PSN Community Spotlight – A MGS Fan’s Desire to Play MGS4

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PSN Community Spotlight – A MGS Fan’s Desire to Play MGS4

Another Saturday, another PSN Community Spotlight. It’s that time where PlayStation gamers tell their unique stories/experiences/thoughts, as submitted to this section in the PlayStation Community Forums. Those that make it all the way to the PlayStation.Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.

Last week, Morgan asked about your experiences with Metal Gear Solid 4, since the game was recently patched with Trophy support. PlayStation gamer luciFOUR wrote in to tell us about his rocky start with the Metal Gear series. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

A MGS Fan’s Desire to Play MGS4

It was about 13 years ago. My brothers and I had just gotten a PS1 and we were very excited about the games that we would be playing in the near future. We had played before on a family friend’s system and had already known what we’d be getting into. We got some classic games like “FF VII” and “Ape Escape”. However, one day, my oldest brother had learned about this game that came out the preceding year. It was some title called “Metal Gear Solid”. I had no idea what it would be about with such an odd title name. Is it about combat gear that happens to be metal, which is obviously solid? I just felt I had to try it.

Sadly I couldn’t get too far because of one crucial moment in the game. Remember that CD case Baker gave to you that has Meryl’s Codec frequency? I thought it was on the back of that CD case (like he said), so I equipped it and kept calling Colonel to see if he could help. He didn’t. I had unfortunately abandoned the game for a while before trying again, my brothers thought the same. We feared the game was bugged and never thought of looking online (on dial-up! Oh the 90’s…). Any fan of Metal Gear will tell you that the Codec frequency is on the back of the case for the game itself! I feel like an idiot looking back now.

I had completely forgotten about the game until MGS2 was announced, then MGS3, but never bothered to try it again until I heard detailed coverage of MGS4. This was early 2008, almost a decade later! It looked amazing running on the PS3 (even to this day, I consider it one of the best looking PS3 games). To keep the story short, I played MGS1 all the way through and loved it. Then I got MGS2 and MGS3 and loved those as well. This was, of course, all in anticipation of MGS4. It was one of the main reasons I got a PS3, which was fittingly a PS3/MGS4 bundle. After playing through that, I had nothing but high hopes for MGS5, or whatever was coming next from Hideo Kojima’s mind. One of the most important aspects I look for in a game is a strong story, and it’s almost a guarantee that the MGS games will have that.

Being the first game I got for PS3, I was amazed that this title could even exist. I couldn’t put the controller down. I still have my first gamesave stored on my PS3, unwilling to delete it as it has so many memories attached to it. I loved everything about the game. The ending to Snake’s story was fitting and made me reflect on the first MGS, in addition to the journey I made through all four games, even if it was recent. You could say I was crazy about the series, especially MGS4. Playing through the games and buying each one the day after I finished the previous game, it was obvious I got pulled in. I regret not getting into the series earlier; I probably would have been drawn in a long time ago. 4 years later, here I am playing the game again, for those coveted trophies, and of course, the platinum. I couldn’t ask for a better anniversary gift from Kojima himself.

Thank you Kojima-san, and here’s to another 25 years of Metal Gear.

Thanks for writing in luciFOUR! Hope you enjoy playing through again with Trophies.
Next week, to celebrate the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we’re looking for stories and experiences from Counter Strike. Click here to check out more info on this call to action.

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  • Not a very interesting story. The first 2 paragraphs were great but the rest is boring.

    I also equipped the in-game CD case but obviously didn’t game. Sadly, my game didn’t have a cover so there was no way to find out that by myself. I looked it up in the internet. One day on gamefaqs, I looked at the back of the cover and I saw that was what he was talking about. I lol’d at that.

    Shame there are not many developers don’t try funny stuff like that but whatever.

    Where’s Morgan?

  • So he’s spotlighted because he couldn’t figure out a game… gave up… and played through them again because the new one had a lot of hype and nice graphics? What are these spotlights for again? I mean I have the same story basically seeing as I was young and couldn’t play MGS1 at the time because it was a Mature rated game, and when MGS4 was announced, i played through all of them to get ready for it and loved them.

  • Congrats luciFOUR! I remember picking up the MGS4 bundle as my first PlayStation and getting the MGS bundle back when they were re-released on PS2. Couldn’t put MGS4 down until I beat it the next day.

    Welcome to the Community Spotlight, Kristine! Bring that Chloe sass, gurrlfriend :)

  • Agreed on the lack of impact on the story. The whole thing sounds extremely mundane.
    At any rate, a win is a win. Congratulations.

    I’ll be following to see that kid from last week rage about his MGS4 story not being chosen though. Will surely be the most entertaining part of this entry, if it happens.

  • great story but i don’t understand how his story is better than us i made paragraph fixing stuff in the story and you still don’t give tips about how many words to write in it ?. And i wrote all my experience and you don’t believe me that i have the game of it ? what he wrote is some good stuff but this not too interesting you can check out my story that called A gamer takes on metal gear solid 4. And that what i wrote my experience about the game everything. im done i wrote something about counter strike and is my favorite game you believe people that have the game only how you know if he has it or not you can’t tell we cant tell this is the final straw writing a story over summer time and still didn’t win this would take forever i wrote my story good and clean what i forget i didn’t forget anything my spelling was correctly find something fishy going on here im going to check his trophies and see if he as the game for ps3 i format my ps3 because the system acting funny when i make a mistake on mine but i

  • edit my story to fix man my keyboard messing up but let me tell you we have no money to buy a card right ?. And i try to make a story here but hey you want to pick people best story that fine with me im not angry im disappointed about this this ends at january 2013 this is a waste of time i mean if you don’t give tips of how many words to write in the post or how we can tell how many words we wrote it just to crazy do someone know how many words to write in the post or how we know how many words we wrote like any numbers ?. This is madness good story but writing a story i probably wont win on january 2013 that the event would start if is a $20 code giveaway i’ll give everyone one but making the story ow ow ow ow my head. making me get a headache i mean as a customer of playstation i’ll say it a scam yeah a scam because how many people want to buy games from the store? many hmmm enjoy your playstation code nice story i was hopefully buy a map pack for bf3 but if you pick people with great taste ok. suit

  • yourself i never win even the same people want to win second code and that not fair for us well if you don’t like any my post well don’t worry tell the truth i’ll take it. Man this sucks what to do cry in the floor for just quit what suit you i chosen quit.

  • Kristine, good to see you already getting more responsibilities.

  • I knew it wouldn’t take long XD

  • @4 venneer, you didn’t have to wait long.

  • whhy is my nico nico app not working right? i can log in but i can’t watch anything and its not internet connection cause i used my wifi and my android wifi and other wifi and nothing…any answers for this?

  • So i’m curious just what the point of this post was?

    Are people getting their posts on the Forums reposted here if it happens to be on the right subject and you randomly choose one or something?

    This was a very normal video game story that most gamers have likely experienced with more than one series if they’ve been playing for any length of time so why bother to share it?

    If it was about a disabled person finding reasons to live/be happy through gaming, or a story about an estranged parent reconnecting with a child via games, then I’d understand sharing it/making a fuss..

    Not saying it’s wrong to share/post this, but I obviously don’t get the point of it. (as well as other posters).

  • can’t post on the it anywhere else….so if you have any suggestion in where i should post my questions im all ears.

  • I agree with boomstick & similar comments. The quality of the selected stories has gone down hill. I am not blaming Kristine or Morgan. You can’t make a purse out of a sow’s ear, as the saying goes. People are not submitting good stories that are written up to the level of 6th grade grammar. Says a lot about the PSN community.

    I read the PS blog every day so I know that there are a fair number of educated, clearly-spoken members. Apparently almost none of them are submitting stories. Perhaps the prize should be higher to attract better entries that poor Kristine, who probably majored in journalism or English, would be able to read & not cringe.

    A little higher. Say the $50 bucks plus 3 months of Playstation Plus?

  • @dragend, I fired up my Vita for you. I don’t know what you’re trying but I’m able to watch that NASA feed that is on the home page. So the problem is neither nico nico nor the vita or p,astatine network in general. I have to leave home now so unable to test further. Good luck.

  • @ lisatsunami great idea and i agreed that this spotlight makes people hate of it i mean the guy story well the grammar of his look like 4th perhaps i made my story about counter strike if a fan likes the game well good for them because were fans of playstation but talking about fan and blah blah blah and so on but im looking for interesting in games like what you do do you have fun like what i made for counter strike i play it as a kid and becoming a great gamer his story made me sleep.

  • @lisarsunami

    Doubt they would make the reward any higher.

    If anything, I believe they should have “eliminatory” competitions. If no story is up to standard, no one wins; instead of picking a placeholder entry.

  • sorry keyboard problems

  • @lazarojenrry no offense but your grammar is atrocious, you can’t win with that type of grammar.

  • @17 I totally agree, especially with this upcoming up contest, Counter Strike. I’m not saying there won’t be a good story so we’ll have to see but I feel like there won’t be anything special about that game. I’m sure people have amazing experiences with that game but I doubt those people even know about this contest.

  • Maybe they’d have more success if they let the categories be more wide open.

    I just noticed on a 2nd read, the part at the bottom saying the next competition is stories about Counterstrike.

    I’ve never even heard of this game/series, but i’ve been gaming for over 20 years (owned every nintendo and sony game system so far, some from other companies too). Guessing by the name it’s some FPS/War game which is a genre I rarely touch.

    Limiting the entries to just one game/series will definately limit the number of quality stories you get, as this week is a prime example that there were no good stories (or you’d have picked one of those instead).

    Still if it’s this easy to get (was going to say ‘win’ but nothing about this post says ‘winner’) 50$ psn card, I should just make up some story after reading a quick summary of the game, since the post today proves you don’t need to know any details about the game you can’t find online in 5 seconds…

    Tempting but sadly for me, I wouldn’t do that kinda thing.

  • @21 well it was a PC game so that explains why you haven’t heard of it. Definitely an odd choice considering the fact that it’s basically a PC game going to the PS3 and they expect people to write a story about it. lol

  • Hi guys,

    I’m the winner, and I sort of have to agree with you in terms of the story and some of the grammar. I wrote it in about 15 minutes because of the lack of time and hadn’t proofread it. I know, I should have tried to find more time. The story is weak because I didn’t have time to flesh it out more. I can see a grammatical error in my story’s title! I’m surprised I won because some of the other stories were pretty entertaining. I hope you’ll understand a little. I just wanted to try it out, because I love Metal Gear. I just figured trying would be nice.

    Regardless, I’m very grateful that I won this week. Thank you Playstation!

  • Funny you guys should mention it, I was about to ask if this feature was always themed. Getting rid of the themes would surely enrich the experience of reading through these posts every week. Sure, some are pretty good, but this was pretty obviously a “last resort” pick.

    The only ways I see a post about Counter Strike being interesting to read is if the game stimulated someone to join the Navy SEALS and that ended up being the dude that shot Bin Laden. Or if it enabled a wounded (mental or physical) veteran to coup with his issues of war. Which are both extremely “unlikely”, to be light about it.

  • This story has no flow to it whatsoever. No emotional impact. Way too vague. He doesn’t delve into the intimate details of his journey through the series and how it changed/influenced/inspired him in his life away from games. It’s like, “I played MGS 1, then the others, and then the fourth one, yeah, now waiting for what’s next.”

    The guy really likes MGS4, and he thinks the graphics are nice. OK? And?

  • I loved playing ‘MGS4’ again:P But 2 Trophies i won’t go for because they are to tedious really are –
    1 – ‘Flashback mania – Viewed all flashbacks’ :-/ Why couldn’t it be – View 10 or 15 flashbacks???
    2 – ‘Sounds of the Battlefield – Obtained all iPod tracks’ :-/ Again why couldn’t it just be get 20’ish iPod tracks???
    (maybe i am to lazy to do all that) :D Apart from that i got the rest;)

  • @ D-Squad3 ok 1 who in the world cares about grammar my story was ok you want me to write more vocabulary word i don’t get it i wrote my experience oooh i can’t say Negative word but this is bananas so they want a grammar ohh mother of mercy what else they WANT !. i did good now is grammar Oh my gosh why they make contest so sorry for a $50 code if you can’t giveaway.

  • lazarojenrry:

    Post a link to your story and I’ll have a read-through and give it a thorough assessment. :)

  • @lazarojenrry

    Anyone that enjoys reading cares about grammar.

  • man i don’t care is over you don’t want me be in spotlight or in the community do you. :(

  • I’m going to take the time to answer you, I hope you take the time to read. Like, really.

    I’m not bullying you. I’m answering your question:
    People do care about grammar, at least the ones who care to read (by the same standard, so should the ones who care to write).

    On the other hand, I honestly couldn’t possibly care any less if you win or loose the community spotlight. Do I want you out of the community? No, not at all.

    Do I want ANYTHING from you at all? No, but I would be happy if you learned your language and used it properly. I think everyone (you included) would benefit from the exercise.
    Of course, I’m assuming you are North American, if you are not, you should still learn the language, since you are interacting, by choice, with the North American community (I should mention that I am NOT North American). If you don’t want to exercise the language you can always go to your respective region’s blog and speak your native language there.

  • To the winner:


    You did your best in the time you had and ended up getting lucky/winning.

    Glad someone gets a free 50 on the PSN and while I didn’t see how your story was special, I certainly have nothing against you.

    Too bad the MGS HD games aren’t on PSN or you could’ve used the prize for them heh.

    Enjoy your PSN money :)

  • That’s two positive comments! :D

    Thanks man, I’ll enjoy it. I have heard that the HD games will be coming to the PS Store, but I’m not sure if it’s official. I haven’t played Peace Walker yet…

  • No i prefer that this is $50 code is a scam waste of time how long you keep this up when january 2013 will be the last event y’all need to reward us free PSN money codes for making sony the 1# company good thing we bought PS3 but what they gave us for return only a welcome back package ?.

  • and luciFOUR use your code enjoy please no offence buy your mocking the people you know that.

  • I’m mocking? I said nothing bad about anyone. I was just thanking someone for congratulating me. I don’t know what I said that offended you, but I’m sorry. I hope you win next week.

  • @luciFOUR Don’t worry dude, I’m sure he’s either underage or English isn’t his native language. No need to feel guilty! I do agree that this story was a bit lackluster especially in the emotional department, but they picked you so you deserve it. Perhaps you could beef up the story a bit and ask them to add it to this post?

  • @The5rozos

    Hey thanks!

    I know, the story wasn’t great. I could rewrite it, but I don’t think Kristine, Morgan, or anyone else would go through all the trouble of editing this post. Thanks again!

  • @luciFOUR

    I concur, that poster is only putting up negative stuff, at least what little of his posts I’ve been able to translate into readable english. Didn’t see anything you said being a reason for someone to be bothered.

    Hope you’re right about the HD games coming to PSN, I’ve got money in my wallet I could use on them, but no cash for a retail buy at the moment.

    I also haven’t played Peace Walker yet.

  • @boomstickbhg

    There were a few sites that said MGS2 and MGS3 would go up this Tuesday, and Peace Walker would go up on the following Tuesday, so I’m hoping it’s true. The PS Blog hasn’t announced anything which is worrying, but I haven’t listened to the Blogcast yet. Here’s to hoping!

  • @ luciFOUR i don’t win of anything i will lose next week and a week after that and so on.

  • i can’t do anything right :(

  • @lazarojenrry

    Hey don’t say that. To be completely honest with you, I’ve never won anything before. Whether you consider it winning or being lucky, you have to be persistent in whatever you’re striving for. But if you want my advice, it’s that you have to work on your grammar. Other than that, you should be fine. :)

  • Great stuff luciFOUR… lol @ the empty PSN wallet haters, brilliant mate.

  • ok can you give me advice of grammar is that has to do with words?

  • Ok, I’ve read all of the comments here, and first of all congrats to the winner. Being a HUGE MGS fan (it’s my favorite game series of all time… if you haven’t noticed it’s even a part of my PS3/PSN name;) I wish I heard about the subject for this week as I would have loved to write about my love for MGS. To me it’s one of the few games that touches on philosophy so much, and true character. But anyway I’ll spare you the essay, most people here are smart enough to have played the games already ;)

    As for lazarojenrry, yes I and many others can give you advice for better grammar but I’m not a GREAT teacher… that is what SCHOOL is for. So I would say the BEST advice I could give you is to take a class in english or in writing, it helps. And it IS important to be able to write your thoughts well, because that is what a lot of things are based on… And either way there is NO reason to disrespect someone else for winning. That’s called being a sore loser / bad sport, and they teach good sportsmanship in school as well I think, at a very early age. I’ll leave you with my fav. quote~

  • Be careful of your thoughts, your thoughts become your words…
    Be careful of your words, your words become your actions…
    Be careful of your actions, your actions become your habits…
    Be careful of your habits, your habits become your character…
    Be careful of your character, your character becomes your destiny.

    (so yeah, thoughts + words ARE pretty important).

  • wheres my 50$ voucher code?????? or is that a joke?

  • I’m a bit upset…. I was hoping to read a good story by a huge MGS fan like myself, but this was mediocre and boring… I’m surprised that this story won compared to past stories that were actually interesting instead of a simple “Couldn’t figure it out so I never played the game past that part, then MGS4 came and it’s graphics were awesome, so I went back and played the games.”

    Meh… Oh well, like others have said a win is a win. Good job, even if your story wasn’t that interesting. I’d hate to read your competition… :\

  • Also, can’t wait for the CS story winner, I wonder if it’ll be on par with those British kids that always cussed me out over XBL when I would play CoD on my friends Xbox. Those kids are funny. :P

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