Cover Your PS Vita in Persona 4 Golden (But Only If You Pre-Order)

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Cover Your PS Vita in Persona 4 Golden (But Only If You Pre-Order)

Attention, nation of PlayStation(.Blog)!

Look, I’ll concede that the title of this post is open for misinterpretation. What YOU do with your PS Vita in the comfort of your own home is obviously none of our business.

The kind of loving Persona 4 Golden can offer your PS Vita, however—apart from it being one of the best RPGs ever made, delivering 100+ hours of addictive goodness, et cetera—might be something you’ll want to share with the world…

Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita

We’re incredibly excited—nay, elated—NO WAIT, WE’RE EXCITALATED—to reveal the Persona 4 Golden Vita Skin, a special FREE gift for fans who pre-order P4G at a participating retailer while very limited supplies last.


“The skin adorns your Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 while protecting it from small scratches and dust. It is easy to apply and won’t leave any residue when removed. Also included are 8 exclusive matching wallpapers, each featuring a main character from P4G and all designed to perfectly coordinate with the protective skin. Manufactured in Japan by Dezaegg, this Vita skin is the same one made available to Japanese fans, down to the use of the original title for the game, Persona 4: The Golden. The P4G Vita Skin will not be made available for individual sale in North America.”


Persona 4 Golden on PS VitaPersona 4 Golden on PS Vita

That’s right, friends in the PlayStation Nation: ATLUS is going to make your PS Vita sexy and we’re going to do it at no added cost, provided you do what pretty much everyone else is doing—certainly all the cool kids—and reserve your copy of P4G today. (We stress the today due to the limited quantity.) What’s that, people who live on the same street/floor as whoever is reading this sentence? YOU’RE PRE-ORDERING, TOO? Your currently-reading-this friend/acquaintance is going to be sooooo jelly come the holidays.

Oh, and in case you were wondering just how improved Persona 4 Golden’s visuals are (the game is bigger and better in every other way as well, mind you), we have a couple comparison screens we’re showing here on the blog for the first time!

Persona 4 Golden on PS VitaPersona 4 Golden on PS Vita

Persona 4 Golden on PS VitaPersona 4 Golden on PS Vita

Persona 4 Golden releases this holiday season, exclusively for PS Vita. Which is, without coincidence, also when your PS Vitas become (even more) the envy of everyone you know (provided you pre-order soon). For more info about P4G, visit

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15 Author Replies

  • Wow, looks awesome!

  • Misinterpretation? you were talking about beer, right?

  • Whoa! I’m definitely going to Pre-order!!! Can’t wait!

  • So these wallpapers are downloadable items that we get via a pre-order code?

    • TomHoang,

      A special URL is provided with the protective skin that takes you to a site from which you can easily download the wallpaper images.

  • It’s a decal sticker right? I’d love it but I already have the full frontal Hori screen protector on my Vita.

  • AWESOME! Even more excited now! So it’s October already right? I pre-ordered weeks ago :p

  • Will there be only one skin included? What if you mess up while attempting to apply the skin on PS Vita and will it be easy to apply or at least have instructions?

    • Kchow23,

      There is only one skin included as it is actually one of—if not the most—expensive items we’ve ever provided as a free bonus. Detailed instructions ARE provided.

      The manufacturer, Dezaegg, has a long tradition of beautiful protective skins that are easy to apply, so don’t fret about it being overly complicated or challenging.

  • definitely pre-ordering although having at least 10 wallpapers wouldve been nice to get the 10 max pages on the vita, could atlus get in another 2 or more in the same design as the 8 included? xD

  • Does it matter where I preorder this? Like…does it HAVE to be EB Games or Gamestop or anything? Or are most major retailers getting it?

    • Zarxce,

      You’ll see participating retailers add mention/images of the offer to their product pages in the coming days/weeks. GameStop, EB Games,, and are all expected to participate in this special promotion.

      It would be advisable that you wait for the retailer of your choice (should it not be one of the above) to add the offer to their page before pre-ordering, as it’s possible not all retailers will participate.

  • @Zarxce well if you happen to order from Amazon they also have this pre-order bonus, idk about any other retailers though.

  • trying to large version of pictures, but asks me to login when i click on the images.

  • Was waiting for a preorder bonus before committing to waiting on shipping. (Otherwise was going to search stores for it on day 1)

    Sold. Preordered, and THANK YOU for always making sure has the preorder bonuses for your games. It pains me whenever they miss out on them, because I prefer them to ebgames (who usually always gets them in Canada).

    Can’t wait!

  • i have all wallpapers and they look pixelated thanks to the vita or i am the only with the problem that nearly every wallpaper on my vita looks bad.

    • Chidori_93,

      Are you sure you downloaded the correct images? (I imagine you have the link from the Japanese release of this item?)

      The images you move to your Vita should be 960×544, the native resolution of the OLED screen. Pixelation seems unusual.

  • I was gonna buy on psn but now Ill get the retail version for sure. And Ill use the skin with the Yukiko wallpaper because I’m a cool guy who gets all the ladies.

  • As awesome as this is, I just don’t want to buy any physical media for my Vita.

    How about a promotion where I can pre-order on PSN and send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for you to send me the skin? :)

  • As soon as I leave work, I know what i’m doing. Thanks for definitely making me buy this game. I never had the chance to play it for PS2, so I was waffling as to whether get this or not. No contest now. I love you Atlus. XD

  • Wow. Amazing. That skin is sweeeeet. I hope to see more of these at retail stores soon. How about a 3pack skin package sony?

  • Man, even if I don’t have a Vita yet I wanna preorder this to get the skin for when I do eventually get one.


      Glad to hear you’re planning on getting a Vita. With great titles like Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Retro City Rampage—and of course, Persona 4 Golden—out or on the way… it really is a heck of a handheld. I LOVE how Netflix and Youtube look on dat screen!

  • @9

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of preordering from Futureshop or Best Buy as there’s one of each literally right across the street from where I live. I guess I’ll wait a couple days and if they don’t update their site I’ll just preorder at EB Games.

    I’m actually going out of my way to preorder a game for a system I don’t own (yet). But I know I will be getting a Vita for sure and that is a pretty awesome looking skin.

    Oh, one more question though. Can the skin be removed and reattached again later?

  • What happened to all the fog? This is the biggest visual “improvement” I’ve noticed and it really changes the look of the game.

    Do you have any insight into this, Aram?
    Things were hazy/dreamlike before and now it’s all crisp and saturated. Is it just to show off the OLED?

    • rwwoo,

      Fog and weather still play a huge part in Persona 4 Golden story and gameplay. I think the increase in contrast, crispness, and vibrancy you’re seeing is primarily a result of a higher output resolution, sharper textures, and the fantastic black/color reproduction of the Vita screen.

      Some scenes do have less haze and/or have a lot more detail, and I’ve seen folks comment that they miss the blurrier/interpolated look of the PS2 original, but I can’t imagine anyone spending more than a minute staring into that gorgeous OLED and not exclaiming to themselves that Persona 4 has truly never looked better.

  • I don’t know how I feel about announcing a limited pre-order bonus before you even announce an actual release date. I usually hold off on pre-ordering until i actually know when a game is coming out. In this case it just feels like I’m going to be forced to break that habit so I don’t miss out on the bonus, and I really don’t like that one bit.

  • Also while the 2nd shot looks much much better than the first, removing the fog from a world that is supposed to be shrouded in a fog kind of ruins things a bit. There had to be a better way to improve the visuals.

  • Is this compatible with the official Sony Vita screen protector?

  • I dont even own a vita yet but i might just go pre- order so when i do get one I’ll have it! Atlus rules!

  • sevyne, shipping date says November 20th.

  • @polo155 Not officially though. Atlus have yet to actually confirm that.

    • Sevyne,

      The only information with regards to release timing that has been formally announced or confirmed is “fall 2012.”

  • hey great work! really love the art work! any price? need to know ok asap! look very good very temping? please help the temptation? i cant help my self!

  • Definitely looking forward to this now. Had every intention of getting it. Loved the series since I first pulled the trigger in Persona 1.

  • @ Aram Jabbari

    Yes i download the wallpapers from the Japanese site. and yes they are 960×544
    I can assure that in the Photo APP all Looks Excelent but when is used as wallpapers they dont look the same.

  • Will the skin have a rough/matte finish like the PS3 slim kind of or will it be smooth? Thanks for answering my previous post… looking forward to playing my first Persona game :)

    • Kchow23,

      It’s not quite as rough matte as the PS3, but it is most definitely a matte finish. I saw a great animated GIF on NeoGAF that showed the system w/ skin applied being turned into and out of a light source. Gives you a great idea of the texture of the skin.

  • @Chidori_93: I don’t know what you did, but you had to have messed something up somewhere. I already have the wallpapers as well and they look perfectly fine for me.

  • Damn, I’m a devout PSN follower and will pick this up day one digital. At least can we digital adopters have the wallpaper?

  • LOL you cant afford a real paint job? ……business must be baaaaad.

  • This is the game I want to download to my system to always have it handy. How much space would it take up on a memory card? Any bonus for the ones who what to download this game directly from the Playstation Store?

  • Any chance of it coming to Europe ? we love persona also !

  • Heya! About to pre-order this, but first I need to know if it’s region-free? All vita games so far are region-free, but after the Persona 4 Arena story I’m a bit hesitant.

  • @darylsdn: It’s obviously region-free since some people already have JP copies here in NA and play it on NA Vitas. (Do note the JP release does not have English text so unless you know Japanese you probably should just wait for the NA release).

  • @22: It looks like there’s still fog there, it’s just less noticeable in the Vita version, a bit thicker closer to the edges of the screen rather than the center.

  • the vita is region free, i believe its the accont associated to the system that is locked in its on, i want the theme too but i want the game and skin.

    official or not its preordered so im good.

  • Let’s see…um…no.

  • @Kazriko: Checking out some videos you can sort of see in in some places. I do think the game has massively improved visually over it’s PS2 release. I just wish they somehow managed to improve it without having to almost completely removing the fog because it’s pretty important.

    Regardless, I’m extremely excited to have this game on the go. It’s one of my top games of all time. My grievance over the fog is me kind of nitpicking because of it’s relation to the plot.

  • Cool.

    Not like P4G needs any kind of extra bonus to get people to buy it, being an improved version of one of the best ps2 games of all time.

    For me P4 is one of the best games of any genre I’ve played on any system (no I don’t expect hardcore CoD/FPS fans to feel the same).

    Still played the ps2 version as recently as last year but made sure not to replay it again this year since I heard about Golden.

    Was waiting to pre-order just in case a bonus was going to come, but either way it’s a Day 1 buy for sure!

    Currently enjoying P4 Arena, love the Persona universe, particularly P3 and 4.

    Thank you for more Persona goodness.

  • It would’ve been nice to get 10 wallpaper to cover all 10 pages on my Vita.

  • I’m still getting the psn version since there is no reason for this to never, ever leave my vita. I’d appreciate a bonus there too, but it’s unnecessary. I’d also happily pre-order it there to!

    Anywho Atlus, thanks for bringing it stateside =)

  • Sevyne, do they have two sets of trophies in their trophy lists? I’m thinking about getting the PSN version and also importing the Japanese version way down the line.

  • So is it a one time use? Or can we keep putting the skin on and off?

  • Are you guys going to sell these after the game releases? I don’t plan on getting a vita till next year but I want that skin.

  • Hi, Aram, I was already planning on getting this digitally, since Jeff Rubenstein is doing an even better job than you promoting the Persona series, but I’ll switch to retail for the skin & wallpapers. They’ll look great on my new white Liberation vita I pre-ordered.

    • lisatsunami,

      I know, he’s been a tremendous advocate for the Persona series in recent weeks! We keep asking him to come join us at ATLUS but apparently he already has a pretty good gig or something :)

  • Its nice to see NA companies finally doing tangible pre-order bonuses. Though I doubt I will replace my project diva f pre-order bonus skin with this one.

  • This. This is why Aram Jabbari is awesome. This, and he has the same fashion style as Greg Miller.

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