

  • Thanks for saving me some money again this week, soon-y. :p

    *sitswaits for his Granzella Fossil Museum for yet another week* >:|

  • People still use Home? Last time I used it there was losers running around hitting on every female avatar there was. And if they wasn’t doing that they were messing around trying to glitch on every item they came in contact with thinking that they are cool. It has gone down hill since it started. Should change the name to “Money” once it comes out of never ending Beta.

  • Wow what a great update, but was i the only one who seen that MERCIA gate in Magnus video?

  • I agree with #18 I would love to see AC3 content in home pls xD! O and any news of Lockwoods second personal space? I think I want me a balloon person too lol

  • Haha, the Domo stuff looks pretty cool.

  • I don’t care for Home, I’m going to download it to try the free games it has (which I don’t know why they were released exclusively through Home and why they aren’t available on PlayStation Store, I would like to know why), but if Home is enough of a success to keep on supporting it and keep on supporting it instead of bringing the most wanted, basic, standard features to PS3 like cross voice chat, universal game invites, custom music, faster in game options, faster UI, etc. (if it can’t be done on current PS3 hardware because of RAM, than release a new PS3 model with more RAM, there’s no excuse.) than why not bring Home to PSVita, don’t you think Home users will buy it to be able to use Home anywhere they are?

  • no Domo costume for avatars???

  • I gave Home a good try, but it’s just boring. It’s just a bunch of poorly made games to play in a slow buggy engine with terrible loading times. And I feel stupid for having bought a resident space in the game because there’s NOTHING to do with it.

    It would be cool to have Home on the Vita though to boost vita sales and maybe get more 3rd party developers working on titles for it.

  • Just like PS+, Home is lame.

  • I tried going back on home this month a few times. Only had 2 “successful” attempts and I use quotes cause both occasions it still crashed very quickly after loading. So thats why I had to LOL at Cade Petersons response to comment #2, can’t imagine anyone making that response with a straight face, especially to someone who’s spent money on the service. The reality that is home is what God-of-Lyf and Erickafollie have stated. Home being nothing more than an overpriced mall populated primarily by sexual predators and disingenious creeps. And what little management there is left on home isn’t helping by acting like an ostrich.

  • home is kind of nice

  • still waiting on EOD , any word ?

    • I’m assuming you’re referring to the LOOT Active EOD TVs—they’re currently in QA… so with any luck, they’ll be coming out very soon.

  • Home used to be fun but PS+ has always been my lame duck I pay for what to be told make I can like it never discounts the games I want or like the free games are a joke at least home I have some buying power but not if this thro if you look most of the Home comminty is aswel PS+ users and have been steping up for not only home but plus when they think sony is putting it on the back burner.

    this update I wish I can say I love it but I am really not sure we can use new pubic spaces to chill out but besides that I don’t see anything I MOST have. ok done


  • It looks like a great update. I know where I’ll be at one this day.

  • My previous comment is still awaiting moderation….

    Nothing was worth buying for me today. (Though I’m still considering the Tuscan Villa Personal Space and Clubhouse If & When it has an Open House.) Not even the x7 $1 was worth it since I already owned those Anime Outfits.

    However prior to today I did buy another $50 PSN Card. And later bought South African ethnic costume Top & Bottom for my Female Feline. She looks cute in it & it reminds me a little of Mercia.

    My issue with VeeMee’s No Man’s Land (& Total Recall) still haven’t been fixed. I want to play it. But as long as I can’t wear whatever I want on my head in game I won’t be buying anything from it. Even worse I’ll stop all shopping on PS Home if this isn’t fixed before March 2013. I spent $100 on PSN Cards this month. IF Sony cares about me as a customer it will fix this problem VeeMee has caused.

  • @ Jacked-Assasin, Good luck with your request, you`,ll need it .

    Now onto me, i just bought the Tuscan Villa Bundle, i was excited about the furniture, specially with the LOUNGE CHAIR , which the description says and i quote ” There are Lounge chairs, and then there is this Lounge Chair.You`ll never want to LIE in another lounge chair again ” and i thought , aaah finally, a lounge chair i can Lay Down , and what was my surprise ? NO, You CANT , its the same ridiculous Lounge Chair that has you sitting, looking awkward. To me This is False Advertisement, If you cant provide what its described for an item, then dont say it , why would i want a Lounge chair that only lets me sit ? , looking like im Lost , for that , just make a chair .
    whatever with you people , with your False Advertisements , your Maintenance than fix almost nothing , and your updates that bring more of the same only in different colors.

  • Erickafollie, couldnt help but laugh at the description of the lounge chair and how they “lie” in it. Not to make fun of you but the LIE here isn’t something done with furniture. The amusement comes from their play on words becoming the fruedian slip that shows what home really is.

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