PlayStation Blogcast 038: The Shuhei Yoshida Show

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PlayStation Blogcast 038: The Shuhei Yoshida Show

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Guten tag! What. A. Show. This week’s PlayStation Blogcast comes to you by way of Cologne, Germany, home to the annual Gamescom videogame expo and countless meat products. Jeff and I made the 10-hour flight for good reason: We got hands-on time with loads of great games, from God of War: Ascension to Dishonored to Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, not to mention sitting in on PlayStation’s well-received Gamescom press conference that introduced cool new games like Tearaway, Puppeteer, Until Dawn and more. Good, good stuff.

But perhaps more importantly, we finally got a chance to record a big fat Blogcast interview with Shuehei Yoshida, president of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios. This conversation ranks among my all-time favorite Blogcast discussions for three reasons:

      1. Shuhei walked us through his vision for PlayStation’s internal software development, including its focus on creativity and original IP.
      2. It was our first (and hopefully not last!) interview to include EU PlayStation.Blog manager Fred Dutton.
      3. At two points during the interview, Shuhei says…well, I probably shouldn’t spoil it. You’ll just have to listen.

But that’s just the beginning of this week’s double-stuffed, beer-battered episode. After talking shop with Shuehei, we shift gears to The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival tale, with an eye-opening interview with stars Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson — or, as you might know them, Joel and Ellie. From there, we delve into the development secrets of Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games‘ highly reviewed open-world crime drama set in the mean streets of Hong Kong.

Oh, and we share full details on next week’s jam-packed North American PSN lineup, too. Listen in, let us know what you think, and we’ll see you back in the States next week!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Gamescom 2012
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Puppeteer
  • Tearaway
  • Dishonored
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted for PS Vita
  • The Last of Us
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff for BlogcastFred DuttonShuhei Yoshida

    Jeff O'ConnellTroy BakerAshley Johnson

    The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Social Media Manager
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Fred Dutton – EU PlayStation Blog Manager
  • Shuhei Yoshida – PlayStation Worldwide Studios President
  • Jeff O’Connell – Senior Producer, Sleeping Dogs
  • Troy Baker – Joel (The Last of Us)
  • Ashley Johnson – Ellie (The Last of Us)
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    7 Author Replies

    • Action packed podcast! Just like the Gamescom conference ;)

    • I am Kyle from last weeks Bolgcast. I never got any codes. I am not one to complain about free stuff, but just fyi.

    • Shuhei is the man! Never in my life have I saw someone so high up in a company be so down to earth. Very honest, open, & approachable. That, & the info he relates to us is about the greatest brand out there, Playstation! I’m so looking forward to the future of gaming with Sony!

    • I hope there will be nba2k13 on ps vita :(

    • I’ll listen to this tonight. Thanks to SCEE I was able to watch the presentation & the panel discussion. Yoshida-san’s contributions made Gamescon more interesting than watching E3. Maybe add a panel discussion to E3 next year & stream it all?

    • Is Deep Black really coming out? I can’t find info on that anywhere else.

    • I’m still missing a code, and I’m the dude looking for “fiendishly replayable” Vita/PSP games back in episode 028…

      I sent a follow up email, to no avail…

    • He was Beyond’s first.

    • Ha Jeff can you tell Sony that ever since the new update for ps vita I cant play co-op or do the daily missions on unit 13 .Also could you patch the youtube app for HD its currently in 480p and needs better performace

    • *facepalm*
      ohh…. oh sony…. oh oh sony…. *sigh*…. What else did you let go that you’re going to end up kicking yourselves for later.

      also this is very dangerous:
      “Sony wanted to focus on a different type of game and we don’t really fit with that,”

      Don’t ever do that. An expansive portfolio that handles the gambit of styles, genres, themes, and what players are just simply drawn to is the best thing ever. Otherwise we get stagnation and a loss of interest. It is the reason I stopped buying Nintendo First and started turning my attention to PlayStation in the 90;s.

    • Ah Awesome a video lets watch it!! ooops i forgot Psvita can’t
      even play videos from your own website. Now thats sucks,Psvita
      can’t play videos from Sony website hahahahaha XD lmao.

    • With a nearly 2-hour running time and featuring Mr. @yosp himself, this episode is definitely Farm Fresh™. Love it!

    • @GameOverGreggy BEYOND!

    • Kaz, Jack, & Shuhei are my Sony All-Stars. Honorable mention goes to Kevin Butler. The Sony Playstation brand is more exciting as ever under these 3.

    • BEST PlayStation Blogcast ever! Love his insight.

    • Hey Sid, I never got to thank you yet for answering my question in the comments last week about MotorStorm, unfortunately I have learned that Evolution Studios is no doubt one of the hardest studios to get in contact with – well contacting them is the easy part, but getting a response seems to near impossible. That’s why I went to the Blogcast as a last resort because you guys were good at getting in touch with other companies but even you guys didn’t get a response! Haha

      No big deal though, although it does seem rather unfortunate that this platinum trophy will never ever be achievable again because of Evolution Studio’s lack of foresight on the matter, maybe PlayStation should set some rule for that sort of issue (Trophy patches in the process of your online servers being shut off)

      Anyway, I will give it a listen tomorrow while working, can’t wait to hear it!!

    • lol@”Farm Fresh”

    • As great as that blogcast was, I’m pretty sure the highlight of it was when Mr. Shuhei Yoshida said farm fresh. It definitely made me laugh and smile. =)

      Perhaps you guys could get Mr. Kaz Harai on the blogcast when TGS comes around? That would be pretty great too! =)

    • Mr President dont let Nihilistic take over the Resistance Franchise, you have some of the most talented game studios in the industry but those guys are as bad as it can get, as a long time playstation fan and vita owner i’m feeling very positive about the vita’s future because 2 of your ELITE studios are developing the next wave of Vita AAA titles, Tearaway looked absolutely amazing, you can clearly see that geniuses created that game, my respect to Mm they are as talented as it can get and Killzone Mercenary looks clean, spectacular, amazing i know GG will set up the standard on fps games on the little system ( yeap i have high hopes for Killzone Mercenary) now i still dont understand why you guys dont show Soul Sacrifice on your american and european conferences that game looks absolutely amazing.

      And as psvita owner i would love to see Sucker, Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog creating new experiences on the little system as well, they are as talented as MM so i wouldnt expect anything less than amazing from them. oh and one more thing you guys really need a dedicated RPG studios to bring exclusive RPGs to the vita and ps3/ps4.

    • BEYOND! @GameOverGreggy

    • @11 Jvhellraiser

      …are you stupid or something? The “blogcast” isnt a video, it is audio only; it is like a PODCAST.

      Were you born stupid, or did you do too much cocaine as a pre-adolescent?

    • im happy with all these announcements but…. WHERE THA F#$% ARE THE NEWS FOR FFVS13!!!!???

    • have anyone from sony know if mw3 will be available in psn store soon ????

      • No clue, though recent history on this topic is encouraging indeed. I was surprised by how quickly Black Ops hit PSN! Stay tuned.

    • Yes, best blog cast ever. Shuhei was great, we need more of him. He doesn’t answer like the other suits do. He sounds honest & direct.

      Troy Baker? Handsome, smart & funny? An interesting interviewee? How is that all possible?! More of him, please.

      And, Hi, Greg! Watched your IGN panel on YouTube on PS3 (fantastic app!). You are too loud or your buds are too quiet. I had to constantly adjust the volume.

    • Hey guys, did they say how much the Metal Gear Solid HD games will cost when they are released next week on PSN? If they did, I didn’t catch it… anybody?

      • Based on the info I have, its $14.99 per game on the PS3 (MGS2, MGS3) and $19.99 per game on Vita (MGS2, MGS3). Check back Tuesday for the final details.

    • Great episode guys!

      Mr Yoshida and blog team – – –

      I never owned a PSP and bought both the Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Twisted Metal: Head On PSP games from PSN here in the USA way back in January in anticipation of playing it on my “day 1” vita. Every week since I’ve checked to see if these games have been made compatible yet here in the USA (either through the vita store or transferring via my PS3) and every week I’m disappointed.

      My pals in Europe have been playing Motorstorm Arctic Edge on their Vitas for ages – please rattle the cages of the appropriate parties and make these compatible – We’ve been waiting over 6 months. (and how about the Pac man and Vanguard minis while they are at it)

      Also – we’re going to need bigger Vita cards soon – my 32 gb is nearly full and I’m over 100 bubbles!

      Thanks for listening – – –

      • Thanks! You’re right that not every game is available on the PS Vita Store yet. Do you have a PS3, and if so, have you tried DLing them to there and then using Content Manager to transfer them to Vita from your PS3?

    • @26 Same deal for me, except I’m waiting for Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops to become compatible… I think it already is in Europe… What’s going on with SOA?

    • @10: They can’t publish everything exclusively. And it doesn’t look like much of a loss to me. The PS3 is still getting the game, Sony is still funding tons of first and second party titles that are much more interesting than that game.

    • Are you going to do a blog post about the Wonderbook stuff? I know most people have hate for it because it took too much time at E3, but I want to see more on it.

      • Yeah, we should have more details to share soon — particularly on Diggs Nightcrawler (which I thought looked really funny and witty)

    • Can’t find an answer anywhere for this, so I’m asking here. Why was Pulse cancelled?

    • Thanks for the good podcast guys Shuhei made me go get Sound Shapes today lol :P

    • @LionFranco lol geez man take it easy the kid didnt know what a blogcast/podcast was sheesh

    • I’m disappointed we’re not getting Episode 3 of The Walking Dead on Tuesday, or at least it hasn’t been announced yet. Telltale said it would be out “mid-August”. I hope it doesn’t get delayed past August, but if it does, I hope they can add all the polish they can to it.

      • I am also dying to play this, and rest assured we’re working with the team to spread the news when the official release date is ready to be announced.

    • Ok so this is kinda random but iam trying to recruit for my mw3 all girls clan we are lined up for havig 4 sponsors and are still recruiting for more girls so if any girls check this post out and would like to join and awesome all girl clan please add gi_jenny I promise you won’t regret it we are moving up in the world we have a youtube channel a website and twitter a facebook and our own artist and video specialist so if you are ready to have tons of fun and own face add me telling me you would like to join and you are responding to my blog post thank you ;)

    • @26 – Hi Sid,

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

      I’ve got Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Twisted Metal: Head On and the Pac Man and Vanguard minis downloaded on my PS3 – and every week after the store updates, I check using content manager to see if I’m able to transfer them over – – – and still no dice.

      Motorstorm Arctic Edge is particularly painful since I bought it off of PSN in January and it was one of the reasons I bought a Vita at launch (never had a PSP).

      Thanks again.

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