Video Poker Comes to The Casino and Mercia is Coming Soon!

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Video Poker Comes to The Casino and Mercia is Coming Soon!

This Wednesday, August 15th, Digital Leisure updates their casino with Video Poker, Heavy Water gives their Peeps a facelift and releases Avalon Keep, both Novus Prime and Lockwood unveil new companions, and more!

But before you check out all of this amazing content coming to Home this week, we wanted to give you a heads up about Mercia: Fractured Realms. The first free to play, MMO RPG on the platform, Mercia is hitting PlayStation Home soon! We’ll have more info next week, but for now, take a look at the latest trailer and prepare for its release!

Video Poker Comes to The Casino and Mercia is Coming Soon!

Mercia will be an amazing experience for the Home Community, but in the meantime you can occupy yourself by checking out all of the cool content hitting this week:

1. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep

Heavy Water brings you a new experience in the realm of private apartments with the expansive Avalon Keep Personal Apartment. Will you become a Lord or Lady of Avalon? Those who purchase within the first 30 days of release will receive Royal Crystal Crowns, for male and female, as an exclusive reward. These crowns are made from the rarest Avalonian Crystals and pulse with their own inner light. Don’t forget about all the other features this space offers: Gift Machine, owner only furniture rewards, interactive NPCs, banner/theme changes, dynamic day/night cycle and the Dragonfly Automaton.


2. Heavy Water – Heavy Peeps Update

Heavy Water’s isn’t just releasing Avalon Keep; they’ve taken the Peeps and given them an update where it really counts. The companions are now bigger with more animations and a jump sound effect. Bring that Peep companion out of storage and see how much they’ve grown! Now thanks to a new control scheme, moving your Peep is just like controlling your PlayStation Home avatar. The active item has also been reduced to only six furniture slots. Place multiple Heavy Pets out and explore your apartments from a new perspective.


3. Digital Leisure – Video Poker comes to the Casino

A wild new game has appeared! Video Poker has made its way to The Casino. If you love poker, but prefer to play alone, then this game is for you. You get five cards and one draw to make your best hand. Video Poker comes with its own set of rewards — if you reach Tier 3 in all of the games you’ll receive The King outfit.


4. Hellfire Games – Novus Prime Companions

Novus Prime gets an update this week with three new Ship Companions! Control the airspace around your avatar with the Mini Gladius, Mini Witch Doctor, and Mini Obsidian Blade companions, each equipped with custom aerial maneuvers and sounds. They’ll follow you faithfully to the edges of space, pausing only to briefly recharge on your shoulder.


7. LOOT – MIB Bundles

This week get your full Men in Black™ fix with the release of The Ultimate Men in Black™ Collection and The Men in Black™ Collection – Weapons! The Ultimate Collection is packed with every Men in Black™ item sold in Home at a discounted price! Looking for a defense pack? The Men in Black™ Collection – Weapons has every agent and alien weapon (handhelds and ornaments) you could ask for from the Men in Black™ franchise. Suit up!


8. PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus drops by again this week to let us know about some new items in the Store including the Golden Slotted Shades that are an exclusive item available to x7 members. Check out this edition of the Virtual item Showcase for an early look at these sweet frames.

Video Poker Comes to The Casino and Mercia is Coming Soon!

9. The Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes!

Don’t forget, this week you have the chance to win another fabulous prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone to sign up for the Sweepstakes and every green ticket you spend playing any Midway or Hot Zone game earns you an entry into the weekly drawing. Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here:


See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • how much for avalon keep

  • Thanks for the update, Paul.

    Seems like a big week for Heavy Water. Avalon Keep looks great and I can’t wait to check it out. Those early adopter bonuses are pretty sweet. Any idea on a price point?

  • >< peench!… video poker in da casino alredy last week lol.. its funz xD

  • also any word on gamecom being on home this week?


  • Another great update!
    How much is the Men In Black Ultimate Bundle?

  • Ah good old Home. Where people dance around like jacka$ses and male gamers stock hot female avatars who are actually mostly dudes…

    I do log into it once a year at E3 to check out the virtual PS booth, but other than that I think the time and resources spent on Home from PSN programmers could have and probably should have been put into improving PSN. I’d say 90% of my PS friends list NEVER logs into Home :(

  • nice update…. cant wait to buy avalon keep tomorrow.


  • Great update! Looking forward to Avalon Keep.

    @7 Pretty obvious from your post that you don’t visit much because, while that does still go on, it’s not the constant that it used to be and there are tons more going on now. For the most part, I’ve found you can actually talk to most people these days, male and female, and there is just so much to do that folks are too busy having fun to be stupid. Like the regular Internet, however, there will never be a lack of trolls, so the stuff you described will never fully go away, I’m sure. I might see a fight or whatever going on, but it’s more like background noise now.

    • Avalon Keep is a pretty impressive space. And you’re right, there’s plenty for all types of people to do in Home. Heck, there’s plenty to do on your PlayStation in general. Just gotta make sure you’re having fun!

  • 1. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep
    Looking forward to buying it….

    4. Hellfire Games – Novus Prime Companions
    Sounds neat but I’ll pass.

    7. LOOT – MIB Bundles
    *grunt/sigh/other annoyed sound here* There no point in buying anything if it keeps coming out cheaper later.

  • @10 I may just give Home another try as from what you described it’s seemingly vastly improved from the last time I took a look at it. Thanks :)

  • And the new Blueprint Asylum Pack from nDreams!

  • Thinking about getting the Avalon Keep… How much? and will it include suits of armor? thanks!

  • Im surprised you guys didnt include the the Gamesom event in this blog post.

  • You’re missing Granzella, Lockwood and gamescom update!

    Also our friends at Lockwood Publishing given this post on their Facebook page

    “Dear All,

    Home Guru Magnus’ Virtual Item Showcases are uploaded to PlayStation’s YouTube channel and viewed by many PlayStation subscribers who have no interest in Home. This has the unfortunate effect of generating negative feelings and comments towards Home. The wrong audience is being reached and people are judging Home purely on the merits of these videos…

    So, what can be done?

    Well, we need YOU, the real supporters and aficionados of PlayStation®Home, to give these videos more thumbs up and positive comments! Home is getting the short end of the stick here – will you help it out?

    Kind regards,

    (Virtual Item Showcase, volume 50:”

    Can you deal with thoses Videos by disableing Video like/dislike and comments?

  • Nomad I believe that question was answered last week.. Besides I believe the real question is it really comming? We dont need another let down like last week..

  • I personally dont see Sony putting up space for “Gamescon”.. They didnt last year..

  • Kinda hard to enjoy Home when major glitching Fams are having a lame war with each other and freezing each other everywhere. How about you patch the freezing glitches they`re abusing so the rest of us can actually go on and enjoy these updates?

    Until then, I`m not going on Home anymore.

  • Surprise surprise, still no quests added to the inactivity board. And please no multiplayer quests. PS Home seems to only be good in fall and winter. DO MORE QUESTS WITH GOOD REWARDS!

  • Looks like a good update, I am really excited for Mercia to go public. Oh I remember the peeps, Never really did like the control scheme for them but it sounds like they have been greatly improved now. Guess I will have to dig through my storage and dust a few of them off lol

  • I guess Mercia is coming this fall (maybe in late August) and I still wondered if Home Tycoon will be announced soon. I really starting to get bored at Home sometimes cause there’s nothing interesting to do everyday.

    • Mercia is coming very soon. It’s in a beta test now, and the developers are working hard for their upcoming release. It’s a lot of fun, I think you’ll enjoy the finished product!

  • I’m afraid there’s nothing in this update for me. :(

    The Novus Prime companions do look pretty cool, but I’m trying to do away with most companions and personal spaces, unless it’s something I really like.

    I don’t see any mention of x7 preview items. Only the free item, which by the way, I’m expecting to only be available for men at the start. Any hints on x7 preview items? :P

  • Vicky would make a nice life sized companion…

  • Last week you said the Avalon Keep would be under 10.00 , was wondering if you have a set price for it yet , and will the furniture bundles for the different house themes be available this week ?

  • Mein Gott im Himmel. It worked lol…

  • Woot! Golden Slotted Shades!

  • I hop on Home time to time just to check on new stuff but what really kills it for me is usually the load times for most rooms and games. I really hope that the the new game streaming service that Sony bought will make it so someday Home will have virtually no load times. Latency should not be an issue so I think Home should be hosted on the new game streaming servers. Instant access would make Home more usable to the average gamer. Other than that keep up all the great work on this awesome service of games and community.


  • New on Playstation Home? Dangerous… the update on Playstation Home in November brick my Playstation 3 (red screen).

  • how much is the avlon apt 6.99 or 9.99

  • Fistable those golden shades from X7 CLUB are so 2009 , i know cause i have them , just not Golden, again, more of the Same just in a different Tone, and of course More Companions .
    Some of the descriptions , people use for the items they want to sell , are Hilarious , like “These Crowns are made from the rarest Avalonian Crystals ..blah blah blah , too funny .
    But not all is just OK in this update, i am HAPPY to learn that active items went down to 6 SLOTS..THANK YOU VERY MUCH . And you are so right Paul , im gonna take my HEAVY PEEPS out of storage and see how much they grown , think i have 4 of those, i hope they dont dissapoint, or else you will be hearing from me . Grrrrrr. LOL : )

    • LOL, let me know what you think Erika. I’ve always thought the peeps were pretty cool, but added functionality is always welcome!

  • Another dissapointment update…

  • … granzella… where updates?

  • WOW yet another crappy update we didnt even get any clothes this week home never ceases to disappoint

  • Love the new companions from novus,very cool,the castle is a must have also,great update,cant wait to see what happens next!..

  • What happened to the peeps companions and the new Granzella clothes? When are we gonna get updates to our Southern Island Hideaway anyway?

  • I was so foolish, i understood wrong , and the description kinda misleading, Only the Heavy Water , Heavy Peeps Active Item has been reduce to 6 item slots, but everything else still the same , 1 active item equals 22 regular furniture items, which is LAME .
    WoW, what a dissapointment , i was ready to decorate , thinking that every Active Item went down to 6 slots, trully dissapointing guys.
    All day i have been trying to take my Heavy peeps companion out and they dont appear, i see the name on my screen but they dont appear.
    I have been enjoying the new YouTube app for the PS3 and i love it , Crackle needs to add this YouTube app to their line up and it would be great, then just make portable EOD TV `s to put them on any of our personal spaces, please guys, make it happen .

  • I definitely enjoyed buying The Avalon Keep. Plus I bought the furniture bundles bundle. So overall $30. Plus the fact I bought The Gold Armor Bundle for $15 last week equaling to a total of $45. I’ll have to buy a new $50 PSN card next week if anything good comes out. Or the week after that when I buy another $1 bundle from x7 comes out.

    My love for big cats ultimately has made me pass on Novus Prime companions. And in general made me regret buying most pets I owned prior to Tigers.

    Now if only NML would stop force changing (my head) I’d buy a lot from them & reconsider my quitting PS Home Shopping in March of 2013.

  • ok i probely wont get an answer to this but……ive alreday gotten to tier 6 on the slots in the
    casino. so… am i going to get to tier 3 in video poker? im just a little confused. thank you.

  • can you please do me a favor and FIX the LAG at the LOOT Space Apartment … thank you

  • Has anyone been experiencing problems with Mercia downloading? For some reason I have spent two days trying to get it to load so I can play and it never loads. I am hoping for some sort of resolution to this problem.

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