Fight to Survive in Tokyo Jungle, on PSN September 25th

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Fight to Survive in Tokyo Jungle, on PSN September 25th

You may have caught wind of this one-of-a-kind title’s release in Japan or heard whispers of it this past E3, but we’re excited to finally announce that Tokyo Jungle will be coming to PS3 via PSN very shortly — on September 25th, to be exact!

Tokyo Jungle on PSN

Developed by PlayStation C.A.M.P and Crispy’s, Tokyo Jungle is an action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, where humankind no longer exists and animals must ruthlessly fight for their lives. In this world, there’s just one rule — only the strong survive!

Fight to Survive in Tokyo Jungle, on PSN September 25th

Tokyo Jungle puts you in the shoes (paws?) of over 50 playable animals ranging from Pomeranians to Lions. Playing your animal of choice, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic food chain.

There are two game modes: in Story Mode, you’ll play as a range of different animals whose lives are intertwined as they struggle to survive in the Tokyo wilderness, while unraveling the mystery of mankind’s disappearance. In Survival Mode, you will hunt, occupy territories, and produce offspring to secure future generations and resist extinction. As you progress, you’ll also obtain survival points to unlock playable animals and purchase costumes to increase your abilities.

Tokyo Jungle on PSNTokyo Jungle on PSN

Whether in Story or Survival Mode, you never know where your next meal will come from or the dangers you’ll face in this concrete jungle, so be prepared for anything and everything when Tokyo Jungle hits PlayStation Network on September 25th for $14.99.

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  • Sweet! I have been waiting on this game. At first I wasn’t too sure about it, but after watching a number of gameplay vids online, it’s a must have game.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Will we be getting the preorder DLC that was offered for Japan?

  • ive been waiting for this for a long time :D

  • I remember seeing that game a while ago and being sure it would never come over here. This is great!

  • ANOTHER disc release abroad that is PSN only in NA?

    Come on Sony, get your act together. This *deserved* a disc release instead of being swept under the rug for a minimal fanfare release.

    It deserves better and so do we.

    God it sucks being a PS3 owner nowadays.

  • The next few months is going to be fantastic! Thanks Sony!

  • @5 Einhand34138

    How does the game become “swept under the rug” if it’s a PSN release?

  • @#7

    Left to die on PSN with no promotion as opposed to an actual disc release?

    It’s bloody infuriating.

  • I almost imported this from overseas for over $80 Sometimes good things do come to those that wait. $14.99 sounds much better than $80+. Glad to see it is finally coming to this side of the Pacific.

  • I think I saw a carnivorous pack of baby chicks…if I can make a pack of adorable killing machines, I am going to play the (Expletive) out of this game!

  • Nice, can’t wait to rule Tokyo as a Kangaroo.

  • Dead or Alive 5, LBP Vita, and now this…all one day…my wallet cries

  • @ Einhander138

    What? Left to die? I’m amazed you actually think that. Just download it and not worry about if it’s a disc or download. You want the game right? Download it and be grateful. Whiny gamers nowadays, THAT’s bloody infuriating.

  • @13

    LOL exactly if it were on disc and he were to pend $60, he would of complained that the game is too short or something!! Or find another reason to complain…….

  • einhander thats the stupidest thing i ever heard about PSN Titles and some thing notworth… wtf!

    As for this game, i had no clue this was oming these shores, genuinely nice suprise and I LOVE THATS ITS ON PSN! i havd a32gb card, i wish they had a 128gb card for the Vita.

    Thank You Dais for bringing this to U.S. SCEA

  • @13 No. I won’t “just download it”. I don’t buy DLC at all. Putting this on PSN is effectively the same as not releasing it in NA for me. It’s absolutely stupid they would do this.

  • Einhander, your logic is hilariously unfounded. Not only is it not “left to die” because it doesn’t have a disc-based release, I absolutely guarantee you the game would have failed comparatively at market if it were a disc-based $40-60 release. Making it a digital title cuts expenditures greatly while reaching the maximum amount of consumers, all the while likely promoting it on the PSN store itself via banners, background images, etc. This is a rather obscure title for the West, and this was the absolute best move Sony could have made regarding its release.

  • SOME of us who supported PS3 by buying the first models don’t have the money to just keep upgrading due to all these PSN-only ports from disc. I have a 60GB and with all the REQUIRED installs, I would rather have a disc release. If they can release all the PS2 games on disc (in HD!) and the Journey compilation, they can surely get their act together and release these games properly on disc. And $15 is not a deal, once you buy all the DLC you ALREADY get with the disc release overseas, $60-$80 becomes more of a reality of what you are going to pay. Learn from OnLive Sony, noone likes their console games digital.

  • Consider it bought.

  • buy a bigger hdd n1ntendo Everything isn’t a bargin!

  • @17 Your logic is extremely flawed. By not releasing both physically and digitally, they are automatically cutting out a portion of the audience and losing sales. Like me. That’s not reaching the widest possible audience, is it? At the very least this could have been a dual physical/digital release.

  • Damn PETA is gonna be mad at ya’ll.

  • @17 If you have the money to shell out for $60 retail titles continually, then you certainly can afford a new HDD for the system, for less than the cost of a new game.

    And for your information, SOME of us who supported the PS3 by buying the first models don’t have them working any longer. I’ve got a 60GB and an 80GB stricken with the YLOD, as well as a PS3 Slim with Blu-Ray failure. You should really stop acting pretentious and whiny, it won’t get you anywhere.

  • @23 Some of actually take care of our consoles and manage to keep them working. Why should we be punished for your slovenliness?

  • @20 You’re using the internet to comment on here. Why can’t you use the PSN to download the game if you want it?

  • N1tendo, First Off, On The PSN, I Am Alive Is One Of The Top 5 Downloaded Games, And Its A PSN Only Game, And They Didn’t Release All Of The PS2 Games Onto PS3, lol And Also, 15 Bucks Is A Deal If U Don’t Want The DLC, And Whoever Said The DLC Would Be Expensive Anyways? Some DLC Are Like, $1.99

  • @17

    You can buy a $600 launch console, but can’t drop $90 for a 1TB drive to upgrade to? I did and having that much disc space makes me not care in the least about physical or digital. Sony should set out a cheese platter to go with all this whining.

  • P.S. Y Would PETA Be Mad, When Its About Animals Fighting Other Animals In The Wild? Thats Nature Man, Happens All The Time Every Day

  • @Einhander138 I’m likely going to stop replying to you after this, as it would be almost impossible to without insulting what little intelligence you seem to convey, but my livelihood has nothing to do with the condition of my consoles. I’m sure the thousands of other people that have failed PS3’s agree with that.

  • You can buy a $600 launch console, but can’t drop $90 for a 1TB drive to upgrade to? I did and having that much disc space makes me not care in the least about physical or digital. Sony should set out a cheese platter to go with all this whining.

    Or Atleast Trade It In To Get A Higher GB Drive…I Have The 2nd Sold Highest 1, A 320GB, As Opposed To The 500GB

  • @29 Well they obviously are incapable of taking care of their consoles as well, apparently.

    Again, why should some of us be forced to buy digital when we don’t want to because of a bunch of slobs that can’t take care of their consoles?

  • Tokyo Jungle Trophies

    King of the Jungle

    Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL.

    Tokyo Jungle

    Complete STORY and view the true ending.

    Jungle Man

    Survive 45 years in SURVIVAL.

    Can-Do Creature

    Finish all challenges in single playthrough.

    Master of Shibuya

    Complete “The Return of the Tosas.”


    Complete “Shattered Pride.”

    Jungle Boy

    Survive 30 years in SURVIVAL.


    Survive for 10 generations in SURVIVAL.

    Furry Fashionista

    Wear a complete series of clothing.

    Jungle Baby

    Complete the tutorial.

    World Debut

    Enter the online rankings.

    First Mate

    Mate with a female in SURVIVAL.

    First Hunt

    Defeat an animal in SURVIVAL

  • @Einhander138

    What do you do when you phone or PC/Mac runs out of or is low on disc space? Whine to HTC, Apple or Microsoft? No, you upgrade like anyone else who needs more space. It’s called “limits”. So the rest of us who have no problem with digital should be forced to buy physical b/c upgrading is too large a task for you? C’mon…

  • One Piece, LBP Vita and now this all on the same day. >_<

  • $14.99 !!!!

    I saw it much expensive on Japanese PSN.

  • Where did you find that trophy list? That’s quite a few for a downloadable. Einhander 138, your logic is flawed and your comments keep making less and less sense. Please stop. Anyways, this looks pretty cool. I would probably play as a chicken, but seeing as it comes out a week after Borderlands 2, it probably won’t be bought for a while.

  • He Probably Found It On PSTrophies Or Something, Lmao I May Get This Game Eventually Cuz It Looks Interesting…

  • @Einhander138 You are not a smart person. This game would bomb like hiroshima in the west as a retail release. If it had been a PS2 game, it never would have gotten a Western release, and for good reason. These days, niche games like this can be given a chance as cheap digital releases. This is the opposite of being “swept under the rug” or whatever the hell you want to call it. A PSN release is the only way this game has a chance at being worthwhile for Sony. Be happy you’re getting to chance to play this game at all, you self-entitled brat.

  • so… what kind of game is this exactly? is it open world, platforming or what? i dont understand the gameplay from what i just saw

  • @ 21 lmao and this game looks very interesting be able to step a side for a bit from all the other every day games.

  • I wouldn’t say “left to die” but I will admit that I am hesitant to buy digital only games. Hdd space is kind of a problem, not really if i just own a disc with all the info. Then I can just delete data and put it on as I please. Yeah I could upgrade my hdd, but that’s not why I bought a console. I bought it so I wouldn’t have to upgrade it. So lets say I do download a game, then delete it to make room for a disc game I just bought. Then psn gets hacked and put down for another month, how do I get that game? It’s not illogical to want a physical copy of some thing I payed for. Also I doubt it cost’s $60 to print a bluray, so the “it would cost $60” might be a little off track. Maybe they saw the lack of sales when it was released and decided to drop the price for the NA release. Or that’s why the didn’t bother with the disc game, wouldn’t have made as much profit. So because of that they are kinda right, they don’t have to press and distribute a bunch of discs and save money. But people like me will pass because of the digital only thing.

  • @ Einhander138 it’s cute that you don’t know much about business but make bold demands. Do you know how much it costs to physically publish a disc-based game and tribute’s it? Do you think it’s worth the game publisher’s trouble to do this on the off-chance this niche game might sell 200k copies? Or do you think it’s more cost-effective to release it digitally for $15 (cheaper than the $39 in Japan) with no physical overhead? DING DING DING. Get off your high-horse and download it like the other few dozen people will.

  • Cool! I was hoping we would get this! Kinda unrelated, but will North American Home get the Pomeranian companion (based on the one in this game, with a T-shirt and all lol) that JP Home received awhile ago?

  • Hey, guys, no point in arguing, unless you’re just bored at work. All of the people who come on the blog every day to whine about something & demand Sony change their policy are immature kids (intellectually as well as chronologically). They think Sony exists to cater to their whims, like their mom and dad. They have no idea about business, the need to make a profit, supply and demand, etc. They’ll probably grow up eventually.

    A few weeks ago one of the reps for a Jpn game company explained it this way, after the same whining/demanding for a disc version: it’s not feasible from a business perspective. It’s either a PSN version or nothing.

    I’m surprised they are offering this niche game at all & frankly, having animals fight each other viciously will disturb me but I’ll support this offering by buying it day 1.

  • People need to give it a rest about digital. That’s where the industry is headed. Retail is the last dying huff of an Ice Age dinosaur. Its not convenient for the publishers or developers. Look at how fast the turn around is for iOS/ Android games. Sure, most of them are crap, but that can be said of any software ecosystem, especially one in its infancy. Plus its either digital for this (and many nice JRPGs for the PS3/ PSP) or NOTHING. I’ll take the game over nothing, thank you.

  • I’ve wanted this game since I first heard about it. Can’t wait, super excited! Love games like this.

  • I think its awesome how in the trailer they say “urban based animal survival genre”. LOL As if that’s a genre. Guess it is now. I love it!

  • Im wondering does this have move support or not?

    • Hi erico316ecw,
      We don’t have plans to support PlayStation Move at the moment but please keep voicing.
      We are always listening ))

  • looks quite ridiculous, count me in! lmao @ 1:19

  • Cool… I forgot all about this game. Definitely interested.

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