The Monsters and Magic of Soul Sacrifice

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The Monsters and Magic of Soul Sacrifice

It’s been a while since our last Soul Sacrifice blog post, so with Gamescom taking place this week I thought I’d take a moment to share some new game details. In our debut post, we talked about the reality-blended experience and the concept of sacrificing in Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita. Now, I’m going to provide a deeper insight into the game.

In the world of Soul Sacrifice, monsters are what have become of humans who succumbed to darkness, using magic according to their desire. The mission of a sorcerer is to exterminate these monsters. Now, you may be wondering what sort of monsters you will come across and how they succumbed to this fate. Let’s take a look at the back story of one of these monsters — “Griffon.”

Soul Sacrifice: Griffon

He was a noble. His lands were vast, and he lived in opulence, supported by heavy taxes exacted from those who lived in his dominion. One day, he was presented with an offering from the people — a golden statue of a figure combining beast, bird, and man. His heart was swept away by the figure, and he felt an unnatural adoration for it. The power of the unnatural love was such that it drove him to kill his wife for hiding the statue from him. The years passed, and eventually the people rose up in rebellion, unable to further shoulder the burden of the noble’s oppressive taxes. They swarmed around the noble’s castle and found him in his treasure vault. By the time they found him, however, he was no longer human. His love of gold had allowed the golden statue, which he loved without limit, to take over his body, transforming him into the statue’s likeness.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into the background of how Griffon was spawned, let’s see what magic you have at your disposal to battle against him and other monsters. Plants, stones, and other materials obtained in the game are given up as offerings. These offerings grant you magical powers — the more valuable the offering, the stronger the sorcery it unleashes.

Soul Sacrifice: Plant SwordSoul Sacrifice: Chain Saw

Plant Sword

Plants such as “swordsman’s seedlings” and “swordmaster’s seedlings” can be given as an offering to harness this close combat magic. The seedlings grow sharp and hard, cutting enemies with their edges.

Raijin Statue Axe

“Thunderstone razors” and “Thunderstone blades” can be given as an offering to harness this close combat magic. The axe, shrouded in thunder, can strike tremendous blows.

Soul Sacrifice: Giant's BonesSoul Sacrifice: Rock Shield

Giant’s Bones

“Giant’s bones” can be given as an offering to harness close combat magic. Your fist becomes hardened and massive, striking down all before you.

Stone Wall Ruins

“Stone wall ruins” can be given as an offering to harness defensive magic. An enormous defensive wall appears, protecting you from your enemies’ attacks.

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  • I can’t wait for this game

  • i still dont understand why sony doesnt show this game at their american and european press conferences, this game looks really outstanding, it would have been the perfect follow up to Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary.

  • Great game, cant wait for this..

    Multiplayer Co-op FTW… :)

  • Is there a release window set for Soul Sacrifice yet? I’m assuming early 2013, but I can’t recall if that’s been stated officially or not. Either way, the game looks fantastic, I’ll be grabbing it whenever it hits.

  • hey great game! looks very good nice art work wow really amazing! cant wait for this game also is that a tree sowrd? just asking looks very kool! any word on price or release date? just asking cant wait to play this game thanks again looks vrey good!

  • This game has great potential. Can’t wait to see more!

  • This is exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see more.

  • I can’t wait for this game, it will be amazing and worth the wait. Thanks for the Info.

  • Why wasn’t this game showed during the Gamescom conference?

  • Would like to see some in-game fottage please.

  • So psyched! Looks like it’s going to be amazing. Keep up the great work guys!

  • This game looks great. I can’t wait to play it with my friends. Can you guys release a video demo or a dev diary since you don’t show off this game at Sony’s conferences(like #2 said, it would’ve been a great follow up to Tearaway and Killzone. It would’ve also been better to end the show with this instead of CoD)?

  • @ onslaughtree there’s a lot of gameplay on Youtube.
    Like here

    Game looks great by the way, I would love a release date!

  • at 13 yes i think it would have been better to show Soul Sacrifice gameplay video instead of Call of Duty at the end of the conference, i dont know what sony is thinking about letting Nihilistic handle big name franchises. Call of Duty looked terrible compare to Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary but hey those 2 games are developed by AAA world class studios.

  • Please show off some of the long-ranged magic abilities next!

    • I’ll remember your request for my next blog post. There are many, many magic abilities you can use in this game and I’ll be sure to bring more info about it!

  • Who cares about CoD Vita when this game exists. It looks awesome.

  • want…now….

  • Cool, I like how the mechanics kind of lead into the core concept of sacrifice. Is there any conceivable way to get through the game with little to no sacrifice?

    • Just like our lives, everything comes with a price and we need to sacrifice in order to gain something. You need to be determined to play this game!

  • That Griffon design is the coolest thing i’ve seen all week.

  • This game has intrigued me. I like the look of it and more games for Vita is always a plus. I am glad this game is seeing an international release because it would be a shame if nobody outside of Japan got to see this great looking game. Can’t wait to see more game footage from this one.


  • This just makes me want a Vita version of Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls even more…it’s the perfect platform for it.

  • needs a gameplay video now :D

  • Yes more Soul sacrifice news! I want this game more everytime I see it. Pretty interesting about how magic/weapons work. Will you also be able to use weapons without sacrificing?

    For those who want to see gameplay footage it’s kinda old but here you go:

  • Thanks for supporting Vita, SS looks like loads of fun!

  • i want this game so bad.

  • I saw this game and game play e3 and i was like damn wow, It’s going to very fun game that takes you and here and there. Graphics looks amazing and sound great. I wait to they bring out a demo so we can try it out.

  • Can’t wait!! Gonna be epic!

  • @remanutd5 what are you talking about man it was at E3 a trailer and you could play it on the showfloor …. im sure its at gamescom too lol

  • I can’t wait for this game! I’m really loving the concept of sacrificing to gain power. Very interesting and dark, but also enticing.

    • Thanks for your support! I was very intrigued by the concept of sacrificing too. This game will be different and your expectations will be betrayed in a good way!

  • I cannot wait for this game to come out.

  • Haven’t seen too much about this game, but what I have seen looks pretty good.

    One of the few Vita games, counting those both out or coming at some point, I’d actually want to play. Too many FPS/multiplayer games for my taste, gotta love RPGs for the single player fun.

    Look forward to seeing more from this game as we get closer to a NA release.

  • I know this has nothing to do with soul sacrifice but any release date for TEARAWAY

  • Surely you guys don’t have a release date yet to announce, but do you have a general time frame that you’re looking at for release? Very excited for this game, love having new IP for my VITA!!

  • Yes more Soul sacrifice news! I want this game more everytime I see it. Pretty interesting about how magic/weapons work. Will you also be able to use weapons without sacrificing?

  • Release Date…

  • Kumi-San, the artwork is so beautiful even though the premise scares me. I hope this is a huge seller for Vita.

  • Easily one of my most anticipated games. Not just on the VITA but in gaming as a whole!!!
    I agree with some of the other posters. This game shouldve been presented at the conference. It looks so awesome and deserving of some limelight! :D
    Anyway, consider this bought! I can’t wait to see more of what Keiji Inafune and co. have in store for us!!!

  • Seems this is the closest thing I can get to another Demon’s Souls now. Shame its not also on console though… In any case, I am really looking forward to it, heres to hoping it can somewhat fill the void the lack of a Demon’s Souls sequel left.

  • I really hope we get a Collector’s Edition with an artbook. The art design is just phenomenal. Soundtrack would be nice too.

    I can’t wait for this game.

  • E3 had a really enticing trailer. But man a 6 month wait at least is harsh. Hopefully Ragnarok Odyssey will stop being delayed so my Vita will be happy while I wait for this.

  • @ all about SS’s presence in Gamescom, I think being a Japanese production, it’s going to be more media accessible during the TG

  • …TGS. Sorry about the odd post.

  • Wow, just saw the trailer. The action + the gore looks fierce. The enviornments are nicely varied too. Please, please make sure the translation has been combed through & that the player camera doesn’t hinder the game. Totally hyped for SS!

  • Awesome design and art overall. I have to say this is a definite day-one purchase.
    The sacrifice concept is quite intriguing.

    I gotta ask though, is the gameplay more in the lines of Monster Hunter or Demon Souls or neither?

    Great Job!

  • WOW, very impressive stuff so far. Very anxious to see this in action.

  • Great game,however the Soul Sacrifice title somehow offended me…

  • Yes this game has been on my radar for a while. I can’t wait I hope there is a demo. But if not I think that I’ll be getting this as soon as it drops anyway!

  • do you get a choice to play a male or female protagonist? I love the plant sword, looks very fantasy like. This may just be on my list of to get games in 2013. I am going to be broke! I love the artwork direction!

  • I love the backstories. Will we get more in game or elsewhere from you guys?

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