Dust 514 Neocom Vita App Promises “MMO on the go”

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Dust 514 Neocom Vita App Promises “MMO on the go”

Looking for a little more depth from your FPS? Hugely ambitious free-to-play sci-fi shooter Dust 514 might be just the ticket. CCP‘s PlayStation 3 exclusive sits alongside its enormously popular PC space MMO Eve Online, with players’ actions in one game directly affecting the environment in the other. See our recent post from the Icelandic developer for more on exactly how this plays out.


The third string to the whole intriguing project is Dust 514 Neocom – a companion PS Vita app that lets you interact with various systems from the PlayStation 3 game directly from your handheld. In search of a little more information on exactly how it works, we collared CCP Creative Director Atli Mars Sveinsson and Marketing Director Cameron Payne at last week’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany.

“It’s a companion app to the PS3 game,” explains Payne. “It brings all the customisation, community and commerce features onto the Vita. There’s no direct gameplay but you can use pretty much all the features that the Neocom user interface offers in the main game.

“You can interact with battles, purchase items on the market, play around with your dropsuit or vehicle and then save it so you can use it on PS3.”


A quick hands-on session with the app demostrated just how much functionality CCP has managed to squeeze in. Players will have access to the complete Fittings system – allowing you to tinker with your weapon load-outs, armour and various vehicle configurations. And as Eve afficionados will likely be well aware, this is almost a game unto itself, with thousands and thousands of different combinations available.

On top of that, the game’s store is fully accessible from the Vita app, complete with daily deals and special offers, while the in-game mail and social features are also present and correct. Not only that, but you can also navigate around the Eve universe’s enormous galaxy map – a feature which CCP plans to build upon further down the road.


“There’s the galaxy of Eve in real time on your Vita,” says Sveinsson proudly, zooming in and out by pinching the Vita’s touch screen. “700 solar systems and you can drill down and look at the individual planets. Over time we’d like you to be able to tinker with those planets and manage their surface infrastructure.”

Those who don’t own a Vita won’t be missing out on anything – all these features exist in the PS3 game – but, for a game as potentially as absorbing as Dust, it should offer a compelling way to stay connected to the game when you’re out and about.

“There are so many parts of Dust 514 that you can take with you and don’t need a PS3 to enjoy, and this was the perfect way to exploit those features,” adds Sveinsson. “The whole PlayStation ecosystem works really well, allowing these systems to connect and be a nice cohesive experience. It’s MMO on the go.”

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more on Dust 514 ahead of the game’s launch later this year.

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  • this is nice and all but when there is a direct gameplay MMO on the vita then i will get truly excited, Starhawk needs a psvita companion app too. and this blog too lol

  • Do we get info on PS+ perks for September today?

    If so (or when we do get info) it better be a good month for +.

  • This will be a big help in the time management aspects of the game. Researching and working on skills and loadouts can be pretty time consuming and eat into the gameplay a bit, especially if you don’t have a ton of free time on your hands. Being able handle the logistics end of the game while on the go will allow players to jump into the action as soon as they get home and can fire up their PS3’s. This was one motivator to me getting a Vita!

    I am curious if the in-game communication tools will also be available as well. This would be great for Corps to do a little coordinating on the go as well without having to use 3rd party means.

    Finally, while I agree that incorporating the FPS game play onto the Vita would nothing short of awesome, I doubt it will ever progress to that. However, it would be nice if they could eventually incorporate some aspects of FPS game play at some point down the road. Something like 4v4 or 6v6 Low-Sec faction warfare matches would be pretty sweet. Really anything that would allow players to earn Skill Points and ISK, on the go, would be welcome!

    PS: Any idea when the Vita Neocom App will be going live? Beta or Full Release?

  • I was really hoping that it would be a full game and not just an app since I don’t have a PS3.. Oh well.

  • “700 solar systems…” I thought there were 5000+ systems in EVE?

  • This is looking very cool indeed. And I agree with an earlier poster. If Starhawk mp were on Vita…omg…EPIC!!!

  • so when can us ps3 players, Play?

  • Very cool stuff.

    Meaning is this a cloud sync or will I have to sync via direct wired connection from my vita to my ps3?

    Lets say I am playing DUST 514 on my PS3 and I have my PS VITA running the companion app at the same time next to me, can I expect somewhat instant communication between the two?

  • Just more garbage for the already boring vita :( this is the stupidest idea ever… At least add a mini game or something… An app for a ps3 game that just changes your loadout.. Pffft lol vita sucks more every month!

  • Dust is such a deep and amazing game, it may be the only FPS i ever need :)

  • @DirtyNlNJA
    No one likes trolls. I think everyone is excited for the Vita’s future and only see it getting better every month. Why don’t you save up your cash, buy a Vita, a couple of games, a bottle of whiskey, and enjoy yourself instead of being a cold ugly troll

  • It would be cool if the Vita companion app would include some way of earning ISK or skill points. Either mini-games or providing some service (for a fee) to people playing the live game.

  • nice idea but confused about this. Vita owners will want a playable game. not all PS3 want to buy the Vita. Dust is free to play. so a strange decision here.

    I play Dust and Eve so I welcome this kind of app – but seems like it should have been an iOS / Andriod app. Would easily sell for £4.99 and more people would be able to use it.

    just my two cents

  • @DirtyNlNJA

    You’re trying too hard…give it a rest.

  • I have a vita collecting dust since release date only fun game i played was drake. You girls are just mad and like horrible games.. Plus this game has to be played on ps3 which is outdated garbage with bad graphics lol!

  • cool, actually interested in this, having an app on vita for it is pretty cool for me on the go. i understand it isnt the game still though nice idea there

  • @ dirtyninja

    alright champ, put down daddys computer. i hear your mommy calling……its time for your nap.

    Im having a blast on the DUST514 BETA and i think a VITA app to keep you connected to your DUST514 account while your not home is a great idea. SONY released a similar app for Starhawk on the iOs (i downloaded it on my Xperia Play) and its a great idea.

  • This is great but I would love to see a quality app for it on iOS :)

  • @12
    You certainly are confused, but I’m confused about what it is you’re confused about.

    You say you play Dust and Eve and welcome this kind of app. (which suggests you understand this app’s use in conjunction with Dust, and understand that it’s an app since you called it an app). Yet in your previous sentance you say you don’t understand, and that Vita owners would want a playable game.

    Do you see the strange circle you’re talking in here?
    First, it’s not a game, it’s an app. (as you know, but don’t know at the same time).

    Second, the only Vita owners who would have any use for, or any reason to download this app, would be Vita owners who play Dust 514 on PS3. So you’re wrong, any Vita owners who play Dust on PS3 WOULD indeed want this app. Because you can do all this stuff on the Vita when you aren’t at home and get right into actually play Dust when you get home.

    Third, I think this app’s free.

  • how about BATTLEFIELD 3 for PLAYSTATION VITA because i cannot bellieve only Black Ops is making it’s way to on the GO devices. come on EA and SONY make it happen! also; will MASS EFFECT ever come to PS3? a MASS EFFECT ULTIMATE COLLECTION which would included all 3 titles wouldn’t sound bad. i already own ME2 & ME3 but if a collection edition ever made its way to PS3 i would BUY IT IN A HEART BEAT! please bring MASS EFFECT! i haven’t play it! im sure alot of ps3 mass effect followers would love it!.

  • I also have a question for anyone official who may be able to answer. Maybe Mr. Dutton knows.

    I assume it will (otherwise it would hardly be usefull), but will this app be able to use 3G?

    And also (and I guess anyone with a 3G Vita could answer this):

    I don’t have a Vita yet, but I will once I can afford a 3G model. I want the 3G to be able to use apps just like the Dust Neocom app anywhere, anytime. But I would like to know how much data using an app like this, and say posting of facebook, and visiting gaming news sites like N4G without playing streaming videos and what-not, would use? Would the $15 ATT cards last me a month? Would the $30 ones? I can’t seem to find this kind of info online. I don’t use a 3G phone, my Vita will basically be my “smartphone”, so I don’t even have a personal base-line for what to expect cost-wise.

    Any answers would be appreciated.

  • @remanutd5 – It may not be a Vita App, which I agree would be great, but the StarHawk Uplink app is availble on Android and iOS.

  • For those who were in the beta previously, can we play right now, or do we wait till tomorrow?

  • @DirtyNINJA:

    “Plus this game has to be played on ps3 which is outdated garbage with bad graphics lol!”

    Lemme guess, the Xbox 360 or Windows PC is soooo much more superior, it’s up-to-date, has awesome graphics, and you should be buying it instead of this Playstation 3.

    Dude, I’ve heard the story a million times, and none of those times has convinced me to ditch the Playstation with its bigger library of games I actually like in favor of an Xbox 360, a.k.a “Home of the FPS and Dancing games”

  • Free-to-play!!! That’s Interesting!

  • @20 Darth-Krayt the facebook app uses very little data (at least for me since i just check things out then leave.) now lets say you went to web pages every single day the 30$ plan should about cover it. it mostly depends on how big the web pages are in the end. if you used youtube or nico nico app a lot then you would need the 50$ one.

    just remember $14.99 =250MBs $30.00=3GB $50.00=5GB hope all that helps you.

  • Cant wait to get this app!!! Awesome work on the beta so far CCP!

  • This is an ingenious integration to the game. This will save a lot of people time in many cases to prepare and such when they go on the PS3. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • What’s the size of this going to be?

  • Obviously Dust 514 on PSVita is the best thing, of course both the PS3 and PSVita game being one, what you do in one is done on both, “Cross Play.” We know PlayStation Vita can run MMOs so there’s no excuse. Get this game on PSVita, so much more people will play it and play it more! Including myself! Not only that but so much more people will buy PS3s and PSVitas, including myself (PSVita). Purchase once, play on all your devices is the greatest thing ever, not only that it’s also how it should, has to be and is also the standard now.

    Until Dust 514 comes to PlayStation Vita, a companion app that is the entire game minus the gameplay is perfect and I think every game should have that. How perfect is that, you have a companion app of a game, you have access to everything without having to launch the game which saves a whole lot of time and you can do everything quickly, if anything happens you receive a notification.

    This is one of the things PSVita needs and has to have. It will separate it from every other mobile gaming device, not only that but everyone is going to want to own both a PS3 and a PSVita, you will get so many new PlayStation owners and make PlayStation into ONE. Exactly what needs to happen. Do this!

  • This app should expand to enable the vita to be used as a controller for the game and make the vita work as a Wii-U pad

  • this could be better if its not only an app but the game like in the ps3 too

  • I was totally on board when i first started reading this but i was out by the end. We need a good a mmo. I would even be completely happy if they pumped out a battlefield. I dont really want poorly designed 2.99 ios games on my vita. I just want some games that would make me feel proud to rave about the vita to my friends about going out and buying one. currently I just dont feel the vitas even worth talking about. Untill………Come on playstation!!!.

  • i think this app will be very promising to players with a vita. It makes custimizing simpler nd more effective in the online mmo experience. But i do c how some people will ask to c if u could make a little gameplay for the vita which i find to be great. Thats why i agree with RydogV when he pointed out all the good aspects. But all in all im am looking forward to the full release of dust 514 nd of the neocom. (been playing the beta for 2 months nd is looking pretty good)

  • @ iiGeTMoNeY23 – You stated about purchasing the game…1.)It’s Free-To-Play and, 2) All expansions of Eve-Online (PC) and DUST 514 (PS3) are free as well. Unlike most games to where you have to go out and by the next expansion, like World of Warcraft for PC and other current PC MMO’s, or buy an expansion pack through the PSN Store or on Xbox Live. Each new expansion brings changes to the game for, at literally, no cost to you. So buy a PS3, download the game, and play. You don’t even need a plus account on PSN to play, it is LITERALLY…free to play…play for free…or in whatever literal arrangement you require for a translation, just understand… free and play are in the same sentence and apply to the same object.

  • Now aside to that there’s all you people who say you own a PSVita but do not own a PS3…what is wrong with you? Go buy a PS3 and quite dawdling on Xbox.

    Aside to the features that CCP is going to allow for integration from DUST514 itself to a handheld like the Vita is amazing. As an EVE Online player and currently playing the DUST beta like a mad man, it is going to be the FIRST application that will be able to ACTIVELY interact with the game itself that is not local to the system the games played on. EVE has many player made programs that we use to ‘spreadsheet’ our existence…FPS players that bring themselves to DUST will have a separate application not on the PS3 but for the Vita which they can take with them wherever and given they have 3g or WiFi access they will be able to login and actively manage their Mercs through this integration.

    So quit compaining and whining. No true gamer should be lack a system either.

    Playstation stuff:
    PSVita WiFi/3g + 8gb card
    PSP 1000, 2000, and 2x 3000 Models
    PS3 60gb – Hardware backwards compatible (of which I’ve yet to find a game PS/PS2 it won’t play)

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