PSone Classics Coming to PS Vita via the latest System Software Update (v1.80)

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PSone Classics Coming to PS Vita via the latest System Software Update (v1.80)

Hi, everyone. One of the key announcements coming out of Gamescom today is that the next PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) is coming your way late August, and will add support for playing PSone Classics on your PlayStation Vita. I know a lot of you have been looking forward to playing original PlayStation titles on the go.

In addition, you will be able to make various setting changes while games are running and take screenshots of your gameplay.
*It might not be possible to take screenshots in some applications, or in some parts of applications.

Listed below are a few other new features that will be added with the 1.80 update:

Cross Controller

The new Cross-Controller feature will allow you to use PS Vita as a controller to play compatible games on PS3, such as LittleBigPlanet 2. This feature lets you take advantage of PS Vita’s rich features including the touch screen, rear touch pad, six-axis motion sensing system, and cameras.

To access the cross controller feature you need to launch the Remote Play application and then click on the Cross-Controller icon.


As many of you have requested, you will now have the option to control the home screen and some features of applications such as Videos and Music with the buttons on the PS Vita system.


Playlists will be supported in Music. You will be able to transfer iTunes (10.6.3 or later), M3U, and M3U8 playlists from a PS3 or a PC using Content Manager.

Web Browser

Rear touch pad operation will be supported by the browser, allowing you to scroll through and zoom out of pages without obscuring the screen.


The following controls have been added to Videos:

  • Playback speed control
  • Repeat play

Viewing photos in MPO format will now be supported, with the ability to transfer MPO files from PS3™ and PC using Content Manager.
* 3D and multi-angle viewing are NOT supported.

Group Messaging

Along with some new layout enhancements, you will be able to take photos to add as attachments when writing Group Messages.


The Maps feature has been improved by adding a button on the top screen to switch between “Search for Location” and “Search for Directions.” You can also touch and hold a location on the map and place a user flag.


“near” will be able to gather the information of surrounding Wi-Fi access points without internet connection and update the location data based on it later. You can get location data within the area covered by Wi-Fi location services.

Check back here after the update goes live for more details. And as always, stay tuned for more updates on PS Vita right here on PS.Blog.

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  • Yes. Yes, YES !!!!!! I want to cry right now. CTR your gonna get a hella lot of playtime on my Vita. Thank you Sony…Keep On Gaming.

  • I’m a happy VITA customer :)

  • Can’t wait! All this stuff looks awesome! Particularly the PSOne Classic support, I’ve been waiting forever for it!

  • so well this fix our NEAR Problems with WIFI Vitas?

  • can you upgrade the PSOne Classics emulator for PS3 ?? like remembering the disc volume (for multi-disc game), auto assign memory cards for games, manually customize controller buttons (able to use analog stick for games that came out before the dualshock controller)

    they’re all available features on PSP version.

  • and the ability to customize screen size! also available for PSP version.

  • I’m extremely happy to see this although, I was hoping that a few apps would be brought together (messages/friends lists) and such. I still want more details on PS+ with the Vita. Why haven’t you guys posted the news about the cloud storage being upped to 1 gig ? That’s huge!

  • Two features Id like to see are being able to delete a whole conversation with someone in the Group Messaging instead of having to delete each message individually, and the ability to turn off certain notifications instead of all of them. Anyways, love my Vita! Never stop playing

  • YES!!!

    I have been one Super Happy VITA customer!!!
    I’ve been glued to Metal Gear Solid HD and transfarring back and forth between the HD PS3 is SO AWESOME <3
    That and Gravity Rush, and Resistance:BS are also really good (the latter being the best FPS on a handheld ever).
    I'm SO EXCITED for PS1 support!!!

    I bought TOMBA and Legend of the Dragoon just to play on the VITA!!! So excited!!!!!!! Hurry August 28th!

  • love the new features! can’t wait for the update.

  • finally, legend of dragoon and grandia playable while I looooong bus rides

  • Finally we can use the buttons and d-pad to navigate the UI. Oh and will all PSone games be playable on day one or a selection?

  • cant wait Eric, what about Hulu Plus when is that coming as well Crackle? anything to use Vita as a Google TV remote weather Sony or Logitech device? thanks.

  • Good stuff. Would be nice if we could play/run the music app while playing PSP titles and PSOne Classics on our PSVs.

    @12 I believe its only a selection at first.

  • im really happy ps one games & music playlist good psvita is dab best thank u sony we love even more.

  • Thanks for all of this, I can’t wait! One question about the PS1 support — will it be a gradual roll-out like the PSP games, or will all PS1 games work as soon as the firmware is released?

  • Just… Thank you… we need this features so much…

  • Holy crap today just got way better! GOD SPEED TO THIS UPDATE!

  • OMG the day before my Bday TY Sony. <—-Bday August 29th

  • Solid update, I’m actually looking forward to the near update XD

  • @15 I agree, Please answer guess is the latter though :(

  • ps vita as a controller is niceeeeee, hopefully itll work for ps3 xmb browsing… i never thought of it being used via Remote Play, Veryyy Niceeee!

  • That’s cool that the vita is getting ps1 support hey sony while your at it why don’t GIVE US Software Emulation for PS2 Games.

  • Oh, the happiness… The happiness… Can’t wait to play Castlevania on it.

  • >> you will now have the option to control the home screen and some features of applications such as Videos and Music with the buttons on the PS Vita system

    Very much appreciated. I hope Vita developers are paying attention to this. I feel like Motorstorm RC has one of the best interfaces on Vita since almost everything you can do with the touch screen, you can do with the buttons and d-pad.

  • Lovely! It looks like an incredibly fantastic software update. Looking forward to it.

  • NO! NO! NO! I Only want to make Folders On the Photos,Music and Video APPS IS THAT THAT HARD…
    I dont care about PS1, i only want FOLDERS!

  • I’m curious, Eric, as to why, of all of the complaints we’ve had against the web browser, your team chose to rectify an issue that absolutely nobody had with it.

  • Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to go by. Thank you Sony for finally giving us a set date.

  • PLEASE!!!! Mass message deleting!!! PLEASE!

  • Some great updates, some I didn’t expect. Can’t wait.

  • Right, could someone clarify if all downloadable PSOne games will be compatible on the 28th, or is it a gradual thing? The way the post is worded makes me hopeful that all my games will work, but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a clear official word from Sony yet. Either way, definitely glad to see the feature being added.

  • The remote controller is the answer to the Wii U and Xbox Surface. I love it.

    There are some things I’d like cleared up please.

    Will you be able to play music while playing games on the Vita?

    Can I finally send pictures from my Vita to users on my PS3?

    Roughly, how long will it take for you to put PS1 titles in the Vita library? I believe you guys said that only a select few will be available from the beginning. I hope that doesn’t mean we will be able to choose about 5 at first, then have to wait until December for you to add more.

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric.

  • Please PLEASE PLEASE ADD “DELETE ALL” to Group Messaging, going into every thread and deleting per user is a pain. Especially when 90% of them are for PS3 Game invites… Other than that, Nice update I hope many more games support the Cross controller in the future. Dear JRPG Developers please give me a PS3 Cross controller game that uses the Vita as an inventory/party management tool.

  • While this is awesome the EU PS blog has said it’s “select PSone Classics. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII.

  • @24 One thing at a time.. There can’t be that many positive things at once from Sony. Today has already been far above the norm.

  • Yeaaaa! PS1 Classics!

  • Please please please, add some form of folder/grouping system for apps and games. Its tedious that we have to scroll through multiple screens to get to what we’re looking for especially when you have alot of stuff on your Vita.

    Also, please add some sort of function to store where your icons are on the different screens, including backgrounds when switching memory cards. Very frustrating.

    Loving the features in this update too though :)

  • Thank you! Keep updates like this coming! The vita has so much potential!

  • FINALLY!!! Thank You For Adding The MANDITORY BUTTON INVOLVEMENT For When I Watch Those PS Store Rental Movies!!! Ohhh… I HATED Useing The TouchScreen For Movies…. I Am Guessing You Are Going To Add All Those Fancy Video Button Options That We All Had For The PSP ? THANK YOU! I Can Not Wait! It Is Going To Be Waaay More ComFortable While Watching Movies And Not Put My Oily Finger-Print Smears All Over The OLED Screen!

  • @Dmaki650 That would suck. If that were the case, at this rate it will take forever to get them all working; debugged 3 games? lol

  • No offense guys, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Forgive me for being skeptical, but first it was at launch, then a few weeks after launch, then those weeks became months and no one said a word about it until E3. A few questions, though: Will it be all PS1 games immediately or a few at a time? also, will all the PS1 games that I have on my PS3 work, or will you have to re-buy them? Finally, what about saved games? Will you be able to transfer them from the PS3 to the Vita and back?

  • Will there be a better option when deleting messages on the Vita? I really hope there is….

  • Eric, can you give us any specifics on what PS1 features are supported (DualAnalog, etc.)? Also, will we be able to transfer our saves to/from our PS3s and PCs? If so, should we expect a minor PS3 update? Should we also expect some (non-security) bug fixes and improvements in some applications, like the web browser?

    Also, I’d like to remind everyone that ONLY A FEW TITLES WILL BE SUPPORTED AT FIRST. Some of these include Final Fantasy 7, Wild Arms, and Tomb Raider.

    And finally… Me: “IS IT POSTED YET?!” Vita: “No…” Over and over again.

  • Great news!!!! Will this update also allow up to play all psp games available on psn store as well? Several of my psp games are supported on the vita, but there are still quite a few that are not (particularly motorstorm artic edge). Also would like to see remote play of ps3 games as well. Great work with this update. Please keep more updates coming.

  • Great update!

  • now people can stop complaining Thanks sony :)

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