Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow, Launch Trailer

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow, Launch Trailer
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow, Launch Trailer

Excited to join you today as we celebrate the impending release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron with our new launch trailer. We have what we believe is the most complete Transformers game ever. There are so many different Transformers that are playable and many of them — the Dinobots, Metroplex, the Combaticons — are appearing for the first time.

In a first for us, the full Fall of Cybertron game is available day one download via PlayStation Store. That’s this Tuesday afternoon in the US (Friday in Europe). Skip the drive and join us on Cybertron!

Many of you have already been enjoying our free demo on PSN and we’ve loved all of your great feedback. The demo features single and multiplayer modes and you can expect tons more in the full game this week. I wanted to extend a personal thank you to the hundreds of thousands of you who have played the multiplayer part of the demo. Your feedback has helped us make important changes to the final game. If you have not yet tried the demo, give it a shot. The ability to transform makes for a very unique and exciting multiplayer experience. We offer tons of depth with four different classes and an amazing character customizer that allows you to build your own Transformer from the ground up.

Enjoy the trailer! I’m happy to take your questions.

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  • nice! looks great!

  • Loved the first and will undoubtedly love this one, I will extremely miss double jumping though. Can we still air dash?

    • Thanks for the comment. Double jump was a feature that the majority of our fans disliked as it was often abused. But yes you can still air dash. Try it in the PSN Demo.

  • I really liked the first one and I very much enjoyed the demo. So I’m looking forward to buying this!

  • Ah, was really hoping for a midnight download release like Mass Effect 3, but I guess I can wait till the afternoon! Little disappointed that people who wanted to purchase it through PSN cannot take advantage of the preorder bonuses too. Whatever, first world problems, right?

    But I really wanted that G1 Optimus skin…

  • Remember that one episode of Transformers when they were in the heat of battle and they ran out of ammo? You don’t? Because it never happened!

  • Kill it with fire.

    Another multiplatform turd with awful Xbox 360/Unreal engine graphics gimped to fit on a last gen DVD sized disc.

    With the absolute flood of PS3 exclusives with insane graphics and gameplay, who the hell is dumb enough to waste their allowance on junk like this?

    • I’m really proud of the work my team has done and confident we’ve delivered a great game. If you are a Transformers fan with a PS3 I think you need to check this game out. Looking forward to seeing some great review scores come in tomorrow.

  • I posted this on the EU blog;

    Well firstly I would like to thank you for doing what you did with the War and now Fall of Cybertron games they have been truly great games and I love how they link with the G1 series.

    I have my pre-order ready and have received my Grimlock t-shirt in the mail this morning :D

    So thank you for everything :D

    On a side note; I was just wondering could you guys make it so that double XP is gained in War for Cybertron multiplayer? For people that would still love to complete it?

    • Thanks very much for the kind words.

      We have WFC set at a 5X MP boost. We did that a bit back. Hope that helps. See you online.

  • Loved War for Cybertron and will undoubtedly love Fall of Cybertron (and whatever is after that).

    Was any thought given to a level creation toolkit? User generated content seems to be all the rage right now and I’d love to see it in the Transformers universe.

    • Thanks for that. Yes we are looking forward to our next project. Don’t miss Deadpool next year of course.

      Agree I am sure Transformers fans would do wonders with something like a level toolkit, however its not in our plans.

  • Sounds great if you don’t have this problem. This is one of many posts in the ps forums. Good luck buying this via the store.

    Re: I can’t add funds to my wallet?
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    . . ..
    08-20-201211:16 AM – edited 08-20-201211:20 AM

    Just to let anyone who reads this know- I talked to a “supervisor” at Sony today 08/20/2012. He said they were aware that some people were having issues with adding funds to the wallet. either by console or on the internet. He said there is no solution other than waiting a few days to one week to try again or just go buy a network card. He said auto renewal will probably fail also and that if your plus membership lapses that your downloaded (discounted) games will cease to work and that he did not know if reactivating your plus membership would restore there functionality. You may have to re purchase them he said. I told him that having to go and buy network cards everytime i want to buy something is NOT a solution but that does not seem to concern Sony- or at least this “supervisor”. $300 in plus memberships plus all the crap I buy gets this response. Needless to say I am not happy.

  • Thanks for the answer and for being so in touch with the fans. It was fun watching this game getting built with all the trailers and interviews.

    Next question…. :)

    Can you give any hints as to the future DLC that’s coming for FOC? Will there be the same amount/more/less as WFC? What about the content (playable characters/levels/whatever else)?

    • We are hard at work on DLC as we speak. The biggest item we are working on is adding Dinbots to multiplayer. More on that and some of our other offerings in the near future.

  • Cant wait till Friday, my question is will Dinobots/Insecticons be available in multiplayer (not escalation)? If yes then how will they feature? E.g. purely cosmetic or a new class?

  • im am sad that i didnt preorderd from gamestop but im so exited to get it soon before 2013.
    you did a great job on the game loved war for cybertron and thank you for getting rid of the double jump.
    i think you should atleast put the G1 pack for DLC in the futer
    thank you for the game and i cant wait to get it

  • I loved War for Cybertron and from what I’ve seen Fall of Cybertron looks like it might be even better!

    My question is that the G1 Prime skin pre-order bonus says it will be for both singleplayer and multiplayer. Is it just going to be an option in escalation or will it add parts for customization in regular multiplayer?

    • Thanks! So you will have both the option to play as G1 Optimus in the single player campaign and use him/or his parts in multiplayer. Escalation is a different setup.

  • oh and plz if make sure that therem is no way someone can get out of maps and do other glitches on the game becouse it raelly runed in the war for cybertron and im so ashamed to say that i glitched out of the map once on war for cybertron sorry im trully am

  • @Legion, nope not having that problem thank God. Actually haven’t heard of it at all.

  • Well, isn’t that trailer just Prime! Everything looks amazing and it looks like you captured the G1 spirit perfectly. I only have one question: When do you guys start work on a Beast Wars game? The trailer practically teases it ;)

  • Thank you guys for being progressive enough to put your games on psn the day they launch on retail. Thats the first step to a bright digital future. I just really wish publishers would also take the deeper step of giving people who buy digitally a substantial discount compared to retail price.
    I don’t know what back room deals that go on that prevent you guys from doing this, but i really don’t think its fair make people pay $60 for a psn version. I’m also a PS Plus member, so i’m hoping that maybe we’ll at least get a discount for that.
    Either way, the game looks great and the demo was loads of fun.

  • hey tieger.
    just want to say great demo.
    i am from denmark so i have to wait till fridag. 4 work days to go:-(
    thanks for bringing transformers game back on the map highmoon.

  • War for Cybertron was great! I know Fall of Cybertron will be even better! Thanks for making two excellent games!

    I do have a question though. Will there be more customization parts available in the full game? Besides the DLC, of course, which I’m sure will be awesome.

  • @Matt Tieger // Game Director, High Moon Studios
    Will we get the G1 DLC for getting the PSN version I wanted to get the PSN version instead of Blu-ray but don’t see a pre-order option on PSN I’m kinda sad if I don’t get any pre-order bonus content for buying a digital version of the game. PlayStation please make this happen. Hope for a nice reply back. Your Transformer Fan. :)

    • Thanks for the great note. I’m not able to respond to this particular question at the moment, but we will explore it.

  • Please consider vita version for future releases. We r starving for vita games.

  • Please bring back Vehicle Abilities! Everybody is asking for them. They gave more meaning to Vehicle modes and are needed in this game.

    Why were they removed anyway ?

    Other than that, Great Game and can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow morning.

  • unfortunately I did not get to play war for cyber tron but i played the demo for this game and it was great I love the ability to transform when i was playing online there is no dought that i’m getting this game

  • I NEED MONEY!!!!!!!!

  • Please bring back vehicle abilities and grenades. I also would want an ability system like Dark of the Moon (wfc ability system was spammed).

    The delay in transforming and then shooting is also way too long, and it makes transforming, something that before was encouraged now not so much.

    The melee system also needs an improvement as the current melees feel weak and you sometimes can’t tell if you hit someone.

    The destroyer also needs a weapon that is not a rocket launcher.

  • I would also love to see a Vita version.Are there any plans to make another G1 inspired transformers game after this? BTW thanks for giving us real transformers not the abominations Michael Bay keeps pimping.

  • I’m really excited only one day left i already pre ordered, i’m going to enjoy busting cons with a legendary transformer and the dinobots DLC seems really cool cant wait to see it and i’m really happy you guys took out the killstreaks seriously i got spammed by one guy with killstreak insanity in WFC thank god its gone now people have a chance.

  • Love your guys games hope you get to do a beast wars game, but kinda mad that you waited till today before the game comes out to tell us we can download it day 1. I seriously hate disc version and the places that sell them and prefer to buy games on the psn. If you would have said your were going to do this a few weeks back i could have gotten a psn card and been ready to download tomorrow.
    Also is the dinobot dlc going to be free or not and if not how much will we have to fork over

  • Really looking forward to picking this up tomorrow. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer:

    1. Will the full game’s multiplayer have clan support this time (i.e. clan tags, ladders, etc)?
    2. Any word on any PSN avatars or themes? Would love to get me an Optimus avatar. :)

  • Going to Best Buy to get this tomorrow for my son’s bday gift. He loves Transformers. He has every single PS3 title. He already maxed out on the demo so tomorrow can’t come fast enough. Thanks, for making this great game! =)

  • Thank you so must for getting this on PSN. I know people still love buy and holding the box and disc in your hands. But I’m not one of them. Thank you so much for getting it relased on PSN!!!!!! My Hard Drive love you and I love you!!!!!

  • I have been enjoying the demo and pre ordered my copy paid in full from Best Buy weeks ago. I just hope the multiplayer community will stay strong. Cant wait to dig in tomorrow. Great job guys, I hope you get 9s and 10s in the reviews because this game def deserves it.

  • Getting my copy tomorrow I believe, cannot wait! I hope to see you online maybe.

  • Well that’s a game that looks a lot better than I would have expected.

    After how bad the recent movies were I wasn’t paying much attention to anything TF these days.

    But after watching the trailer I now want this game, curse you for doing your job and making me spend!

    Should probably pick up the first game first though.

  • Please tell me the PSN price will be decent. If it’s the same as a retail copy there’s little incentive, plus you still have to download the game which could be huge. There’s no midnight release or preorder bonus on PSN and the price will probably be the same if not higher.. so GIVE us an incentive to buy on PSN.

  • I will be getting it day one, thanks to the demo. I was playing the multiplayer demo and I was wondering why there was no Dinobots class, but I am happy to hear that there might be a DLC.

  • There was some graphic issues for some PS3 users. Has that been fixed?

    (From a designer, so I know what I see.)

  • Because of the day 1 on the disc paid DLC, I have decided against buying the game. I cannot support companies that charge you twice for content.

  • @38

    Exactly! I don’t support games or companies that have any dirty, greedy, anti consumer practices either. If I want a game that has does any of those practices, like the anti consumer DLC practices, I just wait until the new version comes out with all the DLC already in it at a fair price, that’s not overpriced.

  • Will the DLC from the War for Cybertron carry over to Fall of Cybertron? I would love to use Zeta Prime and the others without paying for them again.

  • Any word on if/when War for Cybertron will be released on PSN too? I need to finish the 1st game.

  • Hi i am in the UK & can’t wait for the game but most people are disappointed and so am i with the escalation when you can only pick four characters instead of all the characters in WFC why did you do that?

  • Just picked up my copy, can’t wait to get home and play it! :)

  • @38 – What day 1 DLC is on the disc? I don’t think there is any DLC available yet on the store for this game period.

    Other than various pre-order bonuses, I don’t see anything not yet available on the retail disc. Perhap you are confusing day 1 DLC with the full digital version of the game being available on PSN simultaneously with retail release. That has nothing to do with DLC.

    @ Matt Tieger – fantastic job with this game. The first rocked and this has raised the bar even further. Not just hands down the best Transformers game, but amongst the best of the year to date.

    My only 2 suggestions…

    Please release some Avatars and PSN Themes. Normally I would say that I wouldn’t waste my money on them, but my PS3 *needs* a Transformers Theme (take my money already)

    Please up the XP award rate, or have some 5x/10x bonus events soon. The multiplayer is fun, but it is really slow to level up. I don’t want to see this fall into a grindfest.

  • Any chance of future 3D support? This game would look awesome in 3D!

  • This game is really fun and enjoyable. I like it more than WFC and WFC was a pleasant surprise.

  • soooo there is no gameplay AT ALL with the other dinobots and they cant be used online this i find lacking and very disapointing

  • I am having a problem here.

    I purchased the game and everything loaded, but every time I clicked on Multiplayer in the main menu, it freezes. Can you help please?

  • Loving the game so far but I am dissapointed that my code for G1 episodes is not working :(

  • Is there any decent reasons as to why this game has not appeared on the EU psn store yet?

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