Assassin’s Creed III: Naval Battles Trailer and New AC3 Liberation Trailer

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Assassin’s Creed III: Naval Battles Trailer and New AC3 Liberation Trailer

Hello again PlayStation Assassins!

To celebrate Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this week, we’re giving fans an in-depth look at the breathtaking naval combat in Assassin’s Creed III! Submerge yourself in our latest trailer below…

Assassin’s Creed III: Naval Battles Trailer and New AC3 Liberation Trailer

Let’s get in to what you just saw in that trailer, because there are a ton of little gameplay nuggets hidden inside it. First off, check out the attention to detail on the crew and their activities on the deck of Connor’s ship, the Aquila… we really wanted to convey the buzzing hive of energy that a ship this size requires just to keep it moving, let alone enter combat. And when the weather gets rough, Connor may need to put his deft Assassin acrobatics to use, climbing around the rigging and ensuring the sails are properly maintained and operational.

Enemy ships aren’t the only threat you’ll face along the Eastern shores of North America. Fortunately, you’ll have deck guns capable of rotating to remove stationary threats like mines, or even some of the smaller ships that threaten the Aquila. For the really heavy ships, however, you’ll want to use the combined might of your broadside cannons, which you can load with a wide variety of different ammunition. A few types of ammo you’ll put to use: grape shot (for taking out enemy crewmen), chain shot (shatters masts leaving hostile ships ripe for boarding) and even hot shot (heated cannon balls that turn splintered deck planks into blazing tinder).

Assassin’s Creed III will truly demonstrate the astounding breadth of combat in the American Revolution!

But the sea is not the only setting of the War for Independence, and Connor is not the only Assassin hero of the era…

By now you have probably met our newest Assassin, appearing only on PlayStation Vita: Aveline de Grandpré. Born of mixed French and African ancestry in New Orleans, Louisiana, Aveline grew up among the trappings of luxury afforded by her father’s station as a wealthy merchant. She joined the Assassins after becoming aware of the stark contrasts between societal classes, which spurred her to fight on behalf of those who could not defend themselves. Let’s get to know a little more about how Aveline will operate as an Assassin by watching the video below…

Assassin’s Creed III: Naval Battles Trailer and New AC3 Liberation Trailer

The first tools you see Aveline employ are the Blowgun and the Sugar-Cane Machete. While the Machete functions similarly to a sword or axe, carving up Templars with heavy swings, the Blowgun is a much more stealthy and subdued weapon. Its silence makes it undetectably lethal, even at long range.

Taking full advantage of PS Vita’s touch-pad functionality, Aveline can execute devastating chain kill combos, illustrated in the video as the “Touch To Kill” feature. Once Aveline has satisfied certain combat requirements, she can use her superior Assassin senses to fell multiple assailants in one fluid movement. Taking PS Vita’s unique hardware features even further, some navigation will also be facilitated through “Touch To Move” sequences.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have picked up a hint at the Persona System — a skill Aveline employs in order to move seamlessly and stealthily between the various social strata of the time. This is just a tiny taste of what we have in store, but we’ll take a more detailed look at this innovative new feature in future PlayStation.Blog entries!

(And, yes, you did see Aveline wrestle a ‘gator… that happened.)

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  • Both of these games look great, but with just over 2 months to go, I’d REALLY like to see some live gameplay of Liberation. It’s tough to get a feel for how the game plays in gameplay trailers where you only see about 5-10 second clips of consecutive gameplay. Will media outlets be allowed to film Liberation at Gamescom?

  • Absolutely awesome set of games,plus I want to wrestle aligators.

  • i’m REALLY lookin forward to AC3: Liberation knowing its a full Assassin’s Creed game on a handheld & it has the 1st female Assassin I can’t wait, I also hope it’ll help sell more Vita’s

  • Most anticipated Vita title for this year. Day 1 buy.
    1)Will we a live gameplay demo say during the Ubi conference happening right now?
    2)Can you give details on the multiplayer and Near functionality?

  • @MarkoSOLIDER FYI, Ubi conference was all free-to-play browser games. They didn’t discuss any Assassin’s Creed stuff.

  • this an amazing 2 going to buy it both…thank you ubisoft

  • Wow I still can believed, this is just little more then enough!
    GREAT Job guys, amazing, stunning, super! WoW
    I hope she’s all right, preordering this two in a bit!
    Ubisoft is the best, but SONY eat it all!
    add me people! is vita time baby!

  • Im just waiting for my copy to ship :)

  • The vita game sounds great =) Lets wait and see …

  • Does cross buy work for these two titles? If I buy AC3 on my PS3 will I get AC liberation free on my Vita?

  • Yes I want these games bad.

  • Instead of making AC3 only for consoles and AC3L only for PlayStation Vita, both should be on PS3 with Cross Buy you get to play both those great looking games on your big HD screen at home on your PS3 and continue the greatness anywhere you want on the PlayStation Vita!

  • hey great game im really cant wait for this is gonna be really awsome! cant wait for this game on the vita and ps3 im getting both!

  • hey also any word on dlc content for this and the vita game arfter the relese? thanks need to know!

  • I’m gonna get both games, but so far I only preordered Liberation. I’m more excited for it then part 3 for some reason. Maybe because it’s a female this time around and it’s something new. Assassin’s Creed Fan 4 Life.

  • Consider them both bought already. Exclusive AC on the vita was smart. The vita needs more games like this. Bioshock vita anyone?

  • Both these games are going to be epic. The quality of the Vita AC game is fantastic and I will be getting that one right away. I hope that the game world and mission structures are just like the console versions. Having a full, true AC game for on the go is going to be amazing. This has to be my most wanted Vita game for this year. I cannot wait. Keep up all the hard work on this fantastic series.


  • I would love to see more extensive gameplay for AC3: Liberations. The game looks cool, but it has been bit a pieces of video for now.

  • I for one am also more excited for AC Liberation than AC III for some reason. I think it’s me wanting to see if they can pull off a full Assassin’s Creed experience on a portable console. And even though I doubt it will happen, I would also like to have multiplayer on AC Liberation.

  • Same here BlueBl1zzard, I think AC3 will have the better gameplay but Liberation will have the better story.

  • @19 MP is included (cue pre-order bonuses trailer).

    I’m studying in Japan until March ’13 so Liberation is my obvious choice. From the beginning I was way more stoked for Liberation than AC3, can’t wait.

  • Are the touch-controls on Vita an optional control method (like they were in Uncharted Golden Abyss) or is that the going to be the only control method?

  • You guys should seriously consider releasing more gameplay footage for Liberation. We’re not that ‘trusting’ when it comes to an Assassin’s Creed portable game, you’ll have to win us. I’m very interested, but very skeptical.

  • I’m quite excited to fight crocodiles.

  • I watched the trailer for liberation and I’m kinda dissappointed because the village looks like an abandoned village…

  • Will you make a pre-order option on ps-store that includes mysteries of bayou pack?Please answer I’m having a hard time searching for that pack.

  • Buy Assassin’s Creed III get Liberation for FREE?!! HAHA I wish.

  • Pre-ordered the white Vita Liberation bundle right after E3. I love all the stabbing, sneaking, & climbing

  • @22: Lol, did you actually play Uncharted? A lot of it wasn’t optional. *looks at boss battles with poorly registered touch controls*

    I would like to know if it’s optional though. Sounds like that touch stuff for combat is just at the end of a combo, like a finisher to quickly kill off a bunch of enemies to me. But I’d like to see a better explanation on what it is.

  • this game looks absoluely incredible. as soon as my paycheck comes in, im preordering. it seemed flawless. my friends are are gonna be super jelly wen they see me with this. and is she in any way related to race cars? just wonderin, lol. ac4evr

  • Hey there don’t know if someone posted it before…anyway here is the awesomeness in action!

  • i can’t wait for this game to come out Ubisoft you are my favorite game developer.

    (sorry for the capitalization I just want this to be noticed)

  • A sure-fire purchase for me. AC titles has some of the best production values. Does the bundle include a white Vita? Drool…

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